How to Set Up An Effective Solo Ads Sales Funnel

If you have always wanted to learn about the nitty-gritty of online marketing and how you can make money online from what you know how to do best, this guide is everything you need to make that possible.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Solo ads sales funnels, including setting up one and what to do next.

Do you want to earn money online? Then, let me show you how to do that in a bit! In this complete starter’s guide on how to set up an effective solo ads sales funnel, you will not only find how to sell solo ads but also learn how to set up a solo ads sales funnel like a pro.

Selling online is for those who want to boost their income, increase their online visibility and create awareness about their business. Actually, just everyone can do that. And no, you don’t need to have any special skills or know-how to begin. Once you do it correctly, you are sure of positive results and feedback.

So, what is the right way? We are just about to find out.

Over the years, solo ads have proven to be one of the most productive affiliate marketing strategies. A lot of start-ups and even big businesses continue to run solo ad campaigns because of one thing – its effectiveness.

Yeah, you probably know about Facebook and Google, BuySellAds, Reddit, and ads, but here is why you should choose solo ads (whether you are an aspiring solo ads vendor or a business owner that would like to move your business to the next level)

It is beginners’ friendly. It doesn’t matter whether you are a techie or a complete newbie, just everyone can sell or use solo ads. You don’t need to learn complicated machine language or coding to become one. 

It is scalable. Like, you don’t necessarily have to wait until you hit hundreds of thousands of subscribers before launching. You can start with small clicks, like 50 or 100 clicks, and scale it up to up to 1000 or 10,000 clicks as you continue to grow. The truth is, it is possible. And hey, no pressure. Just continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

You have an audience. As you continue to grow, you are building an empire; a list of dedicated and active subscribers; a ready audience that you can sell and advertise to from time to time. Once you continue to offer premium value and content, holding them down won’t be much of a hustle.

You can use it as a medium to earn more. This seems to be the most interesting part. You can also use solo ads to create another additional source of income. Through your expertise, you can offer other services like teaching people how to create landing pages, consultations on how to make the best from solo ads, or even writing these things down and teaching people the “how-to” and “DIY” way.

High-profit margins. You have control over the pricing structure. You can set your price structure yourself.  

There are actually many more upsides to using Solo Ads.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to set up a break-even sales funnel
  • Important elements of high-performing solo ads funnel
  • Tips to consider when buying solo ads
  • Setting a landing page
  • Final thoughts (conclusion)
  • And many more

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Solo ads sales funnel

Important Elements of Solo Ads Sales Funnel

When setting up your sales funnel, essential elements must be present for it to succeed and yield envisaged results. Here are some of them:

Tripwire offers

THE KEY to making a profit from your solo ads campaigns. Smart marketers integrate tripwire offers in solo ad funnels to design break-even campaigns.

So far, so good, you seem to have tried everything the digital marketing experts recommended, but you still aren’t happy with your conversion rate. Of course, you sell great products, but customers appear not to have seen that yet- They aren’t buying!

What you need to do might be to turn it around by giving tripwire offers.

Yeah, it’s true that people like freebies, but they value them much more if it comes with at least a token. And that is what tripwire offers to help you achieve. 

Tripwire funnel

Tripwire marketing is a way to convince your target audience to buy a product from your business at a low cost. Let’s assume you offer a full package of your products at $1,500.

For many prospective and new clients, especially those that haven’t done business with you before and don’t understand the extent of its value, that is quite pricey. And for others who would like to start small, that is quite unaffordable.

So, what do you do? You want to incentivize your customers. You want to make these products available in mini-packages. Maybe $100 or even less. It doesn’t have to contain everything included in the “premium” package- just the essentials. But it should also be of equal value or quality. 

Tripwire revenue

If you find it difficult to come up with tripwire offers for your funnel setup, as an option, you can buy master resell rights products and integrate them into your funnel.

After you have done this, set up a tripwire marketing campaign. Once they see that this other package is also “high quality” and “low cost,” they become instantly interested. Once this happens, you can continue to market to them via emails to convince them to buy larger products.

using tripwire offers in long funnels

This strategy can also work for old subscribers. You can give tripwire offers to loyal subscribers to encourage them from time to time. Tripwire marketing campaigns can give you high conversion rates, incredible ROI, and an income boost.

Lead Magnet

Get more email subscribers

Lead magnet is a game-changer and one of the best ways to increase subscriber conversion rates. Apart from living in a time where people are super-protective of their security and online privacy, no one wants to give out their emails without knowing whether it would be worth it. You know, no one likes spam emails or clutter.

So, you want to elevate your game by saying: “You know what, guys? If you give me your email, I also have something valuable to give you in return.” It could be a free trial, video tutorials, discount, free trial, checklist, e-book, etc.

There are many more. It depends on your niche and industry. This instant giveaway makes people give you their emails without worrying so much about the amount of sales emails they will now be getting from you.

Lead magnets are not instantaneous sales tools like tripwire offers, but you can use them to increase your subscribers’ list and build trust with your customers. Furthermore, it could be a precursory strategy for your tripwire marketing campaigns.

Lead Magnet Examples

  • PDF or eBook that discusses and solves an issue your potential customer is suffering from
  • A high-valued video series
  • Online article
  • An online course
  • A free trial to a high-value item
  • Free shipping physical item

The key is that the lead magnet should be addressing the issue you are going to solve and be free of cost. Also, it should be easily accessible with fewer fractions. You can use private label rights websites to download digital products (ex: ebooks, video content, plugins, templates) with the license to use on your commercial projects.

Once you have turned your viewers and visitors into leads with lead magnets, the goal of a tripwire is to turn these leads into first-time customers. Both of them can work together in harmony to produce tremendous results.

Know What Your Audience Truly Wants

Apart from offering mouth-watering offers and doing massive giveaways, you also want to understand your audience and know how you can better serve them. This is where you need analytical and optimization tools. You want to know:

  • How do your website visitors behave when they get to your site?
  • What pages are they interested in?
  • To what extent do they scroll?
  • How long do they stay?

You can get results and answers to these questions by using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) or User Behavior reports such as scroll maps or heat maps. Microsoft Clarity is a free option if you are looking for one. This will help you know what is working and what is not in order to better improve on them.

How to Set up Break-Even Solo Ads Sales Funnel

By now, you already know that solo ads can put you at the frontline of the online money-making space, where you can make a solid income and rake in lots of money.

But before we get to the money-making part, you must learn how to set up an effective solo ads funnel that guides prospective clients through the buying process. First of all, you would agree that you aren’t the only one selling the product or service you currently have.

There are many other people who are doing exactly the same thing as you. That’s why you have to put convincing measures in place and stand out.

You know, something should make them prefer you and not someone else who offers the same product and is also just a click away. This is where setting up a break-even and top-notch sales funnel comes in.

Here are six critical steps you shouldn’t skip in creating your sales funnel.

Create a unique product

This is the very first step in the sales web chain. Create a unique product or offer services that stand out. The idea is not to create something completely novel; it is to infuse creativity and uniqueness into something that is already existent. Don’t just give value; most people do that already. Give “branded value.”

Understand the ‘subscriber’

The first and fundamental step to thinking more than once before creating a product for solo ads marketing campaigns is understanding the typical subscriber. Here are some main characteristics.

  • Looking for solutions
  • Might already have signed up for dozens of email lists like yours
  • Want instant results

How to Create an offer for solo ads sales funnels

Creating a solo ad offer could be challenging, particularly if you are just getting started on solo advertising.

  • Buy proven sales funnels – If you research a bit, you can find several high-quality sales funnels for solo ad campaigns.
  • Hire someone to create a sales funnels – You can always hire an expert from freelance networks like UpWork, Freelancer, or Guru to make a sales funnel.
  • Create a sales funnel yourself – If you give it a run and get experience, start making some sales funnels to test.

Tools to create sales funnel product

Using the right tools will give you the right results. Here are the tools you can use to build a high-converting sales funnel.

  • Clickfunnels – Clickfunnels is the industry-leading funnel builder used by over 100,000 professional marketers. It is equipped with tons of features such as A/B testing, funnel sharing, collaboration, email marketing tools, webinar platform to help with your sales funnel marketing.
  • Funnel Scripts – Would you hire a copywriter (and spend $$$$ for it) or get proven funnel script copies? FunnelScripts equips hundreds of high-value sales copies to increase conversions.
  • ThriveCart – Would you like to collaborate with others and build a high-level sales funnel? ThriveCart lets you build up joint ventures and share revenues according to terms/contracts.
  • UpViral – Every lead counts. How much would it be helpful for you if you could turn every lead into two or three extra leads for free? That is what UpViral viral platform is capable of. Get your UpViral lifetime discount from here.
  • ConvertBox – Capture every visitor into a lead and convert most of them into sales with hyper-targeted opt-in forms and message boxes. With the current ConvertBox lifetime deal, you can finally stop paying for other CRO tools. Learn more in this in-depth review.
  • Integrately – When setting up your campaigns, you will use multiple tools. Integrately helps you automate task workflow. Learn more in this detailed review.

Build your drip campaign

A solo ads campaign is a waste of money without a proper email drip campaign.

Selecting email marketing software

You will encounter hundreds of different email marketing software when it comes to email marketing. But, only a handful of them supports the solo advertising industry. In reality, you have two options.

  1. Use self-hosted email marketing softwareSendy, Mautic, and MailWizz are some of the popular ones.
  2. Use a hosted email marketing toolGetResponse and AWeber are some of the industry-leading ones. Read AWeber vs GetResponse to find a detailed comparison.
Technical sideManaged by youManaged by company
Customization of email marketing softwareNot limited. But it depends on the softwareNone
DeliverabilityDepends on the email sending service you useDepend on the company
AdvantagesSave money, scalable, and suited for big listsNot worry about technical issues, features and tools, and integrations.

If you are getting started, I recommend using a self-hosted email marketing tool like GetResponse. Although the self-hosted solutions are cheaper than hosted ones, they could not be easy to use and maintain service, particularly for email marketers with less technical knowledge.

Your email drip campaign

Most email marketing services provide features to create email drip campaigns. Here are some tips to consider when creating a good email autoresponder series for solo ads sales funnel.

  • Make use of the welcome email – If you analyze your emails, the welcome email will most likely have a higher open rate. Please take this opportunity to get them to click on your emails and reply to you.
  • Provide value – Don’t push for more sales every time. Proving values will make you stand out from other email senders.
  • A/B test subject lines – Subject line is the first thing that matters when email marketing campaigns. Experiment with different subject lines to see the best ones for your audience. Here is a massive list of subject lines for email campaigns by popular brands, marketers, and affiliates.
  • Use animated email countdown timers – It is proven that countdown timers in email result in more engagement across the sales funnel.
  • Utilize the ‘P.S’ – Some people skip the main body content but scroll down until the P.S section. Add a clear and straight call to action to get more clicks.
  • Test CTAs – Getting people who open your emails is the job of the body content. Test your calls to action to see which combinations work best.
Welcome emails statistics infographic
Why Welcome Emails are Important – Infographic (Source)

Check out the massive list of DFY email swipe templates to find example email messages that work with solo ad traffic.

Get a good solo ads seller

A solo ads seller is a crucial element in your solo ads sales funnel. While many people may be offering solo ads campaign services, not all of them end up doing a great job. Be sure you are hiring a pro, not someone who will end up doing a shoddy job. We will still discuss more tips to look out for before hiring a solo ads vendor.

Build a great landing page

A great landing page is the first thing visitors see when they are directed to your page. This isn’t just relevant to solo ads and is valid for all digital marketing spheres. Build a compelling and optimized landing page that explains everything you offer in almost one glance. While there might not be a uniform standard on what a landing page should look like, there are specific components that each landing page should have. For instance:

A strong headline

This could be a catchphrase that explains all you do in just 10-20 words. Keep it irresistible and informative.


Value Proposition

Apart from the beautiful designs you want to sprawl across all pages on your website, you also want to put up engaging content on your site. Use captivating images and videos that highlight what you do and help visitors understand your offer better. Educative content keeps them on your page longer and makes them understand your brand better.

Customer Testimonials/Reviews

Reviews are high ways to boost your brand credibility. When people read/hear what others who have previously used your products and service say nice things about it, then they are convinced that buying from you will offer them equal value.

According to the “How Online Reviews Influence Sales” report by Spiegel Research Center, even 5 reviews can boost sales conversion by 270% compared to products without any reviews.

Online Reviews Financial Impact Conversions Chart

Use a tool like Aidaform to collect user reviews from text, audit, and video formats, and use one of these best HTML testimonials slider widgets to showcase reviews.

Call to Action

After perusing and navigating your website, customers may want to ask more questions or make a purchase. This is where your call to action button should come ready and handy. It could be your business phone number or a Google listing map leading them to your physical store. Just make sure it’s accessible and placed where it can be seen. If possible, on every page on your website. 

How to set up your Landing Page

Of course, a website is the first big step in establishing your professional online presence. However, it doesn’t end there. What you put on your website, where and how you put it, is also equally important.

Your Landing Page is what visitors first see when they visit your page; you want to ensure it looks super attractive and irresistible to them. So, what do you do? You set it up in the most orderly and organized way. Here is a quick step-to-step on how you can get it done.

  1. Sign up for an excellent landing page builder. Clickfunnels is used by thousands of solo ad funnel builders like you. Although you can use others like Brizy Cloud, it lacks funnel features and solo ads funnel templates. Learn more.
  2. Select a landing page template (There are so many you can choose from and model yours after)
  3. Give your landing page a name (Choose a unique and great name)
  4. Add your unique content (Images, videos, premium content)
  5. Choose a relevant domain name. Use these domain name finders.
  6. Make sure all your links and CTA buttons are working and clickable
  7. Set up popup form(s) to retain existing visitors and take action. ConvertBox and Convertful provide excellent tools for creating pop-ups. Convertful has gamification widgets that could get a higher opt-in rate in certain circumstances. Learn more in this in-depth review.
  8. Write your meta description and complete your SEO title. Stimulate the SERP view using this free tool.
  9. Go on and publish

Also, note that you can tweak this from time to time or change designs and test their performance. You don’t have to make it a one-size-fits-all

How To Choose a Good Solo Ad Vendor

Getting a good solo ads vendor may be daunting, but it is not impossible. To prevent sending your money down the drain and spending on “fluff” disguised as solo ads, here are relevant tips you should look out for before you decide to hand over your solo ads advertisement to a solo ads vendor you are working with for the first time.

Ask relevant questions

Don’t allow anyone to rush you into paying them without knowing what you are getting yourself into. An overview of payment structure, rate per click, number of active subscribers, niche of subscribers’ list, how often they send out emails per week, and other doubt-clearing, relevant questions are what you should ask.

The answers to these questions make you like to continue the deal or just nip it in the bud at that stage.

Ask how they grew their email list

The truth is, it isn’t always about “I have a hundred thousand subscribers on my email list. I will give your product the best recognition ever.” Of course, this sounds really intriguing.

Every product owner wants to grab that right at it, right? But it doesn’t always work that way.

You have to ask them how they grew their list. Sometimes, the numbers and figures you see aren’t what they are. Some of these lists are mostly made up of BOTS and not real humans.

Do you know their job? They are just there to augment the number. Nothing else!

Promptness and Timeliness

In this business, time is one of the most valuable currencies. A good solo ads seller isn’t only one who knows his onions, but one who is timely in responding and prompt on delivery.

Imagine trying to reach out to a vendor you have paid to run solo ads campaigns all day in futility. You already fixed a day you have set to run these ads. You have sent messages and texts, and there seems to be dead silence from the other end every time you try; how does that make you feel in one word? Exhausted and discouraged. That’s two words.

Read customer reviews and testimonials

One of the fastest ways to know if a solo ads seller is genuine is to read reviews and testimonials. Read up on what others who have used their services in the past have to say about them.

Solo ads reviews by buyers. Find out more.

This can go a long way to help in choosing a good one. But then, some website owners also post doctored reviews on their websites to attract new clients. Watch out!

Places to Find Good Solo Ads Vendors

If you have been looking for where and how to buy solo ads, then you don’t need to look further.

UDIMI Solo Ads

Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where sellers and buyers like you can sell and buy solo ads. Udimi works as a middleman to ease the payment processes. In fact, Udimi prevented fraud happened in the solo ads marketplace big time.

Angelo solo ads Udimi

Benefits of using Udimi solo ads:

  • Lots of sellers to buy traffic from
  • Buy solo ads in different niches
  • Sellers are competing with each other, so you get the best deal possible (Higher quality solo ads for the least price possible)
  • Filtering options (Don’t want mobile traffic? Only want traffic from tier 1 countries? No problem! Udimi has it covered.)
  • Traffic filter (the days are gone fake solo ads vendors use bot traffic to fraud buyers. Udimi’s advanced traffic filtering mechanism is tremendously helpful)
  • Filter sellers based on sales generated. To build a break-even solo ads sales funnel, you need to buy as high-quality traffic as possible. Use Udimi’s search options to find sellers with the most sales generated.
  • Get solo ad sellers to provide you with landing pages with higher conversion rates. In solo advertising, every click is worth it. Some sellers on Udimi provide landing page consultation services to help you create better squeeze pages.

Click here to sign up on Udimi, get a $5 discount on the first order, and read this article to learn about Udimi Solo ad pricing.

Solo ads Vendors

Another way of buying solo ads is through solo ad sellers directly. Most high-profile vendors do not provide services on marketplaces like Udimi. So, they have their websites. Super solo ad sellers provide services only to private buyers.


Straight Arrow Solo ads will not only ease your burden, but they will also deliver quality.


If real and targeted email ad campaigns are what you are looking for, then you’d definitely love to check out Straight Arrow Solo Ads.

They sell quality solo ads in various niches and have proven generated traffic and conversion rates for all their past gigs from clients who have used their service in the past.

They know their onions and don’t compromise on quality. Straight Arrow Solo Ads is the best place to find quality and trustworthy solo ad vendors.

Here is a list of the best solo ads providers to buy top-tier solo ads traffic for your funnels. Check Solo ads Rolodex if you want to know details like average solo ad price, positive to negative ratings, and got sales percentage of top solo ad suppliers.

The Next Steps

Since you have a proven solo ads sales funnel, do not limit solo ads email traffic only. Start from solo ad traffic alternatives like funnel clicks and mixed clicks. Read this Funnel clicks vs solo ads vs mixed clicks article to find out which traffic medium is best for your offer and bottom line.

Try out traffic from bloggers’ email lists, sites like Udimi, and different traffic sources such as PPC ads, banner ads, native ads, etc. Here is a complete guide on Solo ads vs. Google ads vs. Facebook ads to get you started.

Having your own product is great. But, you might be able to make more money by integrating an affiliate offer into your solo ads sales funnel. Check out the How to Use Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing guide to learn more. Also, solo ads can be a great traffic source to make money by promoting IM product launches.

If you want to make extra money from your email list, give solo ads a try! Here is a complete guide on how to become a solo ad seller. Also, the Solo ads arbitrage business model could be your favorite if you want to buy and sell solo ads!

Final Thoughts on Solo Ads Sales Funnels

It is the digital era, and you can optimize all the benefits the virtual world offers to boost your earnings and grow and expand your business.

Solo ads traffic is one of the fastest tools to achieve maximum growth in your business. It is cost-effective when you compare the meager you use to run ad campaigns to other marketing tools. It is swift. You will see its effect within 24 hours. It’s an organic way to grow; you can indeed increase your email list steadily.

If you follow all the steps to set up your sales funnel well and tick all the right boxes, you are sure not only to run a successful solo ad campaign but one that gives you envisaged feedback.

You don’t have to wait anymore. You can start using solo ad campaigns NOW.

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