Elfsight Form Builder Review: Is This AI Form Generator Good?

When running a business, you will have to use at least one responsive HTML form on your site to collect user information, settle payments, etc. Elfsight Form Builder is one of the many HTML form creators.

In fact, Elfsight’s Online Form Builder stands out due to a few reasons:

  • AI Form Generator – Build multi-field forms by describing them to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) in plain language.
  • Free to use – Elfsight’s Form Builder app is free to use.
  • Customization – Easily edit the widget according to your requirements with the visual editor. Plus, there are a few templates to get you started.
  • 100’s of HTML form templates – Need inspiration on which form to use for your specific circumstance? Check the templates library.
  • Install on any platform – You can install responsive HTML forms on your site no matter which CMS (Content Management System) (e.g., WordPress, Bigcommerce, Drupal, Magento, Ghost, Duda) or website building platform (e.g., Webflow, Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, Clickfunnels) you use.
  • Use on clients’ websites – Elfsight is one of the best digital marketing tools for agencies and freelancers with specific features such as widget sharing with a direct link [to get preapproval from others before publicizing] and widget organization.

In this review of Elfsight Form Builder, you will find out how to work with the online AI form generator by Elfsight, its features, and its pros and cons.

What is Elfsight Form Builder?

ElfSight Form builder

Elfsight is one of the best HTML widget generators, with 80+ apps in its catalog. Its app categories range from social (i.e., social feed, social share buttons) and website tools (i.e., age verification gate, event calendar, Google Maps, back-to-top) to chats (e.g., WhatsApp Chat, All-in-one Chat).

Elfsight Form Builder is one such app with many features and customization options.

Elfsight Form Builder editor templates
Visual editor – Make changes and see them in real-time on your browser.

How to use Elfsight Form Builder

Use the widget builder below to experience the form builder live.

Here are the steps for using Elfsight’s Form Builder:

Visit the Elfsight website and click the “Sign Up Free” button on the top-right menu. Now, you will see a page similar to the following screenshot. Sign up using one of the available methods.

Elfsight create account options
Sign up using your email, Facebook, or Google accounts.

Once registered, search the “Form Builder” app on the Apps Catalog on Elfsight, as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the ‘Form Builder’ app to create a widget.

Find Form Builder app Elfsight app catalog

Now, you will see the visual editor on which you can edit the form widget and change the appearance, integrations, etc.,

Elfsight provides 110+ templates to start creating your form. Some of them are:

  • Contact – Used to make a Contact Us form for your website.
  • Survey – Best to make a customer survey form
  • Feedback
  • Booking
  • Blank – Start from scratch
  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Registration
  • Hotel Booking
  • Appointment Request

Select a template and click the “Continue with this template” button.

Build Form

Building a form on Elsight has become so much easier with the Elfsight AI Form Generator. You can use AI to generate form fields and customize them later. Click on the “Generate Form” button to access the AI Form Generator.

Now, you will see the AI Form Builder on the left side panel.

How AI Form Builder works:

  1. Specify the type of form you want to create – Examples are “event registration form for a veteran meetup,” “Virtual Assistant recruitment form,” “Presentation Feedback Form,” and “Sponsorship Request Form.” AI will use natural language processing to understand your query and generate a form automatically.
  2. Describe the form you want to create – This includes form fields, type of form field, and its values. Ex: Create a Contact Us form with file embed, first & last names, business email addresses, phone numbers, and subject fields. Add a drop-down field with these choices: Support, Sales inquiry, Technical Assistant, Refund/Payment, or Other.

You can regenerate the form with the exact prompt/explanation to get an optimal result. You might get an acceptable form in multiple attempts. Watch the videos below:

Specify form

Here is a video demo of how Elfsight AI Form Generator works by specifying the type of form you want to create.

You can also describe which fields to add to the form with the type of form. Here’s an example prompt:

Request a quote form for digital marketing agency that provides these services: SEO, website building, email list management, local SEO, PR, WordPress services, social media marketing.

Add fields: country, business type (online, offline), industry, number of locations serve, monthly revenue, number of customers and employees

Describe fields

You can also describe form fields and specify options to generate a custom HTML form. The following video shows an example of creating a Contact Us form with a file upload field. You will notice that the AI does not include some fields as described, although I attempted a few times.

However, one critical downside of Elfsight Form Builder is that the AI form generator does not work when the “Multi-step forms” feature is activated. Multi-step forms allow you to shorten the length of forms with multiple fields and make them easier to use.

Multi-step Forms Elfsight Form Builder

Email Notifications

Elfsight allows you to receive a notification email every time someone submits your form and send an email response to everyone who fills out the form.

Also, you can customize the notification message, add multiple recipients, and send CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blank Carbon Copy) to specific email addresses.


The Elfsight Form Builder app provides two layouts:

  1. Embedded – Great for embedding forms on your website as an inline widget.
  2. Pane – Great to display a form widget throughout the entire website. You can set form width, floating button position, etc.,

Change appearance

In this section, you can edit the appearance of the form widget.

  • Color scheme: Choices are Light and Dark.
  • Accent color: Choose the color that will be used on CTA buttons, etc.
  • Style: Choose how labels, etc., should appear on the form widget.
  • Font: Apply from the website (i.e., inherit) is selected by default. But you can choose a preferred font family.
  • Customize elements: Change the appearance of the form widget at the element level. Using these tools, you can change font sizes, borders, spacing, etc.,
  • Custom CSS: Use your own CSS to customize the widget’s look.


Settings Elfsight Form Builder

Post-submit action

In this area, you can specify what to do after successfully submitting the message.

Post-submit actions Elfsight Form Builder

You will have three options:

  1. Show success message: Display a message with a CTA (Call-to-action) button.
  2. Redirect to URL: Direct the user’s browser to a specific web address.
  3. Hide the form

Spam protection

Elfsight uses Google reCAPTCHA service as the anti-spam solution for protecting your forms from spam.

Spam protection Elfsight Form Builder


Change the language of the front end of the HTML form widget by choosing the correct language. English is selected by default. You can choose a local language, and if it’s not available on Elfsight already, edit the names of the form elements.

Localization Elfsight Form Builder

Pre-fill form fields

Elfsight Form Builder lets you pre-populate form field values using URL parameters. It will be helpful if you know some of the user’s data, such as name and email fields, and want to pre-fill them.

Pre-fill form - Elfsight form builder


One of the critical components of an exemplary form builder is the availability of integration options. Elfsight Form Builder app supports Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Zapier. Zapier is an automation that lets you send data to 5,000+ services such as AWeber, Salesforce, Slack, ClickUP, and HubSpot.

Available Integrations on Elfsight Form Builder

However, I would like to see more integrations with Integrately & Pabbly Connect (similar to Zapier), other popular marking services such as ActiveCampaign, and more features such as Webhooks.

Embed code

Embed code Elfsight Form Builder

Copy the embed code and place it on pages and placements where you want to display the form you created.

<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-5df4dcd0-7069-4620-ad3a-cd9938e5170e" data-elfsight-app-lazy

Note: You only need to load the JavaScript file (ending with platform.js) once on your landing pages where Elfsight widgets are embedded.

Form Templates

You can find 100+ Form Builder templates for your website on this page here. It is a great place to discover out-of-the-box HTML forms for your business.

Templates Elfsight Form Builder


Elfsight’s Form Builder app is free to use. However, the free plan (also known as the Lite plan) has certain limitations, such as being limited to one widget and 200 pageviews per month. Its paid plans start from $5 per month (when paid annually).

Elfsight Form Builder Pricing

Elfsight also offers All Apps pack plans. These give access to 84+ applications. Those prices start from $15 per month.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

And if you are an agency, you can subscribe to Elfsight’s Enterprise plans. Check out Elfsight price comparison to find more information.

Pros and Cons

  • Free to use
  • 100+ templates
  • AI Form Generator
  • Visual Editor
  • Two layouts: Embedded, Pane
  • Multi-step forms
  • Email Notifications
  • Post-submit actions
  • Pre-fill form fields with URL parameters
  • Google reCAPTCHA integration
  • Localization
  • AI form generator is unavailable when the multi-step forms feature is activated
  • Lack of form elements such as media answer and signature
  • Lack of 3rd party integrations
  • Cannot pass data via URL parameters
  • No Webhooks and Google Tag Manager integration

Final words on Elfsight Online Form Builder

Among many apps Elsight provides, Online Form Builder is popular due to its ease of use, AI form generator using natural language, customization options, and the ability to install on every website building and content management platform.

However, it is imperfect; it lacks 3rd party integrations to collect payments (from Stripe, PayPal, Cryptocurrency payment platforms, etc.) and transfer data and several form-building features such as conventional forms (like Typeforms).

One of the best things about Elfsight Form Builder is that it is free to use, and paid plans are less expensive than Elfsight contenders, such as Powr (read Powr vs. Elfsight for more details) and CommonNinja.

Want to find alternatives to Elfsight’s Form Builder? Check out these online form creators.

Elfsight Form Builder Review Summary
  • AI Form Generator
  • Customization
  • Features
  • Integrations
  • Pricing


Form Builder is one of 80+ apps provided by Elfsight to create a custom form widget for your website, online store, or blog. Elfsight’s Form Builder includes many features, such as AI Form Generator and Post-submit actions, to help you make a simple and responsive HTML form widget for many circumstances.

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