Top 5 Free Tumblr Feed Widgets for Websites to Embed Posts

Tumblr is a blogging platform with social media networking characteristics where people can like posts and reblog on their Tumblr sites.

In our recent articles on Tumblr SEO, 10+ ways to promote a Tumblr, and methods to getting Tumblr followers, we shared how using other platforms such as blogging sites like Blogger, WordPress, Wix, Brizy, and Squarespace can help in growing a blog on Tumblr.

Also, in our mega guide to best Tumblr plugins and web apps, you can find ways you can integrate HTML widgets to upgrade your Tumblr by adding social media widgets such as LinkedIn company Feed widgets, Instagram widgets, WhatsApp Chat widgets, other add-ons such as Photo Galleries, Portfolios, Visitor Counters, and Weather widgets on websites.

But how would you embed Tumblr feed on another website? Is integrating Tumblr posts of a secondary blog into your primary blog possible? Or how can you embed a friend’s Tumblr posts on your Tumblr sidebar?

That is what you will find out in this article – The best Tumblr feed widgets to display Tumblr posts on any site.

4 recommendations when embedding Tumblr feed widgets on websites

  1. Customize widget – Most services listed below provide templates, layouts, and skins. But you can change the element of each item to resonate with your website theme and brand color palette. Change fonts, colors, and sizes control the visibility of parts of the widget and check the responsiveness before publication. Furthermore, you can utilize custom CSS to enhance the widget’s appearance beyond available options.
  2. Blend Tumblr feeds – Have multiple Tumblr blogs that you want to mix their feeds? Tumblr widget creators below allow you to add multiple sources and even moderate content.
  3. Use a script manager – Tag managers such as Google Tag Manager and Cloudflare’s Zaraz allows you to load scripts (JS) asynchronously and deferred. Thus minimizing the impact on the page loading time. According to many studies, page loading time impact directly on the bounce rate and, henceforth, the conversion rate.
  4. A/B test your pages – Analyze the website user engagement, bounce rate, and conversion rate after and before displaying Tumblr posts on a web page by conducting a split testing campaign, particularly if you use paid traffic in your sales funnels. Also, you can use other conversion-driving elements, such as back-to-element buttons and pop up widgets.

Best Tumblr Feed Widgets for Websites to Use Today

Elfsight’s Tumblr Feed Widget

Tumblr feed widget Elfsight

Elfsight is an online service where you can create no-code HTML widgets for websites and embed them on any site for free. Its apps catalog consists of 85+ widgets in different categories ranging from social feed (ex: Pinterest feed widgets) to Chats (ex: All-in-One Chat and Facebook Messenger Chat).

Elfsight’s Tumblr Feed widget lets you create a responsive, coding-free, and easy-to-use HTML Tumblr feed plugin for your website (that can be embedded on unlimited websites) with its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual editor.

Elfsight Tumblr Feed Widget Builder
Elfsight’s Tumblr Feed widget provides five customizable layouts and lets you edit the width of the widget.


  • 9 Tumblr feed widget Templates – These designs are excellent for creating your widget to embed Tumblr feeds. Those names are Masonry, Masonry Dark (perfect for Dark background Tumblr themes), Timeline, Grid, Masonry Colored, Full Width Carousel, Carousel, Small Widget, and Slider. All these designs are made to fulfill a situation, so whether you want to embed Tumblr posts on a sidebar or homepage as a slider that auto-rotates, Elfsight has got them!
  • Unlimited sources – One of the reasons why Elfsight’s Tumblr widget app is the best Tumblr feed widget creator is you can add unlimited sources into one widget. That means you can embed a variety of posts into a widget and diversify content.
  • Content filters – You can moderate which posts to display on the widget in four ways. Those filtering options are Hashtag, Keyword, Specific Post, and Date. For instance, you can use multiple content filters to exclude posts containing a specific keyword and include posts containing specific hashtags after a specific date.
  • Sorting – Sort posts by publication date or random order.
  • 5 Layouts – Those are Grid, Masonry, List, Carousel, and Slider. All layouts can be customized to enable pagination, navigation arrows, and widget layout direct (ex: RTL (Right to Left)). Also, you can change the widget’s size (width) and add a custom header message.
  • Change appearance – Change color scheme, accent color, font, and customize elements to adjust the Tumblr post feed widget as you want. Also, you can utilize custom CSS to customize the look of the widget further.
  • Localization – The default language of a widget is English-US. However, you can change it to adapt to the core audience of your website.
  • Check mobile responsiveness before publication of widgets, share a widget via URL, duplicate widgets, statistics, and more.

How to embed Tumblr Feeds on a website using Elfsight

Use the free widget builder below to make your first Tumblr feed widget.

Or sign up on Elfsight from here, search for “Tumblr Feed” on your apps catalog, and start creating your Tumblr feed app for your website.

Here’s a video tutorial on creating a Tumblr feed plugin for a website using Elfsight:

Tumblr widget HTML code

Once you have created your widget, you will be given an embed code for the Tumblr feed widget slightly similar to the one shown in the screenshot below.

Elfsight Tumblr Feed Widget Embed Code
Get the embed code for the Tumblr feed widget of Elfsight by clicking the “Install” button on your widgets dashboard

You can add the "data-elfsight-app-lazy" attribute to the div element to lazy load the HTML Tumblr feed widget. When enabled, the Tumblr widget will load once the website user scrolls down to the viewpoint of the widget location on the web page.

<script src="" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-16383758-d561-4702-ac32-c1f086a09270" "data-elfsight-app-lazy"></div>

Also, you can display the same Tumblr feed widget in multiple places on a web page by placing the div code. Furthermore, you only need to load the JavaScript code once, even if you have installed other Elfsight widgets such as PDF embedder, Music Player, and Slider widget on a page.



Elfsight’s Tumblr Feed widget is free to use. Its free plan is unrestricted on features, but views count. Also, the free plan includes the Elfsight logo on widgets. Paid plans start from $5 per month, as shown in the screenshot below.

Elfsight Tumblr Feed App pricing

Also, Elfsight offers All Apps packages in which you will get access to all 80+ Elfsight website widgets, including the Tumblr feed widget. The prices of those start from $15/month and are perfect for people who want to create and manage various widgets under one dashboard. Learn more in the Elfsight price guide.

Click here to try Elfsight’s Tumblr feed widget.

Powr’s Tumblr Feed Website App

Powr Tumblr Feed Website App

Powr is another website similar to Elfsight with 50+ customizable website apps such as FAQ, Scroll-to-Top, Microblog, PayPal Button, and Form Builder.

Powr’s Tumblr Feed app for websites is equipped with a customizable visual editor and features such as automatic image cropping, flexible layouts, and eye-catching hover effects.

Powr Tumblr Feed Widget Editor
Powr’s Tumblr feed app provides three layouts, image cropping and other features.


  • Add Multiple Feeds – Powr’s Tumblr feed widget builder lets you mix multiple social media sources in one combined feed so you can display all your content in one place without creating separate widgets.
  • Layouts – Choose the preferred layout for your situation. Available options are Square Grid, Collage, and Slider.
  • Social sharing buttons on every post – Let your visitors share your Tumblr feed posts by adding social sharing buttons.
  • Content moderation – Approve new posts before they’re added to your website feed or automatically display any new post immediately.
  • Customization – Change the color schemes, fonts, and widget size. Also, features such as image cropping (choose from no crop, portrait, landscape, or square), hover effects, and animations will come in handy to make your widget appealing and more engaging.
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript insertion, checking mobile responsiveness, editing the Tumblr widget after installing from your website (through a popup editor), adding collaborators, duplicating widgets, and more.

Sign up on Powr and start designing your Tumblr feed widget. Here’s a video demonstration of using Powr’s widget editor.



Powr’s Tumblr Feed app is free to use. However, features are limited on the free plans even though views are not capped.

Powr Tumblr Feed website app pricing
  1. Free – 24-hour content update, 1 account/hashtag per feed, 6 posts per account
  2. Starter – $5.49/month – 12-hour content update, 2 account/hashtag per feed, 12 posts per account, Image hover effect, No Powr branding on widgets
  3. Pro – $13.49/month – 3-hour content update, 4 accounts/hashtag per feed, 20 posts per account, Image hover effect, No Powr branding on widgets, Custom CSS & JS
  4. Business – $89.99/month – 20-minute content update, 15 accounts/hashtag per feed, 50 posts per account, Image hover effect, No Powr branding on widgets, Custom CSS & JS, Manual approval

Click here to try Powr’s Tumblr Feed website app.

CommonNinja’s Tumblr Feed Plugin

CommonNinja Tumblr Feed Widget

CommonNinja is another site similar to Powr that provides 100+ editable plugins for websites, ranging in different categories. CommonNinja’s plugins include animated number counters, Telegram Chat, Image Hotspot, Call Button, and Amazon Reviews widgets.

CommonNinja’s Tumblr Feed plugin lets you embed Tumblr posts on a website by designing a beautiful widget with its visual editor.

CommonNinja Tumblr Feed Widget Designer
CommonNinja’s Tumblr widget creator


  • Multiple sources – Create a mixed Tumblr feed widget by entering Tumblr blog URLs. Also, you can edit the content of each source by filtering content based on keywords, dates posted, and hashtags.
  • Layouts and skins – CommonNinja’s Tumblr feed plugin provides 10 flexible layouts and skins based on color.
  • Automatic updates – With the “auto-refresh” option toggled on, the Tumblr Feed widget automatically updates the feed with new posts.
  • Customization – Change fonts, colors, text direction, background, and elements using customization options. Also, you can edit the widget’s dimensions to adjust the widget size to resonate with your website’s theme structure.
  • Control visibility of elements – Show or hide items such as Feed title, refresh button, images, dates, authors, and social buttons from the widget.
  • Open links in a new tab, check responsiveness before publication, custom CSS, share widgets via URL, and more features.



CommonNinja’s Tumblr Feed plugin is free to use. The free plan lets you create 2 Tumblr feed widgets, 1 source per widget, and 8 posts per source, and is limited to 300 monthly pageviews. Paid plans start from $5 per month.

CommonNinja Tumblr Feed Widget Pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja’s Tumblr Feed plugin.

Onstipe’s Tumblr Widget

Onstipe Tumblr Widget

Onstipe is a social media aggregator that supports multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr & more). A social media aggregator is a tool that pulls together social media posts and aggregates them in one place to build a social wall.

Onstipe’s Tumblr widget lets you aggregate Tumblr posts from multiple sources in one place and create a Tumblr posts wall to embed on any website.

Onstipe Widget HTML Code


  • Embed Tumblr hashtag feed or handle feed – Collect hashtag feeds or user-generated content from Tumblr and embed them on your website or Display your Tumblr profile to your website visitors. Both options are available right on your widget editor.
  • Shoppable posts – Make your Tumblr feed shoppable by adding Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons.
  • Add custom content – Add custom content (ex: image, text, video, or any promotional content) between Tumblr feeds using the Manual Post feature in Onstipe.
  • Moderate content – Moderate your content using manual moderation, auto-moderation, or profanity filter.
  • Customize widget design – Customize the complete design & feel of your Tumblr feeds by editing the color of titles, font style, background, widget sizes, and more. Also, Onstipe supports custom CSS insertion to change the appearance further uniquely.
  • Insightful widget analytics, optimized lightweight Tumblr embed code, and more.


Although Onstipe has a free plan, its Tumblr feed aggregator for websites is provided from the Nano plan, which costs $8 per month.

Onstipe pricing

Click here to try Onstipe’s Tumblr widget.

TumblrWidget provides a simple solution to embed feeds from a Tumblr account on a website. It’s a basic Tumblr feed embed code generator without advanced features, templates, customization options, and custom CSS as you found on other Tumblr widget generators above.


  • Embed Tumblr feeds without JavaScript or plugin – This service generates iframe HTML code independent from JavaScript libraries.
  • Customize widget – You can specify the right dimensions of the widget, background & header, footer colors, and show/hide elements such as Blog description, Notes count, and Tags on the Tumblr blog feed widget.


Click here to try

Which is the best Tumblr Feed widget creator?

It depends on your circumstance. For example, WordPress plugins such as Juicer and TagEmbed facilitate the display of Tumblr feeds on WordPress. But, it consumes your server resources and might impact the page loading speed.

If you want to embed Tumblr feeds without a plugin using the HTML embed method, you should use a third-party widget creator. Since there are several solutions (Elfsight, Powr, CommonNinja, etc.), you should try them and choose one that fulfills your requirements.

For example, Elfsight has many templates and customization features, while CommonNinja has different layouts.

However, if you want to use other widget types, such as review widgets, chat widgets, and e-commerce widgets, then Elfsight would be the best HTML widget provider. Powr and CommonNinja’s Tumblr widget creators are limited on features based on your subscription plan. Conversely, Elfsight does not limit any feature; even the free plan got all the features.

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Final words on Best Tumblr Feed widgets

The best way to efficiently integrate posts on a specific Tumblr blog with another site is using Tumblr feed widgets or Tumblr post aggregators. Many listed in this article allow you to display feeds based on hashtag, Tumblr handle (i.e., Tumblr username), and moderate content.

Be sure to take extra measures, such as using a third-party script manager, such as Google Tag Manager, to minimize the impact of Tumblr feed widgets on your website’s loading time.

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