3 Best Email Checker, Bulk List Cleaning, Verification Tools

In this list article, you will find top email checker tools to verify email addresses manually, automatically, and in real time.

You spend time and money buying traffic…

…not just to build an email list with fake details.

The best way of making sure your email list is cleaned is by running those email IDs through an accurate email verification service.

Why Should Clean Your Email list?

Whether you are a solopreneur marketer, business owner, or working for an enterprise-level company, you should use an email verifier service. Here are several benefits of using a list cleaning service for you.

  • Prevent fake signups – If you run a giveaway, for example, the chances are your campaign will generate a high amount of fraudulent signups normally.
  • Block signups with disposable email addresses – With the birth of disposable or temporary email services, people use them instead of the real ones. You must use a good email list checker service to identify those temporary emails.
  • Reduce your autoresponder or CRM software cost – Every fake email address costs you money.
  • Improve email deliverability – The fewer fake email addresses your email service provider has, the higher chance of your emails getting more opens and, therefore, a top deliverability rate. For instance, if you use Solo ads to build your email list, chances are your email list will get higher bounces (hard and soft), so it’s better to clean up your email marketing list from time to time.
  • Decrease bounce rate – Hard bounce rate happens when your contacts’ emails are invalid. You should verify those emails in bulk and remove any fake ones.
  • Increase your email marketing campaigns’ ROI
  • Protect your domain reputation score

3 Best Email Checker and Bulk List Cleaning Services


TheChecker is a cost-effective email address checking service with many features to clean your email list in bulk and in real time.

Here are some key features of TheChecker.

  • Disposable email checker
  • Role email detection – Email not used for personal uses, such as admin@site.com and support@example.com.
  • MX record checker
  • Domain validation – Validate email addresses by the domain level to find if the domain is known for spam or abuse.
  • Spam trap remover – Improve your sender reputation and not get blacklisted by ISPs by preventing spam traps.
  • Free email deduplication – The TheChecker email list bulk verification tool will remove any duplicate contact for free
  • Syntax validation
  • Email bounce checker – Keep your bounce rates under control

TheChecker promises 99% accuracy on overall inbox delivery metrics. Plus, its API is very helpful for validating emails without risking your business.

Single email verifier

single verification - thechecker.co

Bulk verification tool

You can bulk verify multiple email addresses in multiple ways:

  • By uploading your list (up to 100MB once)
  • Selecting an integration source
bulk list verification tool

Real-time email verification widget

Go one step further and validate email addresses in real time. I held giveaways using UpViral (read reviews about UpViral) and tried to create the first real-time email validation tool.

real-time email verification widget

There are a few ways you can enable validation types.

widget settings
  • Website domain – Specify the domain name for all subdomains.
  • Allowed results – Enable email addressed based on multiple criteria. Those are
    • Unavailable SMTP – Unknown result
    • Role – Role account email addresses such as contact, sales, support
    • Disposable – Mailbox exists but is from a disposable/temporary domain
    • Timeout – The mail server took too long to answer TheChecker’s requests
    • Free domain – Emails from a free domain such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and ProtonMail
    • Deliverable – The email inbox exists and is safe to send
  • Submission limit per IP – Define how often an IP address can submit a form.


Take control of your email marketing campaigns by utilizing TheChecker API to validate email addresses in your applications.

TheChecker Pricing

You will have to purchase credits to use the platform. A credit will be reduced when a single verification is made. Hence, if a single user inputs different emails, it will consume multiple credits.

buy credits
TheChecker Discount

Get 20% extra bonus credits when you signup by using this link.

Email List Verify

EmailListverify.com is another site to check emails, verify email addresses in real time, and clean email lists in bulk.

The site boasts that it has already verified over 5 billion emails and found 23% of them to be bad.

Here are some features of EmailListVerify.

  • Domain & SMTP validation – EmailListVerify checks the ISPs and removes all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains or invalid accounts.
  • Disposable email cleaner
  • Spam trap checker
  • Catch-all domains checker
  • Syntax errors validator
  • Hard bounce checker
  • Removing email duplicates from lists
  • MTA validator – Validate MX records

Single email checker

Single email checker in EmailListVerify.com shows you if the email domain is professional. Take a look at the screenshot below.

single email checker by EmailListVerify


I use EmailListVerify’s API to integrate with UpViral to validate email addresses in real time. In the API section of the ELV, you can see the summary of API usage.

verification summary - emaillistverify.com


EmailListVerify has two pricing models.

  • Monthly subscription plans – Great for API integration. Pricing starts from 5,000 checks per day for $139
  • Pay-as-you-go plans – Great for single email verification and bulk email list cleaning. API is also included so that you can use the tool. Pricing starts from $4 for 1,000 email check credits, and credit prices decrease as you buy higher packages.

Free tools

EmailListVerify provides several free tools to get you started to achieve high email deliverability rates.

  1. Email Health checker – Check the DNS health of your email sending domain
  2. Blacklist Checker – Check your email sending IP or domain against over 100 real-time email blacklist servers.
  3. Email Extractor
  4. MX Lookup

Click here to sign up on EmailListVerify.


NeverBounce is one of the most popular accurate email list cleaning services. Like most other tools, it provides 1,000 free credits to get you started.

Here are some of the best features of NeverBounce.

  • Bulk email list cleaning
  • Real-time email verification
  • Automated list cleaning by syncing your email service provider
Neverbounce email verify tool

Also, it has got more tools to help you clean your list and easily validate every email that matters to your business.

  • Javascript widget – Check and verify the email addresses in real-time online without manual work.
  • Webhook – Integrate NeverBounce to your existing workflow to use the one-off validation tool.
  • Zapier – Connect NeverBounce with other apps you already use.
  • Integrately – Use other apps that are connected Integrately seamlessly. Learn more about it in our Integrately review.
  • Custom application – Integrate single and bulk verification directly


NeverBounce has got two pricing models.

  1. Pay-as-you-go – Buy credits in bulk that never expires. Pricing starts from $0.008 per email.
  2. Sync (Automated Cleaning) – Sync your email service provider and let NeverBounce clean your list every day. Pricing starts from $10 per 1,000 emails.

Conclusion on best email checker tools

Qualifying leads should be one of the main priorities in your lead generation campaigns. Depending on your lead gen strategy, it can make or ruin your marketing campaign’s effectiveness based on the quality of leads.

For instance, if you are using CPA marketing to scale your lead generation process, one or two affiliates can really impact your business.

That is why you should consider utilizing a list-cleansing service to eliminate fraudulent email addresses.

In this post, I shared the best email checker and verification tools to validate emails in real time. Additionally, those tools let you bulk upload emails so that you can clean your existing emails from time to time.

Bulk email verification is really useful in scenarios such as after launching a mega giveaway because the chances are higher of getting a notable portion of fake email addresses in a sweepstake or a referral campaign.

What I suggest is using a tool like Integrately to verify emails prior to sending them to your marketing funnels. The setup will be similar to this:

Your landing page >> Integrately >> Verify emails through a tool mentioned in this post >> Send the data to your email service provider or CRM if leads are not fake.

Learn more about Integrately in our review.

So, how do you use these best email checker apps? What is your best email verification tool? Share your thoughts below.

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