Elfsight Alternatives: 10 Best Free Widget Builders Like Elfsight

When creating a website, landing page, or store, you will face circumstances where you would have to use third-party HTML widgets to add different functionalities.

Most content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Blogger, Brizy, and even landing page builders such as Unbounce, Kajabi, Unbounce, and LeadPages do not provide all the widgets marketers need, such as comparison tables, social feed aggregators, live chat tools based on social messengers such as WhatsApp, and website components to add functionalities such as scroll-to-top, weather forecast, and age verification.

Elfsight is a quality service that provides over 80 different apps for websites. We have already featured some of them on Pitiya in the past.

Elfsight website homepage

However, Elfsight is not the only no-code HTML widget generator for websites. In fact, there are some Elfsight alternatives with better pricing, features, and unique apps.

In this article on best Elfsight alternatives, you will find top sites like Elfsight to create embeddable widgets for your site.

Why should you replace Elfsight?

Elfsight is a quality widgets provider with an easy-to-use interface and cheap pricing structure for solopreneurs, marketing teams, and agencies. But there are reasons you might want to replace your existing Elfsight subscription or look for a powerful Elfsight competitor.

  • Elfsight does not have the app you want – Currently, Elfsight has 80+ widgets in several categories (social, reviews, video, audio, chats, forms, e-commerce, and tools). But Elfsight still lacks some of the widgets that you might want. Some are the count-up timer, graphs & charts, polls, countdown image generator, and image hotspot. If you want to use them on your site, you should look for an Elfsight alternative.
  • An app on Elfsight does not have the features you want – Elfsight widgets have some of the widget providers’ best templates and layouts. But, the look does not matter if a particular app does not possess your desired features or functionalities. For example, even though Elfsight’s countdown timer is customizable to some extent (which we explained in the best countdown timers article), it doesn’t have timer settings for unique visitors.
  • Elfsight’s prices are costlier for you – Elfsight’s plans are grouped into two. 1) Single app pricing 2) All apps pricing. Both plan groups allow monthly and yearly payments. One key differentiator of plans is the widget view consumption per month. That means if your website receives a higher traffic volume, you will have to upgrade your Elfsight plan. But there might be affordable Elfsight alternatives for you.
  • Elfsight does not have the integrations you want – Elfsight lacks integrations with CRM software and does not provide webhooks or API access, particularly if you are looking for a quality Elfsight competitor for its apps such as Form Builder and Subscription Form.
  • You want to try new widget builders – There is no harm in testing new platforms in your marketing campaigns. For example, if you use Elfsight’s Popup widget to create an exit intent popup, try out other popup widgets such as OptiMonk and monitor the impact on conversion rate.

Top Elfsight Alternatives: Compare and Choose the Best HTML Widget Builder


CommonNinja is one of the best Elfsight competitors, with over 150 different plugins for websites. Its app library covers five categories. Here are the categories and some example widgets available to use.

  1. Media – Instagram Feed, 3D Cards, Audio Player, Image Hotspot, Logo Slider
  2. Interactive – Brackets Maker, Before and After Slider, Image Gallery, Image Accordion
  3. User engagement – Image Hover Effects, Stories, WhatsApp Chat, Telegram Chat, Video Carousel
  4. Boost sales – Marketing Button, Sitejabber Reviews, Capterra Reviews, TrustPilot Reviews, Product Blobs, Testimonials Slider, Notifications Bar, Corner Button.
  5. Utilities – Scroll to Element Button, Progress Circles, What’s New Popup, Progress Bars, Device Mockup, Charts & Graphs, Opening Hours
  6. Social – Google Reviews, TikTok Feed, WordPress Feed, Social Media & RSS Feed
  7. Informative – Announcements, PDF Viewer, Info Lists, Comparison Tables Maker, Company Branch List

Although Elfsight and CommonNinja include common apps such as review apps, audio player, and gallery widgets, CommonNinja equips some noteworthy apps that cannot be found on Elfsight and most widget providers. Tournament Bracket Maker, Product Comparison Tables Creator, and Graphs and Charts are several of them.

CommonNinja Pricing

CommonNinja offers a free plan. However, the free plan is limited in both views per month and features. Also, its paid plans are grouped into two, like Elfsight: single widget pricing and all bundle pricing. CommonNinja’s single widget pricing is limited to a very specific few apps, like the Brackets Maker.

CommonNinja Bracket Maker Pricing
Single app pricing plans for the ‘Brackets Maker’ plugin

Regular prices are based on the usage of the number of widgets and feature sets. The free plan is limited to one project, one widget, and up to 300 total pageviews per month. Premium subscription-based plans include unlimited projects and monthly pageviews and the removal of CommonNinja’s branding from your installed website widgets. Other features can vary based on the pricing plan.

CommonNinja Pricing
App Bundle pricing plans

Click here to explore CommonNinja.


Powr.io Homepage

Powr is a close alternative to Elfsight, with over 60 apps in different categories.

Here are the app categories on Powr and some of the example available widgets:

  1. Boost conversionsForm Builder, Countdown timer, Popup
  2. Get more followers – Social Feed, Media Gallery, Multi-slider, YouTube Gallery
  3. Collect information – Chat, Job Board, Poll, Survey
  4. Support customers – FAQ, Tabs, Comments, Contact Form
  5. Engage visitors – Weather, Scroll to top, Music Player, Graph, Email Countdown, Resume, Map, Invoice Form
Powr's Dashboard

In our comparison of Powr versus Elfsight, we reviewed two widget providers and shared the advantages of Powr over Elfsight.

Essentially, some Powr apps include unique and more features than what Elfsight provides. For example, the countdown timer of Powr is probably the best HTML countdown widget for a website out there.


It includes the typical countdown feature (countdown to a specific date or evergreen countdown timer), unique countdowns for each website visitor, and a count-up timer.

Also, Powr stands out compared to Elfsight, considering it has apps such as the email countdown timer, comments form, and Stripe Button.

Powr Pricing

Powr is a free Elfsight alternative with a generous pricing structure. Like Elfsight, it includes two plan categories: Single App pricing and All Apps pricing.

Powr Scroll to Top App Pricing

One of the key benefits of Powr over Elfsight is that Powr does not have a limit on widget view count. Whether your site receives 1000 or 100,000 visitors monthly, you can use any Powr plan, including free.

However, some of Powr’s plans limit certain features. But that is not the case for Elfsight, as even on the free Elfsight plan, you can utilize all the features.

Click here to explore Powr.


Fouita homepage

Fouita is a website widget provider like Elfsight, with over 40 widgets ranging in different categories. Like Elfsight, it provides a visual editor (like Notion’s) to create customizable widgets without coding, templates (to get started quickly), and projects to manage brands and websites.

Fouita Widgets list

Some of the widgets Fouita provides:

  • Content – Tabs, Business Hours, Team showcase, Food Recipes, Restaurant Menu, Password Protector, Nav Steps
  • Pricing – Pricing Sections, Comparison Table
  • Affiliate Marketing – Product Cards, Comparison Table
  • Image – Image Gallery, Slider, Panorama 360° Gallery, Product Image 360°
  • Blog Page – Heading, Table of Contents, Mini Blog, Nav Bar, Footer

Compared to Elfsight, Fouita features numerous unique apps such as accessibility tools, brackets, scroll progress, and image hotspots. Also, Fouita provides a great number of features for agencies and freelancers, including a White Label dashboard with a custom domain. However, customization options of widgets of Fouita are still fewer comparatively.

Fouita Project Widgets

The visual editor contains templates, and you can easily change the widget’s template even after selecting one later.

Fouita Image Gallery Widget Templates

Fouita’s pricing

The pricing plans are based on the usage of page views. The free plan is limited to 1,000 total pageviews per month. For increased views and more resources, you have to upgrade to a customizable paid plan.

Fouita Pricing

Click here to explore Fouita.


Widgio website

Widgio is another site that provides widgets for websites with over 65 widgets available to use in ten different categories:

  1. Chat – All-in-one Chat, Discord Chat
  2. Reviews – All-in-one Reviews, Amazon Reviews, Yelp Reviews
  3. E-Commerce – Click-to-Call, PayPal Buttons, Price Slider
  4. Forms – Email Signup
  5. Images – Image Slider, Photo Gallery
  6. Videos – All-in-one Video Gallery, YouTube Video Gallery, Vimeo Videos
  7. Audio – Spotify Player
  8. Social – Instagram Feed, Social Sharing
  9. Content – Team Showcase, Weather, Tabs, File Embed
  10. Other toolsAge Verification Popup, Back to top, QR Code

When comparing widgets on Elfsight and Widgio, it is apparent that Elfsight offers more high-quality templates, features, customization options, and widget organization capabilities than Widgio.

Widgio Pricing

Widgio has pricing for a single widget and widget pack.

Single Widget pricing

Widgio single widgets pricing

Widget Bundles pricing

Widgio widget bundle pricing

Click here to explore Widgio.



CodeCanyon is a marketplace for HTML widgets, plugins, add-ons, scripts, and extensions for content management systems. It offers thousands of high-quality applications for web projects.

In fact, people use CodeCanyon scripts to create their own Whitelabel SaaS software. For example, you can buy a PHP script on a QR code generator, link shortener, etc., and host your server and keep data for yourself.

Slider Revolution plugin Codecanyon
This screenshot shows the Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery plugin on CodeCanyon. It can be used on any HTML website and is an excellent option for Elfsight’s Slider widget.

If there is no specific widget on Elfsight, it is most likely available on CodeCanyon. Also, CodeCanyon sellers keep up with new trends and launch products relatively fast (e.g., AI tools). This makes CodeCanyon one of the best Elfsight alternatives for finding unique and trending applications.

How much do CodeCanyon’s products cost?

Prices for codes on CodeCanyon vary. Some cost as low as $7, while most are in their mid-fifties, the too-high nineties.

CodeCanyon product licenses slider revolution

There are two pricing models based on the license.

  1. Regular License
  2. Extended License

A regular license allows a buyer or one buyer’s client to use the purchased product, and the end users cannot be charged. The extended license enables buyers to charge for the use of products from clients. An extended license is best for agencies and freelancers.

When comparing the prices of CodeCanyon and Elfsight, Codecanyon does not charge recurring fees. However, the support is limited to 6 months, and you must renew (or extend) support by paying an extra fee. On the other hand, customer support is free of cost on Elfsight.

Click here to explore Codecanyon.



Widgetsquad is another free alternative to Elfsight. It offers over 28 widgets and plugins for your website. It mainly contains social proof and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) widgets.

Here is a screenshot that shows available widgets to use on Widgetsquad.

Widgetsquad widgets

Here are some widgets that are available on Widgetsquad but on Elfsight:

  • Emoji feedback
  • Score feedback
  • Conversions counter
  • Latest conversion

Widgetsquad pricing

Widgetsquad offers a free plan (with limited features) and paid plans starting at $5 per month.

Widgetsquad pricing

Click here to explore Widgetsquad.

Other Elfsight competitors

Elfsight’s widgets category ranges from displaying social content to collecting information. So, if you want to use Elfsight for a particular use case (e.g., collecting email addresses, displaying Google Reviews on the website, adding WhatsApp chat widgets), several dedicated services offer the same service at competitive prices with more features.

Here are more Elfsight widgets alternatives to consider:

  • TaggBox – TaggBox is a service that lets display social feeds (i.e., Instagram posts, Tweets, TikTok videos, Pinterest pins) on a website. And it is an excellent alternative to Elfsight’s social media widgets and reviews aggregators.
  • CodePen – CodePen is a platform where users share scripts for widgets that you can use for free on your web widgets. It is an excellent Elfsight-free alternative to find multiple creative website widgets that cannot be found on Elfsight or any website widget builder.
  • TagEmbed – TagEmbed is another service that provides widgets to showcase reviews and social feeds on a web page. It is a considerable alternative to Elfsight’s social aggregator, and reviews display widgets.
  • EmbedSocial – EmbedSocial provides social feeds, reviews, feedback, stories, and photo slider widgets for websites. If you are looking for an Elfsight app alternative for Instagram feed, TikTok feed, and Facebook Reviews widgets, look at EmbedSocial.

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What is the best Elfsight alternative?

It is a broad question. If you are looking for a high-quality (and close) competitor for Elfsight as a whole, then it would be the COMMON NINJA platform. Common Ninja has equally good apps (although some apps such as Calculator are unavailable), provides greater customization (visual editor, custom styles, and CSS & JavaScript), and cheaper pricing.

Furthermore, Common Ninja provides AI-powered tools such as AI Enhancer (which can be found on apps such as review aggregators), device-specific editing tools, integrations with popular platforms & services and data source connections, and advanced targeting options.

Fouita and Powr are also great alternatives to Elfsight. However, their customization features are limited compared to Common Ninja and also Common Ninja has many more apps.

If you are looking for an alternative to Elfsight apps, there are many Elfsight replacement services, such as Converful (for lead generation), Aidaform, Google Forms, TypeForm, Paperform (for creating forms), TaggBox (for displaying social feeds and reviews, etc.).

Final words on best Elfsight alternatives

Elfsight is one of the best HTML widget providers for websites, with over 80 apps in its library. However, you might want to replace Elfsight with another competitor for some reason.

In this article on the best Elfsight alternatives, you find the top ten contenders and their details. In the comments below, let us know if we missed any service from this list.

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