Top 20 Website Audio Player Widgets & Music Plugins in 2024

When you’re looking to host audio on your website, you must choose a feature-rich audio player plugin that can improve the sound experience for your visitors. 

While websites have built-in support for adding audio files, the features may be limited in terms of available formats, playlist support, and customization. In such situations, getting a high-quality audio player plugin can significantly enhance your website. 

If you want to show a sneak peek of your upcoming podcast, share an audio tutorial, or display your music, using a music player plugin makes it easy to put audio files on your website. This helps make your website more interesting for visitors.

Previously, I showed how you can embed a YouTube Channel or an audio playlist published on YouTube on your website. However, in this article, I’ll explore the top audio player widgets and plugins for your website that you should consider to elevate your website experience. 

Before we move further, I’ll reveal what you need to consider before getting these plugins. Also, you’ll get to know the importance of having these audio widgets on your website.

What Should You Consider When Choosing and Using an Audio Player Widget?

When picking an audio player for your website, consider these important things for a smooth and user-friendly experience:

  • Compatibility: Make sure the player works well with your web development framework or content management system (CMS), like WordPress, Wix, Ghost, or Drupal. Make sure the player works well on various web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge to reach a broader audience.
  • Supported File Formats: Check if the player supports the audio file formats you plan to use on your website, such as MP3, WAV, or OGG.
  • Customization Options: Look for players that let you customize the appearance with options like color schemes, sizes, and themes to match your website design.
  • User Interface (UI): Choose a player with a clean and intuitive interface, including play/pause buttons, volume controls, progress bars, and track information.
  • Playback Controls: Check for essential controls like play, pause, stop, next, and previous, and see if there are features like shuffle and repeat.
  • Embedding Options: Look for track player widgets with easy embedding options, which are crucial for sharing audio content on other platforms or integrating into multiple web pages.
  • Playback Features: Consider extra features like creating playlists, displaying album artwork, and integrating with social media for easy sharing.
  • Loading Speed: Opt for lightweight players to avoid slowing down your website, as users prefer fast-loading pages. Furthermore, you can use a script management tool such as Google Tag Manager or Cloudflare’s Zaraz to host JavaScript files and static content on cloud servers located globally.
  • Support and Documentation: Choose Audio player widgets with good support and documentation to assist with issues or customization needs.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure the audio player tool is responsive and adapts to different screen sizes and devices for a consistent user experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Why Should You Add Audio Files to Your Website?

Incorporating audio files into your website is an effective way to make it more engaging for your visitors. Moreover, there are various advantages to having audio files on your WordPress website:

  • Engage Visitors: If you manage a podcast or music site, adding audio files allows you to captivate your audience. You can easily share previews of your latest podcast episodes or music albums, keeping your website visitors interested and wanting more.
  • Grow Your Website: Hosting audio content, such as your podcast, on your website contributes to building your brand and attracting a larger audience.
  • Improve Visibility: When you add a good audio player to your website, it not only makes it look better but also helps improve its SEO rankings and visibility (by retaining visitors longer on your site and increasing returning, direct visitors), making it more noticeable online.
  • Streamline Website Experience: When you add audio files to your website, your audience can listen to the content without leaving the page. They can easily play, pause, and enjoy playlists, making the website experience smoother.

Best Audio Player Widgets and Plugins for Your Website

Elfsight’s Audio Player Widget

Elfsight Audio Player widget

If you are looking for a cloud-based free audio player for websites to embed all your audio files on your websites irrespective of the platform, like WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, and Blogger, then Elfsight’s Audio Player is one of the best tools to integrate music into a website. Since Elfsight is one of the best website widget creators with 85+ apps in its library, such as the Photo Gallery and All-in-one Social Live Chat widgets, when you use the platform, you can use other widgets as well.

Elfsight’s Free Audio Player Widget provides various templates, a visual builder (which requires no coding skills to use), and customization options, including custom CSS (for your own custom styles) and JavaScript (for tracking purposes).


  • Variety of responsive templates — The audio player templates are best suited for starters who want to create an embeddable music player widget for their websites quickly. The available templates are named Music Playlist, Inline Audio Player, Single Track, New Album, Meditation and Ambience, Audiobook, and Nature Sounds.
  • Add unlimited audio tracks — Under the “Tracks” section, you can upload music or audio you want to embed on your site up to 100 MB in one upload. Each track can have its title, artist, and image. You can set the order of each audio by dragging and dropping its placement on the playlist.
  • Provide download capability — You can enable the download button under each audio track, which will let listeners download them.
  • Promote your links with CTA buttons — Another reason why Elfsight provides probably the best audio player widget for websites is that you can integrate calls to action for Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Deezer, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, Pandora, and Tidal as well as add a custom CTA button to promote your podcasts, profiles, and links.
  • Set widget’s layout — There are two options: floating and embed. The floating layout converts the widget into a sticky audio player, which floats when a user scrolls the page, while the embed layout turns it into an embeddable audio widget on the website. Also, you can set the website music widget’s placement (Top Left & Right, Bottom Left & Right) and its width, as well as turn the close button and the minimize button on or off.
  • Adjust player’s settings — Elfsight provides several options to fine-tune the website audio player widget. They are:
    • Player Controls: Turn on or off the buttons of Track controls, Shuffle, Loop, Volume, Progress Bar, Playlist, and player information like image, title, and artist on the player. Also, there are toggle options available to enable the save playing track and progress and shuffle, repeat, and set the volume level by default.
    • Autoplay: Automatically play audio on the website.
    • Playlist: Show or hide the playlist by default, track info, and set the playlist’s height.
    • Message: This section lets you translate front-end messages.
  • Customize Appearance: There are two color schemes available: Light and Dark. The Custom color scheme allows you to edit the background, colors, and fonts. There are even custom CSS and JavaScript fields for further customizing the look and feel of the HTML music widget.

How to create an audio widget for websites using Elfsight

Use the following widget builder to generate your free audio widget. Choose a template, click on the “Continue with this template” button, customize it, and click on the “Add to website” button.

Or you can sign up on the Elfsight website, search for “Audio Player,” and start building your HTML audio player gadget.

Embed code

Elfsight Audio Player Widget Embed Code
Elfsight Audio Player widget’s HTML Code

The embed code for your audio player will be similar to the one below.

<script src="" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-9d1dif36-746c-473b-97ef-71d2c535889b" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>

Your audio player HTML code will contain two parts: 1) a JavaScript file and 2) an HTML div tag with a class name.

If you created a floating audio player widget, copy and paste the embed code before </body> or the footer of your website theme, template, or HTML source code. On the other hand, if you created an embedded audio widget for the sidebar, footer, etc., copy the HTML code and paste it where you want to display it.

On a side note, if your site has other Elfsight widgets installed, such as Elfsight Form Builder, there is no requirement to re-install the JavaScript code. Consult with your web developer if you need assistance related to embedding audio widgets on your website.



Elfsight’s Audio Player is free to use. However, the free plan has limits: 1 widget and 200 views per month. For more views, you have to upgrade to a paid subscription starting at $6 per month.

Elfsight Audio Player Pricing

Click here to try Elfsight’s Audio Player Widget.

CommonNinja’s Audio Player Widget

Common Ninja Audio Player

This is another responsive audio player widget that can be customized and embedded on any website builder or blog hosting platform by installing a piece of code. CommonNinja, like Elfsight, provides templates, a visual widget editor, and many customization options.

Furthermore, the platform is agency-friendly, meaning you can create projects for clients or websites you manage and organize all the widgets, including audio players and other 150+ widget types!


  • Add tracks — Upload audio tracks and provide details like the title, artist’s name, and a cover image. You can upload as many as you want and organize their order on the playlist.
  • Layouts and embed positions — CommonNinja provides four layout options in the audio player widget. They are Classic, Mini, Big Cover Thumbnail, and Bar. You can set its position on the website to make it static or floating.
  • Skins — These are basically color presets for the widget. It will change the look of the audio widget as you choose different options.
  • Customize appearance — CommonNinja’s audio widget is one of the best when it comes to actual customization options. It provides deeper and various appearance controls to change colors, fonts, sizes, borders, margins, padding, and much more. Furthermore, you can use the custom CSS to change the style of any HTML element of the widget.
  • Control visibility of controls — You can easily turn on or off controllers for the progress bar, shuffle, volume, repeat, etc.
  • Settings — A couple of adjustments can be made to your music player widget, such as enabling an automatic track switch, repeat playlist, showcase playlist view, download button, initial volume, and autoplay.
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, API, Google Drive, and video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud

How to make an audio player for your website using CommonNinja

Sign up on the CommonNinja website, search for the “Audio Player” widget, add your audio files, customize the widget, and get the embed code. Watch the following video for a demo.

Add audio widget to website

Copy the embed code and paste it on your website where you want to display the player.

CommonNinja Audio Player Embed Code

Like Elfsigtht, there is no need to re-install the JavaScript part again if other CommonNinja widgets are being used on the page.



CommonNinja’s Audio Player has a free plan with a limit of 300 page views per month, one project, and one widget. For more increased views, widgets, and features like custom CSS, you have to subscribe to a paid plan, starting from $10 per month for 5 widgets.

CommonNinja Pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja’s Audio Player.

Powr’s Music Player App for Websites

Powr Music Player plugin

Powr is a website widget creator similar to Elfsight, with 50+ apps in its library, such as a social feed widget, form builder, and multimedia gallery for websites. Its Music Player plugin for the website lets you add as many songs as you like to your custom music player, supports loop playback, and provides customization options.

Powr Music Player Web App Editor
Powr Music Player Web App Editor


  • Unlimited tracks — Upload music from Soundcloud or MP3 from your computer.
  • Integrate stream links — Embe links to popular music sites such as iTunes, Google Play Store, and Amazon Music.
  • Add buy button link — Powr allows you to accept payments (one-time, subscriptions, and donations) via PayPal and Stripe on your embedded Music widget.
  • Customize widget — Change the look of the widget by changing colors, fonts, borders, and sizes.

How to create a music widget for your website

Sign up on the Powr website, search for the “Music Player” plugin, add your audio tracks, customize the widget, and get the embed code.


The prices of Powr’s Music Player begin at no cost. The free plan is limited to 3 tracks, 5 MB per upload. For more increased tracks, file upload size, and features like buy-links per track and removing Powr’s branding from widgets, you have to upgrade to a subscription package starting from $5.49/month.

Powr Music Player Plugin Pricing

Click here to try Powr’s Music Player widget.

Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player plugin

The Compact WP Audio Player is an excellent choice for WordPress site administrators seeking an efficient and user-friendly plugin for playing audio files. It utilizes a combination of HTML5 and Flash, which allows easy insertion of MP3 files into site content or pages.

It comes with a shortcode function that allows you to effortlessly insert audio files anywhere on the website. The plugin is fully responsive and compatible with all browsers and devices, including Android, iPhone, and iPad. Its capacity to reduce audio file sizes enhances website loading times.

The Audio Player’s compatibility extends to various browsers and iOS devices. You can incorporate an attractive and dynamic player without compromising website loading speed. The plugin supports MP3 and OGG formats.

The plugin enables autoplay and allows users to embed audio files in different WordPress posts or pages. It permits you to preview audio files before buying, and the plugin also facilitates podcast creation with MP3 or Ogg files.

How to Install Compact WordPress Audio Player Plugin

  1. First, click on the download button to download the plugin
  2. Use the WordPress plugin uploader (navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload) to upload the “” file, then install it.
  3. After that, go and click on the Activate plugin
  4. Generate a page or post where you want the player to appear by using the shortcode.
  5. Insert the shortcode anywhere in the post or page, for example, sc_embed_player fileurl=”mp3 file URL”.

Compact WP Audio Player Pricing

  • You can obtain this audio player plugin at no charge by downloading it directly from the WordPress repository.

Download the WP Audio player plugin from this page.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress  Plugin

Seriously Simple Podcasting, developed by Castos, is a highly-rated WordPress plugin catering to both beginners and power users. With easy setup instructions, advanced features, and numerous customization options, the plugin supports over 30,000 podcasts.

The plugin is free to use, and the only possible expenses come into play if you choose to host your audio files with a specialized podcast hosting provider. Just like using a website hosting provider for a seamless WordPress experience, it’s advisable to host podcast files with a dedicated service.

Regardless of your chosen hosting provider, all plugin features are fully functional, providing you with control over your content without limitations.

Any updates you make to your podcast’s information or new episode uploads automatically synchronize with your Castos hosting account. This eliminates the need for repetitive actions and saves time.

In contrast, other podcast providers may require manual updates to your podcast’s RSS feed via your hosting provider account and again on WordPress for information synchronization.

The plugin’s mobile-responsive media player ensures a visually appealing experience for podcast posts across desktop browsers and mobile devices.

You can install Seriously Simple Stats for free to get listener statistics. Monitor total listens per episode, track them over specific date ranges, and identify listening sources. Additionally, you can integrate third-party analytics platforms such as Podtrac or Chartable.

With Castos, you can access advanced analytics that includes details on geographic location, device usage, listening platform data, and the total number of unique subscribers.

However, it’s worth noting that Seriously Simple Podcasting may not read certain metadata fields (such as episode duration and publish date) from third-party hosting providers. You’ll be required to add this information for each episode manually.

Here’s How to Customize the Embedded Media Player

You have the option to choose between a standard compact player and a feature-rich HTML5 media player for your podcast. 

The HTML5 player allows you to showcase your cover art or episode-specific images and customize settings to suit your preferences.

Here are some features you can customize:

  • You can display personalized subscribe links for Spotify, Apple Podcast, Overcast, Google Play, Stitcher, and Pocketcasts. Additionally, include links to download the content or play it in a new window.
  • Episode metadata, such as episode durations and dates published, can be displayed below the player.
  • Customize the background and player progress bar colors to align with your brand.
  • Choose the player’s position either above or below the post content.

How to Set Up Seriously Simple Podcasting

Here’s how to get your podcast up and running:

Installing Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin
  • Navigate to the “Podcast” plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Click on “Add New” to upload an episode and provide its relevant details.
  • In the plugin’s “Settings” under “Feed Details,” input information about your podcast to finalize the RSS feed creation. This includes the podcast’s name, description, cover art, and category selection.
  • Your RSS feed is now generated and ready to be submitted to various podcast directories for wider distribution. It creates an RSS feed that meets the requirements of Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and all other listening platforms.

Seriously Simple Podcasting Pricing

Castos Pricing
  • Essentials Plan is $19 per month
  • Growth Plan is $49 per month
  • Pro Plan is $99 / month
  • Castos Premium Plan is from $499 / month

Blubrry PowerPress


The PowerPress Podcasting Plugin allows you to publish and manage your podcast directly from your website.

This plugin seamlessly works with all podcasting apps and platforms, including popular ones like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music. 

PowerPress supports various audio formats like MP3, M4A, OGA (ogg audio), and OPUS. Besides that, it accommodates video formats like M4V, MP4, WEBM, and OGV.

Notably, it integrates with Blubrry’s podcast hosting and statistics, offering convenient features such as easy uploads directly within your dashboard. 

PowerPress comes with audio and video players, supporting embeds from sites like YouTube. Its new “Skip to Position in Player” shortcode lets you jump to a specific timestamp in the episode directly within the player.

You can easily move your podcast from other hosts or platforms without losing episodes. The import tool supports migration from Libsyn, Anchor, SoundCloud, Buzzsprout, PodBean, Squarespace, or any valid podcast RSS feed.

It comes with search engine optimization (SEO) features to assist you in ranking at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

PowerPress enables you to generate a subscribe page using the subscribe shortcode embed and subscribe sidebar widget optimized for responsive websites, high-resolution screens, and Apple Retina displays. Also, it supports multiple languages and allows emojis to be used for your podcast feed.

In terms of customizations, you have the latitude to place the player’s placement above or below your written content based on your preferences. In addition, you’ll be able to display a playlist of your latest podcast episodes with the [powerpress_playlist] shortcode on any page or post.

How to Instal Blubrry PowerPress

PowerPress WordPress Plugin
  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Log in to your blog, head to the plugins section, and click ‘Add New.’
  • In the search box, type “PowerPress” and hit ‘Search.’
  • Click the ‘Install Now’ link to install the plugin.
  • After installation, click ‘Activate.’
  • Configure your Blubrry PowerPress by navigating to Settings > Blubrry PowerPress page.

Blubrry PowerPress Pricing

You can get the plugin for free from here.

Music Player for WooCommerce

Music Player for WooCommerce - dwbooster

If you’re already using WooCommerce to sell music, this plugin serves as a valuable add-on. The basic plugin is free and provides all the essential features required to integrate a music player into your store.

You can insert playlists into sidebars, Gutenberg, Elementor, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, BeaverBuilder, Visual Composer, and DIVI using widgets. For other editors, you can directly insert playlists using shortcodes.

The Music Player for WooCommerce integrates the MediaElement.js music player into product and store pages. Also, that ensures compatibility with Dokan, WCFM Marketplace, and MultivendorX.

It supports various skins and is compatible with major browsers and mobile devices, adhering to the HTML5 standard. Supported file formats include WMA, MP3, WAV, and OGA, as well as M3U and M3U8 playlists.

The free basic version of the WordPress Directory allows you to add a music player to product and store pages.

The premium features allow you to play audio files securely, preventing unauthorized downloads. You can also specify the percentage of the audio file size to be played in this secure mode.

Music Player for WooCommerce Settings

To set up the Music Player for WooCommerce, just follow these steps:

  • Download the Audio Player for WooCommerce .zip file.
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and choose the ZIP file you downloaded.
  • Click Install Now and then Activate Plugin.

Music Player for WooCommerce Pricing

Music Player for WooCommerce pricing
  • It has a free plan
  • Pro Plan starts at €30



Sonaar is a user-friendly plugin that lets you easily add unlimited playlists, albums, and audio tracks to different parts of your site.

It seamlessly integrates with custom posts created using Elementor or shortcodes. If you’re using the Elementor page builder, adding the MP3 Player widget is simple. 

The plugin is professionally designed and follows UX principles, ensuring an outstanding user experience.

You won’t need XML, JSON, or FTP to use this HTML5 audio player. Just upload your MP3, M4A, or FLAC tracks directly within WordPress. This versatile plugin is easy to work with, making it a great choice if you’re looking to sell beats or music on your website.

You have five options for adding the MP3 player to your website:

  • Elementor: Simply use the MP3 Player Elementor Widget.
  • Gutenberg: Add the MP3 Player block in the Gutenberg Block Editor.
  • Shortcode: Embed shortcode.
  • Javascript API: Use Javascript API
  • Bulk-Import: In the Pro version, choose multiple MP3 files, and it will generate posts, products, and custom posts with just one click.

Sonaar provides a striking waveform bar option that you can showcase beneath any audio player using WaveSurfer.js. The plugin supports limitless colors for the MP3 widget, optional album covers, and social share icons for each audio file.

Additionally, it includes Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons for your audio files, simplifying engagement for your visitors. The MP3 player is fully responsive, ensuring compatibility with desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

For Beat Makers:

This MP3 player stands out as the top WordPress plugin for adding music, loops, and drumkits to your website. It allows you to incorporate download, lyrics, and call-to-action buttons. With the Pro version, you can sell your site’s music files, beats, and sample packs.

For Podcasters:

It is equipped with all the necessary features for a cutting-edge Podcast Website, it supports RSS Feed to create unlimited, highly customizable podcast players. 

Import podcasts from major distributors, add subscribe buttons, show notes, benefit from automatic RSS feed updates, and access a Continuous Sticky Player & Animated Audio Spectrum with the Pro version.

For Online Radio and Streaming:

You can easily listen to live or recorded streams and see important details like the current track title, radio station information, and the album cover image for the currently playing track.

Sonaar Pricing

Sonaar pricing plans
  • MP3 Player PRO Starter $49 annually
  • MP3 Player PRO Business $99 Annually
  • MP3 Player PRO Unlimited $149 Annually
  • MP3 Player PRO Lifetime $399


AudioIgniter WordPress plugin

AudioIgniter is a user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to create music playlists effortlessly. Whether your website focuses on music, lectures, meetings, or other content, the AudioIgniter audio player plugin is ideal. You can craft a professional and attractive playlist in just a few minutes with AudioIgniter.

The plugin has been thoroughly tested on over 150 free and premium WordPress templates to ensure reliable performance across the board. It consistently excels on various WordPress templates.

For those passionate about podcasts or music, adding a player to your site enhances the visitor experience. With AudioIgniter, you have the flexibility to create unlimited music playlists and seamlessly incorporate them into your site’s posts, pages, tabs, and custom posts.

Plus, AudioIgniter fully supports the Visual Composer page builder plugin, allowing you to position your playlist anywhere on the page.

AudioIgniter Audio Player

You have the flexibility to pick from Full, Compact, or Footer Sticky Player styles to match your site’s look. Customize your player by showing or hiding the playlist, changing the track order, and setting the starting volume for a more immersive user experience. Or, you can choose to display track numbers, covers, and artist names, making your playlists interactive and engaging.

It includes bulk uploads, unlimited playlists, and unlimited songs. It has been tested on a wide range of WordPress templates, offers Visual Composer support, and provides access to widgets and shortcodes.

AudioIgniter provides a handy feature that automatically fills in track names and artist information when you upload MP3 files. This intelligent feature minimizes manual input, making your process more efficient and guaranteeing precise, consistent metadata for every audio file.

What sets AudioIgniter apart is its commitment to regular updates, ensuring it stays current, and adhering to coding standards for optimized speed.

AudioIgniter Pricing

CSSIgniter pricing
  • It has a free plan
  • One theme or plugin Plan is $49
  • Developer Club Plan is $79
  • Lifetime Club Plan is $249

Download AudioIgniter plugin from Wordpress.

HTML5 Audio Player

HTML5 Audio Player WordPress plugin

HTML5 Audio Player by bPlugin is a free plugin that has over 26,000 global downloads. You can easily integrate it into your site using shortcodes. 

It allows you to play .mp3, .wav, and .ogg audio files in WordPress. This is a simple, accessible, easy-to-use, and fully customizable audio player that functions on all devices. You can play and embed it in posts, pages, widgets, and template files.

The player is designed to be compact, taking up minimal web page space for a sleek appearance. With inline play support, you can control all buttons. This ensures a smooth and interactive audio experience for your users.

The plugin’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible for all skill levels, eliminating the need for expertise. Its HTML5 compatibility allows embedded audio files to play on iOS devices, expanding your audience reach.

This player works seamlessly on major browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Its responsiveness adapts to various screen sizes and devices, enhancing user experience.

The HTML5 Audio Player is an ideal tool for podcasters to embed audio files within WordPress posts or pages. If you sell audio files, the plugin lets you offer previews, attracting potential customers with a glimpse of your content.

This plugin comes with a built-in Elementor widget, featuring a Sidebar Widget for placing the audio player in the sidebar area. Customize the player’s color scheme to match your theme. The HTML5 Audio Player supports the internationalization of controls.

You can use the autoplay option to start audio playback as soon as the page loads, creating an immediate and immersive experience for your audience. 

How to Use HTML5 Audio Player

  • After installing, find a sidebar menu in the dashboard labeled “HTML5 Audio Player.”
HTML5 Audio Player plugin in WordPress
  • Add one or more players from there. Each player on the list comes with a shortcode. Copy the shortcode for the player you want to publish.
  • Paste the shortcode in posts, pages, or widget areas to publish them. If you wish to publish a player in a template file, use the shortcode accordingly.

HTML5 Audio Player Pricing

HTML5 Audio Player Plugin Pricing Plans
  • Single Site Plan is 3.99 /month (billed annually)
  • 3 Sites Plan is 6.99 /month (billed annually)
  • Unlimited Sites Plan is 26.99 /month (billed annually)

Download the plugin from WordPress from this page.


ZoomSounds WaveForm Player

ZoomSounds is a top-tier audio player plugin packed with fantastic features. Its standout quality lies in the exceptional design options that create an attractive and user-friendly player. It supports mp3, m4a, wav, aac, mp3 Shoutcast radio stations, and live streams.

You can easily access ZoomSounds through shortcodes or the website dashboard, which is similar to free plugins. It supports SoundCloud, allowing visitors to like and comment on their favorite audio.

ZoomSounds is made with HTML5 technology, making it work really well on mobile and smart devices. Installing it is quick and easy, even for people who aren’t very tech-savvy

You can use its API key to play audio files via SoundCloud. Its duplicate playback setting allows you to determine the number of times a track can be played. The plugin offers download options for both playlists and single audio files, with exclusive access for registered users.

ZoomSounds Waveform player examples

ZoomSounds is designed to improve your content’s search engine ranking. It comes with a shopping cart feature for easy monetization of your audio content.

You have the flexibility to add single players or playlists, each with user-friendly admin interfaces. The concept of Player configurations lets you easily set up preferences, such as skin and preload methods, for use in multiple locations.

It has a special feature that lets you add custom buttons, like lyrics buttons and social profiles, using the visual editor. You’ll simply input the shortcode or HTML code, and the buttons will appear in the designated zone.

ZoomSounds Pricing

ZoomSounds WaveForm Audio Player Pricing

You’ll buy it for $25 on Envato Market.

Cue Plugin

Cue WordPress plugin

Cue Plugin by AudioThemes is a new and highly efficient audio file plugin for your website. To use it, simply upload your audio files to the WordPress media editor. 

Once uploaded, you can select the files and add them to your playlist. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to add and rearrange multiple songs.

After creating your playlist, you can copy the corresponding shortcode and embed it on any page or post. 

The plugin gathers and displays metadata for your tracks, offering a detailed list of song names, artists, albums, and more. It works seamlessly on all devices.

The Pro version of Cue comes with various templates that allow you to customize the player’s appearance and include purchase or download links. You can also personalize the player’s background image and use custom artwork for each track

Also, visitors can share playlists with their friends, and you can track visitor interaction with audio files. 

The plugin’s responsive design and the ability to create unlimited playlists make it an excellent choice for music enthusiasts looking to showcase their music on their websites.

Cue Pricing

Cue Pro pricing - music themes and plugins

You can get the free version of Cue from the WordPress repository. If you want the pro version for a single site, it’s priced at $129 per year.


Waveplayer WordPress audio player plugin

WavePlayer is a fully customizable audio plugin designed for WordPress. Its user interface is centered around the waveform of the currently playing audio file.

With WavePlayer, you have the freedom to host your tracks, breaking free from the limitations of most free music cloud services in the market.

It supports HTML5, features a responsive design, integrates with WooCommerce, and ensures site speed and performance without any delays.

The plugin offers a range of features, such as creating playlists, categorizing songs, and integrating with WordPress media sections for likes and track plays. Users can download music, add it to the playlist, customize the waveform, and adjust playback options like repeat, pause, and stop. 

This plugin lets visitors use a product ID or product URL in the player to directly go to the product page and purchase the desired music.

It comes with a native Gutenberg Block and an Elementor Widget. Even if you use a different page builder, you can still add a player with its shortcode.

You can choose from various skins that suit different situations and customize them using WavePlayer’s feature-rich engine. The plugin allows you to have different skins for each player on the same page.

Furthermore, you can upload audio files by dragging and dropping and creating albums on your website while adjusting the volume.

WavePlayer Pricing

WavePlayer pricing on Codecanyon

You can buy it on Envato Market for $28.

Audio Album

Audio Album WordPress plugin

Audio Album is a robust WordPress music player plugin packed with unique features for your website. It seamlessly integrates with your WordPress core files, offering features similar to the default WordPress player but with additional perks.

Its ability to add audio playlists and albums conveniently styled in a single block sets it apart. You have the freedom to customize audio details, player design, background, and more effortlessly. 

The plugin also smoothly integrates with the Elementor page builder, making it user-friendly even for those without coding knowledge.


  • It lets you customize the look and design of your audio player to match your website.
  • Easily add an audio player to any page or post using shortcodes.
  • The plugin supports multiple albums, allowing you to group audio files into albums and display them on a single page.
  • Use shortcodes to add multiple tracks to a single audio player and create playlists for your website visitors.

Audio Album Pricing

The Audio Album plugin is available for free download from the WordPress library.


Fusebox is a top-notch audio player plugin that’s interactive and visually appealing. It seamlessly connects with popular podcasting tools like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and CMS such as WordPress.

This music plugin has a floating bar that can stay at the top or bottom of your website, allowing visitors to explore and listen to your latest episode without distractions.

With built-in email capture, you can easily send newsletters to your listeners. The plugin also provides social sharing buttons for quick podcast sharing. You can control audio speed, add download buttons, and customize colors and artwork.

The player lets visitors browse your entire episode catalog with a user-friendly search bar. For an immersive experience, open the archive player in a new tab. Share the link for friends and audience members to access the full-page view.

If you prefer a simpler approach, the “One player for one episode” feature highlights a specific episode—perfect for show notes, blog posts, or any reference to a podcast episode.

You can display your podcast transcripts on your website for those who prefer reading. Also, that will enhance SEO and engage a broader audience.

Fusebox Pricing pricing
  • Starter Plan is $7.50 per month (billed annually)
  • Pro Plan is $15.83 per month (billed annually)

Click here to try

Elementor Audio Player

Crocoblock Elementor Audio Player Widget

JetElements Audio Player stands out as a top Elementor add-on. You can easily add your favorite music to any page and customize its appearance to suit your style.

For podcasters, this audio player plugin is a handy tool to add audio to your website effortlessly. JetElements supports MP3 format and gives you the option to host audio yourself or embed it from external sources.

Make your audio experience unique by toggling the Loop feature and customizing elements like the progress bar, current time, duration, and volume bar. 

To avoid distractions, you can choose not to autoplay audio, allowing users to turn it on when they want.

JetElements Pricing

Crocoblock and JetElements pricing

It is priced at $43 per annum. And if you want to get an all-inclusive subscription, it’s $199 annually. Learn more from their website.

Audio Player by The Plus Addons for Elementor

Elementor Audio Player Widget by Theplusaddons

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a one-stop plugin that boosts your Elementor page-building experience. This toolkit, equipped with over 120 add-ons, includes an Audio Player widget to embed audio files on your website easily.

With this WordPress mp3 player plugin, you get cool features like music control, volume adjustments, progress bars, next and previous song buttons, and more.

You have the freedom to choose from various styles and customize how your audio player looks. Whether you want a single music file or a playlist, you can engage your website visitors. 

The best part is, being Elementor-supported, it’s beginner-friendly with its drag-and-drop builder, even for those who aren’t familiar with coding.

Key Features of the Audio Player by The Plus Addons for Elementor:

  • It has multiple styling options available for your audio player.
  • The plugin comes with customized player features like typography, size, background colors, tracker design, playlist, volume, and control icons.
  • It lets you either add single audio files or create a custom playlist.
  • You can choose between external links or self-hosted files for embedding audio.
  • Include details like the audio name, author/creator, and a custom audio image.
  • Add on-scroll animations for an enhanced website experience.


Theplusaddons pricing
  • 1 Website Starter Plan is $39 annually
  • 5 Websites Professional plan is $79 annually
  • Unlimited Websites Studio Plan is $169 annually

Click here to try this Audio Player widget for Elementor.

Audio Dock

Audio Dock WordPress plugin

Audio Dock by Themify is a robust audio player plugin for websites that allows you to play music or any audio file on your website. The best part? It’s completely free. 

Once installed, you can easily tailor your playlist in the Settings section, offering features like autoplay, bar settings, and a customizable color scheme.

With Audio Dock, you can add an unlimited number of your favorite tracks, include titles, and choose from various colors for the scroll bar. This not only appeals to music enthusiasts but also benefits artists and musicians looking to showcase their work on their websites.

This plugin is compatible with all WordPress templates, making it usable regardless of your chosen website design. Plus, the plugin lets you add a custom title to each audio file separately.

It is fully responsive, ensuring it fits all screen types. This makes it an excellent choice for mobile users who want to enjoy music on the go. 

Lastly, you have the flexibility to customize the navigation bar and color the audio file icon, giving you more control over the plugin’s appearance.

Audio Dock Pricing

You can download the Audio Dock plugin by Themify for free from WordPress.

CP Media Player

CP Media Player WordPress plugin

CP Media Player is a flexible WordPress music plugin that lets you easily add audio and video to your website.

With this fully customizable plugin, you can create a beautiful audio player by changing colors, sizes, and styles to match your website’s look.

You have complete freedom to add as many audio files as you want, either from your WordPress library or by linking to audio online. Plus, it works with most WordPress editors, not just Elementor.


  • It supports various file formats like mp3, mp4, WAV, WebM, OGG, and M4A.
  • The audio plugin has a responsive design that ensures a great experience on different screens and browsers.
  • It allows you to embed the player anywhere using shortcodes.
  • You can add multiple audio files and create playlists for an engaging website experience.
  • Includes key controls like autoplay and loop options.

CP Media Player Pricing

CP Media Player pricing

Download the free version from WordPress. The premium version is available for a one-time payment of €29.99 on their website.

Osaria Audio Player

Osaria Audio Player App Shopify

Osaria Audio Player lets you easily add a music player to each product on your homepage and product pages created on Shopify. This Shopify audio player app is great for showcasing your audio content and enhancing your customers’ shopping experience. 

This feature allows customers to listen to a preview of your audio products before making a purchase.

Osaria Audio Player Pricing

It costs $3.99 per month. Click here to try Osaria Audio Player on your Shopify store.

Final Words on best music player widgets and audio plugins for websites

Audio content is all over the place nowadays, and if you create content, having the right audio player widget or plugin is important. I’ve done the work to find top plugins or widgets, and I believe there’s one that’ll suit your needs, whether it’s for music, podcasts, or online teaching materials.

Before you go, check out these YouTube Gallery widgets to embed audio and video playlists on your website.

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