As webmasters, we always try to save our valuable time and increase the potentiality of what we want to do. That’s why most of us use many SEO tools.

Among the lots of SEO tools online, actually very few of them help (in widely) to get the absolute result we want. By using best SEO tools which have every possible tool to accomplish our targets, we can save our time, minimize mistakes and importantly increase the search traffic quickly.

As I said, because the internet has saturated with lots of duplicate SEO tools/SEM tools, it’s actually very hard to choose the best SEO tools for search engine optimization prospects, particularly if you’re a start-up.

That’s why today, in this extensive post, I share a few small SEO tools, yet can give you big results; change your blogging life thoroughly.

Best SEO Tools for Blogging:

If you’re new to blogging and/or want to learn how to do hard and complicated things easily, I suggest you use these small search engine optimization tools. As this list is going to extend, I will update this list regularly as soon as I met any good tool for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Until use below links to jump into each section and find the best SEO tool you want to use.

SEO tools list:

  1. SEO Keyword Research Tools
  2. Link Building Tools
  3. On-site Optimization Tools
  4. On-Page Topic Targeting
  5. On-Page SEO Tools
  6. Tracking Tools
  7. Competitor Analysis Tools
  8. Browser Extensions

Many of SEO tools bellow I use regularly. If you know any other tool or software, please let me know in the comments below. If it’s a good fit for this SEO tools list, I will definitely add them up.

SEO Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is the foundation of a great weblog. The importance of keyword research is invaluable. If you don’t research keywords for your blog posts, I recommend you to check out this post: The Importance of Keyword Research – why keyword research is crucial for search engine optimization

In a previous post, I listed a few of the best SEO keyword research tools. Many of those are not only SEO keyword research tools but also PPC keyword research tools too. However, you would want to know what are those free SEO keyword research tools. Check this article for more information: Best Keyword Research Tools every Blogger Must Know About

Here are the best of SEO keyword research tools which are used by me and other thousands of SEO experts.

Adwords Keyword tool

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I think you’d expect the Google keyword tool in this SEO tools list. We can’t talk about any other tool without this powerful free SEO keyword research tool provided by Google to marketers and webmasters.

There are lots of debates about the Adwords keyword tool. Many bloggers say that Adwords keyword tool is not made for bloggers, it is for marketers/ Adwords publishers. Even that’s true, that’s the only reliable way to find keywords for SEO content.

How Adwords keyword tool can help you?

Google Keyword Planner provides estimated results for your search query in their databases. You can use filter settings to catch up to 800 profitable keywords at once. Read my tutorial on how to use Google keyword planner for keyword research.


Google Keyword tool may probably be the best SEO keyword research tool to find a handful of keywords for free. There are lots of features on the Google keyword research tool.  A Few of them are;

  • Filter out negative keywords
  • Generate new keywords based on search terms (works as a keyword generator)
  • Local keyword research
  • Support for mobile keyword research
  • Keyword generation based on categories
  • Get traffic estimates for own keyword lists.

Every blogger should take a try to use google keyword planner, not only because it’s a free SEO tool, but also you can find keyword trend (also known as keyword interest) over time which is a very good feature to target upcoming keywords. Read my detailed tutorial on Google keyword planner to learn how to use Adwords SEO tool for blogging.

Long Tail Pro

long tail pro - find profitable keywords : an SEO software
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Long-tail keyword research is what’s trending right now. Every blogger focuses on long-tail keywords which are low competitive, high converting and high volume. 90% of Pitiya’s traffic is based on long-tail keywords.

I use Long Tail Pro keyword research tool to find untapped, high volume yet low competitive keywords for my blog posts. If you monetize your blog using Google Adsense ads, you would use Long Tail Pro keyword software to increase your Adsense earnings. Check this Long Tail Pro review post to learn more about this tool.

How Long Tail Pro keywords research tool can help you?

There are lots of uses of Long Tail Pro Keyword research tool. As I said above, Long Tail Pro keyword research SEO tool can multiply your Adsense earnings. But, the best part about Long Tail Pro tool is that it can generate hundreds of thousands of targeted long-tail search terms which can definitely rank for #1 spot very easily (without no manual link building.).

Traffic coming from long-tail search terms is very targeted and engaged. It’s clear that people who search “Apple phones under $700 September 2019” are more targeted rather than “Apple phones”.

Another purpose of the Long Tail Pro is that you can analyze the top 10 results of a search term. So you can find whether it’s easy to rank on #1 spot for any keyword phrase.


Many bloggers such as Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income use Long Tail Pro keyword research software to find SEO keywords for blog posts. Here are a few features of Long Tail Pro.

  • Find high CPC long-tail keywords to increase Adsense earnings.
  • Generate targeted low competitive keyword phrases.
  • Analyze your competitors in SERP.
  • Find search volume for own keywords.
  • Can generate more than 800 related keyword ideas for your search term.
  • Find Google, Bing, and Yahoo title competition for keywords.
  • Find other metrics of web pages such as Domain authority, Indexed pages, Page authority, etc.

I use Long Tail Pro not only for finding unused SEO keywords, but also generate new blog post ideas too.

For a limited time period, you can get $20 OFF discount when you purchase LongTailPro software as a ProBlogTricks blog reader. Click Here to get a 10 day Long Tail Pro free trial + $20 OFF discount!.

SEMrush keyword research tool

There are lots of SEO tools on SEMrush search engine marketing tool. Among them, SEMrush keyword research tool is a major tool which provides many details which Google Adwords hide from you.

The best benefit you get from SEMrush keyword tool is that it updates their database daily. So every time you search any keyword phrase, you get live updates. Personally, I use SEMrush tools to increase search traffic to my websites. To learn more about SEMrush, read this comprehensive SEMrush review and this my real experienced tutorial: I Wanted to Check My Competitors Keywords, Here’s How I did.

How SEMrush SEO keyword research tool can help you?

The SEMrush keyword tool can generate thousands of target SEO content keywords for your blog posts. Unlike other keyword research tools, by using SEMrush keyword tool, you can find keyword trend of any Google religion of the Bing search engine. By using SEMrush historical data, you can generate even more keywords which you can’t find through Google Adwords tool.


By using SEMrush for keyword research, you would receive a lot of benefits. A few of them are;

  • Find competitor keywords
  • Find keyword difficulty scores (how much is it difficult to rank for a certain keyword)
  • Local keyword research
  • CPC distribution (very useful to find high converting traffic sources)
  • Keyword trend (interest over time for certain keyword)
  • Adword ads competed for giving keyword
  • Thousands of related match keywords/keyword phrases
  • Organic result of giving keyword

SEMrush is not a perfect keyword tool, because there is nothing perfect online SEO tools. However, SEMrush can boost your website traffic within a few days. To learn more about SEM rush tools from SEMrush review and get a test drive using this SEMrush coupon (direct link for SEMrush free trial).

Bing Keyword research tool

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Do you know that many US residents use Yahoo! Search engine rather than Google? So why wouldn’t you take your close attention to other search engines such as Yahoo! And Bing?

Yahoo! fetch search data from Bing. So you’d submit your website to Bing webmaster tools and start optimizing your website for Bing and Yahoo search engines. Bing provides lots of free SEO tools such as SEO analyzer and fetches as Bingbot for webmasters.

Among these online SEO tools, Bing keyword research tool is an essential SEO tool for content marketers. Like Google keyword planner, the Bing keyword tool can generate hundreds of target keywords which people use Bing and Yahoo search engines.

How Bing Keyword tool can help you?

Yahoo uses search data of Bing. So by utilizing Bing keyword research tool and Bing webmaster tools, you can increase search traffic coming from Yahoo and Bing. In the past few weeks, I focused on Bing and Yahoo search engine and was able to increase search traffic tremendously than i thought of.


Bing Keyword research tool is still in beta. So you wouldn’t see so many features like the Google external keyword tool. But, here are a few features you would like to know.

  • Ability to get search volume data for a custom date range
  • Exact match keyword data
  • Related keyword data
  • Export keywords into CSV and Excel formats

Although the Google keyword planner and the Bing Keyword tool are looking similar, you shouldn’t stop using the Bing keyword research tool. You would find a lot of keywords which you didn’t find on the Google Adwords tool.

Also, you can use SEMrush’s Bing keyword research tool to find all the keywords used in Yahoo and Bing search engines at one dashboard.

Google Search Console
Google search console
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Is Google Search Console an SEO keyword research tool? Had I mistakenly added Google Search Console to SEO keyword research tools category?

No,  Google Search Console (previously Google webmaster tools) is a great Google SEO keyword research tool. In fact, Google Search Console can provide hundreds of thousands of keyword suggestions for Google search engine, including image keywords which are very important to rank images on search engines.

How Google webmaster tools can help you?

There are lots of ways you can use GSC to improve the SEO performance of your website. But, the top search query tab includes thousands of keywords that your web pages are already ranking within a specific time period.

keywords - google webmaster tools
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You just need to find those profitable keywords and optimize landing pages by adding new images, videos, text and sprinkling keywords in the body text. Check my case study to find how I used Google Search Console top search query data to improve search traffic so fast.


Google Search Console’s top search queries is not a keyword research tool. Anyway, it provides valuable keywords that even Google keyword planner doesn’t provide any status. Here are a few of the benefits you’d receive by using Google webmaster tools as a keyword suggestion tool.

  • Find lots of untapped keywords that you even didn’t use in blog posts. (Semantic keywords)
  • Find SERP rankings and CTRs for certain keywords. So you can optimize them for higher CTR.
  • Find negative keywords which increase the website bounce rate and ultimately decrease the search traffic.
  • Find upcoming keywords, so you can optimize those keywords for higher CTR.
  • Find clicks versus rank positions.
  • Find how Google looks at your website.

Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools that many professional SEO experts use to find hundreds of lucrative keywords. Take a look at this SEO trick. If you used this powerful small SEO tool wisely, you can increase your search traffic quickly and moreover without having to pay any deny for other keyword research tools.

Backlinks are not the backbone of a website. However, it strengths the authority of your website, increase organic traffic. A quality backlink profile your website has, you don’t need to worry about search engine rankings.

There are lots of Small SEO tools to analyze the backlink profile and also find link building opportunities. Here are a few of those best backlink tools which will ease the processes of link acquirement and backlink profile management.

SEMrush Backlinks tool

Like other SEMrush tools, after you created your account on SEMrush, you have the unrestricted access to check other websites’ backlink profiles and find link building opportunities for your piece of content.

Analyzing your competitor’s backlink profile is very crucial, if you want to steal their rankings and search traffic. SEMrush has a few powerful tools for that.

How SEMrush backlink tool can help you?

You can find all backlinks your competitor websites have. SEMrush will provide a comprehensive backlink overview report once you enter your competitors URL in the SEMrush search box.

You can click through each link to deep analyze your competitors backlink profile, including referring domains and anchor text etc.


The SEMrush backlink checker tool has a few features which you can use to build new backlinks and find low quality backlinks your website has.

  • Find backlinks based on Top Level Domain authorities.
  • Find link diversity. (Ex: image, text)
  • Find Anchor text.
  • Backlink comparison

If you are finding SEO tools to check backlinks, SEMrush would be a good choice, because you don’t need to pay extra fees to use SEMrush backlink checker tool, once you signed up for a SEMrush membership package such as Guru.


Probably the best backlink checker tool. Ahrefs has vast majority of backlink analysis tools. I am personally using Ahrefs tool to find backlinks of my own websites and competitors.

The easy to use interface and advanced SEO tools to analyze backlinks make Ahrefs a professional SEO tool and stand out from other Backlink checker tools.

How Ahrefs can help you?

By using Ahrefs custom crawl tool, you can get Ahrefs crawled your own or any other website to find backlink information. So you can get live backlink data for your research. Ahrefs is a very powerful tool to analyze backlinks. So many SEO experts use Ahrefs for link building prospects.

By using specific strategies, you can steal others backlinks easily.


  • Crawl any website to reveal backlink profile.
  • Easily find new and lost backlinks.
  • Site Explorer
  • Domain comparison


BuzzStream provides a few link building tools which ease the process of building new links. Not only that, BuzzStream provides many small SEO tools to increase website traffic.

How BuzzStream Link Building tools can help you?

There are free and premium link building tools in BuzzStream. You can use tools such as Email Research Tool and Link Building Query Generator for free. While other link building tools such as Link Buzzmarker and Influence Evaluation Tool are premium tools.

These tools will help you to find link building opportunities and social influencers. You can use BuzzStream to send email outreach messages to gain new backlinks.


BuzzStream Link Building tools are very helpful for blogging. These tools will not only help to gain new backlinks but also,

  • Extract emails (generate Google search queries to find email addresses)
  • Extract Page Title, Description, and Keywords from URLs
  • Research social influencers.
  • Build lists

BuzzStream link building tools are powerful tools when it comes to build quality links from email outreach. It eases the process of email outreach by extracting webmaster contact details and providing converting email outreach templates.

On-site Optimization Tools

Proper on-site optimization strategies can give you bigger results than acquiring new backlinks. There are lots of on-page SEO techniques to properly optimize web pages for search engines: optimizing page title, images for search and find on-site errors and fix them.

If search engines found that your website isn’t well optimized for search, even your web pages have thousands of backlinks, they will not rank higher on search engines. Here are a few tools to optimize websites for search engines.

SEOMOFO –snippet optimizer

If your blogging platform is BlogSpot or Tumblr or use other platforms such as Medium to share your thoughts, you can’t preview the search snippet inside your blogging platform. There are lots of SEO plugins and extensions for CMSs such as WordPress. SEOMOFO snippet optimizer makes it easy to optimize the page title, description and page URL for search and getting a higher CTR.

seomofo snippert optimizer
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How SEOMOFO –snippet optimizer can help you?

The SEOMOFO SEO small tool can preview the Google search interface for inputs. You just need to do is add your web page meta title, meta description and permalink. Then SEOMOFO will preview how it will look in Google SERP.

To get a better CTR, you can use other tools such as keyword highlight, Google ads, and other organic results. You just need to improve Page title for a better CTR. Make sure to include your primary keyword in the page title.


  • Optimize review posts for search
  • Keyword highlight
  • Organic result preview

All in all, the SEOMOFO snippet optimizer is a very good on-page SEO tool to optimize web pages for better CTR. A must-have small SEO tool by BlogSpot and Tumblr bloggers.

Portent title maker

I love this small SEO tool, not only because it helps me craft an attractive headline, but also provides new blog post ideas.

How Portent title maker can help you?

It’s simple. If you’re in trouble crafting an enticing headline, you just need to enter your primary keyword into this search box and hit the Enter button. Portent title maker will suggest titles for your blog post.

SEMrush website Audit

This is one of the best SEO tools in my arsenal. I was able to increase search traffic and direct traffic just by using SEMrush website audit tool. If you want to learn more about this powerful SEM tool, read this SEMrush review post.

How SEMrush site audit tool can help you?

There are lots of ways SEMrush website audit tool can help improve on-site SEO performance. Once you set up a project, SEMrushbot will start crawling your website to find errors and warnings. And a few hours later in SEMrush website audit report, you’d see what errors on your website that decrease search traffic drastically.

You can find internal broken links, internal nofollow links, images without ALT text, Text/ HTML ratio with SEMrush site audit tool.


  • Start crawling your own or competitor’s website. This is a good way to examine competitor website’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Optimize images for more search traffic.
  • Find individual web pages’ errors and warnings.

SEMrush siteaudit tool is such a powerful SEO optimization tool which makes easier to find broken links, images without alternative text, 404 error external links, backlinks etc. A must have search engine optimization tool by every webmaster.

On-Page Topic Targeting

Search engines evolve in every day. So search engine optimization (SEO) field updates every day too. The way search engines crawl web pages and rank them on SERP now is far different than 4-5 years ago. You have to write complete articles in order to get a spot on the top 10 results.

To rank for your target keyword and other keyword phrases, you should have a topic targeting keyword strategy. Cyrus Shepard has published a great article on on-Page topic SEO at Moz blog. You would check that post to learn more about the On-page topic targeting and modeling.

To make these works easier, there a few on-page topic targeting tools. Many of them are free SEO tools. So you can start using them straight away.

Google Relates related keywords
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Google relates is an untapped keyword resource that can provide a handful of real on-topic keywords that you can use within your content.

As you can see in the above screenshot, in my search query “SEO tools for blogging”, Google suggested 8 more on-topic keywords. These keywords are which Googlebot has found on web pages which include “SEO tools for blogging”. So Google thinks that they are related to “SEO tools for blogging” keyword phrase.

How Google relates can help you?

If you want to rank a specific keyword/keyword phrase in search engines, you have to utilize these on-topic targeting keywords (also known as secondary keywords) on blog posts. Using secondary keywords not only helps to increase search traffic by ranking for more keywords, but also increase the prominence of the primary keyword.

Ex: take “SEO tools for blogging” keyword phrase. By using secondary keywords such as blogging search engine optimization and blogging SEO keywords, I can increase the TF-IDF score of the primary keyword.

TF-IDF = term frequency – inverse document frequency

Pro tip: Open related search terms in new tab and find secondary keyword of those terms. Repeat this method as much as you can. At the end of the process, you would have a handful of on-topic SEO keywords which heighten the primary keyword for a better ranking.

Google autocomplete

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This is another SEO small tool that you can use to get hundreds of high volume low competitive long-tail keywords. These are keywords that real people enter in Google search box, not bots. So you know that even Google Adwords tool doesn’t provide any statement for any of popular keywords, people may use them regularly.

As the above screenshot, when I started entering “best SEO tools + o“,  Google suggests four more long-tail keywords that people use on this topic that I may want to search.

How Google autocomplete feature can help you?

Now you know that Google suggests keywords as the popularity of each keyword phrase. So, you can predict that these are the top-notch on-page topic targeting keywords which associate with primary keyword.

Just like Google relate, you can also use Google autocomplete as a free SEO tool to generate hundreds of thousands of targeted, low competitive, yet high volume keyword phrases.

As an example, Google Adwords shows that averagely 10 people search “best SEO optimization tools” keyword phrase in Google.

Even more than that, you can also use quotation marks to generate more long-tail keywords which are lower competitive and can be used in any part of the posts.

Google autosuggest keyword ideas
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Pro tip: Enter your target keyword/primary keyword and start typing in a and generate related keywords. After z, you can start adding numbers. Write down those on-topic long-tail keywords and sprinkle keywords into blog posts.

Keyword Tool
  • Save is another handy on-page topic targeting keyword research tool which generates up to 750 keyword suggestions for free. Keyword Tool uses Google autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords.

So, you don’t actually need to use Google auto-suggest to find secondary keywords. Keyword Tool selects long-tail keywords from 193 Google domains and 83 Google language interfaces. Also, it allows you to scrape relevant keywords from Bing, YouTube and App store.

If you want keywords for your YouTube videos (video keywords), small SEO keyword tool can provide hundreds of secondary keywords for your video topics.

How can help you?

Besides secondary SEO keywords, keyword tool also can suggest local keywords that specific region use on search engines. If you want to research secondary keywords for your niche website, keyword tool can provide a handful of rich keyword ideas that people use in the search boxes.

Here is an example, when I entered “Increase website traffic” keyword phrase into the keyword toolbox, I got a bunch of long-tail keywords. Under “B” character, one long-tail keyword took my attention: best way to increase website traffic for free result
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Averagely, twenty times this keyword phrase is entered into as Google keyword tool.

google keyword tool - long tail keywords
  • Save is a very useful and easy to use Google keyword scraper tool when it comes to finding on-page topic targeting keywords. I am using this keyword tool since a few years. So, i can recommend this SEO tool to every one.


Indeed, Ubersuggest is a very powerful small SEO tool that every content marketer should use. Just like, Ubersuggest uses Google autocomplete data to generate hundreds of thousands of low competitive keywords.

How Ubersuggest can help you?

There are lots of ways you can use ubersuggest for search engine optimization. In a previous article, I explained how you can utilize Ubersuggest to scrape image keywords from Google. You would read that post to find how to rank your images on #1 spot for any image keyword.

Ubersuggest can generate hundreds of secondary keywords for your blog posts very easily. When I searched secondary keywords for “SEO tools”, under ‘b’ character, I could be able to find even more profitable keywords that I can easily use in headlines, sub-headings and even in body text without changing any character.

secondary keywords -
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In fact, Ubersuggest is one of best free SEO tools online that can increase your search traffic massively.  Use Ubersuggest keyword list generator SEO tools every time you write a post to find unused keywords. And you would use this Google Chrome extension to show search volumes and CPC of long-tail keywords.

Many of my blog posts rank for hundreds of long-tail, secondary keywords in Google #1 spot just because ubersuggest powerful SEO tool.

SEO keyword suggestion Tool

The SEO Keyword suggestion tool is a small SEO tool provided by SEO review tools. The SEO keyword suggestion tool is one of best SEO tools for small business. I have used the SEO keyword suggestion tool a few times to find secondary keywords which strength the primary keywords of my blog posts.

How SEO keyword suggestion tool can help you?

When you entered your primary keyword in the search box and hit enter button, first you would see the Google trends snapshot for a particular keyword. Google trends snapshot demonstrates how people are interested with that keyword over time. Which is a good sign whether it’s a trending keyword or not?

summary - SEO keyword suggestion tool
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Just below of Google trends, you would see the primary keyword suggestions. These are the relevant keywords to your entered keyword.

primary keyword suggestions - SEO keyword suggestion tool
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In the Keyword synonyms section, you would see synonym words for your keywords. It’s actually very powerful as you can add more synonym keywords without worrying about keyword stuffing.

keyword synonyms - SEO keyword suggestion tool
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In the next section, you can find secondary keywords and their character count. These are the relevant keywords for primary keywords which people use on Google.

secondary keywords - SEO keyword suggestion tool
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The SEO keyword suggestion tool is one of best free SEO tools that can help find on-page topic targeting keywords which will increase the prominence of the primary keyword. Try this small SEO tool and find other ways to increase search traffic fast.

On-Page SEO Tools

On-Page SEO is the best way you can improve website engagement, keyword rankings and website traffic. I primarily pay my attention to on-page SEO. That’s why you see many of my blog posts exceed 2000 word count, and without any fear I interlink relevant blog posts with the exact anchor text.

By improving on-page SEO, you can increase your search traffic tremendously. I have seen good results in some of my posts. Ex: Blogger SEO Tips (I didn’t build any manual backlink to this post, but ranked for “Blogger SEO”, “SEO for Blogger” keywords in the first page within the initial month)

Here are a few of the best online SEO tools for improving on-page SEO performance.


measure the readability of a url -
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Many SEO plugins have the facilities to determine the readability score. But, if you’re on a hosted blogging platform such as Blogger, you need to use an online SEO tool to count readability score of your content.

There are lots of readability formulas. But, Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease is one of popular formulas which shows what ages can read and understand your content.

How can help you?

The higher the readability score of your content, more people can understand your message. So, go to and click on “URL” tab. Then enter the page or page section URL and click on “Calculate Score” button.

Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score -
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As you can see, search engine submission guide has 72.6 Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score.

Here are the Grade Levels scores for search engine submission guide.

grade levels - readability formulas
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As Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level readability formula, averagely even a five grader student can understand what is included in the search engine submission post.

In-text statistics section, you can find other information such as word count, sentence count, character per word and words per sentence. These stats are really important when it comes to search engine optimization and content marketing.

text statistics
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All in all, is a best SEO tool for website analysis. Add Readability-score browser extension SEO tool on your web browser to find any web page’s/web page section’s readability scores easily.

Internal Link Analyzer

summary - Internal Link Analyzer
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This is another small SEO tool by SEO Review Tools. The Interlink Link Analyzer is an SEO profile backlinks tool which analysis, backlinks for your or competitor’s website and shows backlink profile stats such as nofollow links, anchor text and duplicate links.

How Internal Link Analyzer tool can help you?

There are lots of benefits you’d receive by using the internal link analyzer tool. Here are a few of them:

  • Find total links on a web page (either internal and external links)
  • Find empty anchor links
  • Images without alternative text
  • Backlink prominence

This small SEO tool will help improve on-site SEO performance and increase website traffic. Here are a few ways.

  1. Find whether you add nofollow add to internal important web pages. (Ex: post pages)
  2. Find empty anchor text and fix them.
  3. Optimize images for search engines by adding relevant ALT text.
  4. Top links pass more authority and link juice to other pages rather than bottom links. So make sure your top backlinks are internal links and have relevant alternative text.

By using this SEO profile backlinks tool, you can increase on-page SEO very easily.

Tracking Tools

In search engine optimization, you should track everything in order to find the best strategies and tactics. As an example, if you don’t track traffic sources, how could you find what’s the best converting traffic source? Is it organic, social media, referral, PPC, email or RSS feed?

One of the biggest mistakes that startups do is NOT tracking what they do. If you want to increase email subscribers, you should track traffic sources to find an optimal traffic source that converts pretty well. Also, for more details, you would track traffic mediums to find the best traffic medium. (Ex: – traffic source: Organic, medium:

Tracking website activities never end. It is the best way to improve conversion rates and eventually increase ROI (return on investment). There are lots of SEO tracking software which facilitates you to track many of the activities on your website. I have selected a few of the better SEO tracking tools and added to this article. Use these website tracking tools and improve your website traffic and revenue.

Google Analytics

A free web tracking tool and probably the best analysis tool used by millions of webmasters. The first thing you must do right after making your website is set up Google Analytics. Google analytics not only analyze website traffic, but also suggest improvements to increase website traffic.

How Google Analytics can help you?

As an SEO analysis tool, Google Analytics tracks every organic stats and user activities. You can set up Goals (ex: reduce website bounce rate by 20% within 4 months) and track every milestone (massive improvements, unexpected changes) with Google Analytics.

By installing the Google Analytics code, you can even track reader demography stats, ages, interests and reader engagement. This is very useful to find ideal readers of your website. To learn more about Google analytics and notify future improvements read official google analytics blog.

Google Analytics is a must-have SEO analysis tool by every marketer.

Google Search Console

Google provides a lot of SEO optimization tools. Google Search Console is such a very important SEO tool every webmaster should use. In the above SEO keyword research Tools section, I explained how Google Search Console can improve search traffic.

Not only organic keywords, but also Google Search Console provides lots of information about your website and recommendations to improve SEO.

How Google Search Console can help you?

Improving SEO using Google Search Console is so much easier when you have a long track of your website. So you should verify your website ownership with Google Search Console right after you publicized your site for people.

The best thing about Google Search Console you can find is that you can understand how Google looks at your website; how Google think what your website is about. In the content keywords section, you can find top primary keywords which google has found on entire your website which will help Google to rank your website on semantic search.

To learn how I increased website traffic with Google Search Console, read this article.

As a blogger and an SEO, you should set up Google Search Console for your website. It’s free to set up and takes only a few minutes.

SEMrush keyword position tracking tool

Another very useful search engine optimization tool that you should use, if you want to increase website traffic fast. I have been using SEMrush keyword position tracking tool to track keyword positions in the organic results.

Unlike Google webmaster tools, you can track organic positions for any keyword daily. Which is really awesome, because you don’t need to wait for months to see keyword positions.

How SEMrush keyword position tracking tool can help you?

As a keyword tracking tool, SEMrush has a few tracking options. You can directly track any keyword’s position in any country and any religion. Besides tracking own keyword positions in SERP, you can track keyword positions of your main competitors easily. You can compare keyword positions with your site vs your competitors.

I have used this strategy and was able to handful of competitor keywords. If you want to learn more about SEMrush tools, read this SEMrush review and to get a SEMrush free trial account, read this post: SEMrush Coupon: SEMrush FREE trial account

If you’re serious about search engine optimization and want to improve search traffic, you should track every activity inside your site and outside of your site. SEMrush keyword position tracking tool can track organic positions of keywords of your blog posts very easily. It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Competitor Analysis Tools

If you’re struggling in succeeding internet marketing or blogging, the best way to find the successful way is to competitor analysis. I was able to increase my traffic (buyer traffic) and website authority through competitor analysis.

There are a lot of competitor analysis tools out there. But, here I will explain about one SEO competitor analysis tool which analyze competitor website and reveal strategies that your competitors use to earn 6-7 figure monthly income.

SEMrush – competitor analysis tool

SEM rush is a powerful search engine marketing tool. They offer various SEO tools such as backlink checker, SEO site audit, Display advertising, keyword tracking and keyword difficulty. I use these great SEO tools to analyze competitors’ websites and find their great SEO strategies and weak SEO practices.

How SEMrush competitor analysis tool can help you?

The best part about competitor analysis with SEMrush is that you can easily find top-notch keywords that drive lots of search traffic to your competitor websites. Then you can scan those web pages to find external backlink and poor SEO practices.

By using SEMrush site audit tool, you can find internal and external backlinks (and other information such as anchor text) to that page. If you found that you can compete for those keywords, you can start creating an awesome piece of content that search engines would love to rank on #1 page.

That’s the same SEO strategy I used to create the Tumblr SEO optimization post. The SEO article on Distilled on SEO for Tumblr Blogs inspired me to create a guide on Tumblr On-Page SEO Tips.

Very first I analyzed that web page using SEMrush SEM tools. I found that Distilled is a well-established SEO related blog which has built a great reputation. And Tumblr SEO post had a few external links from authoritative websites.

But when I analyzed the content on that post, I found that they are a little bit outdated and aren’t more detailed. That’s when I decided to create this comprehensive guide on SEO for Tumblr.
Within two months that post rank for competitive keywords such as Tumblr SEO on #6 spot in Google. Only below Distilled’s post. But, I think that after a month, it will rank for more keywords in #1 spot particularly Tumblr SEO.

To learn how to spy on competitors website reports and steal their traffic, read my extensive guide on competitor keyword research. This post will walk you through every step you need to follow in order to steal competitor keywords and build great content that Google wants to rank on #1 page.

Browser Extensions

To make hard works easier and save time, there are lots of SEO browser extensions or SEO toolbar. Many of these SEO browser tools are free to use and while a few of them are premium SEO browser plugins.

Lots of SEO service companies provide SEO browser tools to make things easier. Ex: find domain authority, Alexa traffic rank and SEMrush rank etc.

Among those great seo extensions, I have got a few of the best SEO browser tools that provide lots of information about any webpage you are visiting and other extensions provide different tools to do various activities such scanning link redirections, differentiating dofollow and nofollow links, etc. install these SEO extensions on your web browser and save your time and get more insights.

SEOquake SEO browser plugin

SEOquake SEO browser plugin is made by who are the founders of SEMrush search engine marketing tool. It has a variety of SEO tools to do many SEO activities and find web page statistics.

How SEOquake SEO browser plugin can help you?

As SEOquake has lots of tools for search engine optimization and analyzing, here are a few ways how you can utilize SEOquake SEO toolbar for blogging and search engine optimization.

  • SEOquake Page Info: This page reveals lots of information about a certain web page. In page info section you can find a page’s permalink, meta title, meta description, internal & external links, hosting server, etc. In parameters section, you can get page information such as Google PageRank, last cache date (last indexed date by Google), social media stats and other stats such as SEMrush rank, SEMrush traffic price, and backlinks data.
  • Keyword Density: You can find any web page’s keyword density and reveal primary and secondary keyword/keyword phrases by using SEOquake keyword density tool.
  • SEOquake LinkInfo: By using this SEO browser tool, you can check/compare multiple URLs and domains at once.

SEOquake is a must-have SEO browser plugin by every webmaster.

Download SEOquake browser extension for Google chrome over here and for Morzilla Firefox over here.

Moz Browser Toolbar

The Moz SEO toolbar is another very useful browser toolbar that provides important status of any website you’re visiting. I have been using the Moz SEO toolbar for some time ago. It’s a very good way to find any web page’s social activities and domain and page authorities.

How Moz browser Toolbar can help you?

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to rank web pages on Google SERP for any keyword. Moz toolbar shows domain and page authority stats in Google SERP. So you can understand whether it is easy or hard to rank for a certain keyword in the top of SERP.

Download Moz browser toolbar for Google chrome over here and for Firefox from this link. Learn more about the Moz toolbar from here.

What is the best SEO tool that can improve your website traffic?

So, by far, you found lots of best SEO tools that I use on PITIYA and on other weblogs to increase traffic and conversions. If you asked me what is the best SEO tool that can improve website traffic fast, I can’t actually recommend only one SEO product.

However, in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are lots of things to be covered. Ex: content marketing, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Keyword research, on-topic modeling, user experience etc.

Some of the above tools are free SEO tools, while a few of them are premium SEO tools where you have to pay some fees in order to use the tools. I recommend you to use many of above SEO tools as possible because then you can save your valuable time and get hard works done very easier.

Here are my favorite SEO tools:

I am using hundreds of SEO tools. But, here are my five favorite search engine optimization tools that have improved my website faster and work so well.

  1. Google Keyword Planner: To find keywords for content.
  2. SEMrush tools: competitor analysis, keyword research, keyword position tracking and website audit.
  3. Long Tail Pro: Find low competitive high targeted long-tail keywords.
  4. Ubergsuggest: Find secondary keywords.
  5. SEOquake: Analyze any website on one dashboard.

Final Words…

There are lots of SEO optimization tools online which help grow your online business faster. If you don’t use any SEO tool, so you don’t actually care about your business. Every professional blogger, every SEO expert and every successful marketer make use of search engine optimization tools. So, why don’t you?

Above are a few of the best small SEO tools which can take your business to the next level so fast. Trust me… I have used most of them so well and learned lots of things about SEO, blogging and Internet marketing.

If I have missed something that is worthwhile to add to this best SEO tools list, please let us know in the comment section. I will add them to this post as soon as I received your message.

If you found this article is informative and worthwhile sharing with your friends and relatives, please take a few seconds to share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

So what’s your best SEO tool?

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  • I liked your informative article. Many grateful thanks for posting it. Any chance you may recommend social media posting plugin which does not block the images at the WordPress blog. When I use Social Media plugin at my WordPress blog, the images of my posts disappear! Any suggestions?

    • Do you use Yoast WordPress SEO plugin? It has a few options to set up images for social networks.

      You might use Monarch social media plugin for WordPress to manage social media shares of your website. It has a few options to control media shares.

      What social media plugin do you use? I have a few WordPress sites. But not have a problem like this. Actually, I would like to know what social media plugin blocks images on WordPress.

      Thanks Vijayy for your helpful words. It actually encourages me. Glad you like these SEO tools.

  • All handy tools. But ideally you want to find software that offers several or more of those in one place. It takes a lot of time to login to so many. I like My SEO Tool ( for more of an easy all-in-one product.

  • Hi Chamal,

    Thanks you so much for writing this very helpful article. Keep sharing ideas. Your valuable ideas will help newbies to grew up into professionals.This ideas will make newbies to become more efficient in the field.

    Swapnil Kharche

    • Hi Swapnil,

      Thanks for kind of words. Hope you like these search engine optimization tools. What's your favorite SEO tool?

  • Hey Chamal,
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    • John, I am glad you found these information are helpful. Could i know which is your best SEO tool? Or do you know any other tool than listed here?

      Thanks, John for your valuable comment. Look forward to hearing much more from you.

  • Very detailed and helpful article for anyone who is doing SEO for their sites or blogs. Most of the tools you mentioned in this article are really good at their job and help us in many ways to optimize our webpages or blog-posts. Though I strongly believe that overuse of tools can kill the natural optimization and can do more harm than good. Going to share this post with our SEO learners at our training academy. Thanks for listing and detailing these resources.

    • Hi Soumya,

      Yes, of course, overusing any SEO tool can result in having a website which is only optimized for robots. It's like a robots' website! I too have experienced that when writing articles for people, it gets more comments, shares and also higher rankings in SERP. Thanks for putting a valuable comment here.

  • Everything is well written and explained in this post but dear I would like to give you an advice of rectifying your page settings.

    It is not visible clear to read all the content of left side of the screen as the social share widget is covering the initial word of your post.

    This is irritating me to read whole content clearly.

    • Hi Mohinder,

      Could i know what device you use?

      Thanks for sharing your experience with me, Mohinder. It is very helpful.

  • MajesticSEO is a nice alternative to Ahrefs as well. Ahrefs is great but it can be a little expensive for newbies.

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