7 Best UpViral Integrations to Ignite Virality

You want to make your UpViral giveaway successful, right?

Obviously, things like offers, landing pages, and emails are huge factors when it comes to a campaign’s success.

But do you know that certain integrations can make the campaign successful and go viral?

That is why in this article, you will find 7+ best UpViral integrations to ignite the virality of your next campaign.

Top 7 UpViral Integrations for Viral Giveaway & Contest Campaigns

I have been running campaigns on the UpViral platform for years (one of the early adopters of UpViral) and have experimented with many things. Here are several UpViral integrations that gave me positive results:

Email autoresponder integration

One of the key features of UpViral is that you can connect your email autoresponder with Upvrial and receive details of leads instantly once registered.

Here are key benefits:

  • Automate email messaging through your email autoresponder tool.
  • Deliver private information such as personal invite links to users via email

You can easily integrate UpViral with any email marketing tool or CRM software. UpViral has several direct integrations with services like Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Clickfunnels/Actionetics, etc.

First of all, you have to connect your autoresponders by navigating to Settings >> Integrations >> Autoresponders

The figure shows the screen for integrating Actionectics with UpViral

What if your autoresponder is not directly integrated with UpViral yet?

Well, in that case, you can use the HTML form integration method! (Make sure you map correct fields) See the screenshot below where I’ve connected my Gist account with UpViral.


Now, in the campaign’s ‘Advanced Settings,’ specify the correct field values after selecting the connected service.


Notice I have specified a custom field called ‘nrefurl.’ It is used to store each participant’s personal invite link or referral URL.

Now, you can easily embed the unique referral URL in your email messages. I’ve used this method to encourage users to invite others to giveaways and get high success.

UpViral email autoresponder integration allows sending up to 10 custom fields. So, if you collect further details, such as phone numbers on the giveaway signup page, you can map them from the autoresponder settings page.

One-Click Sign-Up Links

In general, a person must visit the giveaway registration page, enter details and click on the submit button to participate in a giveaway. But, UpViral’s One-Click Sign Up links open new doors and make registering people for a giveaway without submitting details hassle-free.

Here is how One-Click Sign Up Links work in UpViral:

Take this evergreen UpViral contest URL: https://enter.pitiya.com/lp/72543/mlm

  • enter.pitiya.com is the custom domain name for landing pages (both signup and share)
  • lp stands for the landing page or the lead page. Replacing ‘lp’ with ‘thanks’ will give you the share page URL

Here is how to make One-Click Sign links in UpViral:


  • ‘uvname’ and ‘uvemail’ are UpViral-specific query strings that alert the UpViral name and email of a person.
  • Replace [EMAIL] with the correct email address of the user who wants to participate in your giveaway. This is a mandatory field.
  • Replace [NAME] with the name of the participant. This is an optional field.
  • Utilize liquid tags in your email autoresponder software to embed the right email and name values.

So, an email address is sufficient to make One-Click Signup links. Here is an example:


And here is an UpViral trick you might not have heard before. You can utilize this method to credit referees as well.


The uses of UpViral One-Click Sign-Up Links are enormous. Here are some:

  • UpViral does not have a user import feature. But you can use One-Click Sign Up Links in your emails to sign users up instantly.
  • Use One-click signup links to redirect participants to the Share Page directly, even if they use a different browser or software. UpViral will instantly recognize the user and send to the suitable Share Page variation (if you’ve enabled split testing of Share Page).
  • Use UpViral One-Click Sign Up link whenever and wherever possible to increase campaign participants. For example, if you email any other person’s email list about your giveaway campaign, you can use One-Click Sign Up Links.
  • You can utilize custom tracking links and One-Click Sign Up Links to track lead conversions. (I will take about it later)
  • Create Messenger giveaways, redirect Typeform submissions directly to the giveaway thank you page, and more with One-Click Sign Up Links

Embedded widget

UpViral is one of the best giveaway tools online for several reasons. One of them is the ability to run a campaign on hosted (UpViral) pages and your sites via an embedded widget at the same time.


As you can see from the screenshot above, you can funnel whole referral traffic to the Opt-in page hosted on UpViral or a website where the opt-in widget will be embedded. The same settings are applied to the Share page as well.

Embedded widget is one of the best UpViral integration methods that will be helpful if you run a product launch where you want to place the UpViral widget on multiple pages of the funnel. (e.g., think of Product Launch Formula or multi-stage webinar series where you encourage sharing in videos)

HTML form – Custom Lead page & Share Widget

One of the little-known yet powerful tools in UpViral is the HTML form code for the giveaway signup.


Here is the HTML code for one of my Upviral campaigns:

<form name='upviralForm123584' id='' method='post'
<div class='form-group'>
<input type='text' name='name'  class='form-control' value=''>
<div class='form-group'>
<label>Email Id</label>
<input type='text' name='email' class='form-control' value=''>
<div class='form-group'>
<input type='submit' name='upviralsubmit'  value='Submit'>
<input type='hidden' name='reflink' value=''>

One of the most significant issues with the UpViral embedded widget is that sometimes it does not load as quickly as expected. I’ve seen it does not work perfectly in WordPress sites due to script loading priorities and plugin conflicts. The best workaround is utilizing HTML form integration in UpViral.

When using it, you can place the HTML form in the front-end (without UpViral tracking script) and load the Share widget on the Thank-You page)

Here is a prime example of using UpViral HTML form code on Convertful. Convertful is an on-site conversion rate optimization (CRO) toolkit that lets you create high-converting opt-in forms. I integrate UpViral with Convertful through HTML Form code.


Notice that I only add the form action URL and variables such as email, which is mandatory, and reflink. Reflink is a custom hidden field that comes with all UpViral HTML Form codes that store the referral link (Let me know if you have any queries regarding the integration of HTML Form code in the comments below.)

Custom tracking link integration

Like everything on internet marketing, tracking is essential for success. UpViral has a unique feature called ‘Custom tracking links‘ that lets you track the most performing traffic sources and referrals.

Here is what a custom tracking link will look like:


You need to embed the track=TRACKING-REFERENCE-NAME to the end of the UpViral link. And UpViral automatically adds tracking links for social sharing buttons with corresponding names. ex: ?track=facebook.

And the coolest part is that UpViral allows using custom tracking in referral links.

Ex: https://enter.pitiya.com/ref/558FSSJFJHFAPJ?track=Facebook-Sweepstakes-Group

Why should you use the custom tracking link integration?

  • Suppose you use paid advertising methods to promote your giveaway and contest. In that case, you can dynamically transfer relevant details such as ad groups, PPC keywords, and creatives to track the most successful variants inside UpViral. Ex: ?track={keyword}-{adgroup}-{placement}-{cpc}. So you can optimize paid ad campaigns to lower costs and increase ROI.
  • Deliver unique tracking links to each influencer, affiliate, or partner to thoroughly track how many leads each person/brand has generated in the campaign.
  • Track which CTA link has generated the most clicks and conversions in internal promotions such as email blasts, push notifications, CTA widgets displayed on your sites, etc.,
  • Track which specific traffic source has delivered the most leads. Perfect if you promote your giveaway on Facebook groups, Reddit subreddits, Forums, etc.,

Custom tracking links are among the most underused UpViral integrations that can boost the campaign’s growth if used the right way.

Email verification service integration

One of the biggest issues when running a giveaway campaign is getting a high amount of fraudulent leads or misspelled email addresses.

Personally, I have experienced that when a campaign moves forward, some people try to cheat by using VPNs (to bypass UpViral’s automatic IP ban) and disposable/temporary email services.

UpVirals has several measures to ensure your campaign is getting high-quality leads.

One of them is native integration with EmailListVerify.


EmailListVerify is an email address checker that verifies whether a particular email is actual or not before it goes to your email marketing tool. If you do not enable it and your campaign starts getting lots of fake emails, your email campaigns will get a higher hard bounce percentage, leading to decreased overall campaign performance.

So, integrating UpViral with EmailListVerify will ensure no fraudulent activity could harm the campaign performance.

But, if you want to go one step further (or are not happy with what EmailListVerify offers), you can use a real-time email validation tool like Emailable’s widget to ensure people enter a valid email address.


Google Analytics Integration

Whether you use UpViral for giveaways or evergreen contests, online traffic monitoring tools like Google Analytics could be worthwhile.

I am using Google Tag Manager to install the Google Analytics script on all my giveaway pages.

You can add custom scripts (header and footer) from the Advanced settings of the campaign.

UpViral has an inbuilt tool that lets you create UTM tracking links.


Here is one UpViral UTM tracking link:


Now you can utilize all the powers in Google Analytics to track conversions across different sources, mediums, and referrals, monitor sales generated, calculate ROI, etc. You can also find out the most active hours of users, session times, in-market segments, affinity groups, male-to-female ratios, behavior details, and much more.

One of the best use cases of using Google Analytics in giveaway tracking is getting to know new user signup rates.

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Bonus: Facebook Tracking Pixel Integration

The success of your giveaway campaign will depend on how many new leads you collected and, essentially, how much ROI your entire campaign achieved at the end of the day.

The reality is not all people who visit your lead capture page will sign up for the first time. Not even a second time or third time. In fact, many marketing studies have shown that it takes about seven touches before a prospect converts. Some reports even mention that the visiting number is eight.

One of the best ways to get people lost at first to sign up for your giveaway is by retargeting them via advertising on other places they visit. Facebook is the largest social media network globally and allows retargeting users using their provided retargeting pixel. The cool thing is it’s less expensive to reach out to a retargeting audience than to a new group of people.

The plus point is you can create a Lookalike audience and reach new people with similar interests compared with the retargeting audience affordably.

So, what is the best UpViral integration method?

In short words – All of them!

If you read through all UpViral integrations, you will figure out that all of these integrations are unique. So, use all or most of them in your next UpViral giveaway campaign to skyrocket the growth.

If you are yet to use UpViral, give it a try over here. Here is an UpViral special offer (Starter Yearly) with bonuses. Learn more.

Check out the UpViral review to find out the pros & cons, and features, including differences between UpViral subscription plans and alternatives to UpViral.

Conclusion on UpViral Alternatives

Running a successful sweepstake or a contest involves a lot of factors. Integrations, one of the most underrated aspects, are a big part of it. Most people think running a giveaway is selecting offers, creating a campaign on the giveaway platform, setting the campaign countdown timer on web pages, designating points, and publishing the giveaway.

But, when you run several campaigns, you will know that it’s more than that. Several finetunes or adjustments can drastically boost the campaign’s success.

That is why I shared several non-generic UpViral integrations in this article to help you get your campaign through the roof.

So is there any other way you connect UpViral with other tools? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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