Top 6 Facebook Feed Widgets for Your Website in 2024

Being the world’s most popular social platform with 3.0+ billion monthly active users, you cannot simply ignore its importance for your business, whether it operates online or offline.

An engaging Facebook page drives more organic users (without having you boost posts), gets people to visit your website or online store, and converts into leads and customers.

One of the best ways to improve engagement (besides running a Facebook comments competition or social media giveaway) is by adding Facebook feeds to your website so that people can interact with the latest updates.

But how would you embed a Facebook feed on a website?

For that, you’d have to use a Facebook feed embed code generator and design an embeddable Facebook feed widget for your website.

Previously, we shared several Facebook Reviews widgets to embed customer reviews of your Facebook page on your website. But those aren’t for adding the Facebook feed to your website. Therefore, we will list some of the best Facebook feed widgets that support installation on any platform: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Blogger, and HTML websites.

Best Facebook Feed Widgets to Use Today

Elfsight’s Facebook Feed

Elfsight Facebook feed widget

Elfsight provides some of the best social media aggregators to embed feeds from different social media platforms. For example, its All-in-One Social Feed widget is best suited to aggregate feeds from multiple sources to create a diverse social feed widget for your website. All Elfsight widgets provide a visual editor that requires no coding knowledge, templates to begin quickly, layouts as well, and widget management features like ‘projects,’ which is helpful if you want to manage Facebook feed widgets from different brands.

Elfsight’s Facebook Feed widget is free to use and lets you create a responsive, easy-to-use widget that can be used on any website, not limited to a number of websites. You have to have management access to display posts from your Facebook page.


  • Templates — Elfsight provides pre-designed designs to get you started quickly. These are responsive and can be customized to resonate with your brand identity and requirements, such as only showing photo albums. The names of those templates are medium widget, Small widget, large widget, Facebook posts, full-width posts, and Facebook videos.
  • Content types — Elfsight’s Facebook feed widget creator lets you display your posts with comments, likes, and other reactions (it’s like embedding your Facebook page into a website); create image and video galleries on your website with photos from Facebook. The widget will update automatically as soon as you add a new post.
  • Flexible Facebook widget — Specify the widget’s dimensions, and it will automatically adapt to the screen resolution of the user’s device, making it a smooth and user-friendly experience.
  • Customize header — Display or hide cover picture and page picture, add call-to-action buttons and likes count.
  • Structure content with the switchable menu — You may want to display Facebook photos, albums, videos, and posts separately so people can easily browse content. Elfsight lets you structure content strategically.
  • Limit the total number of posts to show — You can either show all posts on the Facebook feed widget on the website or a limited quantity. By default, it’s set to unlimited.
  • Customize post elements — Show or hide the author, counters for likes, comments, and shares, and each post’s share button.
  • Popup view for a closer look — It’s like using Facebook – now you can grant the same experience on your website. With a click, your website visitors will see your photos and videos in full size with descriptions, comments with emojis, like and share counts, and a Share button.
  • Localize widget — If your website visitors are from non-English-speaking countries, you can translate front-end messages (not your page content) and provide a better user experience.

How to create a Facebook feed widget using Elfsight

Use the widget builder to create your widget. Select a template and click on the “Continue with this template” button, connect your Facebook page, customize your layout, turn on or off albums, photos, and videos tabs, click on “Add to my website,” and follow the next steps to get your embed code.

Or you can sign up on the website, search for “Facebook Feed,” and customize the widget as shown below:

Facebook website widget with multiple feed sources

Do you want to add multiple Facebook feed sources or even create a Facebook widget with feeds from other platforms like X, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.? Use the widget builder below:

Facebook Feed HTML code

Elfsight Facebook Feed Widget Embed Code

The HTML code for the Facebook feed widget will be similar to the below:

<script src="" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-a55e83ab-edb1-4280-8c23-f1e964ffcb48" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>

It includes two parts: 1) a JavaScript external file and 2) an HTML div element with the class name.

Please copy and paste the code into your website’s template, theme, or HTML source code editor. If other Elfsight widgets, such as the background music player and website notification bars, are already being used, re-using the JavaScript file is unnecessary (the JS file is bolded above).


Elfsight’s Facebook Feed Widget is free to use up to one widget and 200 monthly views. To add more widgets, increase views, and remove Elfsight branding, you must upgrade to a paid plan starting at $5 per month.

Elfsight Facebook Feed Widget's Pricing plans

Click here to try Elfsight.

Fouita’s Facebook Feed

Fouita Facebook Feed Templates

Fouita provides several social feed widgets, including the Instagram Feed widget, TikTok Feed widget, and Facebook feed widget. Fouita, like Elfsight, includes a visual editor, templates, and folders to manage widgets and a white label feature to sell created widgets to your clients.


  • Templates — Currently, there are five designs to get you started quickly. These are mobile-friendly.
  • Layouts — Create an eye-catching feed widget with four layout options: Carousel, Grids, List, and Masonry. You can customize the layout set, including preferred columns, rows, maximum items, autoplay, control, etc.
  • Customize widget — Fouita offers a wide range of tools to edit your Facebook feed widget. You can add a title, custom messages, set image height & position, post-click actions (open popup, link to original Facebook post, none), show or hide post elements, etc.
  • Open post in a popup — When enabled, the user can see Facebook posts directly on your website—those will appear in a popup. There are two popup modes (default and mobile), and you can show or hide post elements.
  • Change appearance — Want to change the look, like making the background transparent and customizing the colors for overlay text? Fouita’s got it! No coding knowledge is needed. If you need more customizations, use the CSS tab to add your styles.
  • Triggers and display conditions — Fouita has extensive options for setting triggers and display conditions. For example, you can show the widget when the user starts scrolling and lock it for specific countries. Furthermore, you can use the Schedule option to specify the days and hours for displaying the Facebook widget on your website.


Fouita has a flexible pricing plan. You can choose how many widgets, storage, and view counts you might consume per month and pay accordingly.

Fouita Pricing

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Common Ninja’s Facebook Feed

CommonNinja Facebook Feed

CommonNinja’s social feed widgets support several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X/Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr. It provides a visual editor and supports integrating multiple feed sources into one widget and project management to help you manage all your brands/websites.

CommonNinja’s Facebook Feed widget is free to use. It offers several layout options and customization options, including ticker animation and an auto Facebook feed refresh option, which no other tool offers.


  • Multiple Facebook feeds in one widget — Common Ninja’s social feed widgets, including this one, lets you integrate multiple Facebook pages and create two types of widgets: Tabs and Mixed. In the Tabs feed type, you can arrange your tabs by feed, whereas in Mixed, you can mix different Facebook feeds so that the feed is more diverse.
  • Edit content — You can edit the content of each Facebook post.
  • Control visibility of elements — Don’t want to show up specific elements, such as images on your Facebook page feed widget? No problem! The visibility control section includes options to turn images, dates, authors, and social buttons on or off.
  • Auto refresh option — Once enabled, the Facebook feed widget will automatically refresh every minute. Furthermore, there will be a refresh icon on the widget that people can use to refresh the feed to get the latest posts.
  • Specify how many posts to display — You can set the maximum number of posts to show in the feed and the number of posts to display per scroll.
  • Set widget’s dimensions — The Facebook feed widget can be set for a fixed width or make the widget dynamic, meaning the widget will adapt the width and height of the allowed space depending on your website.
  • Variety of Layouts — These organize Facebook feeds differently. Currently, there are ten layouts, and two of them are free to use: Flow (free), Bubbles (free), Timeline, Grid, Chat, Blog, Pins, Photos, Cards, and Speech.
  • Skins — These are color presets that change the overall aesthetics of the Facebook feed widget.
  • Advanced and custom customization options include settings for fonts, backgrounds, and colors for every widget element. You can also use the custom CSS field to add styles and create a custom Facebook feed embed widget.

Here’s a video tutorial on creating a Facebook feed post widget using Common Ninja.



Common Ninja’s Facebook feed widget is free to use, but the free plan limits you to one widget and 300 pageviews. To get unlimited views, create more widgets, and remove the branding from all your widgets, you must upgrade to paid plans starting at $10 per five widgets.

CommonNinja Pricing

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EmbedSocial’s Facebook Widget

EmbedSocial Facebook Feed Widget

EmbedSocial is a popular platform for embedding social feeds and reviews and collecting customer feedback. EmbedSocial’s Facebook widget allows you to embed feeds from your pages that you manage, posts published by users with a Facebook Page mention, and Facebook visitor’s posts on your website without requiring any coding knowledge on any platform, including WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Google Sites.

It provides 10 templates, content moderation tools, options to turn Facebook page posts into shoppable feeds, and widget customization options to make your Facebook widget fit your brand.

EmbedSocial Facebook Feed Widget templates


  • Multiple source types — Aggregate feeds based on page, mentions, and visitor posts.
  • Templates and layouts — Currently, there are 14 templates and layouts. Layouts include Wall, Masonry, Slideshow, Grid, Carousel, Slider, and the Latest Facebook posts popup.
  • Moderate content — EmbedSocial enables you to set your embedded Facebook feed to auto-sync with Facebook and work as a live Facebook feed based on your set parameters, such as date, specific keyword, or post type. Additionally, you can turn off the auto-sync option and manually hand-pick the posts you want to be displayed on your website.
  • Add custom posts — You can easily enrich your walls with engaging and unique content, as well as add CTA buttons to promote your products and services.
  • Customize widget — Choose a widget theme, configure the title, padding, autoplay, or image size, edit the widget title, size, and color, or use custom CSS to add your touch.
  • Customize card and lightbox design — There are three card styles. EmbedSocial allows you to show or hide specific card elements like username and Facebook logo and customize the lightbox, which will appear when the user clicks on a post on the Facebook widget.
  • Settings — EmbedSocial provides tools to translate caption text based on widget language, show or hide widgets on mobile devices or websites, and integrate Google Analytics to track feed analytics.


EmbedSocial’s Facebook widget is not free. It is enabled on all paid plans starting at $29/month.

EmbedSocial Feed Pricing

Click here to try EmbedSocial.

TagEmbed’s Facebook Widget

TagEmbed Facebook Widget

TagEmbed is a platform that provides tools to aggregate social media feeds and customer feedback from review sites and showcase them on your websites in various ways by creating a responsive widget. Some examples include the Twitter aggregator, TikTok feed widget, Instagram aggregator, and Amazon Reviews widgets.

TagEmbed has two widgets or tools to embed Facebook feeds on a website:

  • Facebook widget: It allows different connection types such as Page, Handle, Album, Review, and Page Mention.
  • Facebook aggregator: It allows you to aggregate posts from a personal or brand profile and pages.
Create Facebook Feed in TagEmbed
Feed creation options for Facebook in TagEmbed


  • Embed all posts — Connect your Facebook profile or page and showcase posts, images, and photos based on many criteria. The content moderation tool on TagEmbed essentially enables you to handpick which content to showcase or, even better, set up filters to automatically moderate content. These filters include post type (i.e., text only with image and video) and pinned posts.
  • Multiple widget layouts — TagEmbed includes a visual editor with which you can easily design your widget to your preference. There are five layouts (Slider, Grid, Masonry, Gallery, and List), and each has its own customization options.
  • Multiple aspect ratios — These options might be valuable if your Facebook posts include significant visual content. You have seven aspect ratio options. You can choose from Standard, Square, Widescreen, and more. Pick the one that you think brings the most out of your content.
  • Facebook Album widget for your website — Don’t want to showcase all but embed a collection of Facebook photos and videos from a particular Facebook album? Yes, TamEmbed lets you easily create a Facebook album widget without text posts.
  • Customization options — There is a diverse theme catalog, design, layout customization options, the freedom to choose your feed color scheme, font designs, information display, & many personalization features.
  • Embed on all your websites — TagEmbed is an independent UGC aggregator that allows you to embed your created widget on any platform, including Shopify, Squarespace, Bigcommerce, Wix, Weebly, etc., by simply copying and pasting the embed code. Once done, you can customize it later directly from your TagEmbed dashboard – no need to change the embed code again.


TagEmbed’s Facebook widget is free to use with a limit of one feed, 12-hour update time, and up to 2,000 total widget views per month. For more views, to integrate multiple Facebook feed sources into a widget and remove TagEmbed branding from widgets, you must upgrade to a paid subscription plan starting at $19 per month.

TagEmbed Pricing plans

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Powr’s Facebook Feed plugin

Powr Facebook Feed app for websites

Powr is a tool for creating widgets for websites that is very similar to Elfsight. It includes 60+ plugins for collecting information, boosting conversions, engaging visitors, and showcasing details on any website. Count-up timer, custom PayPal button, Maps widget, Nudge button, and PDF embed widget are notable mentions.

Powr’s Facebook Feed plugin for websites allows you to create a Facebook feeds widget based on posts by a page, page, and its visitors, as well as posts by a public group. It supports multiple feed sources (to create a diverse feed) and customization options.


  • Add multiple Facebook feeds — Powr’s Facebook feed plugin is one of the easiest. Click on the Add Feed button, select Facebook as the feed platform, select posts to display (i.e., Facebook page posts, posts by a page and its visitors, and posts by a public group), enter the page name, and choose the right one from the list. You can repeat the process as many times as you want to add multiple feeds to create a diverse Facebook feed widget.
  • Maximum posts to display — This feature and its limits depend on your plan. For example, Powr Business accounts can display up to 20 posts per feed and 40 in total.
  • Content update time up to 20 minutes — This feature is also dependent on the plan. The lowest content refresh time is 20 minutes.
  • Approve Content — Approve posts before they are added to your feed. You can turn it off or set the default to approved or disapproved. When the disapproved is selected, there won’t be new posts on your Facebook feed widget unless you approve them on the editor.
  • Automatically crop images — Unlike most Facebook website widgets, Powr has options to crop images automatically. Of course, you can set it off or select Square, Landscape, or Portrait.
  • Customize layout — You can set the width per post and spacing between posts and specify the number of posts per row.
  • Customize widget — You have many options for customizing your Facebook widget. You can show or hide captions, likes, comments, and the footer (i.e., the name of a Facebook page or group), change colors, fonts, and sizes, add a border and shadow, and use custom CSS fields to create custom styles.

Here’s a video tutorial on creating a Facebook feed widget using Powr.



Powr’s Facebook Feed plugin is free to use but has several limitations: one feed, six posts, and 24 content update times. The free plan doesn’t have significant features. You must upgrade to a paid plan starting at $5.49 monthly for more features and increased limits.

Powr Facebook Feed App Pricing

Click here to try Powr.

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Facebook is the World’s most popular social media platform, and It is crucial for your business. Facebook feed widgets enable you to add posts to your website, customize widgets, and filter content. This article provides information on several options, their top features, some demos, and prices.

Also, check out these YouTube Gallery widgets to embed your channel, playlists, and shorts on your website to grow your channel and promote products and services.

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