14 Best Social Media Aggregators to Embed Feeds on Websites

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, branding, and engaging with your audience. However, managing multiple social media platforms can be time-consuming and challenging. 

Many individuals and businesses are having the challenge of identifying one single platform where they can display all their social media content and make it easy for visitors to follow, like, and share their posts.

This is where social media aggregators come in handy. Social media aggregators are tools that collect and display content from various social media platforms, such as Instagram, X/Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and more. 

You can use them to create and embed social media feeds on your website, blog, or event screen and customize them according to your preferences.

Previously, we shared several tools for social media marketing as well as useful social media widgets for websites to power up your marketing efforts. However, in this article, we will review some of the best social media aggregators to embed feeds on websites and compare their features, pricing, and benefits. 

What are Social Media Aggregators?

Social media aggregators are tools that consolidate and manage content from various social media platforms in one unified interface. These platforms allow users to streamline their online presence by accessing and monitoring multiple accounts simultaneously. 

These tools make it simple to stay updated on different social media channels, letting you smoothly view, handle, and interact with content.

They come with cool features like instant content updates, posting on different platforms, and analytics to see how people engage with your stuff. By creating a central spot for all your social media action, these tools make life easier for individuals and businesses who want to keep their online presence lively and well-coordinated.

You can keep an eye on mentions, follow hashtags, and respond quickly, making social media life better and more organized.

Types Of Social Media Aggregators

Here are some of the common social media aggregators:

1. UGC Aggregators 

User-generated content (UGC) aggregators are websites or tools that gather and show content made by users from different places on the internet. These platforms bring together things like reviews, comments, pictures, videos, and other stuff created by users.

The idea is to make it easy for people to find and interact with content made by the community, all in one place

2. Multi-platform Aggregators

Multi-platform aggregators, also called Combined or Multi-platform Aggregators, are super helpful tools for businesses and events. They bring together content from different social media platforms like Instagram, X/Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

These tools are like all-in-one solutions, perfect for businesses and events that use many platforms.

3. Platform-specific Aggregators

These special tools focus on gathering content from just one social media platform. They’re designed to pull and show content only from places like Instagram, Tumblr, X, or TikTok.

Let’s say you pick a YouTube aggregator — it will gather and show off content from YouTube videos, shorts, and playlists.

Elfsight YouTube channel Gallery widget editor
YouTube Channel widget of Elfsight.

4. Hashtags Aggregators 

These cool tools gather posts from platforms like Instagram, X/Twitter, and TikTok that include a particular hashtag. They’re like superheroes for events, campaigns, or contests. Picture this: everyone might be using a special hashtag at an event. 

The aggregator pulls all those posts together into one feed. It’s a smart way to boost the event’s online presence and make it more exciting! 

How to Choose the Best Social Media Aggregator

Opting for a specific choice becomes challenging without clear decision criteria. Therefore, we have identified several factors to consider when choosing a social media aggregator.

  • Moderation: Content moderation is essential for maintaining control over your feed or profile. The best social media aggregator empowers you to manually or automatically moderate aggregated content. Automatic moderation, often coupled with spam or blocklist, enhances control by allowing customization of banned terms based on your industry.
  • Platform Integration: The optimal social media aggregator should seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Instagram, X, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. To ensure comprehensive accessibility, it should also provide direct content upload options. Most of the social feed widgets below use official APIs, so you do not need to worry about integrations.
  • Customization: The top-tier social media feed aggregator enables extensive customization beyond color changes. Your social media content should align aesthetically with your brand identity. Look for a tool that allows advanced design features, such as applying filters to videos and images, adjusting post spacing, changing backgrounds, and customizing social media icons.
  • Real-time Content Aggregation: Reject any aggregator that lacks real-time content aggregation, especially if you intend to use it for events. Swift content updates are crucial for engaging attendees and maintaining a fresh website. The ideal service offers real-time post aggregation, enhancing both your and your audience’s experience.
  • Pricing: When seeking the right social media aggregation tool for your brand, consider the pricing plans in relation to your budget. After defining your goals and requirements, scrutinize factors like annual subscription charges and cancellation policies. Evaluate key features to maximize productivity.

Best Social Media Aggregators to Embed Feeds on Websites and Schedule & Publish Posts


ElfSight social feed

Elfsight is a platform that provides embeddable HTML widgets to upgrade websites. The platform consists of 85+ widgets ranging in different categories (social aggregators, review aggregators, e-commerce tools, web components, etc.) and provides a visual builder that requires no coding skills to use, templates based on layouts and designs, and widget management features like projects.

Elfsight TikTok feed widget builder
The TikTok feed widget builder of Elfsight

Elfsight has several social media feed aggregators:

  1. Social Feed — A social media feed aggregator that lets you integrate multiple feed sources to create a diverse feed.
  2. Facebook Feed — Show content from a managed Facebook page to which you have admin access.
  3. Instagram Feed — Display Instagram photos from username, hashtag, or location in any combination.
  4. LinkedIn Feed — Display feeds from your company page on LinkedIn on your site.
  5. TikTok Feed — Showcase TikTok posts based on the username or hashtag.
  6. X/Twitter Feed — Display X feeds based on username or hashtag.

Create a social feed widget for your website using Elfsight

Use the widget builder to create a social feed widget for free. Use a template, click on the “Continue with this template” button, add your social feed sources, filter content, customize layout and appearance, and click on “Add to website” and follow the steps to get the embed code.

Create a review aggregator for your website using Elfsight

Similarly, use the following widget builder to create your UGC aggregator widget for your website. It supports 30+ review sources, including Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, Airbnb, Sitejabber, Amazon, and Booking.com.

What makes Elfsight special

Here are a few factors why Elfsight is probably the best solution to aggregate feeds from social media and review platforms:

  • Free to use — No feature is limited based on the platform. You can get started for free and upgrade as your website grows.
  • Individual feeds or aggregate them all into one feed — Elfsight has separate feed widgets for each major social network and review platform, as well as mixed feed widgets to combine all of them and create a diverse feed.
  • Full control over feeds — There are circumstances in which you might want to hide specific posts or show only posts without specific keywords, hashtags, or even posts with visual content. Elfsigtht lets you filter and moderate content easily.
  • Achieve more interactions with layouts — There are five layouts that can be customized: Grid, Masonry, List, Slider, and Carousel.
  • Social post styles — Have full control over the information displayed in the social feed wall widget. You can switch on or off any post’s elements: author name and profile picture, publication date, source icon, text, and share button.
  • Improve user engagement with popup — The popup displaying option allows visitors to watch the social media live feed in full detail and read comments without leaving your website. This improves user engagement significantly. Plus, several social feed aggregators allow you to show CTA buttons to promote a link.

Elfsight pricing

Elfsight has two pricing structures: Single app pricing and All Apps pricing. Single App plans have a free tier, and All Apps gives you access to all of Elfsight’s Apps, such as sales notifications and announcement bar widgets.

Here’s the pricing details for Elfsight’s Social Feed Widget:

Elfsight Social Feed Pricing
  1. Free — Unlimited websites, one widget, 200 views per month
  2. Basic ($10 /month) — Unlimited websites, 3 widgets, 5,000 views per month
  3. Pro ($20 /month) — Unlimited websites, 9 widgets, 50,000 views per month
  4. Premium ($40/month) — Unlimited websites, 21 widgets, 150,000 views per month

Also, there are Enterprise packages for agencies and freelancers up to unlimited views. All paid plans include a projects feature, which allows users to group widgets into folders.

The All Apps packages are for website owners who want to create more than one widget type, for example, a photo carousel with pagination, different form widgets, and CTA buttons for websites. Prices start from $15 per month.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

Check out the comprehensive Elfsight pricing guide to find more details.

Click here to try Elfsight.


Walls.io website

Walls.io is a strong and straightforward social media aggregator. It can gather and organize content from major social platforms.

The app smoothly works with popular website platforms, content management systems (CMS), and e-commerce platforms, making the setup easy. Whether you’re skilled with technology or new to it, your social media feed will be ready to go in no time!

a) Content Sources

Walls.io content sources

Walls.io makes it easy for you to gather, organize, and showcase content in a customizable feed. You can gather content from various social media platforms RSS feeds, or allow your audience to post directly on your wall.

b) Moderation Tools

It helps you save time moderating your social wall and enhance its impact by featuring the best content. You can set your wall to automatically publish posts with your hashtags and use a spam filter and blocklist to prevent unwanted content.

There’s a default blocklist of keywords and phrases to filter out spam, or you can create your own. With the blocklist, a powerful spam detection algorithm, and the ability to block specific users, you can maintain a spam-free social wall.

Customize the language of your social media wall to match your audience. For instance, if your website is in German, you can choose to display only German posts. You can also include multiple languages for a multilingual audience.

To prevent your wall from looking inactive, use the “post looping” feature. This periodically reposts approved content to the top, which is especially useful during lulls in hashtag activity.

The Date filter allows you to view content on your social wall within a specific timeframe. Simply activate the filter in your dashboard, choose a timeframe, and see the selected posts.

c) Call-to-Action

The feature lets you add buttons to the User-Generated Content on your social media wall. This helps you boost sales for your online store, enhance interaction during live events, or create a social media hub on your brand’s website to engage visitors.

Social Wall Shoppable User Generated Content CTA list on Walls.io

You can easily connect fantastic content from your fans to your products or services with a few clicks. It allows you to choose from our list of calls to action and link each post to the right page on your website. The CTA buttons will be in the same language as your social wall, as shown in the preview.

d) Direct Posts

The Direct Posts feature lets people share on your social wall without using Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook, or any other social network. Your community can upload pictures or text posts straight to your wall from their laptops or mobile phones.

e) Lead Generation

With the lead generation feature on your social wall, you don’t just gather email addresses and names; you also collect valuable user-generated content that sparks more interaction and leads to better conversion rates. You can easily export and start nurturing those leads.

Apart from generating leads and boosting engagement, our lead generation feature provides useful insights into your audience. Gathering verified email addresses helps you understand your target audience better. This insight allows you to create more effective marketing campaigns, tailor your messages to your audience, and achieve higher conversion rates.

f) Live Poll

Live Polls are a fantastic way to get people involved and share their opinions. When used on social walls, they can be helpful for voting in contests, starting conversations at meetings, and gathering feedback or other types of information.

By using live Polls on your social wall, you make your community feel like their opinions are important and can make a difference. 

This is especially useful for engaging event attendees, as well as your employees or customers. It lets them feel involved in the process and empowers them to have a say in important decisions.

g) Reactions and Vote

The feature lets your visitors express their feelings about posts by liking them on your social wall. You can use Reactions to keep your audience interested, see which posts are popular, or even for contests. 

It allows your audience to have a say, like choosing the winner of a contest. You can ask people to share photos, videos, or text posts on a social wall and then encourage them to vote for their favorite content.

h) Virtual Photo Booth

Walls.io Virtual Photo Booth

A virtual photo booth is a cool event marketing tool that lets your audience easily create custom photo content. You can tailor it to suit your needs and put it on your preferred event platform or website. 

Just like a social wall, you can carry your photo booth with you everywhere. It works wherever people can go online, so you can use QR codes and eye-catching backgrounds at events to encourage folks to take selfies during breaks.

Wall.io Pricing

Walls.io pricing plans
  • Starter Plan is $55 per Month
  • Professional Plan is $250 per Month
  • For Enterprise Plan you need to book a meeting

Click here to try Walls.io.



Taggbox’s social media aggregator helps brands collect, organize, personalize, and display social media feeds wherever they want.

Despite seeming a bit complicated, Taggbox’s social media aggregator is surprisingly fast and easy to use. The whole process involves just three simple steps: gathering social content, organizing it, and publishing it.

To make sure you get an appealing and fitting feed, Taggbox offers advanced filtering options. These let you fine-tune the final result to match your style. One impressive feature to note is Taggbox’s responsive layouts.

a) UGC Suite

This tool helps you simplify your tasks by collecting, organizing, and sharing visual content on a dynamic dashboard. It lets you bring various assets together on a central global interface by finding and gathering real user-generated content from over 20 platforms.

Taggbox UGC Content Moderation

You can easily manage your content library on a cloud platform by using advanced moderation, creating rules, and tagging visuals to group assets into collections.

Obtaining rights to user-generated content is simple – you can request permissions from multiple users at once with just a few clicks at Taggbox.

It permits you to personalize your collections with customization options like CTA, custom CSS, banner image, theme, and more.

You can share users’ content across various platforms, from website displays to print media and social ads, reaching your audience wherever they are to build connections and provide value.

b) Taggbox Widget

Using widgets, you can easily organize and share social feeds, user-generated content (UGC), hashtag campaigns, and reviews on web pages, email campaigns, and other platforms. 

Taggbox Twitter Widget Editor

They offer a variety of widgets suitable for every digital channel, allowing you to curate and display content from over 15 social media and digital platforms.

  • Social Feed Widgets: Gather important content from social media and display it on your web pages to increase awareness, reach, followers, engagement, and more.
  • Email Campaigns: Feature user-generated content in your email marketing campaigns to enhance the email click-through rate, boost engagement, and influence repeat purchases.
  • Hashtag Campaigns: Engage and inspire users with hashtag campaigns and UGC across different digital channels to discover and gather more user-generated content.
  • User Reviews Widget: Collect and showcase user reviews about your brand from platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to highlight sentiments, authenticity, and credibility.
  • Social Stories: Generate excitement, run short-term promotions, showcase highlights, or save content by publishing social media stories on your digital platforms.
  • UGC Galleries: Display galleries of user-generated content on various digital platforms to inspire and engage users, build trust, showcase user experience, and drive conversions.

What makes these Widgets Special?

  • Personalized Widgets: Make your social feeds more fun and creative using these flexible widget themes. You can also adjust the layout, design, pop-ups, card style, fonts, and colors or even bring in your design using custom CSS.
  • Track Performance: Keep an eye on how well the widget is doing on your website or in emails. Get helpful insights like impressions, clicks, visitors, total posts, email click-through rates, and more. This helps you improve content based on what your audience likes.
  • Add ‘Call-to-Action’: Enhance your social widget by including a call-to-action. This makes it easier for users to move through the steps and get closer to their end goal.
  • Advanced Moderation & Filters: Always display the best content in your feeds by moderating and removing unwanted or irrelevant posts. Activate auto-moderation, use profanity filters, or set up custom moderation rules as needed.

c) Taggbox Social Wall (Display)

It provides all-in-one solutions to create and show social media walls on various offline platforms, engaging audiences, generating leads, and fostering growth. Plus, it’s easy to integrate with popular workflow tools. 

Here are examples of Social Wall Display:

  • Live Events: Easily create and display real-time social media feeds at your live events to increase audience engagement and deliver exciting experiences.
Taggbox Live Events List
  • Digital Signages: Showcase automated content feeds like social walls, user reviews, news feeds, media galleries, corporate communication, and more, all in one place.
  • Virtual Events: A dynamic tool that lets users collect, curate, and display diverse social media content from various channels during live virtual events.

The social wall helps engage your audience, build a sense of community, enhance your brand’s social media presence, and entertain the virtual event audience in real time.

Use the built-in STUDIO to integrate various infotainment apps like Calendar, Weather, Maps, Clocks, Videos, Webpages, Images, Menus, Reviews, Timer, and more. Choose different layouts to display a variety of informative, inspiring, or engaging apps alongside your social wall on digital displays.

There’s no limit to where you can showcase your unique social media display walls – from screens at live events to digital signages in stores or outdoor locations, easily feature your social display wall on any digital display.

d) UGC Rights Management

Make sure you use User-Generated Content (UGC) correctly to prevent copyright or GDPR issues. Use Taggbox’s UGC Rights Chrome Extension to easily ask many users for permission to use their content. This way, you can legally use their content in your brand marketing.

e) Organic Influencer

The platform lets you find authentic influencers, talk to them, and collaborate by using their content in your marketing on different platforms and getting permission to use it.

Improve your strategy with influencers by tracking each campaign in real-time. Measure the success of your influencer campaign with metrics like clicks, views, shares, reach, top-performing posts, most active creators, and more.

f) Asset Manager 

With their UGC asset manager, you can easily crop, resize, apply filters, adjust colors, add interesting text, and explore many customization options. Turn real user-generated content into professional-quality assets that are ready for use in no time.

Taggbox Pricing

It comes with a detailed pricing plan for the UGC suite, Widget, and Social Wall (Display). The following image shows the prices for TaggBox’s Widget product.

TaggBox pricing plans

Click here to try TaggBox.



TINT works with various social media channels, even TikTok. Their strong auto-moderation technology makes sure only the most fitting and suitable content is shown.

It doesn’t just collect content; it also helps you get permission to use user-generated content. With just one click, you can ask for and legally secure rights. The platform also keeps track of everything for compliance, making it easy to manage requests and authorizations.

a) User-Generated Content Suite

It helps you gather and bring together the most interesting, important, and effective User-Generated Content (UGC) and keep all your content in one spot. You can pick from many social content channels and sort content using keywords, dates, engagement, and more.

Before content goes live, you can quickly check and choose the most fitting content using TINT’s strong filters and auto-moderation technology.

With just a click, you can ask for and get legal rights to content. Manage all requests and permissions right in the TINT platform and keep a record of following the rules.

b) Social Commerce Solution

This software helps you increase website visits, clicks, and sales using User-Generated Content (UGC), timely reviews, and content that can be purchased.

You can save time by quickly creating product Call-to-Actions (CTAs) or Hotspots by uploading an existing product catalog. The software automatically brings in product details like SKUs, thumbnails, names, descriptions, and pricing.

Tagging products is easy – TINT’s smart machine learning scans your content and automatically tags objects in the posts, saving you time by connecting your products to images automatically.

Track clicks, purchases, and improvements from your shoppable User-Generated Content.

d) Creators and Influencers

TINT brings together content from creators, influencers, and customers in one place, making everything easily accessible.

You can effortlessly send your campaign details, terms, and conditions to influencers and creators. Collect content from specific profiles or hashtags. Afterward, personalize and showcase this content across your website, product pages, email campaigns, and other marketing channels. This helps build trust and increases conversions throughout the buyer’s journey.

e) Ratings and Reviews

TINT makes it simple to start a new Ratings & Reviews campaign which allows you to collect feedback from your customers. 

Then, you can showcase these reviews on your website, product pages, email campaigns, and other marketing channels. This highlights real-life experiences and builds confidence and trust for potential customers to make a purchase.

f) Product Sampling

Use TINT to build and manage your online brand community all in one spot. Get specific consumers involved in personalized sampling campaigns that encourage trying out your product, advocating for your brand, and leaving reviews.

g) Scheduling and Publishing

Use the easy scheduling tool to plan and set up your social media content. You can schedule it to go live when your audience is most active, keeping a regular posting schedule to make sure your content reaches your followers when they’re most interested..

h) Monitor Performance and Analytics

Its analytics and reporting features help you keep an eye on how well your social content is doing. Use this information to make smart decisions about your strategy based on data. Keep track of engagement, impressions, clicks, and more.

TINT Pricing

To know about the cost, you can ask for pricing details.

Tint Pricing

Click here to try TINT.



Tagembed is a free tool for adding social media content to your website. Its responsive widget makes it easy to show a combined social media feed on your business site.

It lets you showcase testimonials, share social media stories, and create attractive galleries of posts.

With compatibility for over 18 integrations, Tagembed is a great pick for businesses active on social media. It offers lots of ways to customize, allowing you to pick colors and layouts and even add banners, making your social media feed more engaging. TagEmbed provides social media aggregation for reviews, hashtags, and UGC, as well as Facebook, X/Twitter, and Instagram.

a) Social Media Widget

Use social media widgets to bring social feeds to your website easily. This can increase your website traffic because of the high engagement it offers. 

Tagembed linkedin feed widget builder
This is the LinkedIn Feed widget builder of TagEmbed, in which you can add multiple feed sources, moderate content, and customize the widget.

You can smartly use posts related to your brand, both from your brand and users, to promote products, get leads, and grab the attention of potential customers.

b) Story Widget 

Displaying a social media stories widget on your website can boost engagement, expand your social reach, and increase conversions. It has a lasting impact on your content creation efforts, as stories stay on your website for longer than the usual 24-hour period.

With TagEmbed’s Story widgets for Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube Shorts, you can easily integrate the story widget into your website for a smooth experience. The responsive tool ensures your top stories look great on any screen size without losing quality.

c) Reviews Widget

It allows you to display positive reviews and brand support from customers, showing their trust and reliability for the brand. Review widgets can showcase happy customers’ positive feedback, emphasizing the advantages of a product or service.

Add call to action tagembed testimonials
You can add a Call to Action (CTA) button to your reviews on TagEmbed

With Tagembed’s moderation feature, you can filter out irrelevant reviews, making sure that you only show appropriate review widgets to your website visitors. This helps keep the reviews authentic and avoids any negative impact on the brand’s reputation.

d) Album Widget 

You can create lively visual photo galleries with social media posts and easily add them to your website for a vibrant look. Additionally, you can use the advanced moderation feature to remove any irrelevant content from your photo album widget, keeping it optimized.

Tagembed Pricing

a) Review Widget plan

TagEmbed Pricing plans
  • Basic Plan is $24/Month
  • Pro Plan is $36/Month
  • Plus Plan is $74/Month

b) All in One plan Tagembed Suite is $149/Month

TagEmbed all-in-one Pricing

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The Wallrus


The Wallrus is a robust tool for showing live Twitter and Instagram feeds at events. Whether you’re a brand manager, event planner, or community manager, The Wallrus can boost user engagement and smoothly bring your calls to action from your website to a live audience.

It’s trusted by big brands like Google.com and Redbull, offering several important features to improve your social media display.

a) Events

Wallrus’s social wall enhances your presence on X and Instagram during events. Encourage attendees to share their experiences on screen and with their followers.

You can customize your wall with Wallrus’s editor to match your brand. Upload your logo, pick your colors, and even add your videos. 

Wallrus helps you create live interactions and unforgettable moments with your attendees. Use its easy moderation tool to curate the best content and keep internet trolls away. Attendees’ tweets and pictures provide endless fresh content that stays interesting and relevant throughout your event.

b) Digital Signage

Wallrus makes it simple to include Twitter and Instagram in your digital signage network. The wall fits on all standard displays! If you can open a browser on your screen, you can use Wallrus.

No need to pay per screen with Wallrus – it’s a fixed fee to display your wall on as many screens as you want. The Content Management System (CMS) lets you handle all your content, change its order, timing, and visuals, and update your screen in just a minute.

The Wallrus Pricing

The-Wallrus pricing

Premium Plans:

  • Basic plan is $195/24h
  • Pro plan is $495/24h
  • For Agency plan contact their customer support

Click here to try The Wallrus.



Juicer is another social media aggregator platform that’s trusted and loved by over 5,000 businesses, no matter their size. It smoothly connects with various social networks, letting you link up to 15 source accounts for each social media feed. 

With Juicer, you can easily gather content, visuals, posts, and hashtags to create a cohesive and visually appealing feed.

You can place this curated feed wherever you want, whether on your website or another platform. This social media aggregator is super useful for leveraging the power of social proof.

When you add a social media feed to your business website, visitors can see genuine feedback from other customers. This helps build trust in your services and products.

a) Social walls

Juicer’s social walls let you connect your social media accounts, track hashtags, and filter content, offering your followers a unique look into your personal or business brand. You can also customize the design of your social media wall to match your brand.

Juicer LinkedIn Feed widget

You get a personalized embed code and URL to easily add Juicer’s social media wall directly to your website. If you’re using WordPress, Juicer even has a social wall plugin for your site, which you can download from here.

Whether you want to add a social media wall for events to your website or set up a live social media display at your event, Juicer makes it easy for your audience to see every mention of your event. 

b) Social Media Moderation

All of Juicer’s paid options come with social media moderation and filtering features, giving you full control over what shows up on your Juicer feed. 

Regardless of the social network you’re using, Juicer can moderate it and help you showcase the best social content for your brand. Even better, setting up Juicer’s social post-filtering and moderation is straightforward.

For instance, with Juicer, you get to choose the level of social media moderation you want.  If you prefer to review each post personally before it appears on your feed, simply select the “Send All Posts to Moderation” button. This way, no posts will show up on your live feed without your approval

c) Content Curation

Juicer makes it easy for you to curate posts, hashtags, images, and photos from your favorite social media channels into a single feed that you can embed on your website. They assure you it’s super simple, and with just three easy steps, you’ll have a live content curator doing the work for you. 

Juicer.io Pricing

Juicer pricing

Its Premium Plan: 

  • Medium Plan is $19 per Month
  • Large Plan is $99 per Month
  • Enterprise plan is $199 per Month

Click here to try Juicer.



EmbedSocial is a user-friendly platform for utilizing user-generated content (UGC) and social media content. 

With over 100,000 users, they provide official API integrations with major social media networks and create products that smoothly sync clients’ UGC with their websites.

It lets you gather different types of content, like customer photos and entire posts. Recently, they’ve added integration with YouTube and TikTok, which is great for brands that focus on video content. It also features a hashtag aggregator, making it easy to track marketing campaigns centered around hashtags.

a) Hashtag Wall

Build a social media wall on the web that showcases user-generated photos from various hashtags on Instagram, X/Twitter, or YouTube.

Here’s how Embed’s hashtag walls operate:

  • Combine posts from Instagram and X hashtags to create a unified hashtag campaign feed.
  • Develop a feed for a campaign with up to 3 hashtags, showing only posts that use all 3 hashtags.
  • Thanks to Instagram API updates, the feed will feature posts published in the last 24 hours with the specified hashtag.
  • Create a combo feed with posts from multiple hashtags, excluding those with both hashtags but including either of the specified hashtags
EmbedSocial Tiktok Widget Editor
EmbedSocial’s Tiktok Widget Editor

b) Embed Facebook albums

Share your Facebook photo albums or an entire gallery on any website. You can also showcase your Instagram photos in a feed layout by turning on the caption setting.

This feature lets you easily import all albums from a Facebook Page with just one click. It automatically syncs whenever a new photo is added to your Facebook Page.

You can even embed a complete shop with buy buttons for each photo in your Facebook albums. Create slideshows, carousels, masonry, or grid albums with your Facebook and Instagram photos.

c) Moderation

This feature helps you highlight your top post in the widget by making it the first one in your feed. You can display only the posts with specific keywords. 

Decide whether to show or hide post captions in the feed. Also, you can opt to showcase the newest or oldest post first in the feed.

You have the flexibility to choose the social media content for your website manually. It offers a designated tab for your selected posts so you can easily identify which posts are featured in your feed. Alternatively, turn on the auto option to display all posts automatically.

d) Shoppable Feed

CTA Buttons Instagram Feed EmbedSocial
CTA buttons on the Instagram Feed of EmbedSocial

Customize your Instagram shop to match your website’s design with different options. Choose the appearance of the entire feed layout, including a standard three-column Instagram layout, grid, row, or masonry layout.

Instagram Feed Widget Templates EmbedSocial
EmbedSocial provides various Instagram feed widget templates

You can also create slider or carousel widgets featuring your Instagram or Facebook feeds across your website. Tag the photos with call-to-action buttons for added engagement.

EmbedSocial Pricing

EmbedSocial Feed Pricing
  • Embedreview, Embedfeed, Embedstories is $ 29/month
  • Embedalbum is $19/month
  • All Products Plan is $64/month

Click here to try EmbedSocial.



Trusted by well-known brands like Continental, GoPro, and Metallica, Flockler helps businesses create engaging social media feeds for their websites, digital displays, hashtag campaigns, or live events.

With Flockler, you can display the content you’ve gathered using various layouts. You can create Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows and showcase them on an unlimited number of websites, mobile apps, intranets, and digital screens for the same subscription fee.

Flockler app Display Layouts

a) Shoppable UGC

Transform your branded content and user-generated content (UGC) into shoppable galleries for your online store and various digital platforms. Add tags to your products on images and videos, enhancing social proof on your webshop.

Simply share your product feed with us, and Flockler will automatically keep your product catalog up-to-date, eliminating the need for manual work. It ensures that your shoppable galleries only direct visitors to products that are currently available in your webshop.

With Flockler, you can create unlimited Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows, embedding them seamlessly on any online store. Showcase shoppable galleries on the homepage, product pages, categories, and more.

b) Customer Reviews

It allows you to gather reviews, testimonials, and feedback from your customers directly on your website, emails, and social media. Let your customers share their experiences by adding both text and images to their reviews.

Utilize customer reviews and testimonials in your social media ads and email marketing campaigns to enhance conversions.

c) UGC Rights Management

You’ll gain permission to utilize UGC images and videos beyond your website. Share UGC on your official social channels or incorporate it into social media ads, print catalogs, and any other platforms where you want to feature user-generated content.

d) Social media analytics tool

It offers valuable insights into the performance of your social content to enhance your ROI and achieve better results. Flockler’s Analytics add-on provides a clear overview without the hassle of sorting through extensive data.

e) Shopify Shoppable Feeds

It enables your customers to shop directly from your social media by incorporating shoppable Instagram feeds into your Shopify store. Elevate your display from static products to a dynamic showcase of unlimited real stories and experiences effortlessly with Flockler.

The integration with your Shopify store is designed for simplicity, ensuring easy implementation without requiring technical skills. 

Flocker Pricing

Flockler offers a free 14-day trial, with pricing starting at $94 per month.

Flockler pricing

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SocialPilot is a budget-friendly and incredibly user-friendly social media aggregator tool. It empowers you to handle multiple social media accounts, plan posts ahead of time, collaborate with your team, and evaluate your social media impact.

With its easy-to-use interface, SocialPilot is an excellent choice for beginners in social media management. Additionally, it features an AI Assistant that makes creating social media posts a breeze.

a) Scheduling and Publishing

SocialPilot allows you to filter your calendar view by accounts or groups, providing a clear snapshot of your scheduled content. Select a specific account to see all posts scheduled for that account at a glance.

SocialPilot Google Business Profile posts calendar

Rescheduling is made easy with SocialPilot. Simply drag the post you want to reschedule and drop it into any 15-minute time slot on your content calendar.

b) Client Management

SocialPilot’s secure client management feature makes handling clients smooth and stress-free. Connect multiple social media accounts securely without sharing any credentials.

The platform streamlines client onboarding with personalized invitation links, allowing you to invite multiple clients using a single link. Automate the process by sharing the link via email or embedding it on your website. Specify and grant permissions for each client based on their required level of access.

c) Bulk Scheduling

With SocialPilot, you can easily schedule multiple posts in just two steps—upload and review. You can schedule up to 500 posts in advance to make sure you never miss posting when your audience is most active. 

It allows you to upload articles and images across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Instagram in bulk.

d) Content Library

You can keep all your assets in the Content Library for convenient drafting, editing, and scheduling. Instead of creating a new post every time, access your previously made content from the Library.

Organize content by adding tags to each piece, making it easy to find the exact post you’re looking for with a simple search.

e) Social Media Collaboration

With SocialPilot, adding multiple team members is now simpler than ever. Invite team members instantly using unique links for swift onboarding and setting up of their SocialPilot account.

Efficiently manage your social media team’s collaborative efforts by assigning various access levels like Admin, Manager, and Content Scheduler. Tailor access for teammates, ensuring they control only the accounts they need to work on. 

SocialPilot Pricing

SocialPilot pricing
  • Professional plan is $30/Month — 10 social media accounts
  • Small Team plan is $50/Month — 20 social media accounts, content library
  • Agency plan is $100/Month — 30 social media accounts, content library, client approval
  • Agency+ plan is $200/Month — 50 social media accounts, content library, client approval, white label

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Social Bee

SocialBee is an AI-driven social media management platform designed for creating, scheduling, and publishing content across major platforms. 

It facilitates seamless collaboration within teams, provides content performance analysis, enables engagement with comments and mentions across social media, and more.

As an AI content creation tool, SocialBee generates social media captions and visuals using the power of DALL-E 3. With a collection of 1K+ AI prompts, the platform streamlines content creation. 

You can create custom prompts, adjust post length, select tones of voice, and toggle emoji use and hashtag recommendations on or off.

a) Content Creation

With SocialBee, you can easily create and personalize posts for various social media platforms in one central location. 

Utilize the AI tool to craft engaging, on-brand posts, including both text and images. Categorize your posts by topics to add diversity to your content. Keep your posts dynamic by creating multiple variations and repurposing content. 

You can transform your blogs into social posts effortlessly by importing your RSS feed into SocialBee. Enhance your social media presence with eye-catching graphics created directly using Canva.

b) Scheduling and Publishing

This feature empowers you to optimize your posting through fully automated scheduling and publishing. Use its AI to plan your posting schedule effectively. SocialBee’s Copilot generates a tailored strategy, suggesting platforms, optimal posting times, and a categorized content plan.

SocialBee Google Business Profile poster
SocialBee’s Google Business Profile poster. Learn more.

Effortlessly schedule and pause content categories by organizing posts into groups and scheduling them across various social networks simultaneously.

Build evergreen posting sequences by re-queuing your posts, ensuring a consistent and impactful social media posting schedule with minimal effort.

c) Social Engagements 

Social Bee monitor social accounts

SocialBee makes connecting with your audience a breeze, fostering two-way interactions that create meaningful dialogues and enhance customer loyalty.

You can create boards to track different types of social conversations you want to monitor. Organize your mentions, comments, and DMs into separate streams or lists. Receive notifications for new mentions, comments, and DMs to stay on top of your social interactions.

d) Collaboration

SocialBee simplifies social media teamwork and project management by providing quick content approval and efficient workflows.

Access all the collaboration features necessary for managing your social media accounts effortlessly. SocialBee’s workspaces enable easy management of clients and content. Assign roles to establish access levels and control permissions for your social media team.

You can review and approve posts, leave them as drafts, or request additional edits. Tag users and offer feedback using text, media files, and emojis. Stay informed of updates or comments on reviewed posts from your team members.

e) Social Media Analytics

Page Analytics Social Bee

It provides valuable social media data to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Explore your audience’s demographics, including the age, gender, country, and language distribution of your page’s followers.

Monitor the growth of your audience on each platform, pinpointing channels that require more focus and strategy refinement. You can track your social reach and engagement, identify your top-performing posts, and uncover areas of your strategy that may need improvement.

SocialBee Pricing

Social Bee Standard Pricing
  • Bootstrap plan is $29 per Month — 5 social profiles, one workspace
  • Accelerate plan  is $49 per Month — 10 social profiles, one workspace
  • Pro Plan is $99 per Month — 25 social profiles, 3 workspace

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Buffer is a fantastic choice for handling your social media accounts. Its user-friendly scheduling tools and robust analytics make it easy to stay organized and enhance your social media strategy for better engagement and reach.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer, or an influencer, Buffer provides the essential tools for success on social media.

Buffer’s AI Assistant assists users in generating ideas for social media posts, repurposing existing content, and summarizing lengthy content into concise posts.

a) Start Page 

Start Page is a versatile landing page that gathers all your top content in one spot. Easily share everything you want through the link in your bio across all your social profiles with just one link.

With Start Page, you can set up a free microsite to kickstart selling your products and services. Keep in touch with your customers by adding your WhatsApp or any other messaging platform.

Enjoy flexibility and customization options to craft a stunning page, no matter your business type. Begin with a ready-made template or build from the ground up, and enhance your page with powerful customization choices.

Schedule updates containing links, images, and text for your Start Page. It’s a simple and speedy way to keep your content current and keep your followers engaged. Track the views your link in the bio page gets and grasp the performance of each link.

b) Publishing and Scheduling

Use Buffer’s user-friendly tool to plan, work together, and share content that boosts engagement and expands your brand.

Benefit from features like personalized posting schedules, a composer for crafting distinct messages for each social network, a drafting option to save post ideas for later, a browser extension for quick content sharing from any web page, drafts, approval processes, and more.

c) Analytics

Use Buffer’s analytics tool to monitor your posts’ performance, receive suggestions for boosting engagement, and generate reports for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Additionally, by connecting your Shopify store to Buffer, you’ll gain insights into customers and sales originating from social media.

d) Engagement

Buffer’s engagement tool simplifies connecting with your followers on Facebook Pages and Instagram business accounts. Easily respond or react with emojis to every comment with just a few clicks. 

The sentiment and label features help you identify negative comments, questions, or order-related comments at a glance, ensuring you don’t miss any opportunities to interact with your customers.

Buffer Pricing

Buffer Pricing

Premium Plans: 

  • Essentials plan is $6 per Month
  • Team Plan is $12 per Month
  • Agency plan is $120 per Month

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Curator is a user-friendly social media aggregation solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, including renowned names like Unilever, Yamaha, and Netflix. The process is simple: connect your social media accounts, tailor your feed to your liking, and effortlessly embed it using the provided code.

Curator excels in content filtering, ensuring a family-friendly feed. You can establish rules to block inappropriate language or content that doesn’t align with your brand. 

Twitter Posts Curation in Twitter feed widget builder of Curator

Beyond safety, Curator is hashtag-friendly, SEO-friendly, and mobile-friendly. It autonomously searches for specific hashtags, catering to both Google and outdoor billboards.

Key features include the ability to reshare social media feeds on your website, preset templates for visually appealing feeds, content moderation, pinning specific posts, and display options on desktops, mobile devices, and digital screens at events or billboards.

Curator Pricing

Curator.io's pricing

Premium Plans:

  • Professional Plan is $25 per Month — 5 sources, 15,000 views/month, 60-minute update time
  • Business Plan is $59 per Month — 15 sources, unlimited views/month, 15-minute update time, 1 LinkedIn page
  • Event Plan is $200 per Month — 10 sources, unlimited views/month, 5-minute update time

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Hootsuite is a widely-used social media management tool, currently trusted by over 800 Fortune 1000 companies for efficient social media management. It excels in addressing the challenges of handling multiple brands and social media accounts.

With Hootsuite, you can plan, schedule, and share social media posts across various networks from one centralized platform. The tool offers useful features such as automatic scheduling, social media monitoring, performance reporting, basic task management, and more.

Hootsuite saves time by allowing users to manage multiple social networks like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp (with add-on) all in one place.

The Streams feature in Hootsuite lets you monitor their active social media channels, providing a continuous feed of relevant social media activity. You can set up Streams to track mentions, keywords, hashtags, or posts from specific accounts, making it a handy tool for content creation and managing social media conversations.

Hootsuite Analytics delivers comprehensive performance reports covering key metrics such as fans and followers, posts and tweets, engagement, traffic, and more. You can schedule the automatic distribution of reports via email, making it ideal for regular client reporting.

The platform’s team collaboration feature allows you to assign items to different team members, which is particularly valuable for businesses providing customer service support on social media.

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite pricing
  • Professional Plan is $99/Month — 10 social accounts
  • Team Plan is $249/Month — 20 social accounts, roles & permissions
  • Request a demo for Enterprise Custom — 50+ social accounts, roles & permissions, social ads management, social ads analytics & reporting

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As you can see, social media aggregators are a great way to showcase your social media content, increase your online visibility, and engage with your audience. 

Whether you want to create a hashtag campaign, a profile feed, a platform feed, a YouTube feed, or a combined feed, there is a tool for you. 

You can use these tools to create and embed social media feeds on your website, blog, or event screen and customize them to suit your needs. Try them out and see which works best for you.

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