Top 7 Websites to Buy Best Cheap Premium WordPress Themes

I get it completely! 😉 

You’re confused with finding best WordPress theme for your blog. 

You have checked all the places you know to buy a good theme that is modern, highly customizable, easy-to-use and of course, affordable.

best premium wordpress themes

Don’t worry. During six years of my blogging, I have used hundreds of different stylish themes for my blog. Therefore, today, you’re going to find my top 7 websites to buy cheap WordPress themes.

Any time I want to buy premium WordPress themes at a low cost price, I go nowhere, but below-mentioned websites.If you are busy and want to know each WordPress themes marketplaces in brief, then check out this comparison table of best WordPress themes websites in 2018.

Thrive Themes

Elegant Themes

My Theme Shop




Creative Market

Theme Updates



1 Year


1 Year




1 Year & Unlimited


1 Year & Unlimited

Lifetime & Unlimited

1 Year & Unlimited

6 Months & Unlimited


Approximate  price of a single theme (Single site license)








Have a Membership program?








Responsive Design








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Note: This is a very brief explanation about each website. Please read particular sections below to know about each one separately. Click here to direct your browser to the List of Websites to download WordPress themes.

10 Things to DO Before Buying ANY WordPress Theme

  • 1Ensure WordPress theme is up-to-date and is updated regularly within a certain timeframe. Check theme’s ‘Changelog’ if available.
  • 2Ensure WordPress theme is relevant to your niche, content, audience.
  • 3Check if theme developer is responsive and you can reach customer support easily.
  • 4Check if WordPress theme is compatible with latest WordPress version, WordPress plugins, and tools
  • 5Check negative reviews of buyers and read them all!
  • 6Check if theme is built for fast loading (ex: minified CSS, JavaScript scripts, compressed images, CSS sprites etc.)
  • 7Find if WordPress theme is 100% mobile friendly.
  • 8Find if there are any hidden fees (ex: for updates, upgrades etc.)
  • 9Check out the demo site or other live websites (if available) to see how it works on your web browsers.
  • 10Read theme description (or sales copy), research online and read reviews to know more about the theme.

Top 7 Websites to Buy Premium WordPress Themes At a Low Price

Websites to Buy WordPress Themes

Thrive Themes

thrivethemes wordpress themes

This very blog, Pitiya is built with Thrive Themes! We here at Pitiya use every one of plugins of Thrive Themes such as Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Comments and also Thrive Focus WordPress premium theme.According to me, I personally believe that currently, Thrive Themes offers the best products and services for WordPress.Thrive Themes currently has 10 total WordPress themes. They are;

Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes of Thrive Themes

Here are some of low cost WordPress themes you can buy from ThriveThemes.

  • 1Shapeshift by Thrive Theme Builder — Build professional WordPress sites with Thrive Theme Builder
  • 2Focus Blog – Professional WordPress Theme for blogging blogs
  • 3Luxe – Minimalistic WordPress Theme
  • 4Ignition – WordPress theme for membership websites
  • 5Minius – Minimal WordPress theme for marketing blogs, writers, authors
  • 6Squared – Multi-purpose WordPress Theme
  • 7Voice – Elegant WordPress theme for Podcasting, blogging, personal-branding and multi-author blogs
  • 8Performag – Magazine style theme for WordPress
  • 9Pressive – Beautiful WordPress theme for marketing blogs
  • 10Storied – Multi-media blog theme for WordPress
  • 11Rise – WordPress theme with clean layout and design

If you run a WordPress blog on blogging, SEO, health, music or even a personal blog for your brand and agency, Thrive themes provide best premium WordPress themes.At Pitiya, we are using Focus Theme by Thrive Themes since it released. It’s very fast, convenient and has every type of setting facility to adjust your WordPress theme as your needs and customize for all cross-device platforms alike.

Here are the Theme Options for Focus WordPress theme.

Thrive Themes Theme Options

Thrive Themes is built for conversions. So, page loading speed is paramount because a past study has shown how one delay in page loading time could lose Amazon $1.6 Billion in sales. Therefore, Thrive Themes is well-built with the idea of fast loading speed for Wordpress and also stylish and smoothness.That’s why you see options for optimizing images and lazy load comments. (even though you can compress images using a tool like ShortPixel, it still is recommended to use this option.)

Thrive Themes Pricing

When it comes to Thrive Themes, it offers low-cost pricing for WordPress themes. For an instance, you could get all themes by subscribing to their membership which not only offers premium WordPress themes for the lifetime of unlimited websites but also 10+ other top-notch premium WordPress plugins too.

Thrive Themes Membership Pricing

ThriveThemes offers lots of plugins for WordPress. Hence, they have membership packages for both website owners and agencies. Check out their membership plans.Personally, I have a Thrive Themes subscription for over a year and that lets me control my WordPress sites’ appearances and build my WordPress sites from scratch very easily. Thrive Architect is my favorite plugin for Thrive Themes. If you are not only looking for cheap WordPress themes but also a good support stuff that helps you 24*7, then I strongly recommend Thrive Themes.

What will You get with Thrive Themes Membership?

  • All Premium WordPress Themes set (Free future updates, ongoing free support)
  • Thrive Architect: The Ultimate WYSIWYG Editor Plugin for WordPress. Read my review of Thrive Architect to know more.
  • Thrive Leads: All-in-one Lead generation plugin for WordPress. 
  • Thrive Comments: Do more with comments on your blog. Thrive Comments will help you for it.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder: Advanced quiz plugin for WordPress
  • Thrive Ultimatum: FOMO plugin for WordPress. Utilize Fear Of Missing Out Scarcity factor to increase email opt-ins and conversions.
  • Thrive Ovation: The Set and forget testimonial collection and management system for your WordPress blog.
  • Thrive Optimize: A/B Test your landing pages inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • Clever Widgets: Display targeted sidebar content based on different blog post categories.
  • Headline Optimizer: Optimize your blog post headlines by doing A/B tests for headlines
  • All Future Thrive Plugins: YES! You get all future WordPress plugins for free!
  • Lifetime Access to Thrive University: Learn building conversion-focused landing pages and tips and tricks with Thrive University.
  • Lifetime Free Updates: If I have seen one thing clearly during the time I have got Thrive Membership, be it regular updates.
  • Exclusive Members Only Content, Courses and Extras: Once you got a Thrive Theme Membership, you will get access to exclusive content such as “Content Templates” for Thrive Architect, Podcasts with high-level marketers, monthly webinars and get Thrive Themes Team to check your website for free.
  • And much more…

Side Note

This very blog post has been created using Thrive Architect. And Comments are Powered by Thrive Comments.

Thrive Themes Pros & Cons

  • Regular updates
  • Theme Options to add custom CSS, Scripts and tracking codes and ability to create multi-level menus
  • Multi-media post support
  • Made for conversions (Distraction-free reading, high UX capability)
  • Themes are bit older (according to my opinion)

Elegant Themes

Premium WordPress Themes by Elegant Themes

You might be familiar with Elegant Themes. It’s because Elegant Themes is one of the most popular websites to buy high-quality WordPress themes. They are in the WordPress market for a while actually. That’s why already over 437,821 WordPress bloggers have used any kind of Elegant Themes theme for their WordPress site.To be exactly, Elegant Themes has a wide range of premium WordPress themes for different niches and industries. A few of them are – internet marketing, blogging, health, music, photography, cookery, arts, news and local business.Currently, at the moment of writing this article, there are 87 WordPress themes ready to download in Elegant Themes.

Here are just a few of them.

Top Premium WordPress Themes of Elegant Themes

  • 1Divi Theme – Perfect for any kind of WordPress website
  • 2Extra – Perfect for bloggers and online-publications
  • 3Nexus – Premium Magazine WordPress theme for technology, news and automobile industries.
  • 4Origin – Grid-based theme perfectly made for artists and photobloggers.

According to, Divi, one WP theme of Elegant Themes library, is one of top 3 most popular WordPress themes in the world. I too have seen many bloggers in different industries are using Divi for their sites. Most of them are agency owners, photographers, cooking blog owners etc.Divi WordPress theme comes with visual drag-n-drop Divi page builder too. (another popular visual front-end editor for WordPress) So, you could design visually appealing websites in a matter of a few hours by yourself very easily.

Elegant Themes Pricing

When it comes to pricing for Elegant Themes, you will find two models.

  • 1Yearly pricing
  • 2Lifetime pricing

At the moment of writing this article, Elegant Themes’ yearly subscription fee is $89 and lifetime access fee or one-time fee is $249.


Concerning value you receive by purchasing ElegantThemes and quality of products, you can’t neglect ElegantThemes deal because if you bought Elegant Themes lifetime deal, each theme only would cost you $2.86! That’s ridiculous, right? Cheapest WordPress themes you will ever find on Internet today by a reputable company.Not only you would get access to all high-quality WordPress themes, but also other premium plugins too such as Monarch (custom WordPress social sharing plugin), Divi Builder and Bloom Email Opt-ins.

What You will get with Elegant Themes Membership

  • Access to All themes
  • Access to All plugins
  • Theme Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited website usage
  • 30-Day Money back guarantee

Elegant Themes Pros & Cons

  • Easily build landing pages using WordPress
  • Divi Page Builder for customers
  • Multi-media post support
  • One-time pricing (best deal for most WordPress bloggers)
  • Premium WordPress Themes at a low-price
  • Most themes are obsoleted.


Premium WordPress Themes by MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop is another top-notch marketplace to buy WordPress themes at low-cost prices.Already over 400,000 people have purchased any WordPress theme from MyThemeShop. Among them, Shoemoney, Matthew Woodward, and Zac Johnson rank above the rest.One key advantage choosing MyThemeShop over other WordPress theme marketplaces is they have 100+ premium WordPress themes in a variety of niches and industries such as Blogging, Business, News and eCommerce (ex: Woocommerce themes).

Here are top 10 premium WordPress themes in MyThemeShop.

Top Premium WordPress Themes in MyThemeShop

  • 1SociallyViral – Viral WordPress blog theme specially made for increasing through social media shares
  • 2Schema – Search Engines Optimized WordPress theme
  • 3OnePage – Single site WordPress theme
  • 4WooCart – Premium WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  • 5Coupon – Responsive Coupon WordPress theme
  • 6JustFit – Premium WordPress theme for Fitness niche blogs

Apart from paid themes, MyThemeShop also offers free WordPress themes too. So, if you are looking for best free WordPress themes to getting started, then I recommend MyThemeShop’s free themes rather than other obsoleted free wp themes out there.

MyThemeShop Pricing

Concerning about MyThemeShop pricing for WordPress themes, there are a few pricing models.

  • 1Individual pricing
  • 2Free subscriptions
  • 3Single site subscription
  • 4Extended Membership

What will You get with MyThemeShop Extended Membership?

  • 16+ Free WordPress Themes
  • 9+ Free WordPress Plugins
  • All 102+ Premium WordPress Themes
  • All 18+ Premium WordPress Plugins
  • 24*7 Priority Support
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • Lifetime Usage
  • HD Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Copyright removal
  • One Click updates
  • Access to PSD Files
  • Support for Clients and Projects
  • Access to All New Products
  • 30-Day Money back guarantee

MyThemeShop Pros & Cons

  • Regular updates
  • Theme Options to add custom scripts
  • Free WordPress themes to download
  • Support for clients and projects
  • 200+ Free and Paid WordPress themes
  • Multi-media post support
  • Some themes are a bit older looking


Premium WordPress Themes by MyThemeShop

StudioPress is a giant when it comes to WordPress themes. It just not only because of tens of high quality, lightweight, and fast loading premium WordPress themes but Genesis Framework, which is one of the most popular frameworks among WordPress bloggers.I have used StudioPress themes such as Genesis Framework and Magazine Pro in past. What I have found especially in Studiopress are;

  • Clean WordPress themes
  • Low sized source code
  • Wordpress child themes
  • 100% mobile-friendly

Here are top 5 Studiopress WordPress themes.

Top StudioPress WordPress Themes

  • 1Genesis Framework – One of most popular Paid WordPress themes with clean, uncluttered design
  • 2Academy Pro Theme – Theme for online course creators, membership site owners, online school owners
  • 3Magazine Pro Theme – Perfect for online publishers, bloggers and artists
  • 4Smart Passive Income Pro Theme – Create a blog like
  • 5Author Pro Theme – Perfect for authors who want to make better online library of books

StudioPress Pricing

Studiopress has two pricing models.

  • 1Individual pricing for WordPress themes
  • 2Membership package

What will You get with Studiopress Pro Plus Membership?

  • Unlimited Access to Premium WordPress Themes created by StudioPress
  • Unlimited WordPress Theme Updates
  • Unlimited Support
  • Bonus Premium WordPress Themes by 3rd Party developers

StudioPress Pros & Cons

  • Clean, uncluttered, beautiful WordPress Themes
  • Theme Options to add custom scripts, tracking codes such as Facebook ads pixel, AdWords Retargeting pixel etc.
  • Multi-media post support
  • WordPress Child Themes
  • Premium Support
  • Wide variety types of Premium themes for different fields such as cookery, photography, fishing, and art.
  • Lifetime Access to all themes available
  • A little theme options compared to others.
  • Lack of flexibility for non-techy WordPress bloggers.


Premium WordPress Themes by iThemes

iThemes is rather a marketplace for WordPress plugins, tools and training programs than a marketplace to buy premium WordPress themes.

iThemes’ main products are BackUpBuddy, iThemes Sales Accelerator, and iThemes Security Pro.

However, iThemes has over 200 premium WordPress themes in different styles for different WordPress websites.Here are top 5 premium WordPress themes in iThemes.

Top Premium Themes in iThemes

  • 1Sheridan – Premium WP theme for your local business
  • 2Brooke  – WordPress theme for writers, authors and bloggers
  • 3Walker – Premium theme for your Woocommerce website
  • 4Madison – Best for cooking blogs
  • 5Meade – Perfect for your next local business website

iThemes Pricing

iThemes has three pricing plans.

  • 1Single site license.
  • 2Developer pack license
  • 3All access pass license

What Will You get with All Access Pass License?

  • All 80 iThemes classic themes
  • Builder Core Theme
  • All 90+ Builder themes
  • Builder Style Manager plugin
  • All new themes releasedfor 1 year
  • 1 year of support and updates

iThemes Pros & Cons

  • 100+ themes
  • Theme Options to add custom scripts
  • Multi-media post support
  • High fees for individual premium WordPress themes
  • No refunds available (check refund policy here)



Themeforest is the #1 marketplace for WordPress themes which are developed for various industries and different purposes. And it is one online marketplace of Envato Network.Currently, there are over 40,000 WordPress themes and website templates from $2! In fact, some of the paid WordPress themes in Themeforest have sold over 100,000 times.

Themeforest is a WordPress themes marketplace where developers sell their themes. Therefore, here are the top 5 paid WordPress themes in Themeforest ordered by the popularity.

Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes in Themeforest

  • 1Avada – #1 Best selling WordPress theme in the all time with over 400,000 customers!
  • 2X The Theme – Another popular premium WordPress theme with 100’s of pre-made templates
  • 3BeTheme – Premium multi-purpose WordPress theme with over 300 ready-to-use site templates
  • 4Enfold – Another popular multi-purpose WordPress theme
  • 5Bridge – Creative Multi-purpose WordPress theme

Avada and The X Theme are top two WordPress premium themes in Themeforest. For just under $70, you could get all features and tools provided by each theme. For example, Fusion Builder is another top visual page builder for WordPress. You will get it for free when you buy Avada theme.Similarly, The X Theme also has an in-house visual front end page editor which is known as “Cornerstone”.

Themeforest Pricing

Pricing is different from theme to theme. Most WordPress themes’ pricing starts at $40, plus more fees for ongoing support.

Theme Pricing: Themeforest

As you see in above screenshot of X Theme pricing, there are one addon and two license models (only Regular license is shown) on each page.

  1. Extend support to 12 months
  2. Regular or Extended License (learn more about licenses in Themeforest over here)

Themeforest Pros & Cons

  • 1000’s of high quality WordPress themes to choose from different categories
  • Cheap WordPress themes with different styles, layouts, features and theme options
  • Regular updates
  • Regular upgrades
  • Some WordPress paid themes in Themeforest have hundreds of pre-made templates
  • 1 Year free support (for most themes)
  • Increase quality over time (because, theme developers develop theme regularly than designing new ones)
  • Tons of addons comes with some premium WP themes such Fusion builder
  • Theme Options to add custom CSS, Scripts and tracking codes
  • Social share widgets integration
  • Multi-media post support
  • And more…
  • No lifetime support

Creative Market

WordPress Themes by Creative Market

CreativeMarket is another website to buy WordPress themes at a cheap price. Currently, there are over 3,500 WordPress themes for a different type of sites such as shopping blogs, e-commerce websites, portfolio sites, wedding websites and photography blogs.I think CreativeMarket doesn’t get the attention as it should be, so prices of premium WordPress themes are low compared to Themeforest.Here are top 10 premium WordPress themes in Creative Market sorted by the popularity.

Best Premium WordPress Themes in Creative Market

  • 1Oleander – A Blog and Shop Theme
  • 2Corinne – A Theme for Entrepreneurs
  • 3Oceanoid – Travel and Lifestyle theme for WordPress
  • 4Grace – Minimal WordPress Blog Theme
  • 5Inspired – Feminine WordPress Theme
  • 6Exposure – Photography WP Theme
  • 7Verity Pro – Portfolio & Blog Theme
  • 8Writers Premium – WordPress Theme for Writers
  • 9Frank – Wordpress Portfolio Theme
  • 10Hello – Resume WordPress Theme

Creative Market Pros & Cons

  • Regular updates
  • Theme Options to add custom CSS, JavaScript and tracking codes
  • Premium WordPress themes for cheap prices
  • Free WordPress themes
  • Multi-media post support
  • Most themes are made by single developers, not teams, companies or agencies

13 Things to Do After Purchasing Premium WordPress Themes

Before Installing WordPress Theme,

  • Full backup your blog: Weird things could be happened to any person, you know. Without doubting whether backing up your blog is necessary or becoming lazy, get a full copy of your WordPress site! Learn how to back up your WordPress site over here.
  • Read Theme Documentations: Some paid WordPress themes have special documentations on how theme works and what requirements are needed. For example, WordPress version, plugins, PHP version and WordPress hosting capabilities so on. Make sure you have read theme documentation file(s) after buying WordPress themes.
  • Create a staging area: Most WordPress related web hosting services let you create staging areas. Staging area is a web space on your service which allows you to do tests or experiments with your website. That’s how big websites do their tests without damaging main site. Creating staging environment for your WordPress site would be really helpful if your site has lots of content in different types and uses several plugins. If your web hosting service doesn’t provide staging facilities, then I suggest check out these methods to test driving WordPress.
  • Check if there is any custom CSS or JavaScript code in your existing WordPress theme: This step is very essential as custom codes such as tracking scripts and CSS codes won’t affect when you install new WordPress theme.
  • Do a speed test (optional): Google has expressed publicly that they are using page speed as a ranking factor. If you are aware of your Google keyword rankings for individual pages, you might have already know that pages that web pages that take a longer period of time to load rank lower in search engine result pages. Use tools like Google Page Speed Insight (you can access it directly if you’ve submitted your website to Google), GTMetrix, Pingdom tools and etc.

When Installing WordPress Theme,

  • If you created a staging area, install your WordPress theme through uploading the ZIP file.
  • If you are you going to install premium WordPress theme straightly, then do NOT change any WordPress setting. Wait until WordPress theme is installed.

After Installing WordPress Theme,

  • Preview your WordPress site in your browser. (It’s better off viewing your site in an Incognito window (in Google Chrome) or in a Private Window (in Mozilla FireFox) because sometimes some options won’t work or effect in normal browser windows as you have logged into WordPress Admin)
  • If there’s something missing like primary menu bar, home page sections, website logo etc, correct them. I also recommend view a blog post to see whether everything is looking normal.
  • Check your WordPress site on a mobile device: If you don’t have a mobile device or want to check your website’s cross-device compatibility, then I suggest use a service like Cross Browser Testing or Browserstack. Or even you could use browser developer tools (ex: Device Mode in Google Chrome) to see how your website looks like in different devices.
  • Reinstall any script or any plugin necessary: This is straightforward as you might want to reinstall scripts like Facebook retargeting pixels and AdWords conversion tags on your blog or website.
  • Compress Images in WordPress library: Some graphics in your premium WordPress theme might have not been compressed well, even through it’s a ‘Premium WordPress theme‘. That’s why I recommend a service such as ShortPixel for tasks like that. ShortPixel also has a plugin for WordPress and it’s prices are very cheap. Check my review for ShortPixel to know more uses, features, pros and cons.
  • Run a speed test: If you have followed the fifth tip under before installing WordPress theme part, then it will be very handy to rerun the speed test again because you can compare results and take necessary decisions. Pay your attention to waterfalls of each report and see if there’s any object, script that takes a longer time to load or doesn’t load. These factors increase page loading time and are bad for a good user experience and so decrease your search engine rankings ultimately. Download this PDF to know principles of mobile web design.

Conclusion on Cheap Premium WordPress Themes

Buying a WordPress theme for your blog or website might be hard choice you will encounter after choosing a good domain name. Because there are lots of factors involved in choosing a good theme.

What most confusing is when there are tons of websites to purchase premium WordPress themes and most have outdated or unoptimized themes for current technologies.

Internet evolves faster than ever. Smart phones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart refrigerators and what’s more?

You should be ready for current happenings and rectify your web design plans according them.

Unless you don’t buy themes from reputable marketplace, you can’t expect nothing more than losing your business revenue.

Everyone know Google uses User Experience to rank websites on Google.

The best way to stay on the game and be competitive is choosing a good premium WordPress theme. Although there are millions of free WordPress themes, you and me know there’s nothing free in real life and business world.

So, next time a friend of yours asked the best place to buy WordPress themes, provide these sites.

My top marketplaces to buy premium WordPress themes are,

  1. Thrive Themes
  2. Elegant Themes
  3. My Theme Shop
  4. StudioPress
  5. iThemes
  6. Themeforest
  7. Creative Market

So, what is your best website to buy premium WordPress themes?

premium wordpress themes

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