Elfsight Pricing 2024: Prices, Plans, & Actual Monthly Costs

When running a successful website, you would have to consider adding different functionalities, such as a pricing comparison table, Cookie consent, Google Maps with multiple business locations, Accessibility Control, Dark Mode, and a logo showcase widget. Elfsight is a service that enables you to add widgets to fulfill your requirements and make it stand out from the crowd.

In our articles, we talked about a few Elfsight widgets. But what about Elfsight pricing plans?

How much does Elfsight cost in 2024? Which plan is better for you? Does Elfsight’s pricing reflect its worthiness, and how do Elfsight prices perform compared to its competitors?

In this article, you will find out all the details about Elfsight plans.

What is Elfsight?

Elfsight homepage

Elfsight is a website widget provider that allows you to build embeddable widgets for your website with its visual builder (without needing any programming skills).

Elfsight widgets
80+ widget types are available on Elfsight

Elfsight Pricing: What are the current rates?

Elfsight has two pricing models based on app (aka widgets) usage.

  1. Single App
  2. All Apps

Single App Pricing

Single App pricing reflects prices for individual apps. For example, if you only need to use Elfsight Google Reviews app, you should subscribe to one of the specific plans for the particular app.

Elfsight Google Reviews pricing
Single App prices mentioned are billed annually.
ElfSight monthly prices
Monthly plans and costs

Single App pricing changes based on the app you subscribe to. However, Elfsight offers a free tier for all single apps. The free plan is known as “Lite.” Here are the Elfsight Single App pricing plans and details:

  1. LITE – FREE – 1 website, one widget, 200 total views for widgets, Elfsight branding on the widget.
  2. BASIC – $6/mo or $60/year – Unlimited websites, 1 widget, 5,000 views for one widget, support, Free installation service, No Elfsight logo on your widgets
  3. PRO – $12/mo or $120/year – Unlimited websites, 3 widgets, 50,000 views per widget, support, Free installation service, No Elfsight logo on your widgets
  4. Premium – $24/mo or $240/year – Unlimited websites, 9 widgets, Unlimited views for widgets, support, Free installation service, No Elfsight logo on your widgets

Views per app do not roll over, and the view count will reset every billing circle, which you can find in the widgets management area.

Elfsight widget statistics

All Apps Pricing

All Apps packages grant access to 80+ Elfsight widgets. Elfsight does not offer a free plan on All Apps pricing plans.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing
All apps annual plans
ElfSight All Apps monthly prices
All apps monthly plans

Here are the All Apps Pack plans:

  1. Basic Pack – $18/mo or $180/yr – Access to 80+ Elfsight apps + upcoming apps, Unlimited websites, 10,000 views per app, 84 widgets (1 per app)
  2. Pro Pack – $36/mo or $360/yr – Access to 80+ Elfsight apps + upcoming apps, Unlimited websites, 100,000 views per app, 252 widgets (3 per app)
  3. Premium Pack – $72/mo or $720/yr – Access to 80+ Elfsight apps + upcoming apps, Unlimited websites, 100,000 views per app, 672 widgets (8 per app)

Elfsight Enterprise plans

Enterprise plans on Elfsight are made for agencies, freelancers, marketing firms, and marketers who want to use more Elfsight widgets that aren’t offered on other plans.

Agency plans are cheaper in terms of average price per widget, and all accounts receive a dedicated account manager. However, those are expensive compared to regular plans.

The following screenshot displays prices for different levels of Elfsight’s Enterprise plans.

ElfSight Enterprise plans
Annual Enterprise plans
  1. Enterprise T1 – $90/mo or $1,080/year – 300,000 views per app, 50 widgets/ app
  2. Enterprise T2 – $120/mo or $1,440/year – 600,000 views per app, 100 widgets/ app
  3. Enterprise T3 – $180/mo or $2,160/year – 1,200,000 views per app, 200 widgets/ app
  4. Enterprise T4 – $240/mo or $2,880/year – Unlimited views per app, 400 widgets/ app

Elfsight Plans: Single App or All Apps Pack?

The choice is dependent on your requirements. The free plan of Elfsight is an excellent option if you want to test drive any Elfsight app, get familiar with Elfsight widget builder functionalities, and compare features with competitors of Elfsight.

Single App prices are cheap compared to All App Packs plans, only if you want a couple of Elfsight apps to use on your websites. However, All Apps Pack plans are the best value for money compared to the cumulative costs you’d be charged otherwise when subscribed to several Elfsight apps.

For example, it costs $18+ (final price depends on VAT) to use Form Builder, Instagram Feed, and Testimonials Slider widgets. However, the Basic Pack costs a similar amount ($18+), and beneficially, it provides access to 80+ other applications and increases the view count per app up to 10,000 (from 5,000). Additionally, All apps pack subscribers will receive free access to upcoming Elfsight apps such as Accessibility Control, Reddit Feed, Table, and Content Locker.

In summary, if you intend to use multiple Elfsight widgets, you should consider an All App Pack plan.

How reasonable is Elfsight pricing compared to competitors?

As a whole, Elfsight consists of many apps for different purposes, from displaying content and collecting information to converting visitors into subscribers. Therefore, several Elfsight contenders are worth comparing their prices against Elfsight’s.

  1. CommonNinja – An alternative to Elfsight with 50+ widgets.
  2. Powr – A service similar to Elfsight with over 60 powerful apps, including tons of customization options.
  3. Widg.io – A HTML widget builder like Elfsight with 50+ plugins.

Comparison of Single App plans

ServiceStarting priceBilledFree plan
Elfsight$6per monthAvailable
Powr$5.49per monthAvailable
CommonNinja$4.49per monthAvailable
Widg.io£5per monthAvailable

Comparison of All Apps plans

ServiceStarting priceBilledFree plan
Elfsight$18per monthNo
Powr$89.99 (Business plan)per monthNo
CommonNinja$25per monthAvailable
Widg.io£228per yearNo

CommonNinja provides the cheapest single-app pricing ($4.49/month) and has the highest number of apps (100+). Powr consists of unique apps such as countdown widget for emails and features on some of its apps. Ex: Powr’s countdown timer allows you to create a timer that counts up, number counter, etc.,

ServiceNumber of total available apps

Overall, one of the key ingredients of Elfsight widgets is its templates and beautiful designs. Whether you use Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Webflow, Clickfunnnels, or any HTML editor, all the Elfsight widgets are easily installable by copying and pasting a one-liner of HTML code and a single JavaScript file.

Plus, Elfsight estimates how many total views your created widgets will consume at the end of the month. That indication can be used as a judgment if you want to downgrade or upgrade your Elfsight plan.

Elfsight widget usage statistics

Elfsight provides a 14-day no-question-asked money-back guarantee on all plans. Plus, discounts are available for new users.

In summary, Elfsight’s Single app plans are competitive, and All Apps Pack plans are the best value for money compared to its competitors.

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Is Elfsight widget free?

The Lite plan, which is only available on Single App plans, is free of charge. It allows the creation of only one widget and embedding it on only one website.

All Apps Packs plans do not offer a free plan. Learn more.

What is Elfsight plugin?

An Elfsight plugin is a website widget that you can embed on any platform, including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, and Squarespace. Currently, there are over 80 Elfsight widgets.

How do I get rid of Elfsight logo?

The Elfsight logo on widgets is a part of the free Lite plan. You have to subscribe to one of the paid plans to remove it automatically. Here is a detailed comparison of Elfsight packages.

Final words on Elfsight pricing

As one of the most popular website widget providers, Elfsight ranks at the top due to its beautiful designs, templates, and customer service. Recently, Elfsight revamped its pricing plans. In this article on Elfsight prices, we discussed differences between Single App and All Apps plans and prices compared with its competitors.

If you are a small business owner, use a regular All Apps plan as it…

  1. Saves you money
  2. Gives you access to 80+ ready-to-use customizable applications and upcoming widgets.

Elfsight Agency plans are known as Enterprise packages. Currently, there are four tiers, and each provides an account manager.

So, which Elfsight pricing plan will you use?

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