How to Make Money on MunchEye Affiliate Programs in 2024

For some reason, first-comers get an advantage over others. If you were lucky enough to find a hot product at first, the chances are with you to make more money.

MunchEye is an internet marketing (IM) product launch calendar where you can find 100+ upcoming (and recently released) product launches at any given time. Recently, I shared more details in the MunchEye review.

In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to use Muncheye affiliate programs to make money as an affiliate.

Why use MunchEye?

Muncheye logo

Muncheye is not an affiliate network that manages payouts, but it is a directory of future product releases. Most offers are information products such as membership sites, courses, software, training courses, graphics, etc.,

So, why should you use Muncheye?

  • MunchEye lists product launches, not just evergreen affiliate programs – There is a difference between a generic offer and a product launch offer. The vendor runs special promotions during a launch, such as discounted prices, exclusive bonuses, unique content, etc. In nature, humans are interested in trying something new, a new opportunity. So, MunchEye is a great place to know new opportunities to represent your audience.
  • Get ready beforehand – One of the critical details Muncheye provides is the launch date. You can prepare bonuses, bridge pages, and videos, set up email campaigns, and plan the promotion strategy earlier.
  • Participate in affiliate contests and win extra prizes – One of the specialties of IM product launches is that many product owners hold competitions to encourage affiliates to drive traffic. Why? Because product launches do not happen every day, owners want to take advantage of the opportunity to make the most out of it.
  • Take advantage of the firstcomer’s opportunity – At the end of the day, all you want is to make money online. If you find an excellent offer with a higher EPC (Earning per click), you can capitalize on the opportunity to make more money than any other promotion.

Did you know?

Popular products at present, such as Clickfunnels, UpViral, Vyper, Demio, Webinar Jam, and Ninja Outreach, were listed to promote on Muncheye.

How to use MunchEye to make money by promoting affiliate programs

Essentially, there are two ways to make money with MunchEye.

  1. List product launch on MunchEye and recruit affiliates – For product owners
  2. Find high-converting affiliate offers on Muncheye and promote – For affiliate marketers

Here, you will learn how to use the second method, promoting listed MunchEye affiliate programs to make money.

It involves two steps:

  1. Choosing a good offer on Muncheye
  2. Determining a way to drive traffic to your affiliate link

Selecting a great offer on Muncheye

Offer selection is a crucial part of your promotion strategy. If you fail to find a great offer, no matter how good your traffic generation tactic is, the results will be ordinary, and worse, you will lose your loyal audience’s respect and business reputation.


Because you are not promoting something – You are recommending a solution for prospects. The customer does not actually care if you make money or not. So, the offer must be top-notch. Here are a few characteristics of a great offer:

  • Solving a problem – The product must be solving issues your prospects are dealing with. Ex: Social media management tool, Doodle video creator, AI writing tool, Plagiarism checker, Email marketing tool, Affiliate tracking software
  • New opportunity – Which approach is the offer taking the user part in? People are usually interested in new opportunities rather than traditional, old-fashioned methods that might not work in the future. (For instance, black-hat link building and article spinning do not work anymore in the SEO space)
  • Easily applicable – How skillful should a user be in order to utilize the offer in their lives? There is a reason why easy, push-button money-making techniques and SaaS apps and software products dominate the MunchEye affiliate program directory.
  • High in quality – How good is the offer actually? For example, there were product launches for services like Outgrow, UpViral, Viddyoze, and Demio, and now they are some of the most successful SaaS businesses.
  • Sales page conversion rate – No matter how good the actual offer is, if the sales copy is not converting many people into customers, it is not a great offer to promote.
  • Updates, tutorials, and customer service – These are crucial aspects of a user-friendly product.
  • Product owner – Last but not least, the product owner is a factor in a good offer. Several reputable product launchers have great experience and excellent products in the marketplace. Also, both customers and affiliates have been scammed by some vendors before. So, you need to be cautious.

Usually, there are two types of Muncheye affiliate programs.

  1. New products – With a brand new name
  2. New version of an existing product – Already have a product online but are releasing a new version

Product versions

Usually, SaaS business owners and software product vendors launch a new version with a new commission structure and affiliate contest.

Here is the Muncheye affiliate program page for Sendiio 3.0 by Joshua Zamora.


The new version was released on the 22nd of June 2022 as a launch on the JVzoo affiliate network.

New products

There are new products that come under a unique name.

Here is the Muncheye affiliate program page for the Powersuite launch by Neil Napier.


Neil Napier is an experienced product vendor. See, he uses affiliate contests to boost sales.

Difference between new products and product versions

Both product types have their edge over others.

  • New products are seen as new opportunities and brand-new products. Usually, people prefer trying new things. So, new products with a powerful USP (User Selling Proposition) will perform well.
  • Some people regret not purchasing a particular product when it was released and looking forward (and hoping sometimes) to the new launch. Examples are UpViral, Outgrow, Viddyoze, Sendiio, ContentStudio, Convertri, Clickfunnels, Demio, and WebinarJam. Since these products are already popular and people know what those products do exactly, educating people on the offer details is a lesser hassle than on new products.

3 tips to consider when selecting a program on Muncheye

Choose the right niche

Muncheye includes different product launches in different niches. But, it does not mean that you should promote all of them. If your target audience is interested in email marketing, you should select products related to listing building.


Available niches are:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • eCommerce
  • List Building
  • Offline
  • Local
  • PLR
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Software
  • Video
  • General Business
Look for who the product owner/vendor is

There are several established product launchers in the internet marketing space. Some of those are:

  • Joshua Zamora – Sendiio
  • Neil Napier – Klavio
  • Joey Xoto – Viddyoze, ScreenCast Pro, Klippyo
  • Andy Fletcher – Convertri, Simultri,, Video Traffic X
  • Simon Warner – Outgrow, Builderall
  • Mike Filsaime – WeibarJam, GrooveKart, GroovePages
  • Jono Armstrong – The Opal System, NOVA, The Lockdown Formula
  • Mike McKay – ProfitBuilder, ContentPress
  • Mario Brown – Video Agency Funnels, Synthesys, PageBuilder PRO, Auto Webinar
  • Aidan Booth – The Kibo Code, BlackBird Suite, The 7 Figure Circle
  • Wilco De Kreij – UpViral, Connectio products (ConnectRetarget, ConnectExplore, ConnectVideo, etc.,)
  • Todd Gross – Talking Faces, Six Figure Business In A Box PLR, Video Pal
  • Andrew Darius – Explaindio, VSLMaker

The quality of the product and launch as a whole depends on a lot of factors. The ownership or who’s behind the product launch is one of them. An experienced marketer knows how to increase the Average Order Value (AOV), have a great irresistible offer & copy, etc.,

How much money will you make?

In a sales funnel, there are numerous ways how you will earn money via affiliate commissions:

  • EPL (Earning per lead) – Usually, on pre-launches, some product vendors pay for each and every lead. Your affiliate ID is hard coded so that you will earn commissions post-prelaunch sales.
  • Front-end offer – Usually a low-cost tripwire offer with early-bird pricing. These are less expensive items (ex: $9.99 – $47) and usually give you a higher commission percentage. Some affiliate offers have a 100% front-end commission rate.
  • Upsells – Supplementary offers pitched after purchasing the front-end offer.
  • Downsells – A lower-graded version of the upsell the user rejected
  • OTOs (One-time Offers) – Special offers are only offered once in their customer journey. Examples are commercial licenses, agency access, and complimentary services
  • Subscriptions – Some Muncheye affiliate programs include at least one subscription-based offer, such as access to a membership, premium software version, SaaS app, etc., The subscription period could be monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, and annually.
  • High-ticket offers – Usually, these are high-value items such as 1-on-1 consulting, group coaching, access to events, etc., And the affiliate commission rates for high-ticket offers are usually low (~ 5% – 15%), but earnings are greater.
Sales funnel details of Explaindio.
VidBullet funnel – Make affiliate commissions after launch with high-ticket offers.
Maximum cart value

This is the sum of the maximum commissions one could earn from a click. One could say that it is the maximum EPC anyone could achieve.

Since Muncheye affiliate programs are new product releases, statistics such as EPC (Earnings per click) and conversion rates across the sales funnel are unavailable. That is a huge downside of promoting launches.

Register on Muncheye affiliate programs

Once you choose an affiliate program on MunchEye, the next step is applying to promote on the affiliate network. Usually, most products are from these affiliate networks:

  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • ClickBank
  • PayKickStart
  • ThriveCart
  • PayDotCom

Click on the link under “JV Page” on the Muncheye affiliate program details page:


Now, on the affiliate details page or the JV page, find a section that displays the CTA link or button for the affiliate link request.


Click on it to see a page with affiliate offer details.


Add your affiliate request message and apply. Mention how you will promote and address if you have already made money through promoting affiliate programs to increase the chance of approval.

The next step in making money by promoting Muncheye affiliate products is driving traffic to your affiliate links.

There are many ways to drive traffic. Here are successful traffic generation methods to promote Muncheye affiliate offers.

Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking is essentially the process of producing content to promote the launch before it’s released. The reason behind creating content earlier is to rank higher on Google and YouTube. So, your content should be ranked at the top whenever a user searches for a particular product on Google and YouTube.

Jono Armstrong is one who made a killing with the “Launch Jacking” strategy. The secret of launch jacking is targeting people who are researching a product.

It is rare (even these days) that people buy a product at first touch. In fact, many studies have shown that it takes at least 7 to 8 touches before someone converts into a customer. What does the person do within those 7-8 touches?

Yes, research. (most likely)

People search on Google for articles and testimonials and watch videos on Youtube to learn more about the product.

Here are some keyword patterns:

(Assume a product name you recognize and replace it with “PRODUCT NAME”)


PRODUCT NAME + pros and cons


is PRODUCT NAME legit?


PRODUCT NAME + review from Real User

PRODUCT NAME + discount


PRODUCT NAME + product creator



Here are the keyword metrics for launch jacking keyword pairings. Data are fetched from WriterZen. But you can use any keyword research tool like Semrush.

In the recent step-by-step tutorial on Launch Jacking, I shared every detail in depth. Here, you will learn a brief overview of Launch Jacking affiliate marketing promotion strategy.

You can promote content on two main channels:

  1. On your websites – Optimize articles for search engines and target people who are searching targeted keywords on Google and other search engines
  2. On YouTube – Although there are sites like YouTube to share videos, YouTube is still the dominant player.
How to use launch jacking to promote Muncheye affiliate programs on a website

When using the Launch Jacking strategy with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’s crucial to follow SEO strategies. Some of the important ones are:

  • Keyword selection – Keyword selection is an important part of any SEO content marketing (or PPC ad) – It’s how you target people. Use the keyword pairing listed above to get related keywords.
  • Organic competitiveness – Ironically, the reason we use Launch Jacking with Muncheye affiliate programs is to find lower competitive or non-saturated product launches to promote. Mainly, lower the competition, it easier for you to rank higher on Google and other search engines
  • On-page SEO – Meta title, content relevancy, and usefulness are relevant factors.
  • Core web vitals – Measurements of how user-friendly your site is. Learn more.
  • Click-through rate – Higher the CTR, the better chance of getting your content ranked at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
What if you do not have a blog?

You can create a blog on various platforms.

The perfect and cost-effective combination for an affiliate site is WordPress + cheap web hosting service like Bluehost + GeneratePress (Best, fastest, premium WordPress theme).

Although you can use a visual page builder plugin like Elementor or Brizy WordPress, those only slow down the site. Use a block-based theme builder like GenerateBlocks.

How to promote Muncheye products on your blog

The first step is planning your SEO content strategy.

Since you are creating an affiliate site, it is important to get to know product brand keywords and their metrics, such as average monthly search volume, most searched countries, and organic competition.

  • Search volume – Higher the better. However, since Muncheye affiliate programs are product launches, you can expect this metric to be very low even if zero or even keyword tools do not have any data at all.
  • Most searched countries – Very important metric to determine the keyword’s real value in terms of sales you’d make. There are some countries that are wealthy, and their citizens have higher purchasing power. Also, several countries are not wealthy, residents cannot afford to buy goods online, and digital literacy is low.
  • Organic competition – One of the biggest hurdles of affiliate sites and niche websites is finding low SEO competitive keywords. Since Muncheye affiliate offers are relatively new and people have not heard of them before, the higher chance of most keywords being low in competition is a healthy sign.

Here is a video tutorial on finding details for keywords to be used in the Launch Jacking SEO content strategy.


  1. Import keywords to your WriterZen account.
  2. Activate the “Golden filter” in WriterZen to find the Keyword Golden Ratio and Allintitle values. Keyword Golden Score in WriterZen is an improved version of the Keyword Golden Ratio.
  3. Enable “Clustering” to find keyword similarities in terms of Google SERPs

Once keywords are chosen, the next step is creating blog posts. If you are about to write a review on a product, you can ask for review access for the product you are reviewing by contacting the product vendor. Most times, they provide access to review the product for some time.

Highlight Call-to-actions

Use website countdown timers, progress bars, and curved arrows to take users’ attention. Elfsight and CommonNinja are services that provide widgets for websites such as countdown timers, announcement banners, social media widgets, counting up timers, media galleries, event calendars, etc.,

Also, I recommend using tools like Affiliatable to create comparison tables and product boxes to boost affiliate link clicks. Find more information about Affiliatable from this article.

Track your links

Affiliate links are not eye-catching and easy to remember. Use a link-shortening tool like Replug, ClickMagick, or PixelMe to shorten links with a custom domain name.

Get your ClickMagick account from here and compare ClickMagick prices here.

Creating a short link on Replug

Offer Bonuses

You are not the only marketer who uses the Launch Jacking method to promote Muncheye affiliate programs via content marketing. Offer bonuses for all people who buy from your affiliate link.

Download digital information products with high perceived values and giveaway rights from PLR sites like PLRDatabse and offer them to your buyers.

Add newly published posts to Google Index

What you desperately need is to rank your piece of content at the top placement (presumably the #1 spot of Google) for targeted keywords as quickly as possible. Unless your site is authoritative and has got lots of backlinks, Googlebot won’t index content.

What you do not need is getting other people’s content ranked above yours.

Once the post is published, use the “URL Inspection” tool in your Google Search Console to request Googlebot to crawl and index your content. Learn more.

I also highly recommend tracking keyword ranking positions on SERPs.

How to use Launch Jacking to promote Muncheye affiliate offers via YouTube

People search on YouTube to get real reviews, demos, tutorials, and use cases of the product they were pitched before.

Create a YouTube channel and produce content such as reviews, how-tos, comparisons, and your success stories.

Here is a video review of Sendiio 2.0 posted around the launch of Sendiio 2.0.

How to do it?
  • Research relevant keyword ideas for YouTube. Learn more.
  • Use a screen recorder software like Camtasia or a web app like Nimbus or Screencast-o-Matic to record videos.
  • Share your honest opinions, including pros and cons, how you think the product could be improved, and comparisons between others and the value people get from purchasing.
  • Write great titles and descriptions and shorten your affiliate link with a tool like ClickMagick.
  • Design click-bait thumbnails using Canva or other facilities you have

Remember, once the video is published, it’s done. You cannot re-edit the video content, so make sure you mention the call-to-action in your video.

Bridge page and Google Ads

Google does not allow promoting affiliate products directly. However, you can direct Google ads traffic to an intermediate page and encourage visitors to buy.

The strategy is targeting product keywords in Google ads settings.

How to do it?

First of all, you have to create a bridge page with content about the product and include CTA buttons.

You can create a web page using different methods. If you have no problem, you can go with the WordPress route. A page builder such as Elementor and Thrive Architect is enough to create a beautiful product promotion page.

Alternatively, you can use a page builder tool like Clickfunnels or Brizy.

You can split-test the bridge page for maximum clicks and sales. Link tracking tools such as ClickMagick and Voluum make it hassle-free.

Once the landing page is finished, create ads targeting keywords on Google, Bing, and other search engine ad platforms.

7 tips for promoting Muncheye affiliate programs on Google ads
  1. Keyword targeting is the key – Create ad groups for exact match keywords (ex: Sendiio lifetime deal), phrase match keywords (ex: Sendiio pricing), and also broad match keywords (ex: Sendiio)
  2. Use misspelled keywords to test conversions
  3. Qualify traffic on the ad copy – Do not use words like “free.”
  4. Improve CTR to decrease ad cost
  5. Bid to take the top placement
  6. Showcase customer reviews – Do you know that even five reviews can increase the likelihood of purchase by 270% compared to products without reviews? (source) Use a carousel testimonials slider widget in HTML to showcase client reviews in relevant places (i.e., near the CTA button).
  7. Track every step with a tool like ClickMagick – ClickMagick supports dynamic ad network token and sub-id passing. So you can drill down results and optimize campaigns to increase ROI.

Solo ads

Solo ads are email broadcast advertisements. Since solo ad traffic is email traffic, the conversion rates are usually higher than most other marketing channels. For example, the CPS (Cost per sale) on other traffic channels such as social media, banner ads, and pop ads are higher than solo ads.

return on investment of different channels
Return on Investment (ROI) on every $1 spent annually across different marketing channels.

I have recently written a complete guide to solo ads and recommend checking it out if you are new to solo ads.

How to make money promoting Muncheye affiliate programs through solo ads

In fact, it is easy to promote product launches with solo ad traffic. Here are why:

  • You can specify which date to receive traffic from
  • You can deliver the email subject line and email body text to the solo ad provider
  • You know how much traffic you’d receive and how much money you would spend
  • Solo ads are email traffic. So, the earlier you promote something new to a list, the higher your chance of making money, considering the first-click advantage in most affiliate networks. Learn more about first-click and last-click cookie tracking over here.

Here is a solo ad seller’s profile:

  • 85% latest reviews are marked as “got sales” – So, which means the seller’s list has got buyers
  • You can choose between “Only link” and “ad copy” – If you use the former option, solo ad sellers will add your link to their web traffic rotator. The latter option provides more control, and you can qualify traffic.
  • You can choose to get traffic from only top-tier countries. Top tier countries are English-speaking wealthy countries such as the US, UK, CAN, AUS, and NZ. Learn more about tiers of traffic in solo advertising from this article.
  • Some solo ad suppliers let you choose the device of visitors: Mobile, Desktop.
  • You know exactly how much you will spend ($1.05 in Brandon Sean’s case). So, if the Muncheye affiliate program’s EPC is above $1.05, you will make a profit right away if you direct link.
Where can you buy solo ads?

There are lots of solo ads traffic sources.

  1. Solo ads marketplace – Ex: UDIMI
  2. Solo ad provider websites – Here is a list best solo ad providers
  3. Facebook groups
  4. Warrior Forum

However, my recommendation for newbies is to use an established and buyer-friendly solo ads marketplace like Udimi.

Udimi website

Since Udimi is a solo ads marketplace, you get to order quality email traffic at a low price. And you can send a message and ask questions via live chat.


Plus, you get your money back on all 100% non-delivered traffic.

Many Udimi solo ad sellers over-deliver.


The price of Udimi solo ads is low (the minimum price is $0.05 per click) compared with other networks like TrafficForMe. Learn more details in this Udimi review.

The process

There are two ways of making money by promoting Muncheye affiliate programs with solo ads.

  1. Send traffic to a squeeze page, collect email addresses, and then send it to the sales page.
  2. Send traffic directly to the sales page – Also known as direct linking

The first method is great for making profits from product launches while building your email list. So you can follow up with other Muncheye launches and affiliate offers and make money.

In the first method, you should have to get more volume in order to make a meaningful decision. Assume that your lead capture page’s conversion rate is 30%. So, you should order at least 300 solo ad clicks to get at least 100 to visit the product launch sales page. (300 * 30% = 90)

If the product launch offer’s EPC is $1.5, you will make ~$150 from 300 clicks. If the CPC (Cost per click) is $0.5, you will have to bear $150. So, essentially, you recovered the cost for traffic while adding 100 leads to your list.

However, going with the ‘direct linking’ route will make $450 out of 300 clicks.

Note: These numbers are only explanatory. Your results may vary.

Promote to your email list

Another method to make money by promoting Muncheye affiliate offers is through marketing to your email list.

One thing you, as an internet marketer, should have is an email list. The list of people interested in things you promote can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

What if you do not have an email list?

In that case, you can start building an email list now.

  1. Sign up for an email marketing service like Aweber or GetResponse.
  2. Create a welcome email and email autoresponder series.
  3. Start growing your email list.

Here are four ways to grow your email list:

  1. Offer lead magnets instead of collecting user email addresses – Use email capture tools like ConvertBox and Convertful. Check this ConvertBox review and Convertful review to learn more about those tools. Utilize email popup widgets, inline forms, etc., to get more people into your subscriber list.
  2. Use solo ads to build your email list – Create your lead capture page using a page builder like Clickfunnels and Brizy and start growing your email list. Check out these squeeze page templates to inspire and learn which elements to include in a high-converting lead capture page.
  3. Use advertising to get subscribers – Google ads, Facebook ads, Banner ads, and even native ad networks can be great traffic sources to build your list.
  4. Hold a giveaway – Utilize viral marketing to skyrocket your email list at a low cost. Here is a list of the best viral platforms. I recommend the UpViral platform because of its user-friendliness, features and integrations, and pricing. Although there are numerous UpViral alternatives, UpViral’s free training courses and drag-and-drop page builder stand out from others. Learn more in this UpViral review.
How to make money by promoting Muncheye affiliate programs through an email list

Many affiliate marketers use their email lists to promote product launches. The promotion strategy might be different from one to another.

Most product launches break down the launch into two phases:

  1. Prelaunch
  2. Launch

In the Prelaunch period, the product page goes through an “educating” or a “pre-sale” period where the primary purposes are collecting email addresses and hyping the product.

In this case, product owners offer a fixed fee for every email lead and embed your affiliate ID in their call-to-action links in follow-up emails.


So you can promote the offer to your email list during the prelaunch period and make money.

During the Launch period, you can directly promote the main offer. Depending on the offer, the front-end offer could be on a Dimesale or a Timesale. It means the price of the core offer increases after a certain number of sales or a specific period.

Usually, most product launches use a Dimesale or Timesale pricing strategy to increase scarcity and urgency to boost sales. That is great because you, as the email marketer, can use it to reach out to your subscribers and get more clicks by triggering urgency.

Most Muncheye affiliate programs provide email swipe files. It is a set of emails to send to your email list. You can use it. But I recommend creating emails by yourself or your email copywriter.

Here are several email-sending occasions you can utilize to promote any Muncheye affiliate program:

  • New offer is launching – Entice them about the new opportunity and express how excited you are and why they should anticipate it.
  • Case studies
  • Countdown timer – You can use a countdown timer inside emails to increase the anticipation.
  • Launch announcement
  • Emails about Dimesale or Timesale – Ex: Become one of the 100 customers and get Agency Rights for free, Ex: Get it before midnight and save $100 (Today Only!)
  • Get bonus offers – Deliver bonuses for buying from your affiliate link
  • Last # days, Final X hours notification emails – These emails get the most opens, clicks, and sales!

Preparation is a huge part of making money with any product launch as an affiliate. Once you set everything up, such as bounces, bridge pages, etc., you can easily repeat the process for all Muncheye affiliate programs.

Evergreen Muncheye affiliate programs

Muncheye affiliate program directory has a section that lists several evergreen affiliate programs.

Evergreen affiliate programs on

Evergreen affiliate programs have passed their product launches. So, you get to know details such as EPC, funnel conversion rates, and Average Order Value. Use those metrics to make meaningful decisions.

You can promote Muncheye’s evergreen affiliate offers via any method, including email autoresponder, Solo ads, Video ads, Facebook ads, Banner ads, etc.

Final words on how to make money on Muncheye affiliate programs

Internet marketing product launches are great opportunities to earn money by recommending a new product to people. It is in human nature that people want to try new things.

Muncheye is one of the best IM product launch calendars. Even though there are several Muncheye alternatives, is still the go-to place for affiliate marketers to find new launches and for product vendors to promote their launches to thousands of affiliates.

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In this guide, you learned how to use muncheye to make money. So, what process are you using to promote Muncheye affiliate programs? Share your thoughts below.

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