13+ Best Modern YouTube Gallery Widgets for Your Website in 2024

This is a complete guide to the best YouTube gallery widgets for website owners and web designers to embed Channels, Playlists, Video Galleries, Shorts, or a set of feeds from multiple YouTube channels in a website.

Being the most popular video platform, YouTube offers a vast number of opportunities for marketers to not only host video content but also reach customers and grow the community around YouTube.

As a business, you have no chance but to tap into YouTube’s huge users to make the most out of it. If you are a vlogger or a video content creator, you can embed a YouTube Channel widget into your website. And if you are a blogger, you can upload tutorials to YouTube, add them into a playlist to categorize them, and embed the YouTube playlist on your website to improve user experience.

YouTube Gallery Widgets for websites - Featured image

Why should you use videos on a website?

Enhance engagement

YouTube widgets can visually enhance your website and capture the attention of visitors. Therefore, displaying engaging video content as a supplementary or complimentary part of the web page directly on your site can increase visitors’ time and reduce bounce rates.

Showcase products or services

There are some things that cannot be explained in words but only in video format! Videos are a powerful way to showcase products or services in action, be it a product walkthrough, testimonial, or even a tutorial. Utilizing video grids or galleries allows businesses to create dynamic product showcases, providing potential customers with a more immersive experience throughout their educational processes.

Boost SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you optimize your website for higher rankings on search engines. Google often prioritizes websites with multimedia content, including videos. By embedding useful video content that supplements and complements existing content, you can improve your website’s search engine ranking and increase visibility.

Drive conversions

Videos have the power to influence purchasing decisions. Embedding videos highlighting product features, customer reviews, or tutorials can encourage visitors to take desired actions, such as purchasing or filling out a form.

More YouTube subscribers and AdSense revenue

Visitors can easily share your embedded videos on their social media, expanding your content’s reach and potentially attracting new audiences. Also, some tools let you integrate your AdSense account with your YouTube gallery widget.

AdSense Settings in Elfsight YouTube Gallery Widget
AdSense settings for the embedded YouTube Gallery widget.

Furthermore, these YouTube widgets let you showcase a subscribe button that is very similar to the default channel subscribe button you see on YouTube, making it easy for people to subscribe to your channel directly from your site.

What type of YouTube widgets can you add to a website?

YouTube Widget TypeDescriptionUse cases/examples
Channel WidgetA widget that showcases the latest videos from a specific YouTube channel.Ideal for bloggers or businesses to display their entire video collection and keep visitors updated on new content.
Video GridDisplays a grid of thumbnail images, each representing a different video.Excellent for emphasizing a particular video, such as a promotional video or a tutorial, without overwhelming the viewer with multiple choices.
Single videoEmbeds a specific video directly onto a webpage.It is useful for businesses or educational institutions to showcase a range of videos, such as product demos, testimonials, or educational content.
Subscribe Widget with Recent UploadsCombines a subscribe button with a feed of the channel’s recent uploads.Encourages website visitors to subscribe to the channel directly from the website and stay updated on the latest content.
Video GalleryPresents a collection of videos in an organized and visually appealing format.Displays a curated list of videos grouped by a common theme or topic.
PlaylistsPerfect for organizing content around specific categories, enabling viewers to explore related videos in a sequence easily.Perfect for organizing content around specific categories, enabling viewers to easily explore related videos in a sequence.
Video ListPresents a vertical list of videos, typically with titles and descriptions.Suitable for displaying a chronological order of videos, making it easy for viewers to follow a series or progression of content.

Differences between the default YouTube widget versus a custom YouTube widget

Customized YouTube video widget
You can customize the widget by displaying comments, date of upload, duration, and much more with a custom HTML YouTube video widget.
  • The default YouTube video embed widget has only one play mode: Inline. In inline play mode, the user can click the play button, and the video will play on the page. However, some YouTube video widget creators have options to enable playing videos on a popup remaining on your website.
  • You cannot show details like views, comments, and likes counters for the video with the default widget. But a few YouTube widgets have options to showcase those stats.
  • The default YouTube video widget does not include comments. But, with a custom YouTube widget, you can show them.
  • The custom YouTube video widget is customizable, making it possible to display channel details and add a custom logo and channel banner to the widget.
  • Creating a gallery of YouTube videos and embedding a channel and playlists is only possible with a third-party widget.

Here are a few third-party YouTube Gallery widget generators that you can use to create a custom embeddable YouTube widget. It can be installed by copying and pasting the HTML code on the theme, template, or source code editor, irrespective of the platform, such as Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Webflow, Blogger, and Shopify.

ElfSight YouTube widget

Elfsight is one of the most popular platforms that provide embeddable HTML widgets for websites. Its App Catalog consists of over 85 widgets, including video widgets and others such as the Photo Gallery, Number Counter, Form Builder, Instagram Feed, and Vimeo Gallery.

Elfsight’s free YouTube Gallery Widget comes with several templates, a visual editor that requires no coding skills, layouts, and many customization options to create a YouTube widget for your website.


  • Templates — Elfight’s YouTube widget builder has a few templates based on the use case. They are:
    • YouTube Channel: Embed your YouTube channel into your website. The channel name, number of subscribers, videos, total views across all videos, and subscribe button can be shown or hidden based on your preference.
    • Video Grid: This template represents a grid of YouTube videos with hover-over effects.
    • Single Video: Embed an individual video from YouTube but with many customizations.
    • YouTube Subscribe: This is a small YouTube widget with recent videos and details like channel name, total subscribers, and the subscribe button.
    • Video Gallery: This template is used to create a YouTube Video Gallery with features like next & previous buttons.
    • Playlists: This template is similar to the YouTube Channel widget but with tabs to organize playlists. Use this if you want to embed a YouTube playlist on a website.
    • Video List: Want to showcase the latest videos on your website’s sidebar? This minimalistic YouTube widget lets you embed a YouTube feed in a narrow space.
  • Integration — Creating a YouTube widget for your website is never been easier. Enter the YouTube Channel URL under the Source section of the widget editor. Create custom groups of videos from any YouTube source (channels, playlists, videos, shorts) under the “Source Groups” settings. The best part is you can integrate unlimited video sources and create “tabs” to organize playlists on your YouTube Channel widget.
  • Layout — This is the section where you control the layout of the YouTube Gallery widget. Here are a few options:
    • Header: The header section of the YouTube Channel widget includes details like channel info and the subscribe button. First, you can display it or hide it from the YouTube widget. Secondly, you can hide each element, and thirdly, customize the Channel name, description, channel logo, and channel banner.
    • Columns & Rows: Unlike many YouTube gallery widgets, Elfsight lets you control the number of columns and rows, the size of the widget, and the space between videos. Also, under “Mobile Optimization,” you can specify the breakpoints to set the columns, rows, and gutter in the video gallery grid, depending on the window width.
    • Video: This section allows you to choose a video layout (Classic, Horizontal, and Cinema are options), show/hide elements (like Play icon, duration, title, published date, description, views, likes, and comments counters), and choose a play mode. The available play modes are Popup (selected by default), Inline, and YouTube.
    • Popup: If the Popup option is used as the Play Mode, you can autoplay the video and control the visibility of elements in this section. For example, you can display comments, view counters, and share buttons.
    • Slide Settings: There are two slider directions: Horizontal (selected by default) and Vertical. Also, you can customize slider settings to show a search bar, enable showing scrollbar and pagination, and set the slide switch effect.
  • Customize appearance — Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery widget is the best YouTube widget for websites, considering its customization options. First, you can select a premade color scheme (Dark, Red, Deep Blue) or choose a custom color. The color scheme blends the YouTube Channel widget with your website’s theme and brand color palette. Also, there are customization options to change the colors of the Header, Menu, Video, Popup, and Slider elements. Furthermore, there is a custom CSS field to add styles to your YouTube Gallery widget.
  • Settings — This section includes several parts:
    • Language: Change the language of front-end messages.
    • YouTube API Key: Improve the widget’s visibility by using your own YouTube API key.
    • AdSense: Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery supports the AdSense Advertisement platform. This section lets you add your AdSense details.
    • Privacy-Enhanced Mode: This option uses the YouTube-nocookie.com domain when watching videos and also disables the Subscribe Button in the header and popup. Comply with the European Union’s GDPR and the General Data Protection Regulation by utilizing this tool.

How to create a YouTube Channel widget using Elfsight

Use the widget builder below to create your YouTube Channel widget for free. Choose a template and click the “Continue with this template” button. Next, add YouTube source(s), customize the widget’s layout, appearance, and settings, and get the embed code.

Or you can sign up on the Elfsight website, search for the “YouTube Gallery” widget from the Apps Catalog, and start customizing it. Watch the video below to find out how to create a YouTube Channel widget for websites using Elfsight.

Embed code

The embed code for Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery widget will be similar to the one below.

Elfsight YouTube Gallery Widget Embed Code
<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-f4aaa8783-b26d-424d-b33d-73ad544o1b3" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>

It will include two parts: 1) a JavaScript file and 2) an HTML div element with a class name.

The Javascript part should only be loaded once on a page to display multiple YouTube Gallery widgets and other Elfsight widgets, such as the WhatsApp Chat widget and Sales notification social proofs. Copy and paste the embed code where you want to display YouTube Gallery on your website.


YouTube Video Grid Widget (Features Mr.Heang Update)

YouTube Channel Widget (Showcases MrBeast’s main channel, a few others, and most viewed videos)

YouTube Video Gallery (Features MEDCARS)


Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery widget is free to use on unlimited websites, with one widget and up to 200 monthly views. For more YouTube Gallery widgets and views, you must upgrade to a paid plan starting at $6 per month.

Elfsight YouTube Gallery Widget's Pricing plans

Click here to try Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery Widget.

CommonNinja’s YouTube Feed Widget

CommonNinja YouTube feed widget

CommonNinja is another platform that provides embeddable HTML widgets for websites, blogs, and online stores. Its widgets catalog exceeds 150 apps, from popups, bars & buttons to images & galleries. The Video Gallery, Audio Player, Video Carousel, Before/After Photo Slider, and Instagram feed are some of CommonNinja’s popular widgets.

CommonNinja’s YouTube Feed widget is free to use. It provides several layouts, skins, and a visual editor that does not require coding skills to create an embeddable YouTube feed widget for your website.


  • YouTube feed types — Two feeds are Tabs and Mixed. In the Tabs type, you can arrange all your tabs according to their feed order, whereas in the Mixed type, you mix different YouTube feeds to create a diverse feed.
  • Content settings — Integrate all your YouTube sources by entering the channel link and controlling how many posts should appear on the widget.
  • Layout and Skin options — These layouts are diverse and arrange content differently. Flow, Bubbles, Timeline, Grid, Chat, Blog, Pins, Photos, Cards, and Premium Skin are the available layouts, and there are several skin colors to choose from.
  • Customize the look and feel — CommonNinja is one of the best YouTube feed widgets for designing options. You can change each widget element’s font, text direction (LTR, RTL), background, colors, and fonts. Also, you can add custom styles and use the CSS field to customize the appearance further.
  • Auto refresh feed content once every 1 minute, ticker animation (i.e., auto-scroll), control the visibility of elements, projects and widgets management, and more.

How to make a YouTube feed widget

Sign up on the CommonNinja website, create your project, search for “YouTube Feed” from the widgets catalog, and start designing your widget. Watch the video below for a demostration:

YouTube feed widget’s HTML code

The installation of the widget is very similar to Elfsight. The HTML code consists of a JavaScript part and an HTML div element with a class name.

Common Ninja YouTube Feed Widget Embed Code

There is no need to load the JavaScript file again if other CommonNinja widgets, such as Yelp reviews widgets, are being used on the current page.


YouTube video cards (Features Vsauce)


CommonNinja’s YouTube Feed widget creator is free to use. However, the free plan is limited in features, the number of widgets, and views and includes CommonNinja branding on YouTube feed widgets. Paid plans starting at $10 per 5 widgets include unlimited pageviews, custom CSS, and one collaborator.

CommonNinja Pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja’s YouTube Feed widget.

Fouita YouTube Gallery Widget

Fouita is a website widget builder with 50+ widgets in its library, such as a search bar, Instagram Business feed, Video Popup, and Image hotspot.

Fouita’s YouTube Gallery widget lets you create a custom YouTube Channel widget for your website and customize it to resonate with your brand colors & fonts with its visual editor.


  • Templates — Fouita’s YouTube Gallery widget generator has several responsive templates based on use cases and layouts.
  • Source — Fouita only supports one source at a time per widget. That is a drawback compared to others. Enter the YouTube Channel URL or the Playlist URL.
  • Layouts — Four layouts (Carousel, Grids, Masonry, List) allow you to create various HTML YouTube video galleries for your website. You can also customize the settings, such as enabling autoplay and setting the loop and controls of the YouTube player.
  • Card settings — Specify the post-click action upon user interaction and show video details such as descriptions of videos.
  • Triggers — The display conditions and triggering options let you define when and where the YouTube Gallery gadget should appear on a site.
  • Customize appearance — Change the outlook of the widget by changing colors and fonts and using the custom CSS.

Compared to other YouTube widget builders, Fouita lacks customization features and does not have a free plan.



Fouita has got a customized pricing structure for users. It depends on the usage (i.e., the number of widgets and consumed views per month).

Fouita Pricing

Click here to try Fouita’s YouTube Gallery Widget.

Powr YouTube Gallery App

Powr is another coding-free website HTML gadgets provider with 50+ apps in its library. Powr’s apps include the Media Gallery, Popup Builder, Tabs, and Jobs Board.

Even though Powr’s YouTube Gallery app does not have a template (like Elfsight) and customization options (like CommonNinja), it does have options to integrate multiple sources (i.e., multiple YouTube channels, playlists, or other social channels), moderate content, gallery styles, and image cropping.


  • Add multiple feeds — Looking for a way to embed videos from multiple channels with other sources like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest, and X? No worries – Powr lets you integrate multiple feeds very easily.
  • Content refresh rate — You can specify how often the content should refresh. 20 minutes and 3, 12, 24 hours are options.
  • Moderate content — Approve content before appearing on the widget.
  • Customize the design — Change the look and feel of Powr’s YouTube Gallery plugin by changing the layout, size, and colors and enabling likes, comments, and captions.
  • Google Tag Manager integration, custom CSS, and more.

Sign up on Powr, search for the “YouTube Gallery” app, and start designing the YouTube Gallery widget.

Copy the HTML code and paste it on the placement(s) where you want to showcase the YouTube widget. There is no need to reload the JavaScript on the page if other Powr apps, like the Pricing tables widget, are currently being used.

Powr YouTube Gallery HTML Code


The YouTube Gallery app is free to use. However, the free plan has many limitations, such as the Powr branding on the widget, no access to features like multiple feeds, content moderation, and a quicker content refresh rate.

Powr YouTube Gallery App Pricing

Click here to try Powr’s YouTube Gallery App.

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widgio YouTube gallery plugin

Widgio is a site similar to Powr with 60+ plugins for websites to add plugins like WhatsApp Chat to the website and display Facebook reviews on a section of a web page. However, compared to other contenders on the list, Widgio’s plugins are very limited in customization, and the templates do not look stunning and modern.

Widgio’s YouTube Gallery Plugin for websites lets you design a YouTube embed widget for your website with its visual editor.


  • Templates — There are four templates: Video Playlist, Video Slider, Video Grid, and Single Video.
  • Add YouTube videos — You must add videos individually since Widgio does not fetch content based on the channel URL.
  • Customize YouTube Gallery plugin — Edit the title, description, and logo, and add a subscribe button. Also, the widget can be translated into several languages.
  • Playback settings — The YouTube video player can be set up on how to play videos on your site. Options are Play video inline, Large video player, Popup window, and Opens in YouTube website. Also, you can turn the auto-play video on or off, allowing full-screen mode and controls.
  • Styling — Edit the widget size (in px, %, or vm), font sizes and colors.


Widgio’s YouTube Gallery plugin is free to use. However, the free plan is limited to one widget and up to 2,000 views per month, and YouTube Gallery will include a link to the Widgio website. To remove the branding on widgets and increase the monthly view count, you have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Widgio single widgets pricing

Click here to try Widgio’s YouTube Gallery Plugin.

TagEmbed’s YouTube Widget

Tagembed YouTube widget

TagEmbed is a robust platform that provides different tools to create social media widgets (e.g., LinkedIn Feed widget), Review widgets (e.g., Google Reviews widget), social media aggregators (e.g., Hashtag aggregator), and stories (e.g., YouTube shorts, Instagram & Pinterest stories).

TagEmbed integrates with popular platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Webflow, and you can embed any widget through HTML code insertion.

Its YouTube Video aggregator lets you create an embeddable YouTube widget for websites in many ways:

  1. YouTube Channel – Aggregate a collection of YouTube videos and put them on the website using a YouTube channel widget from a specific channel.
  2. YouTube Playlist – Curate and showcase a selection of YouTube videos from a playlist using the YouTube playlist widget.
  3. YouTube Keywords – Create a YouTube video widget for your website based on specific keywords.
  4. YouTube Shorts – Showcase viral shorts using the YouTube shorts widget on a website.


  • Embed all YouTube content — Be it a channel, playlist, shorts, or even a set of videos related to a specific topic, TagEmbed’s YouTube aggregator has all the tools.
  • Customize YouTube widget — Apply different themes in Tagembed’s YouTube gallery widget, add designing elements like banner, CTA (Call-to-action) button, layouts, and more, and use the customization features to change the color scheme, font designs, information display, etc, to customize small details of your YouTube gallery widget.
  • Analytics — Monitor the performance of the Tagembed YouTube Channel Widget by keeping up with details like the post clicks and post views.
  • Content filtering — Choose which videos should appear on the YouTube widget on your website. Also, you can activate the ‘Profanity filter’ that will automatically disapprove all the posts with inappropriate words, which you can find later in the Private Posts section Moderation.
  • Automatic or manual content synchronization — You can either update video feeds automatically or handpick preferred items to display on your website.


TagEmbed’s YouTube Aggregator is not a free product. It comes under the ‘Basic’ plan, which costs $24 per month and offers a 2-hour update time and 10,000 views.

TagEmbed Pricing plans

Click here to try TagEmbed’s YouTube Widget.

Walls.io’s YouTube Widget

Walls.io YouTube widget

Walls.io is a social wall solution for interactive events and social media displays. Its YouTube integration allows you to create a YouTube wall widget for your website, design it as you require with the visual editor, and embed it on any platform by copying and pasting the HTML code.

Walls.io YouTube widget's feed settings


  • Different YouTube sources — Create a YouTube wall based on keywords/hashtags, profiles (i.e., channel), playlists, and shorts.
  • Filter content — The content filter and moderation are part of all Walls.io’s widgets. Select which videos you want to add to your widget and add moderators.
  • Designing options — Walls.io provides six social wall layouts (Carousel, Fluid, Grid, Kiosk, Bricks, Map, and Billboard), fully responsive designs, YouTube feed automatic scrolling, design editor, and CSS customization.
  • Real-time content updates — The Walls.io YouTube widget will update with new content in real time.


Walls.io is an expensive social media aggregator. It does not have a free plan, and the prices start from $55/mo for a single source.

Walls.io pricing plans

And add-ons are available to purchase from your account, of which prices are excessive compared to others.

Click here to try Walls.io.

Onstipe’s YouTube Widget

Onstipe YouTube widget

Onstipe is another social media widget provider. Its collection of widgets includes Instagram widgets, Tumblr widgets, and event walls.

Onstipe’s YouTube integration allows you to embed a channel or a playlist on a website with its widget.

Onstipe YouTube posts under moderation


  • Two YouTube sources — Onstipe supports two connect types: By Channel and By Playlist.
  • Content moderation — Display selected videos on a widget.
  • Customize design — Customize the complete design & feel of your YouTube video widget by editing the colors of tiles, font style, and background.
  • Add shoppable posts and CTA buttons — With Onstipe’s manual post feature, you can add custom content (image, text, video, or promotional content) between YouTube feeds and integrate CTA buttons to promote specific links.
  • Analytics and custom CSS.


The YouTube feed widget of Onstipe includes from and upwards of the Starter plan, which costs $15/mo and offers 100,000 monthly pageviews.

Onstipe pricing

Click here to try Onstipe.

EmbedSocial’s YouTube Feed Widget

Embedsocial YouTube Channel Widget

EmbedSocial is a UGC (User Generated Content) platform with a wide variety of widgets for collecting user-generated content and displaying social feeds and reviews. Instagram Reels, Vimeo, Facebook Feeds, and TikTok Feed widgets are some of them.

Its YouTube widget has different layouts, three feed types, and many customization and content filter options.

YouTube Source Types EmbedSocial
EmbedSocial’s YouTube widget supports three source types.


  • Create 3 types of YouTube feeds — By default, you can display an entire YouTube feed on any webpage that will sync each time you post a video on your YouTube channel. However, with the integration of YouTube API, you can pull videos for specific Hashtags and Playlists and create different YouTube feed widgets for your website.
  • Layouts — Several layout options are available to choose from. They are Carousel, Slider, Slideshow, Masonry, Grid, Popup, Wall, What’s New, and Collage.
  • Customization — EmbedSocial provides several settings to modify your YouTube Feed widget. You can change the feed title, allow new media to be added automatically, modify the post type, order videos by date (oldest or newest first), and use the CSS editor to design a custom feed style.
  • Add custom CTA links — Make your YouTube feeds shoppable with custom ‘Buy’ buttons.
  • Filters — Manually select which videos should appear on the widget.


Even though EmbedSocial does have a free plan for the Feeds module. YouTube as a source is available from the Pro plan, which costs $29/month for 2 sources, 15 widgets, and a three-hour update time.

EmbedSocial Feed Pricing

Click here to try EmbedSocial.

RSS.app’s YouTube Widget

RSS.app YouTube feed widget

RSS.app is a RSS feed generator and builder. It supports many content publishing sources, including content and social media. The YouTube RSS feed generator and its YouTube widget allow you to create an embeddable YouTube feed for your website.

RSS.app YouTube feed widget generator


  • Layouts — News Wall, List, Carousel, Imageboard, Ticker, Magazine, and Feed are available layouts. Layout can be edited to have custom sizes, colors, etc.
  • Styles — Each layout has pre-made styles, and you can also create your own.
  • Filters — Several options exist to moderate content, from hiding older posts to keyword-based filters.
  • UTM tags, custom CSS, and more.


RSS.app’s prices start from $9.99 per month. The free plan is limited to 2 RSS feeds, one widget, and up to 5 videos per YouTube feed. It includes a link to RSS.app and a 24-hour refresh rate.

RSS.app pricing

Click here to try RSS.app.

These plugins can be used only on WordPress. These can be helpful if you want to store data on your server and use cache plugins such as WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache and optimization plugins such as Perfmatters and Swift Performance.

YouTube Embed Plus

Embed Plus YouTube plugin WordPress

Over 200,000 websites use this feature-rich YouTube Gallery plugin, which supports many YouTube video types, includes responsive layouts, and customization options, including custom start & end times.

The YouTube Gallery plugin also focuses on performance with the ability to lazy load with the facade mode (loading a lighter version of the player until it is clicked) and defer JavaScript while serving minified CSS and JavaScript.


  • Embed every YouTube video type — Embed a YouTube Channel or Playlist, YouTube livestream and premiere, YouTube short, or standard YouTube video.
  • Privacy and Consent options — This feature is optional if your site already has a cookie consent bar. But if not, you can turn on this feature to activate GDPR compliance options like YouTube no cookie, YouTube API restrictions, and a customizable GDPR consent message.
  • Auto continuous play — This plugin makes it possible to play one video after the next without requiring viewers to click a thumbnail, which most other YouTube gallery widgets aren’t capable of.
  • Controls — Enable/remove the ability for visitors to have separate videos running at the same time on the same page, set custom start video settings for playlist embeds, custom iOS playback preferences, and turn on or off all annotations by default, related videos at the end, player controls, and closed captions by default.

The plugin is free to use. The free version is enough for most uses, and a paid version ($49.99/year) is also available, which offers additional functionalities and features such as advanced gallery customization, embedding live stream chat, automatic video SEO markups, and alerts on deleted videos and blocked countries.

Click here to download YouTube Embed Plus.

Video Gallery WordPress plugin

This is another YouTube video gallery plugin for WordPress, and Total-Soft developed it. The free YouTube gallery WordPress plugin comes with 16 free themes, 9 layouts, and hover effects and supports unlimited videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and MP4.

Pagination options video gallery WordPress plugin


  • Themes — Create a suitable YouTube video gallery widget for your WordPress site with 16+ themes (in the free version alone). Some are Grid Gallery, Lightbox Gallery, Thumbnails Gallery, Content Popup Gallery, Elastic Gallery, Fancy Gallery, Parallax Gallery, Album Gallery, and Space Gallery. Each theme comes with various image hover, zoom, and hover overlay effects and different arrow icon types, pagination & load more options, popup effects, loading effects, and more.
  • YouTube and other sources — This video gallery plugin lets you add videos from YouTube and Vimeo, Wistia, and MP4 from your WordPress site, making it possible to provide broad exposure to all your content.
  • Generate YouTube Galleries as much as you want — You cannot use a limited number of videos on a YouTube Gallery widget. There is no limit on the quantity of YouTube widgets. With the “TS Gallery” block in Gutenberg and shortcode generator, you can add them anywhere on your website: sidebar, content areas, and footer.
  • Customization options — The plugin offers a variety of customization options, from pagination and loading more button styles, lightbox effects, and image effects to layouts and description text color, size, and text alignment control to create a free responsive YouTube video gallery for your website as you need.

The Video Gallery plugin by Total-soft is free to download and use. It has paid versions with extra themes, layouts, and other customization options. The prices start from $15 per year.

Video Gallery WordPress plugin pricing

Smash Balloon’s Feeds for YouTube

Smash Balloon YouTube feed WordPress plugin

Small Balloon provides social media feed plugins for WordPress. There are dedicated plugins to embed Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok feeds on websites. Its YouTube Feed plugin lets you embed a YouTube Channel, video, or set of videos as a gallery on your WordPress site.


  • Multiple feed options — Whether you want to embed feeds from a Channel, playlist, Live Stream, Premiere, Single Video, Favorites, or a Search based on advanced search criteria, Small Balloon’s YouTube Feed WordPress plugin has the capabilities.
  • Templates — Embed YouTube videos on your website in different ways with templates. These templates possess different layouts such as carousel, list, showcase, cards, slider, and masonry, so you can choose a template and customize it to match your website structure and situation.
  • YouTube widget creator — The visual builder of the YouTube Feed widget of Small Balloon lets you design the feed widget as you want, adding sections like header, videos, load more, and pagination buttons. The widget editor also has color and layout options like specific columns for mobile and desktop users.
  • Filters — Small Balloons’s YouTube feed plugin has options to hide specific videos, base them on keywords & hashtags, and show content based on containing words or hashtags.
  • Lightbox experience — Set player size ratio (i.e., 9:16), call to action which users see when a video pauses or ends (options: related videos, custom link, YouTube default). The Call to action feature might be helpful for you to direct users to a specific page.

The plugin is free to use, and you can download it from the WordPress plugins directory by clicking this link. There is a PRO version available to purchase from the official Smashballoon.com website, and the PRO version has additional features:

Smash Balloon YouTube feed WordPress plugin pricing
  • Display YouTube videos from your favorites list
  • Show live streaming videos with YouTube Live API
  • Display YouTube videos on the website from a search result
  • Convert videos to WordPress posts
  • Health alerts for your YouTube feed
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript support

Paid plans start from $49 per year for one website.

Here are a few more tools to create an embeddable YouTube widget for your website. Even though some of these services do not have as robust features as much as above, they still do the job!

  • TaggBox — TaggBox’s YouTube widget can embed videos from YouTube in different ways: Channel URL, Shorts, Playlist, Keywords, and Location. Furthermore, it offers content moderation options, themes, and customization tools. The free plan is limited to 2,000 monthly views and features. Monthly subscription plans begin at $49/month.
  • SnapWidget — This is another platform that offers social feed widgets for websites. Its YouTube Feed widget is limited to the Channel embed option and has several customization options. The widget is not free and is available on Lite, Pro, and Developer plans.
  • Curator — Curator is a social media feed aggregator that supports 15+ platforms, including YouTube. In the free plan, you can create a YouTube feed widget to display content based on your website’s channel, hashtag, or playlist with up to 2,000 monthly views. Embedding the widget is easier with HTML code or the WordPress plugin.
  • Flockler — Flocker is a social proof and UGC (User Generated Content) platform that provides various tools to embed social feeds (like YouTube) and customer reviews and manage UGC rights. Its HTML YouTube feed widget-maker lets you add an auto-updating YouTube widget (social walls, grids, cars, and slideshows) based on channels, playlists, and keywords. However, the platform does not offer a free plan, and its paid monthly subscriptions start at $55.
  • SociableKIT — This platform provides HTML widgets to embed social feeds, including YouTube platforms, on a website. The YouTube embed widget of SociableKIT supports embedding a channel, playlist, live stream, shorts, and community tab and provides Grid and carousel layouts. The pricing can be confusing as they categorize them as free, starter, business, and elite widgets. All YouTube gallery widgets are not free and are under the “Starter” widgets category, which requires an active paid subscription.

It depends on your requirements. If you want to create a YouTube playlist widget or embed your channel on your website, a service like Elfsight would be sufficient as they are cloud-based, require no maintenance, provide support 24*7, and let you embed the same widget on multiple websites.

Free planYes – 200 viewsYes – 300 viewsNo
Number of templates7164
YouTube embed optionsChannel, Playlist, Single Video, Set of videosChannel FeedsChannel, Playlist, Single Video
Integration of multiple YouTube sources into one widgetYes – Grouping and Tabs for each source is also availableYes, the “Tabs” YouTube Gallery widget template facilitates this featureYes, the Tabs YouTube Gallery widget template facilitates this feature
Showcase AdSense adsYesNoNo
Play modesInline, YouTube, PopupInline, YouTube, PopupInline, YouTube, Popup
Pricing (Monthly)$6 – 5K views, 3 YouTube Gallery widgets$10 – Unlimited views, 5 YouTube Video Galleries, One Team member, $6 – 5K views, 1GB Storage, Unlimited YouTube widgets
Top YouTube Gallery widgets compared among Elfsight, Common Ninja, and Fouita.

Using a third-party service instead of a plugin (for WordPress) might safeguard your site from unknown issues such as plugin conflicts and core web vital problems.

Also, many WordPress visual page builders like Elementor have elements and add-ons to create YouTube video galleries.

However, a plugin would probably be the only solution if your site is heavy on video and needs a dedicated solution with advanced features and functionalities like custom video pages per video with Schema markups. You can also find premium WordPress plugins for video galleries on marketplaces such as CodeCanyon.

Nonetheless, using a third-party YouTube Gallery widget creator allows you to embed it on any website that supports editing the HTML, creating multiple widgets, and managing them – a perfect solution for multi-website owners, freelancers, and agencies.

You can create much more than a YouTube video gallery gadget for your website, such as review widgets, website announcement banners, contact form widgets, and gamification widgets.

Whether you have a YouTube channel or not, embedding videos on your site gives many benefits, from enhancing user engagement, increasing sales by at least 34% for small businesses, and improving SEO to growing a channel on YouTube if you have one.

Since YouTube does not offer embed code for embedding a Channel, Playlists, Livestream, Premiere, or Shorts, you have no choice but to use a third-party tool or plugin.

In this article, you discover the best YouTube gallery widgets. Also, check out these All-in-One Social Chat widgets and plugins to support live chat through social messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

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