7 Best HTML Logo Showcase Widgets for Your Website in 2024

Among many methods to demonstrate the brand authority of a website, displaying logos of clients, sponsors, partners, affiliates, and supporters is widely used because it works.

In our previous article on best Amazon review widgets, we discussed how showing Amazon reviews on your website could rent credibility from Amazon and increase conversion rates.

It is the same for displaying logos of your clients, partners, and businesses that endorsed your service. A logo showcase plugin features the relationship between your business and a particular brand.

But how would you add a responsive logo showcase widget to your website?

That is what we cover in this article!

In this article, you will find out the types of logo showcase widgets, the benefits of using a logo slider, the best “no code” logo showcase widget creators, tips to consider when using them, and other recommendations to increase conversions on your website.

What is a logo showcase widget?

A logo showcase widget is a web element that displays a collection of logos on a website. It is often used to exhibit logos of the company’s clients, partners, sponsors, or other organizations with which the company has a relationship.

The logos are typically displayed in a grid or slider format. Users can interact with the widget by clicking on the logos to learn more about the companies or organizations represented.

Here’s a logo carousel widget with the next and previous arrow buttons. Best for websites with minimalistic design or narrow space. These logo slider widgets can be configured to auto-rotate and specify a custom delay time.

Logo carousel widget example
Clients’ logos carousel embedded just after the “Hero” section of a website

This is a logo showcase widget in grid layout format. Best to showcase multiple logos in a web space.

Logo Grid widget example
The featured logos section is placed beneath the newsletter subscription form of a blog in making money online and email marketing niches. Popular brands such as Semrush and WP Engine rent the authority to the site.

Benefits of using logo showcase widgets on a website

Build credibility and establish partnerships

When new visitors land on your website, they likely have no idea how credible you are and who used your service.

Showcasing business logos on a website can help to build credibility by demonstrating that your company has relationships with other reputable organizations. This can create a sense of trust and confidence in your products or services, as it suggests that they are endorsed or used by other reputable companies.

Also, displaying logos in a logo showcase widget can help establish partnerships by highlighting your relationships with other organizations. This can be particularly useful for businesses seeking to collaborate with or establish relationships with other companies.

By showcasing logos of organizations your business has a relationship with, you can demonstrate that it is actively building partnerships and working with other organizations in its industry.

Create a sense of community or belonging

There are many variables that explain why a sale does not occur on your website. Perhaps your potential customers think that even though the services or products you offer look great, they are not for them now.

By featuring the logos of organizations with which your business has a relationship, you can create a sense of connection and shared purpose with those organizations. This can be particularly useful for companies or organizations focused on promoting social or environmental causes, as it can help create a sense of community or belonging among like-minded organizations.

In addition, showcasing logos in a logo showcase widget can create a sense of community or belonging by highlighting the logos of organizations located in the same region or area as the company. This can help to create a sense of local pride and connection among businesses and organizations in the same community.

Promote products or services

Logo showcase widgets can be used to promote products or services by featuring logos of companies that have endorsed or used the products or services. It also demonstrates that its products or services have been tested and approved by other reputable organizations, which can help to build credibility and trust in the products or services.

In addition, logo carousel slider widgets can be used to promote products or services by featuring logos of organizations related to the products or services. For example, suppose a company sells outdoor gear. In that case, it could feature the logos of outdoor adventure companies or national parks in its logo showcase widget to promote its products or services to a relevant audience.

8 circumstances to use a logo showcase widget on a site

  1. Featured in media: When your business is featured in any online press, MSM (Mainstream Media), or local newspapers.
  2. Sponsors: For example, when holding an annual summit or a multi-brand giveaway campaign, exhibit the brand logos of sponsors. Best online giveaway tools like UpViral and PerkZilla let you embed custom HTML on giveaway signup pages.
  3. Partnerships: Business partners that support your common cause.
  4. Clients: Showcase the clients you have worked for to establish credibility. Best for agencies, freelancers, marketing firms, and even SaaS businesses.
  5. Trust Index: Feature the most prominent clients that impress users with their influential names. The widget title can be started as “Trusted by …”
  6. Affiliates: If you are a product owner and want to maximize affiliates’ partnerships, you can display profile pictures of industry-leading or famous affiliates promoting your product or you have worked in the past.
  7. Vendor: For example, if you are a solo ads provider, you can highlight the names of renowned buyers to increase the credibility of your solo advertising business. Check out this Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads to learn more about solo ads marketing.
  8. Supporters: Highlight supporters of your campaign or project on your website.

7 Top Logo Showcase Widgets to Use

Elfsight Logo Showcase widget

ElfSight logo showcase widget

Elfsight is a service that provides different widgets for websites for various purposes, from collecting data to converting visitors into clients. Its plugin library includes 80+ apps. Some of them are Team Showcase, Pricing table builder, Instagram Feed, Age Gate popup, Google Play reviews, Social Feed aggregator, and Facebook Reviews widget.

The Elfsight Logo Showcase is a robust logo showcase widget with many templates, layout designs, and customization options.

Elfsight's Logo Showcase Widget Creator
Elfsight’s visual editor makes it easy to make changes to the logo carousel widget and preview results in real-time.

Key features

  • Display unlimited logos – Elfsight does not limit when it comes to the number of logo symbols you can have on one widget. And you can make logos “clickable” and direct users to a particular business website.
  • 3 layout options – Make a widget that fulfills your requirements
    1. Grid – Logos will be arranged into several columns and rows to be all visible at one glance
    2. Slider – The slider layout will build all logos into one line. You can add various navigation options: arrows and swipe, bullets and pause on hover, and with the Auto slide option, you can change the sliding speed and delay.
    3. Carousel/Ticker – Logos will slide automatically in an infinite Loop. You can also opt for Pause on hover in the settings to allow users to stop the motion.
  • Logo styles – You can leave original colors to keep the authenticity, paint the logos custom color to resonate with your website design or choose the grayscale filter if you need a unified look widget that doesn’t distract attention from other content units.
  • Variable sizes and gutter – One of the issues when creating a logo slider for a website is the different sizes of logos. Fortunately, Elfsight can handle it very well by letting you specify the size of the logo and automatically adjusting the number of symbols to display per slide.
  • Control how the widget looks on mobiles and tablets – Device responsiveness is a much-look-after feature in any logo slider widget creator. Adjust the look independently by setting up logo size and gutter precisely for different types of devices.
  • Header options and add CTA button – Make full use of your logo layout section by improving the header text and Call-to-Action (CTA) button. For instance, you can link to your customer reviews page to demonstrate testimonials from those brands highlighted on the logo slider widget to certify the brand authority.
  • Customization options – Change background (add color or use an image), font family, text colors & sizes, widget size, edit HTML of header content, order logos randomly, or arrange logos manually.
  • Custom CSS & JavaScript, mobile preview, widgets, and domain management, duplicate widgets, and more.

Create a logo showcase widget for website on Elfsight

Use the builder below to create a logo slider, grid, or carousel widget. Choose a template, click on the “Continue with this template” button, upload your logos, edit the details of each logo, customize the widget, and click on “Add to Website” to get the embed code.

Or sign up for free on the Elfsight website, search the “Logo Showcase” app from the catalog, and start customizing your widget.

Here’s a video that shows making a logo slider widget on Elfsight.

Embeddable HTML code

Copy and paste the HTML where you want to display logos on website.

Logo Showcase Embeddable HTML Code Elfsight
Get HTML or request installation support for free

Note: You only need to load the JavaScript file once on a page, and it is not required if other Elfsight widgets are installed already.

<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-b499730b-f917-42e2-996b-bfe72321e77a" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>


Logo carousel with infinite scroll

Logo slider with original logo colors


Elfsight’s Logo Showcase app is free to use. However, it has certain limitations: 200 views per month, limited to one widget, and the Elfsight logo on the widget. Its paid plans start from $5 per month.

Elfsight Logo Showcase Widget's pricing plans

All Apps pricing plans start at $15 per month. Those packages provide access to 80+ apps, including Elfsight Logo Showcase. Learn more.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

Click here to try Elfsight.

CommonNinja Logo Slider

CommonNinja Logo Slider

CommonNinja is another website HTML widgets generator with a visual builder (no code widgets). Its plugins library includes 170+ plugins. Some popular ones are Charts and Graphs, Before and after photo sliders, FAQs, What’s New Popup, Team member lists, Product Blobs, and Google Reviews carousel widgets.

The Logo Slider plugin of CommonNinja provides various customization options, prebuilt skins, an analytics dashboard, and plugin management.

Common Ninja Logo Showcase Widget Creator
CommonNinja’s visual widget editor possesses dozens of customizations.

Key features

  • Hover Effects – CommonNinja’s Logo Slider widget features the ability to pause on hover and add various effects like scale, shadow, opacity, highlight, and more!
  • Two layout options – Slider and grid layout options- let you select the best design for your brand.
  • Carousel Direction & Speed – Define which way to move brand logos and the motion speed.
  • Customization options – Change the colors, fonts, spacing, sizes, and more.
  • Custom CSS, responsive design & device-specific editing tools, mobile preview, clickable logos, integrations (Google Analytics and more) statistics, and more.

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to use CommonNinja’s Logo Slider plugin.


Logo slider (logos are moving right to the left)


CommonNinja’s Logo Slider plugin for website is free to use. However, the free plan includes certain limits, such as limited to only 300 monthly pageviews and one logo slider per account. For unlimited views and more features like custom CSS, you have to upgrade to a paid plan.

CommonNinja Pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja’s Logo Slider.

Fouita’s Logo Showcase widget

Fouita Logo Showcase Widget

Fouita’s Logo Showcase widget is another tool for creating a widget to showcase your logos. It features three layouts and several customizable options.

Key features

  • Three layouts – Grid, carousel and autoplay
  • Customization – Change the width of the widget and colors, sizes, and padding of elements.
  • Triggers – Utilize triggers, conditions, and schedule options to display widgets where and when you want.
  • Manage widget – Fouita has a project feature, analytics, and several widget embedding options, including iframe.


Fouita’s pricing plans are flexible which means you can create a custom plan according to your requirements.

Fouita Pricing

Click here to try Fouita.

Widg.io Logo Showcase plugin

Widg.io Logo Showcase Plugin

Widg.io is another site that provides embeddable widgets for any website. Its plugin library includes apps such as All-in-One Reviews, PayPal Buttons, Discord Chat, WhatsApp Chat, and Testimonial Slider widgets for your website.

The logo Showcase plugin on Widg.io lets you design a logo slider widget using its visual editor.

Widg.io Logo Showcase Plugin Editor

Key features

  • 3 layout designs – Grid, Carousel, and Slider
  • Customization – Personalize the background, upload your own images, and choose preferred colors.
  • Add a CTA button – Highlight the call-to-action button by customizing its colors and font sizes and directing users to any web page.
  • Logo sizing and spacing – Make your widget mobile-friendly by customizing logo size and space for desktops and mobiles.
  • Logo background color – Make the logo background transparent, use the Grayscale filter, or use a specific color.


Widg.io’s plugins are free to use. However, a free account has limitations, such as low views per month and branding on the widgets.

Widgio single widgets pricing

Click here to try Widg.io.

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider and Carousel

If you are looking for a free logo carousel plugin for your WordPress site with powerful features, WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider and Carousel is one you should check out.

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Gutenberg block

Key features

  • Showcase an unlimited number of client logos by category with or without a title
  • Six layouts (grid, slider, center mode, filter, ticker, and list), 15+ predefined design templates, two widgets (slider & grid)
  • Able to personalize sliding speed, autoplay interval, navigation, pagination, slide columns, number of logos slides at a time, etc.
  • Display slider in Loop (i.e., infinite motion)
  • Lazy load option to improve site speed by only calling on loading your images when needed.
  • It supports all the major page builder plugins, such as Visual Composer, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and more.

The plugin is created with Slick Slider and is free to download from the WordPress plugin repository. The Pro version includes extra features such as RTL support, custom CSS, and additional template codes with parameters.

Logo Showcase Ultimate

Logo Showcase Ultimate WordPress plugin

Logo Showcase Ultimate is another free WordPress logo slider plugin used by 4,000+ websites. It features various functions, including the ability to create unlimited logo display widgets in three layouts, logo grouping, sliding direction & speed, logos columns, and Gutenberg block to embed logo showcase widgets anywhere on a site.

Key features

  • Create Unlimited Logo Carousels, Logo Sliders, and Logo Grids
  • Six themes for Logo Carousel, Logo Slider, and Logo Grid.
  • Display unlimited logos with or without the title
  • Gutenberg and Elementor blocks
  • Latest/Recent, Older logos display
  • Auto images resize and crop option
  • You can control the number of logos displayed on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, as well as the shortcode generator, slide speed controls, and more.

Click here to download the Logo Showcase Ultimate plugin.

Logo Carousel WordPress plugin

Logo Carousel by ShapedPlugins is another free WordPress plugin that allows you to build Logo Galleries, logo sliders, and logo carousels for WordPress-specific sites.

Key features

  • 5 customizable layouts: Carousel slider, Grid, List, Filter, and Inline
  • Unlimited logo carousels and use multiple instances on the same page
  • Installation: Add a logo carousel inside your blog posts, pages, widgets, or anywhere else with shortcodes and PHP functions.
  • Personalization: Control widget appearance by customizing logo section title, margin, Logo border width, style, color, and hover color,
  • 3 carousel modes: Standard, ticker (smooth looping with no pause), and center.
  • Logo image hover effects: Grayscale, zoom in, zoom out, blur, and others.
  • Autoplay options: On/Off settings, speed control, stop on hover, Infinite looping for the carousel, show/hide pagination/navigation, enable/disable mouse draggable, and touch swipe.
  • You can change the logo order and order by using the sliding direction of the logo carousel, custom CSS, scripts, and styles, the enqueue and dequeue options, and more.

Here’s a video tutorial that demonstrates the plugin setup.

Click here to download the Logo Carousel plugin.

Best practices

Here are several tips to keep in mind when using a logo slider or logo grid widget on your website.

  • Concern about page loading speed: Logo showcase widgets are static HTML widgets that do not change content based on specific criteria. So, you can compress logos before uploading using a service such as ShortPixel.com, inherit fonts to use in widgets, lazy load images using a cache plugin such as WP Rocket (for WordPress), and defer any related JavaScript codes.
  • Personalize widget: Most logo showcase widget providers provide pre-designed templates to use. But, it is always good to customize them to resonate with your website design, branding, and requirements. Since the first few logos take the reader’s attention, add the most popular brand logos to use space for your advantage.
  • Design matters: When you design a widget, make sure to design it to integrate passively with your theme. For instance, when you add box shadow, etc., it will not look great on a dark background, even if it performs adequately on a white background.
  • A/B test: Utilize a variety of logo widgets for websites, such as logo carousel, log grid, and logo sliders, and customize them with hover effects grayscale filter and test the impact of each one on conversions.
  • Use conversion boosters: Using a logo showcase widget alone won’t make it work. You must use different strategies, tactics, and tools, such as countdown widgets, social proof software, announcement bars, and website popup widgets, and continuously optimize funnels by tracking every click with a tool like ClickMagick.


How do you display customer logos?

1. Select one of these customer logo widget builders.
2. Choose a layout format: slider, Grid, or Carousel. The slider has pagination navigation options and arranges all the logos into one line, while the carousel slides logos automatically in an infinite loop. The grid arranges logos in columns and rows in the visible area.
3. Personalize your widget and embed the HTML code where you want to display customer logos.

Final words on best logo showcase widgets for websites

Showcasing logos of companies that work with you and trust you is an easy way to express trust in potential new customers and establish your company’s credibility.

Whether you want to create a logo slider, logo grid, or logo carousel, all the tools listed in this article allow you to customize a widget according to your needs. You can set the widget size, upload unlimited logos, make them clickable, and use color schemes, fonts, and grayscale filters.

If you are using WordPress, you can use a plugin such as Logo Carousel. However, if you are worried about adding another plugin, use a service such as Elfsight or CommonNinja, as they offer various templates, layouts, and customization options and let you embed logo showcase widgets anywhere on a web page.

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