6 Best LinkedIn Widgets for Websites to Embed Feeds in 2024

Being the most prominent social networking site populated mostly with professionals, you cannot neglect the importance of LinkedIn in your marketing strategy, mainly if you involve in a B2B industry.

One of the critical elements of success on LinkedIn is getting an engaged audience that interacts with your posts. According to data, over 930 million people use LinkedIn, marketers see up to 2x higher conversion rates on LinkedIn (particularly B2B sites), and LinkedIn users have higher-than-average buying power (2x) compared to other online audiences, and 40% of B2B marketers surveyed indicated LinkedIn as the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads.

LinkedIn can be a primary driver of quality leads and sales of your funnel if done rightly. In our previous article on the free Google Business review widgets for websites, we talked about how displaying Google reviews can increase conversion rates by renting the credibility of Google.

It’s the same for LinkedIn. When you embed a LinkedIn feed on a website using the LinkedIn widget, you can,

  • Build authenticity to your brand – Adding informative content about customer experiences, user testimonials, and quality of service on your webpage will increase trust among new and returning users.
  • Get new LinkedIn visitors from the web page – Whether you own a LinkedIn company page or a LinkedIn Profile page, by embedding a LinkedIn feeds widget, you can drive traffic to your LinkedIn page and get more followers, build connections, and improve your LinkedIn reputation.
  • Develop and strengthen your business – Your recent LinkedIn activity on a web page reveals many things – The livelihood of your business is one of them.
  • Recruit more talents – By showing the healthy office environment on your LinkedIn company page, you can entice potential skilled candidates to apply for job positions in your company.

But how can you display the LinkedIn activity feed on your website?

You can use an HTML LinkedIn widget that showcases the latest activity on your LinkedIn account (page or profile). In this article, you will find the best LinkedIn widgets, features, and things to consider when using them.

5 action tips to utilize when using HTML LinkedIn widgets on a website

  1. Customize the widget – Most LinkedIn widgets below let you modify the look and feel of the widget by changing the color scheme, fonts, widget size, and more. Make use of all the available tools (including custom CSS) to integrate Linked feeds on your site using the right brand color palette, sizes, etc.,
  2. Take page loading speed into consideration –  The last thing you want is to increase your website’s loading time because of a LinkedIn feed embed widget! According to a report, page loading speed directly correlates with the conversion rate. You can load the widget’s script code (JS) asynchronously and use a script manager such as Google Tag Manager or Cloudflare Zaraz to optimize the widget from your end.
  3. A/B test your landing pages – Find how impactful a LinkedIn feed widget actually is by split testing your landing pages.
  4. Use multiple feeds – Diversify your feed widgets by showcasing posts from other social platforms.
  5. Use other conversion-boosting widgets – Widgets such as embeddable countdown timers, HTML testimonials sliders, and social media widgets and plugins can help improve the conversion rates on lead generation and customer acquisition processes.

Best LinkedIn Feed Widgets to Use Today

Elfsight LinkedIn Widget

Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget

Elfsight is an embeddable HTML widget provider for websites, with over 80 apps in its widgets catalog. Its widgets cover many fields, such as data collection (e.g.: AI Form Builder to create any HTML form widget) to e-commerce tools (e.g.: countdown timer, banners, pricing table widgets).

Elfsight’s LinkedIn Widget is free to use, provides premade templates that get you started quickly, and a visual ‘no-code’ widget editor.

Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget editor


  • 5 layouts – Elfsight provides 5 adjustable layout variants for LinkedIn feed widgets. They are Grid, Masonry, List, Carousel, and Slider. They can all be customized and optimized to work uninterrupted, no matter the digital device, operations system, resolution, and browser you use.
  • Embed all LinkedIn content on your website – Paste your LinkedIn company page URL into the ‘source field,’ and Elfsight will fetch all the content no matter the format, text posts, video clips, images, etc.
  • 5 card styles – The widget builder provides five built-in postcard styles for each case and occasion, from a minimalistic approach to a more complex design. And you can decide which post elements to include, like the author’s name, picture, action bar, post text, and source icon or badge.
  • Content moderation – You can hide reposts from your LinkedIn company page to show the company page’s posts only on the LinkedIn feed widget and utilize content filters to show or hide content by specific criteria such as hashtag, keyword, and specific post(s) in bulk.
  • Post-click actions – Define what to do when a user clicks on a post on the LinkedIn widget on your website. Choices are: Open in popup, Open in social media, or None.
  • Popups – When you choose the “Popup” under post-click actions, the user will see the LinkedIn post content on a popup within the LinkedIn feed widget. Two popup layout styles (Classic and Feed) allow you to define how to display LinkedIn posts. The Feed style offers an infinite scroll with never-ending content that automatically loads up; during the Classic style, only one post at a time.
  • Color schemes – Light and Dark. Choose a suitable color scheme based on your current site template.
  • Customization – From switchable elements (to display/hide specific elements such as the header, CTA buttons, post text, and network button), adjustable widget dimensions to appearance settings to adapt the LinkedIn page feed widget to your site perfectly, you have got many options to edit the widget according to your requirements.
  • Custom CSS, language settings, auto-refresh content, preview widget before publishing, and widgets management.

Display LinkedIn Feed on a website using Elfsight

Use the following widget builder to create your LinkedIn company feed widget.

Or you can sign up on Elfsight, search the ‘LinkedIn Feed’ app on the widgets catalog, and edit the widget. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it inside your Elfsight dashboard.

LinkedIn feed widget embed code

Copy the widget code generated by the widget editor and paste it to your website, where you want to show LinkedIn feeds.

Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget embed code
Unique HTML embed code for LinkedIn feed widget

Tip: Add 'data-elfsight-app-lazy' to the div element to lazy load the widget. When lazy loading is enabled, the LinkedIn feed widgets will load when the browser viewpoint is at the point with the widget location.

<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-23511d74-8f29-4271-8a70-9b944052f3bf" 'data-elfsight-app-lazy'></div>

If your site includes other Elfsight widgets, such as an Elfsight Form widget and multiple LinkedIn feed widgets, you only need to use div element on your site, as the script part is universal.



Elfsight’s LinkedIn feed widget is free-to-use. However, the free plan has limits: 1 widget, 200 views, and Elfsight’s branding on the widget. To unlock more views and widgets and remove the Elfsight branding on LinkedIn widgets, upgrade to a paid plan starting from $5/month.

Elfsight LinkedIn Feed pricing

Click here to try Elfsight’s LinkedIn widget.



Juicer is a social media aggregator that supports 10+ social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube and provides templates, post moderation, and widget customization options.

Juicer LinkedIn Feed widget


  • Templates – Juicer provides eight themes to choose from. They are Image Grid, White, Classic, Widget, Slider, Colored Icons, Gray, and User. Each theme is customizable and comes with different editing options.
  • Content moderation – Filter out posts you don’t want showing up and use automatic moderation options such as profanity blockers and include/exclude words to automate the process. Also, you can get email notifications for posts awaiting approval.
  • Customization – The customization capability of Juicer is a big part of what it offers. You can order posts (most recent first etc.), specify the number of LinkedIn posts to display, the feed display specs (number of columns, width & height of Linkedin feed widget), and enable auto-refreshing, lazing loading images, and so on.
  • WordPress plugin – Generally, you can embed Juicer’s LinkedIn widget by copying and pasting the embed code on your website. However, they also provide a WordPress plugin to expedite the process and make it less complicated if you have a WordPress site.


Even though Juicer’s plans start free, the LinkedIn Feed widget is provided from the Medium plan, costing $19 per month.

Juicer pricing

Click here to try Juicer.



SociableKIT is another HTML website widget generator specializing in social media aggregation. It supports 70+ widget types and sources, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Business.

Its LinkedIn widgets include these widget types:

  1. LinkedIn Page Posts
  2. LinkedIn Profile Posts
  3. LinkedIn Page Events
  4. LinkedIn Page Jobs
  5. LinkedIn Hashtag Posts
  6. LinkedIn Newsletter Posts
  7. LinkedIn Recommendations

Here’s a video showcasing using SociableKIT to create an embeddable LinkedIn widget for websites.


  • Themes – SociableKIT provides several themes with predefined color schemes to change the widget’s outlook. Also, you can change the colors of individual elements in the colors sections of the editing options.
  • 3 layouts – Choose how LinkedIn posts will be displayed on the LinkedIn feed widget. Three available options are Grid, Carousel, and Masonry.
  • Post item settings – Control the visibility of each content on the LinkedIn widget. For example, you can hide comments & like counts and display LinkedIn icons and profile pictures.
  • Moderation – Display posts based on specific keywords.


SociableKIT offers a free plan. Some LinkedIn feed widgets (ex: Page posts, Profile posts, Page events, Page jobs) are offered under a free account. However, widgets such as LinkedIn Hashtag posts, Newsletter posts, and recommendations are put under its ‘Business widgets’ category, starting from $20/month per LinkedIn widget.

Sociablekit pricing

Click here to try SociableKIT.

TagEmbed LinkedIn widget

Tagembed LinkedIn widget

TagEmbed is a social media aggregator that provides several widgets, such as Pinterest Stories, YouTube Stories, and Facebook Reviews widgets. Its LinkedIn widget lets you collect, curate and embed interactive LinkedIn feeds on your website.

Tagembed LinkedIn Feed widget builder


  • 5 layouts – TagEmbed’s free LinkedIn widget has five different layouts to suit most requirements. They are Slider, Grid, Masonry, Gallery, and Sidebar. Each LinkedIn widget layout lets you edit its look and dimensions.
  • Aggregate LinkedIn posts – Display all your LinkedIn posts in one place. Add posts by Company page URL, Profile URL, and Post URL.
  • Content moderation and filtering – Eliminate unwanted and irrelevant content from your LinkedIn feed widget on the moderation and filtering panel to keep the feeds fresh and relevant.
  • Styling – TagEmbed provides a theme catalog in which you can choose a preferred theme to get started. Then there are design options like banners, CTA, layouts, colors, fonts, and more, that help you change the look of your LinkedIn widget.

Here’s a video on how to embed LinkedIn feeds on websites using TagEmbed.


Even though TagEmbed offers a free plan, the LinkedIn widgets are not included. To access the LinkedIn Feed Aggregator, you must subscribe to a paid plan such as Basic (starting from $24 per month).

TagEmbed Pricing plans

Click here to try TagEmbed.

Flockler’s LinkedIn Feed Embedder


Flockler is a website widgets provider dedicated to social proof and UGC (User Generated Content). It supports several sources. Some are Instagram (stories, photos, and images), Facebook (recommendations, public page posts), TikTok, YouTube, and Google Reviews.

Flockler’s LinkedIn Feed embed widget lets you display all posts from your LinkedIn Page, except shared posts originally created by others (since page admin rights are required).

Flockler app Display Layouts


  • Aggregate LinkedIn posts – Flocker provides two options: Automatic aggregation and Manual curation.
  • Multiple layouts – Display LinkedIn posts on a website with multiple layouts. Available options are Wall, Grid, Carousel, and Slideshow.
  • Control displaying content – Moderate which content to display on the LinkedIn widget using content moderation options such as blacklists and the manual approval tool.


Flockler’s pricing plans start from $55 per month.

Flockler pricing

Click here to try Flockler.

Onstipe’s LinkedIn Widget

Onstipe LinkedIn widget

Onstipe is a social media aggregator for websites that integrates with several platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Its LinkedIn widget lets you embed the latest LinkedIn feed on your website automatically.

Onstipe LinkedIn Feed widget builder


  • Moderate content – Moderate your content using manual moderation, auto-moderation, or profanity filter.
  • Add custom content – Add custom content between LinkedIn company feed using our Manual Post feature. Add an image, text, video, or promotional content. Plus, you can make your LinkedIn feed shoppable by adding Call-to-action (CTA) buttons.
  • Customization – You can customize the LinkedIn company page widget using responsive layouts, editing tiles colors, font style and background, and custom CSS.


Onstipe’s forever free plan does not include LinkedIn feed widgets. The Lite plan ($5/month) supports the LinkedIn platform but does not include automatic content updates.

Onstipe pricing

Click here to try Onstipe.

What is the best LinkedIn widget?

It depends on your requirements and budget. If you use WordPress to manage your site, you can use a LinkedIn feed WordPress plugin, such as TagEmbed. However, it’s recommended to use a third-party LinkedIn feed widget as it allows you to:

  1. Not dependent on a WordPress plugin – As several LinkedIn plugins in the WordPress plugins repository are abandoned from development, and some do not provide support for free.
  2. Improve page loading speed – Using third-party HTML LinkedIn widgets instead of plugins allows you to load the embed code asynchronously so that LinkedIn feeds impact very low on your site’s page loading time.
  3. Use the same widget on multiple platforms – Create a LinkedIn widget and use it on any site not limited to the platform.

Also, another aspect to consider is that if you are looking to embed not only LinkedIn posts & company profile but also feeds from your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram, using a widgets provider like Elfsight would be a wise choice as it allows you to not depend on multiple plugins and embed any social feed.

When comparing the best LinkedIn widgets for websites, Elfsight is a cost-effective solution as its free plan lets you embed LinkedIn feeds on a website with up to 200 views per month, and paid plans start from $5/month. Also, several agency plans let you create as many LinkedIn feed widgets for clients’ websites without spending a lot.


Is there a LinkedIn widget?

You can get the embed code for a LinkedIn post by clicking the three dots ••• More icon in the top right corner of the post and getting the embed code by selecting the “Embed this post” option.

Also, you can embed LinkedIn feeds and company posts and add CTA buttons, etc., by creating a custom LinkedIn widget using a third-party service.

Can I embed a LinkedIn feed?

Using a LinkedIn feed widget generator, you can embed LinkedIn feeds into any website.

How do I add a LinkedIn widget to my website?

Here are the steps:

1. Use a LinkedIn widget builder from this list.
2. Choose a template to get started.
3. Enter your LinkedIn profile or company page URL.
4. Moderate which content to display and how to display them.
5. Customize your widget and get the embed code.
6. Place the embed code of the LinkedIn widget on your site’s theme/template/source code HTML editing section where you want to show the LinkedIn widget.

Can you add a LinkedIn feed to WordPress?

You can add LinkedIn feeds to your WordPress site using a plugin or third-party widget provider. Learn more.

Final words on best LinkedIn widgets for websites

As a major social networking site for professionals, you cannot ignore the effectiveness of LinkedIn for sales generation and reputation management. By embedding LinkedIn company feeds on your website, you can convey to your site users how active you are as a business and highlight the company’s culture by showcasing the office environment.

In this article, you discovered the top LinkedIn widgets to embed LinkedIn feeds on a website. Also, check out these social media growth tools, such as ContentStudio, to schedule posts to your LinkedIn company page to make your LinkedIn widgets on websites up-to-date all the time.

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