Agency Tools: Top 7 Web Digital Marketing Software in 2023

Using better agency tools is essential for every digital marketing agency because it makes more money and improves the quality of services you offer and the client retention time.

This article will find top agency tools that every agency owner, a small business agency, should use to grow their customer base and make more money.

SEO Agency Tools

If you run an SEO agency and provide services such as:

  • Link building services
  • Content marketing services
  • Keywords research services
  • SEO Audit services
  • On-page, On-site, and Off-site SEO services

It would be best to use a good SEO tool for your agency because these SEO services can generally make you a lot of money. (and many business owners, such as local businesses, look for ways to improve their online presence)

So, here are the best online SEO tools for agencies.


Semrush is one of the essential digital marketing toolkits that every agency owner should use.



Semrush provides tons of tools for every aspect of your digital marketing agency needs.

Here are some features you can find inside the Semrush SEO toolkit.

  • SEO Audit: Audit your clients’ websites and deliver white-label reports with your custom brand.
  • SEO Assistant: Do you write SEO content for your clients? If so, with Semrush’s SEO writing assistant, you can write SEO content very easily.
  • Keywords Magic tool: This tool takes keyword research to a whole level. You can find everything from broad, phrase match, and related keywords to questions people ask on Google.
  • Lead generation tool: Semrush also provides a handy tool that makes generating high-quality leads for your digital agency easier than ever. Create a lead generation tool and embed it on your site. Once anyone asks for a quick SEO audit by filling out the form, you will receive the lead info to reach out to later.

Semrush is an All-in-one toolset.

Now they offer a variety of tools for digital marketers like you.

  • Keywords Research kit — Find new keywords, check your competitors’ keywords, etc.
  • Content Marketing kit — Write better content with the help of the Writing Assistant module.
  • Social Media marketing kit — Promote your content on social media and analyze key metrics for social media accounts.
  • Advertising kit — If you are an agency owner who manages customers’ advertising accounts, particularly Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc., Semrush’s Advertising Kit is beneficial. It provides many more details, such as competitors’ ads, keywords, etc.
  • Traffic Analytics kit — If you are an agency owner who runs media campaigns on behalf of your customers on content creators’ websites (i.e., blogs, news sites, etc.), the Traffic Analytics toolkit helps you analyze traffic volume and key performance indicators of a site.

I recommend you check out the Semrush features page and see what you receive.

Team management and agency features

edit team member - semrush user management

One of the key users of Semrush is agency owners. With User management (Sharing options, assigning tasks, and providing permissions), Whitelabel reports, API access, and integrations to your CRM software and Google Data Studio, you can go no wrong.

Report Templates

Semrush provides unique features for medium and large agencies to ease teamwork by building new reports, sharing calendars and projects, etc.

semrush reports templates builder

Semrush is one of the best SEO agency tools you’d ever have. It’s worth every penny, and compared to other SEO tools, Semrush offers 24*7 fantastic customer service.

Semrush’s pricing starts at $119.95, and the GURU plan, which suits small agency owners and digital markers such as SEO freelancers, starts from $229.95 per month. Learn more about Semrush’s pricing details in this article.

Sign up for Semrush’s free trial over here and check how Semrush can be useful.

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BrandOverflow offers unneglectable Whitelabel SEO solutions for marketers. Its SERP tracking Whitelabel API and Whitelabel SEO reports makes this cheaper and more value for money for SEO digital marketing agencies.


BrandOverflow offers a set of tools.

  • Rank Tracker
  • SERP Lookup
  • Ad Explorer
  • Backlink Monitor
  • Backlink Explorer
  • Keyword Generator
  • Keyword Insights
  • Keyword Tool
  • YouTube Keywords Generator
  • Competitors’ Ranked Keywords Checker
  • Question Explorer
  • Traffic Checker
  • SEO Audit

Rank Tracker

One of the most accurate rank tracking tools I have found over the years is the BrandOverflow. They follow a similar path as Ahrefs by crawling Google SERP themselves and tracing keyword ranking positions for a particular page.


One significant advantage of the BrandOverflow Rank Tracking tool over other contenders is that it can track SERP rank at the local level. (ex: City level)

Therefore, if you manage local clients and want to track local SERP rankings, BrandOverflow might be the agency SEO SERP tracking tool you were looking for!

Also, it tracks Google My Business ranking. That is another benefit for you.

Dynamic Sharable reports

Now it’s hassle-free to share accurate keyword ranking reports with your customers. No need to use a PDF generator or a spreadsheet!

Also, you can use a custom domain name for your reports to hide the tool’s identity.

Use custom branding in organic rank tracking reports

BrandOverflow allows you to create sub-accounts for your agency customers. You can allocate certain limits for each feature.

Add sub-account on BrandOverflow
Create sub-accounts for your agency customers by allocating resources

Give BrandOverflow over here. Learn more in this review on BrandOverflow.


SEO Powersuite is a set of desktop software by Link-Assistant to manage your SEO agency needs.

If you were looking for SEO reporting tools for agencies, SEO Powersuite might be your best choice because that software is solely developed for digital marketing agencies.

SEO Powersuite contains several tools with powerful features:

  1. WebSite Auditor — As the name implies what it does, you can audit any website and deliver Whitelabel reports to your clients. Check the review on WebSite Auditor to learn more.
  2. SEO Spyglass — A backlink research software
  3. Rank Tracker — Monitor your and competitors’ SERP rankings, research new keywords, analyze competitive keywords, and much more.
  4. Link Assitant — Find link-building opportunities, get link suggestions, analyze competitors, and manage outreach campaigns easily.

SEO Powersuite is a handy set of software for your digital marketing needs. All of those tools let you integrate Google Search Console and Google Analytics and export Whitelabel reports so that you will satisfy your customers by delivering high-quality SEO services.

Check out SEO Powersuite over here.

On-site Conversion Agency Tools

If you provide or want to provide services such as:

  • List building
  • Viral giveaways (evergreen and time-sensitive)

In this section, you will find the most useful and best on-site agency tools.


Convertful is one of the best on-site conversion toolkits with many features. I have been using Convertful Agency feature for a while, and it’s been great so far.

Here are some features that will be extremely useful for your digital lead generation agency:

  • Dynamic text replacements — Makes it so easy to customize widgets and increase conversions.
  • Multi-step widgets — Generate leads with surveys, quizzes, and qualification forms.
  • 2-Way deep integrations — Show (or don’t show) widgets based on which tags or custom fields a visitor has in your CRM or email service.
  • Live Analytics
  • Unlimited Sub-accounts
  • White Label Dashboard
  • White Label Widgets
  • White Label email notifications

Converful Agency truly offers agency features.

White Label Dashboard

White Label Dashboard settings
White Label Dashboard settings

You can customize the site title, use a custom domain, use custom colors, add custom HTML before </head> to track activities, and even customize the entire dashboard with custom CSS.

White Label emails

When your client signs up or resets the password, he/she should receive relevant emails. Now you can customize them to resemble your brand identity. Notice the emails are gone through my business email as well.

White label email settings for convertful agency account

White Label Widgets

Also, you can set up widget attribution messages and links displayed on widgets if you allow them.

custom branding - white label settings convertful

You can easily create an account for a client or a user. Notice there is an option to select the Dashboard. Your custom Whitelabel dashboard is recommended.

add new user to convertful account
Convertful agency custom login page

Convertful Agency plan is very generous, and it comes with many essential features, including unlimited sub-accounts, Webhooks, Zapier integration, and priority help desk support. Learn more in this review.

I recommend Convertful services for everyone and strongly recommend the Convertful Agency for your digital marketing agency.


UpViral is a viral referral marketing tool. I have been using UpViral for some years, and the results have been amazing!

upviral overall statistics

Running giveaways is fun. And holding giveaways for your clients and offering them services can be highly profitable for your small agency.

I personally know some small agency owners who charge from $0.25 to $0.6 per lead.

Here is why UpViral should be your best giveaway software.

Run Giveaway + Rewards campaign at once

One of the key features of UpViral that I like most and find very rare among other tools is running a combined giveaway and rewards campaign.

Here is what It would look like:

upviral rewards/incentives and grand prize settings

Holding giveaways with both rewards and grand prizes is very useful because it encourages participants to share and invite their friends.

Add Tracking Pixels and Custom codes

Do you want to use tracking software, chat widgets such as Gist, Facebook event tracking pixels, Google Analytics snippet, or any other custom JavaScript code in giveaway pages?

One unique feature of UpViral is the ability to insert custom codes.

upviral advanced settings

Additionally, UpVirals lets you use your own domain name for referral tracking and landing pages.

If you want to run giveaways for your clients, this option is critical because this allows using custom branding for your customers.

Also, you can redirect post-giveaway traffic to a custom page.

upviral referral traffic custom domain settings

Run campaigns on UpViral or your own website

Another benefit you’d get as an UpViral customer would be the ability to switch hold campaigns on your website or UpViral.

change upviral campaign type

Recently they introduced a new feature called “Campaign Sharing.” It is like a funnel sharing feature in Clickfunnels. Now you can create contest funnels on your account and sell them as DFY(Done-For-You) services.

Campaign share on UpViral lets you sell successful giveaway campaigns or offer DFY services.

UpViral has got many features like post-giveaway actions, firing custom pixels, and A/B testing and UpViral pricing is inexpensive and worth the penny compared with its competition. Check these UpViral reviews to find what others say about UpViral.

If you want to offer lead generation services to your clients, I recommend checking out UpViral.

Social Media Marketing Agency Tools

If you are offering or thinking of providing services such as:

  • Social media posting & social accounts management
  • Content curation for social media
  • Social media analytics and optimization

We have a fantastic social media marketing agency tool that provides many features to manage your client’s work excellently.


ContentStudio is a social media and content marketing suite that provides many features for agency owners.

Here are some of the core features of ContentStudio.

  • Content Discovery — Find trending content for a certain topic all around the world in one place.
contentstudio content discovery
  • Influencers — Find influencers on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and discover details such as popular posts, mentions, engagements, etc.
find influencers in contentstudio
  • Composer — Compose content for social media and blog sites very easily and efficiently
contentstudio social media poster
  • Automations — Automate the content distribution process completely
contentstudio automations

And there are many more essential features in ContentStudio. I recommend signing up for ContentStuio or reading this review on ContentStudio to learn more.

Here are fine agency features inside ContentStudio

Whitelabel reports

Add your branding to social media analytics reports delivered to your clients.

Whitelabel reports settings

Separate workspaces for every client

It is easier to manage multiple clients in one ContentStudio account with workspaces. Assign workspaces for every customer.

add new workspace for client

Add clients

Easily add clients to workspaces and manage user permissions. For example, if your client asks to add a social media collaborator, you can add a new one easily.

add users and manage user permissions in contentstudio

Pause posting

In case your client didn’t pay or wants to pause the posting, you can do it with one click.

contentstudio pause posting

ContentStudio is one of the best social media marketing tools with hundreds of features, and it recently became the #1 most rated content curation tool by G2.

Click here to give ContentStudio a try.

Site Building Agency Tools

If you offer services such as below,

  • Web page building for local and international clients
  • Static page building (i.e., sales pages, lead capture pages for Solo ads, and media buying campaigns)
  • WordPress page building

I am going to share with you an excellent site-building agency tool.


Were you looking for marketing agency tools with a white-label site builder?

Brizy is an intuitive website-building platform that offers two solutions for site-building agencies.

  1. Brizy WordPress builder plugin for WordPress sites — Like Elementor, but with powerful features such as sync between WordPress and Cloud.
  2. Brizy Cloud for cloud-based page building — Like Clickfunnels, but cheap and easy to use. Brizy Cloud introduced a new service called the Brizy Cloud Reseller program. It allows you to rebrand the Brizy Cloud platform with your details and have your own pricing structure. Read this Brizy Cloud review to learn more details.

You can use both for your website designing agency services. Since Brizy WordPress and Cloud provide Whitelabel services, you can even give direct access to those services.

Easily create projects for every client.

brizy could project

Invite clients and provide permissions

add team members to brizy project

Easily activate and deactivate Whitelabel options for the WordPress plugin

Brizy WordPress Whitelabel options
Brizy WordPress Whitelabel options

The Brizy cost is low expensive when compared with its competition the value for money. It has CMS, Web Stories, and Popups builder tools too. So, Brizy is an excellent tool for your agency.

Click here to visit Brizy and sign up for free.

Final Words on Best Agency Tools

Although these agency tools are powerful, your success solely depends on how you use them.

Two of my best agency tools are Semrush and Convertful. Semrush provides tons of tools for me that are really helpful to the scale of the agency. On the other hand, Convertful provides tons of features to manage list-building campaigns for clients. Furthermore, Convertful can be fully customized.

So, what agency software, services, or tools do you use?

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