7 Best Free Facebook Review Widgets for Your Website in 2023

Building the reputation for a brand from day one is one of the most brilliant things a do for your business.

Online reviews (be it video testimonials, text quotes, or audio recordings) from people and reputed entities are a great way to increase brand credibility and authenticity proactively.

Although there are several online review management websites such as Yelp, TrustPilot, and G2, Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews are regarded in similar passion by most people.

With close to 3 billion monthly active users (MAU) and tools for local businesses to reach more customers and grow their network, one cannot ignore the significance of Facebook Reviews.

But how would you embed Facebook reviews on your website?

That is what we cover in this article about the best Facebook Review widgets for websites. You will find out not only how to display Facebook Reviews on your website but also fine-tune settings so that you can customize widgets to resonate with your website theme and showcase the reviews that you want.

Why should you embed Facebook Reviews?

Like displaying Google reviews on your site helps in many ways, so do Facebook user reviews.

  • Increase trust by showing real people’s reviews – Anonymous people cannot post reviews on a Facebook page. So, you can showcase real user reviews on your site with a Facebook Reviews widget. The best part is people can check the user profile by clicking on the profile picture or name.
  • Grow sales by demonstrating your Facebook brand page’s rating – Take users in the fence to convert with a Facebook user reviews widget. According to a study by Bright Local, 84% of people trust other customers’ reviews and testimonials as much as they rely on word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Attain more positive customer reviews – Several Facebook Reviews widget generators allow to display of a “Write a review” call-to-action (CTA) button so that you can attain more reviews from your website.

4 things to consider when using a Facebook Review widget on website

You have to take extra measures when using a Facebook Reviews widget like testimonials slider widgets on a website.

  • Enable reviews on your Facebook page (if you have not done already) – These Facebook Reviews widget generators aggregate reviews (not post reviews on your Facebook page) and continuously check for new reviews. So, ensure you have enabled the “Reviews” option and that the review tab is displayed.
Turn on off reviews Facebook Business page
Turn on or off reviews on Facebook Business page
  • Do not limit to one widget type only – Many services listed below allow you to generate different types of widgets, such as a floating badge, carousel widgets, sidebar widgets, and sliders. You can utilize multiple types. Ex: Create a dedicated reviews page and embed Facebook Reviews along with other testimonials.
  • Customize widgets according to your needs – Change fonts, rotate reviews, resize widgets, edit colors, and more.
  • Concern about page loading speed – Using multiple third-party widgets on a website can impact the page loading speed. Use a script manager such as Google Tag Manager, Cloudflare Zaraz, Tagmate.app, etc., to load scripts asynchronously or defer the script.

Top Facebook Reviews Widgets to Use on Your Website Today

ElfSight Facebook Review Widget

Elfsight Facebook reviews widget

ElfSight is a service that provides embeddable HTML widgets for websites. Its application library contains over eighty (80) different apps for many uses. Before/After slider, Instagram Testimonials, Popup maker, Audio player, PayPal button, and Events calendar widgets are some of them.

ElfSight Facebook Review widget is another app that allows you to embed reviews and recommendations from your Facebook page on your website, no matter which platform you use.

The best part is you can customize widgets as you need and filter which reviews to be shown, and ElfSight will automatically render new reviews and display them without you needing to do anything further later.

ElfSight Facebook reviews widget editor

Key features

  • Increase authenticity of reviews – ElfSight’s Facebook Review widget will showcase the author profile, name and date of a review published, recommendation star rating, and link to the source on Facebook.com, which will increase the authenticity and reliability of your reviews.
  • Select which and how many reviews to display – ElfSight provides three filter options. 1) All reviews 2) Only positive reviews 3) Exclude by the filter. The quantity filter allows you to define the number of Facebook reviews to show at a given time.
  • Showcase your social trust – The widget header will showcase the overall star and numbered rating on your page, the total number of people who recommended your page with pictures of the latest reviewers. Clicking your profile photo will redirect the browser to your Facebook page.
  • Review request button – Ask your website visitors to drop a review on your Facebook with the review request button.
  • Three review templates – Classic, Spotlight, Bubble
  • Six versions of widget layout – List (place reviews one by one), Grid (shape a grid of reviews), Slider (reviews in carousel), Masonry (put reviews on optimum position depending on the vertical space on your page), Floating badge (follow the visitor as page scrolls), Embeddable badge (inline Facebook review widget that shows overall star and number rating)
  • Customizable options – One of the most incredible things about ElfSight is you can customize each widget according to your needs. Customize the color scheme, background, widget size, and button sizes to resonate with your site design. Plus, you can hide and show specific elements such as total star ratings and auto-rotate reviews and define how many real reviews are to be shown. Also, there is a custom CSS feature to design the Facebook Review widget as you want.
  • Schema markups – Let Googlebot crawl reviews on your site and display relevant stats such as aggregated ratings by enabling Schema.org markups.
  • 100% localization capability – ElfSifght supports over twenty languages, including Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Hindi, so you can easily translate labels.

Create Facebook Review widget on ElfSight

Use the Facebook Review widget generator on ElfSight over here.

Embed HTML code for Facebook Reviews plugin on the website

Copy and paste the HTML code on your website.

Elfsight Facebook reviews widget embed code

Tip: Use the “data-elfsight-app-lazy” attribute to the <div> element of your installation code to load the JavaScript script asynchronously. Ex: Load the Facebook widget after other content is painted.

<script src="https://apps.elfsight.com/p/platform.js" defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-2b0990aa-276e-4474-aee9-40429f9bf4f9" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>

Watch the video below to find out the features, and settings of ElfSight’s Facebook Review widget generator.


Here are the embedded Facebook Reviews of the Musée du Louvre (The Louvre Museum in Paris, France).


ElfSight’s Facebook Review widget is free to use. But, the free version limits page views and contains ElfSight branding on the widget. Its paid plans start from $5 per month.

Elfsight Facebook reviews app pricing
  • Lite – $0 – 1 website, 200 views per month, 1 widget, ElfSight branding
  • Basic – $5/month – Unlimited websites, 5,000 views per month, 1 widget, No ElfSight branding
  • Pro – $10/month – Unlimited websites, 50,000 views per month, 3 widgets, No ElfSight branding
  • Premium – $20/month – Unlimited websites, Unlimited views per month, 3 widgets, No ElfSight branding

ElfSight provides All Apps Packs packages that include access to 80+ applications. The All Apps pack includes all the apps, including Facebook Reviews app. Check this review of ElfSight pricing to find out more details.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

Click here to try ElfSight Facebook Reviews widget.

TagEmbed Facebook Reviews

TagEmbed Facebook review widget

TagEmbed is a popular website widget provider. YouTube Shorts, Tiktok feed, Twitter feed, Pinterest pins, and Capterra reviews widgets are some popular ones.

Its Facebook Reviews widget is easy to use, customizable, and embeddable on any site.

Key features

  • Display all reviews from different branches – TagEmbed allows you to showcase reviews from the page, my profile posts, Albums, and Page reviews.
  • Content customization – Choose a preferred pre-designed theme, apply designing elements such as banner, CTA, and layouts, and personalize the FB reviews widget with other creative elements such as color scheme, font designs, information display, etc.,
  • Filter content – Handpick what shows on your site by filtering out irrelevant content from TagEmbed’s free Facebook review widget.
  • Seamless integration with popular technologies – Embed Facebook review aggregator on WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Webflow, Weebly, Brizy Cloud, or any HTML site.


Facebook review widget is offered under TabEmbed’s free plan. However, there are certain limitations, such as the inability to remove TagEmbed branding from widgets, a maximum of 2,000 views per month, and a 12-hour update time.

TagEmbed pricing plans

Click here to try TagEmbed Facebook Review widget.

JustReview Facebook Reviews widget

Justreview Facebook reviews embedder

JustReview.co is a review aggregator for websites. JustReview supports different review platforms and sources such as Amazon, Google Maps, Esty, Yelp, Apple App Store, AliExpress, eBay, and Product Hunt.

Its Facebook Reviews widget for websites allows you to freely display reviews in different ways (as a badge, review counter, star rating, testimonials, summary, and page).

Key features

  • Six review widget types – Badge, Testimonials (with next and previous buttons), Counters, Summary, Stars, and Page.
  • Google Rich Snippets Data – JustReview will enable Schema.org markups on your Facebook reviews widget so that your page will be highlighted with ‘Review’ rich snippets data on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • Customization options – Design the widget as you want with the visual editor.


JustReview’s Basic plan, free of cost, allows showing up to 100 reviews on unlimited websites with unlimited pageviews. However, the review update time is 24hrs and Review Badge is the only supported widget type. You must upgrade to a paid plan to increase limits and try other widget types.

Justreview pricing

Click here to try JustReview’s Facebook Review ratings widget.

WiserNotify Facebook Reviews

Wisernotify Facebook Review widget

WiserNotify is a website widget provider. Its widgets library includes mostly social proof and urgency and CTA widgets such as countdown timer, Live visitor & Recently viewed count, Youtube stats, and All-in-One Reviews widget.

WiserNotify consists of many astounding features such as A/B testing, analytics, and advanced targeting than services mentioned in this article.

Its Facebook Reviews widget creator allows you to design a FB review aggregator that lists recent reviews automatically.

Wisernotify widget creator

Key features

  • Three ways to showcase reviews – Popup, Review feed, and All-in-one review
  • Integrate multiple Facebook pages – Display reviews from multiple Facebook pages on a single widget.
  • Segmentation – Display your Facebook reviews widget based on specifications such as visitor’s country, returning or new visitors, UTM, referring site, and cookie name.
  • Review filters – Define how many maximum reviews are to show up on a single page and which reviews are to display (ex: min. 5-star rating, include certain keywords and does not include specific keywords).


WiserNotify’s free plan allows showing the Facebook Reviews widgets up to 1000 visitors per month. And the free plan has certain limits, such as the inability to remove branding and the lack of templates. Its paid plans start at $16 per month, which is quite expensive compared with other services such as ElfSight.

Wisernotify pricing plans

Click here to try WiserNotify Facebook Reviews widget.

TaggBox Facebook Reviews widget

Taggbox Facebook reviews widget

TaggBox’s Free Facebook reviews widget for websites allows embedding reviews and recommendations from your Facebook page on your site and filtering which ones to show up.

Key features

  • Automatic review update – Once connected your Facebook page with TaggBox, TaggBox will dynamically fetch new reviews and update your widget. You can specify TaggBox to moderate content manually before publicizing it.
  • Twelve themes – Choose how reviews should appear.
  • Personalize – Change font designs, color schemes, and background style (transparent, custom color, or background image), and enable/disable social actions & text.
Taggbox create Facebook feed


TaggBox’s Startup plan, which is free, allows showcasing Facebook reviews on your site through its widget. However, Facebook reviews widget will contain TaggBox branding and the review update time is six hours.

TaggBox pricing plans

Click here to try TaggBox Facebook Reviews widget.

[WordPress] Social Reviews & Recommendations plugin

Reviews Recommendations WordPress plugin

Social Reviews & Recommendations plugin by Trust.reviews is one of the most popular free FB review widgets for the WordPress platform.

Key features

  • Shortcode support – Embed your Facebook review widgets on any place (in content, footer, sidebar, and even as a popup) using Shortcodes.
  • Nofollow, target=”_blank” links – Plugin supports rel=’nofollow’ tag to not pass link juice to external links within reviews and opening external links on a new tab.
  • Caching – Manage caching time of Facebook review widget’s content and lazy load images to improve page loading time
  • Disable user profile links, dark background, review limit, trim long reviews with “read more” link, and more.

Click here to download Social Reviews & Recommendations plugin.

[WordPress] WP Review Slider plugin

WP Review Slider plugin

WP Review Slider by LJ Apps is another free plugin that allows you to embed Facebook reviews on your site.

Key features

  • Fetch reviews from multiple Facebook pages
  • Templates designer
  • Three ways to display reviews: Slider, List, Grid (all widget types are responsive)
  • Display review widget using a shortcode, template function, or using WP Slider widget.
  • Sort reviews by date or show them randomly.
  • Custom CSS, choose how many reviews to display per row and even have multiple rows, and more.

WP Slider plugin’s premium version comes up with more features, such as content filtering options, specifying which Facebook page to display reviews from per a template, and so on.

Click here to download WP Review Slider plugin.

How to get more reviews on your Facebook page

If your Facebook page does not include recommendations, follow the below tips to get more reviews!

  1. Ask your customers to review on Facebook – It does not hurt to ask your loyal customers to post their opinion on your services and products on Facebook. Ask them via email, text messaging, and even online live chat.
  2. Incentivize reviews – Give something for free (ex: coupon code, free trial, extended subscription period, PDF) instead of reviewing your service on Facebook.
  3. Hold a giveaway – Conducting a sweepstake is a great way to increase Facebook page reviews. Provide increased points/entries for recommending your service on Facebook. Among many giveaway services we listed on this page, UpViral, a quality Gleam alternative, lets you easily add tasks to a giveaway. Please read our review on UpViral, and these UpViral integration tips to learn more. Find out how much UpViral costs & which plan is best for you in this article, and get an UpViral discount from here to save money.

Final words on best Facebook Review widgets for websites

Building the trustworthiness of a business takes time and effort. One of the best ways to showcase the trust and authenticity of your business is by displaying what other customers say about your business.

Over 1.62 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis, and it allows page owners to collect reviews from real users. Like you can embed Google reviews on a website, also you can showcase Facebook page reviews too.

You found the top 7 services to make an embeddable Facebook Reviews widget. ElfSifght is our favorite because it provides more templates, layouts, and design options. Also, you do not have to connect your Facebook account with ElfSight.

Also, check out these testimonial slider widgets for websites if you want to display custom reviews.

FAQs on Facebook Page Reviews

How to allow reviews on Facebook business page

Turn on off reviews Facebook Business page

1. Log into Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right.
2. Click See all Profiles, then select the Page you want to switch into.
3. Click your Page’s profile photo in the top right.
4. Click Settings & privacy, then click Settings.
5. Click Privacy in the left menu, then click Page and tagging.
6. Toggle Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page? on or off.

How to leave a review on Facebook page

Visit the Facebook page you want to leave a review. Click on the “Reviews” tab and click the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button under Do you recommend “PAGE NAME”, and post your review.

How to get Facebook reviews

There are multiple ways to get reviews on your Facebook page. Here are a few:

1. Ask your loyal customers – Send Facebook review requests via email, text
2. Incentivize Facebook recommendations – Provide discounts, trials, and perceived value items for reviews
3. Hold sweepstakes – Run online giveaways and provide entries to become a winner by leaving a review on your Facebook page. Check out these giveaway platforms and select a suitable one such as UpViral.

How to see reviews on Facebook business page

Visit the Facebook page and click on the “Reviews” tab.

How to embed Facebook reviews widget

Choose one of these Facebook review widget generators and create your Facebook reviews widget and get the HTML code. Place it where you want to display Facebook reviews.

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