7 Best Free Instagram Feed Widgets for Your Websites in 2024

This is the ultimate list of the best Instagram feed widgets for websites to embed Instagram posts, reels, and profiles on any website.

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, you cannot ignore the importance of Instagram for your business.

If your business has an Instagram page, you might want to embed Instagram posts on your blog, online store, or landing page to showcase recent posts.

Or you might want to display Instagram posts based on a hashtag, from a specific user, or tagged to a specific location on your site.

In our previous article on social media widgets for websites, we briefly shared several tools to add Instagram feeds to websites. However, in this article, you will find out the top free Instagram feed widgets, key features of demos, and much more.

Best Instagram Widgets to Embed Instagram Feeds on a Website

Following is a list of free Instagram widgets for websites. Features, customization capabilities, and designs might vary based on each platform. You can also find more solutions (that aren’t necessarily free) at the bottom of this article.

Elfsight’s Instagram Feed Widget

Elfsight Instagram Feed Widget

Elfsight is one of the most popular platforms that provide website widgets that can be embedded on any platform. Its widgets catalog consists of over 85+ quality apps to collect data, showcase information, display social media feeds, and add functions to a site.

The best part of Elfsight’s Instagram Feed widget is that you can aggregate feeds from Instagram in four different ways (username, hashtag, locations, and post URLs), embed them on any website, and manage them directly from your dashboard – All without requiring coding skills.

Elfsight’s free Instagram Feed Widget comes with several templates and a visual editor comprising 50+ customization options to make the Instagram widget suitable for any use case.


  • Modern templates — Elfsight is one of the best Instagram widgets in terms of template and designing options. These Instagram widgets are responsive and are created based on use cases. These templates are Profile widget, Grid, Small widget, Hashtag showcase, Post slider, dark profile widget, and Dark small widget. Each template is fully customizable to resonate with your website theme structure and requirements.
  • Flexible Instagram post embedding options — There are four ways to embed Instagram posts on your website:
    • Usernames — This will fetch all the public posts from a public account. If you want to display photos from a personal or business account, you have to connect your account with Elfsight.
    • Hashtags — Best to showcase a set of public Instagram posts based on specific keywords. Note that you can include as many hashtags as you like.
    • Locations — Ideal to embed photos related to a specific location on your site.
    • Post URLs — This option lets you seamlessly aggregate posts you want to highlight on your website via the embedded Instagram widget.
  • Content moderation tools — There might be cases in which you want to display some specific Instagram photos on a website. That is particularly true for any hashtag or location-based Instagram feed widget. Elfsight has two filters to include and exclude posts. Both are active for words or hashtags. You can add as many filters as possible to auto-moderate content. Furthermore, you can sort posts based on the publication date or the list position on the source and restrict the number of posts displayed on the Instagram widget.
  • Layouts — Elfsight Instagram Feed offers two layout options – Slider and Grid. And each layout has its settings, too.
  • Post styles — Choose what your posts will look like by picking one of the predefined post styles. Tile style hides details and demonstrates nothing but your stunning photos, while the classic style demonstrates Instagram post design revealing the name of the user, text, date, comments, likes, and more info. The Instagram widget builder lets you control the visibility of post elements like publication date and Instagram link by ticking checkboxes.
  • Post-click actions — This allows you to dictate what to do once the user clicks on a post. There are three options: open the post in the popup, go to Instagram in a new tab, and do nothing.
  • Popup — Popup mode will open photos in full size and play videos right in the feed, with an active carousel. Easily choose which post elements you want to show in Popup: date, location, user, text, comments, call-to-action, follow button, and more.
  • Add call to action (CTA) buttons — Make your Instagram posts shoppable by integrating custom CTA buttons into posts in popup mode.
  • Customize look and feel — Elfsight offers designing tools to change the appearance of your Instagram feed widget. There are 12 color schemes to choose from, as well as color pickers for parts of the widget. Also, you can use custom CSS to add custom styles to make the widget even better with your creative design ideas!

How to create an Instagram widget for your website

Use the widget builder below to create your Instagram feed widget for free. Choose a template, click on the “Continue with this template” button at the bottom of the editor, add your Instagram sources, edit the widget, and click on “Add this to website” to get the embed code.

Or you can sign up on the Elfsight website, search for the “Instagram Feed” from the app catalog, and customize it as shown in the video tutorial below:

Embed code

Elfsight Instagram Feed Widget Embed Code
Elfsight Instagram feed widget’s embed code

The Instagram feed widget HTML code will have two parts: 1) a JavaScript file and 2) an HTML div element with a class attribute.

Copy and paste the code into your website template, theme, or source editor where you want to embed the Instagram feed widget.

There is no need to re-install the JavaScript code again if your site has other Elfsight widgets installed, such as Instagram Chat, online form builder, and website audio player.



Elfsight’s Instagram Feed widget is free to use, with a limit of one widget and 200 views per month. For more views and Instagram widgets, subscribe to a paid plan starting at $6 per month.

Elfsight Instagram feed widget pricing
The free plan allows one widget and five sources. Monthly subscription plans start at $6, and there are also app packages. Learn more about Elfsight pricing.

Click here to try Elfsight’s Instagram feed widget.

Fouita’s Instagram Feed widgets

Fouita Instagram Feed Widget

Fouita is a website like Elfsight, with over 60 website widgets to upgrade your site and add web components to any site. Its extensive widgets library includes the count-up timer, Google Search bar, Social chat widget, Product image 360 degrees, and Social feed widgets for Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Fouita’s Instagram widget provides several templates based on the layout and design, a visual editor, and customization options.


  • Templates —There are six templates that are created based on different layouts.
  • Edit Instagram web widget — Connect your Instagram account and grant Fouita access to use your Instagram posts. Once done, you will see all your Instagram posts on the widget editor. After that, you can upload a custom profile picture, enter your full name, add a verified badge, create a custom biography, and specify a custom follower and following counters.
  • Layouts — Carousel and Grids are the two available layout options in Fouita.
  • Popup settings — Customize the Instagram post previews that appear on a pop-up.
  • Change appearance — Edit the widget’s appearance by changing colors, padding, and size and showing or hiding elements such as post comments, username, and the following button.



Fouita’s Instagram Feed widget’s pricing is flexible, which means you can decide how many Instagram widgets, views, and media storage you want.

Fouita Pricing

Click here to try Fouita.

CommonNinja’s Instagram Feed

CommonNinja Instagram Feed

CommonNinja is a site similar to Fouita with 150+ widgets such as the Product Catalog, Audio Player, Nudge Button generator, and Image Gallery widget. All of its widgets come with a visual editor and a vast amount of customization options, and CommonNinja also has project management and team collaboration features to manage widgets of each website or brand.

CommonNinja’s Instagram Feed widget allows you to collect and group multiple Instagram feeds into one page and is fully customizable. As such, you can use it to enhance your page’s design.


  • Add multiple sources — This Instagram feed embed widget is not limited to a single source, unlike Fouita. You can add as many Instagram feeds into the widget and group them on one page for easier and quicker access or create a diverse feed with the mixed type.
  • Layouts — Like the YouTube Gallery widget, CommonNinja’s Instagram Feed widget also provides 10 layouts for integrating seamlessly into your overall website design and style. Each layout type offers a different display of your Instagram feeds, and you can also customize the size, spacing, and other settings of your layout to match your design needs.
  • Auto refresh feeds — Are your Instagram feed frequently updated with new content? Then, you should enable the “Auto Refresh” setting to automatically refresh feeds dynamically every 1 minute, which is no other HTML Instagram Feed plugin feature.
  • Ticker animation — When a user lands on your page, the ticker animation will scroll through the Instagram feed. Please note that the widget will auto-scroll the active tab if you have organized Instagram feeds through the “Tabs” layout.
  • Content moderation and display options — Control which Instagram posts should appear on your Instagram feed widget on the website and specify the maximum number of posts to show in the feed, as well as the number of posts to load each time a user reaches the end of the feed.
  • Skins — These are color presets designed to adjust the colorings of elements of the Instagram feed widget.
  • Change appearance — Even though Skins is a quicker way to change colors, Common Ninja’s Instagram feed widget editor has tons of advanced and custom customization options. For example, you can change font family, text direction, colors, font sizes, background, spacing, padding, borders, shadow, and the size of the Instagram feeds widget without any coding. Need to add your own styles? Use the custom CSS field.
  • Miscellaneous settings — Add social share icons to each post on Common Ninja’s Instagram feeds widget, control the visibility of authors, dates of publication, and description, as well as change the date format (relative time or absolute time).

Here’s a short video tutorial on using CommonNinja to create an Instagram widget for your website.


Notice that there is a refresh button at the top right corner, which users can use to update the feed even though the widget is set to auto-refresh every minute.


CommonNinja’s Instagram feed widget is free to use, with a limit of one widget and 300 pageviews per month. For more features like adding collaborators, managing more Instagram feed widgets, and increasing views, you have to upgrade to a paid plan starting at $10/month per 5 widgets.

CommonNinja Pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja.


SnapWidget's Instagram widget

SnapWidget is a dedicated social feed widget solution that you can use to display Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube content on your website. It has got several Instagram widgets:

SnapWidget Instagram Widgets
  1. Instagram Feed – A scrollable feed of content from your Instagram account. It supports displaying photos and videos.
  2. Instagram Popup – A floating popup that displays your most recent Instagram post.
  3. Instagram Slideshow – A slideshow of Instagram photos filtered by username.
  4. Instagram Scrolling – A scrolling banner of Instagram photos filtered by username.
  5. Instagram Board – A responsive grid of Instagram photos, including the user and description of each photo.
  6. Instagram Grid – A responsive grid of Instagram photos. The most popular way to display your photos.


  • Widget types — Be it a grid or carousel layout, you can choose a widget type, change the layout, and create an Instagram widget for your website as per your requirements without coding knowledge.
  • Display it all — SnapWidget supports Instagram photos, videos, and Reels so that you can display it all. Feeds can be integrated via [Instagram] username or hashtag.
  • Filter content — SnapWidget does not provide a content moderation feature where you can choose which Instagram photos and videos to show on. However, you can specifically create hashtags and mentions campaigns where a few filters are available.
  • Edit Instagram widget — There are several customization options in the Instagram carousel widget, such as setting up thumbnail size, prev/next controls, layout, hover effects, lightbox, background color, photo borders, etc. Also, you can randomize posts, block users, add custom CSS URLs, integrate your Google Analytics account, set auto refresh time in minutes, and add custom images with a call to action button.


SnapWidget has a free plan and several other paid subscription-based plans. The free plan allows you to create most Instagram widget types. However, the photo link is set to SnapWidget and has a 15-minute refresh time. You have to upgrade to a paid plan for more features, such as creating carousel Instagram widgets, hashtag campaigns, shoppable images, and opening images in a lightbox.

SnapWidget pricing

Click here to try SnapWidget.



LightWidget is a responsive widget for Instagram that, like SnapWidget, generates widgets with multiple options like hover effects, captions, padding, square crops, hashtag filtering, and more. Each Instagram widget of LightWidget supports breakpoints, so you can adjust how the feed looks on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


  • Layouts — LightWidget provides three layouts:
    • Grid – You can configure the displayed number of columns and photos, profile picture, username, follow button, etc.
    • Slider – This layout generates a carousel Instagram feed widget with navigation arrows and transitions.
    • Masonry – Similar to the grid layout, but you can switch between the original and 1:1 image format as well as add load more buttons and captions underneath each post.
  • Customize feed — LightWidget uses Instagram Graph API and Instagram Basic Display API to fetch and display feeds. So, you can manage multiple accounts and show only posts with given hashtags.
  • Post-click actions — There are four behaviors: Go to post, profile, block click, and open lightbox.
  • Lightbox gallery for Instagram widget — This displays a pop-up/modal with an overlay of the larger version of the image when the user clicks on a picture in your widget. Furthermore, you can use the Lightbox Elements option to control items visible in the pop-up. Items are profile photo, name, username, caption, likes, comments, view on the Instagram button, and navigation arrows to enable navigation between posts. Please note that some elements are only available for Instagram Business accounts.


LightWidget provides free Instagram widgets for websites with unlimited views and no third-party ads or logos displayed on widgets. There are two widget add-ons available to purchase on the website that offer features such as increased automatic content update time, expired token notifications, and support for image formats such as WebP and AVIF.

LightWidget Pricing

Click here to try LightWidget.


EmbedSocial is one of the best UGC (User Generated Content) platforms with various tools to collect, aggregate, and showcase information on your website. It has several Instagram widgets to embed Instagram posts on your website: Free Instagram widget, Pro Instagram widget, and Instagram Reels widget.

The free widget is limited in features and feeds, but it allows you to create an Instagram feed widget for websites based on account and hashtag and embed it on any platform, copying and pasting the HTML code.

CTA Buttons Instagram Feed EmbedSocial


  • Multiple Feeds — Add up to three Instagram feeds to create a diverse feed widget. The feed can be added based on the account and hashtag.
  • Auto synchronization — The free Instagram widget auto-syncs every 24 hours, while paid plans have a quicker period.
  • Lightbox — The popup with Instagram post and next/prev navigation arrows will be shown upon clicking on a post.

The bread and butter of EmbedSocial’s Instagram feed embed widgets are not free. 20+ Instagram Pro widgets include various templates, content moderation tools, card styles, customization options, analytics, and social commerce features to add a buy button to shoppable Instagram feeds.

Instagram Feed Widget Templates EmbedSocial


The free Instagram feed widget of EmbedSocial is limited to three feeds and does not provide much to talk about. If you need more features and customization, including removing EmbedSocial’s logo from widgets, you have to upgrade to a paid plan starting at $29/month.

EmbedSocial Feed Pricing

Click here to try EmbedSocial.


Widbox Instagram Widget

WidBox provides several widgets to embed Google Reviews, Instagram posts, and interactive video widgets. WidBox’s Instagram widget helps you show Instagram posts, stories, and reels on your website and boost conversions and sales by adding call-to-buy buttons to your posts.


  • Set up content to display — WidBox supports multiple profile connections, whether it be personal, author, or business, and you can control the content that appears, from posts and stories to reels, mentions, tags, and hashtags, сustomize update interval, from 3 to 24 hours.
  • Content moderation — You can control which content is visible in your widget by hiding anything that should not be shown. Additionally, you can determine the order of the content that is displayed.
  • Instagram widget templates — Choose one of WidBox’s pre-designed Instagram content display templates and customize it to suit your preferences and requirements.
  • Customize appearance — The Instagram widget generator has four layouts: Grid, Feed, Carousel, and Gallery. Also, you can set the width and spacing of the blocks, the number of columns and rows, customize the background color and each element, and choose and customize the appearance of posts in your Instagram post embed widget.
  • Actions when clicking on a post — Open pop-up with preview, go to the original post on the Instagram website or app and do nothing are options.

Like others, you can add the Instagram widget to your website by copying and pasting the embed code.

More Instagram widgets for websites

Here are more platforms that provide embeddable Instagram feed widgets with a visual editor.

  1. Powr’s Instagram feed app — Powr is a site similar to CommonNinja with 50+ apps for websites. Its Instagram feed app lets you display Instagram posts and other feeds from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, X, and Pinterest. However, its designs are not the most beautiful and modern when compared with others. Read the Powr vs Elfsight comparison article for more insights.
  2. Woxo.tech’s Instagram Widget — Although Woxo’s customization options are relatively limited, they include preset selections, the ability to modify the layout, and the option of a light or dark color scheme.
  3. TagEmbed’s Instagram Widget — TagEmbed is a social media feed aggregator. Its Instagram Feed widget lets you create a responsive widget (with slider, grid, or masonry layout) to embed the latest Instagram feeds on any website.
  4. Mobirise’s Instagram feed widget — This comes with a grid and feed views with autoplay and hover effects. However, the inability to moderate or filter displayed content is a downside.
  5. Curator.io Instagram Widget — Another social feed aggregator service. The free version is less robust, allowing access to only three Instagram feeds and permitting a single feed update every 24 hours with a cap of 2000 views each month.
  6. Smash Balloon Instagram Plugin — If you are looking for a quality Instagram feed plugin for your WordPress site, this one might be the best option. Its visual drag-and-drop editor lets you display photos from multiple Instagram accounts in the same feed or separate feeds. The integration with Elementor and Divi page builders will make adding Instagram feeds to any webpage made with those page builders easier.

The best Instagram Feed widget

So, which one should you use to embed Instagram feeds on your website?

That depends on a few factors.

If you are looking for a reliable solution to create multiple Instagram widgets to use on all your websites as well as clients’, irrespective of whichever platform they are created with or hosted on, then a service like Elfsight would be sufficient as it lets you easily create Instagram widgets, manage them and embed on any platform including WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace and any HTML website.

Another aspect of using an online HTML widget creator such as Elfsight, CommonNinja, and Fouita is that you can create many website widgets such as LinkedIn feed widgets, WhatsApp Chat widgets, and Countdown timers for websites to not only display feeds but also collect information and boost conversions.

However, if you are looking for a dedicated, more powerful tool with features like shoppable images, then platforms like SnapWidget, TaggBox, and EmbedSocial would be the right choices to consider.

Here’s a comparison table between top Instagram widget creators:

Source typesUsernames, Hashtags, Post URLs, LocationsUsername, Hashtags, MentionsUsername
Multiple source feeds in one widgetYesNoNo
Content moderationYesYesNo
LayoutsGrid, SliderGrid, Slideshow, Scrolling, Board, Feed, PopupMasonry, Grid
Custom CTAs in PostsYesYesNo

Final words

With the popularity of social commerce, you cannot ignore the importance of Instagram and its users for your e-commerce business. Whether you have an eCom store or you want to expose your Instagram account to your website users, embedding Instagram feeds on your website can give you many benefits:

  1. Increase user engagement
  2. Improve brand awareness
  3. Boost sales through links in Instagram photo posts and custom CTA buttons

Choose a suitable service, customize your Instagram widget to resonate with your brand color palette and website layout, and filter/moderate content to display only what you want.

Also, check out these YouTube Gallery widgets to embed playlists, channels, and videos on your website.

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