How to Sell Solo Ads (And Earn Money): The Beginners’ Guide

This is a complete guide on how to sell solo ads online and make money for beginners.

In a previous tutorial, I talked about how to become a Solo ads reseller and make money with the Solo ads arbitrage model.

However, in this guide, you will find everything you need to start a solo ad business from scratch. And how to grow it to make a sustainable income.

One of the best ways to make a passive income online is by selling solo ads. Here is why:

  • It’s a beginners’ friendly way to make money. Or in other words, no requirements such as coding skills are needed. (But if you have some of those, it’ll always be helpful!)
  • Once you start selling email traffic to others, it becomes easier for you. You could make more money by offering additional services such as landing page creations, consultation on how to make the most with purchased solo ads traffic, etc.
  • Scalable. You can start selling just 50 clicks solo ads package and go up to packages such as 1,000 clicks or even 10,000 clicks (yes, there are professional, full-time solo ads vendors who sell high volume clicks.)
  • Make more money through other ways with your list. In selling solo ad traffic, you are actually selling a product or service to your list. Therefore, you do not lose traffic because you are just one email broadcast away from contacting your subscribers. So, you can make extra income online with additional promotions such as affiliate offers, pay-per-click offers, lead generation offers, etc.
  • The Solo ads industry does not change frequently. Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where you have to rely on Google and use a robust SEO tool like Semrush to keep up with “new techniques” to stay in business, the Solo ads industry is all about selling quality traffic through email marketing. Email marketing hasn’t changed rapidly concerning other online marketing schemes, but how you do it.
  • Higher profit margins. Due to the nature of the solo ads business, you have control over the pricing structure and, therefore, the profit margins you’d make. Want to make more money? Categorize your packages based on country tiers and charge a high CPC (Cost-per-click) fee for tier 1 country traffic. (e.g., United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
  • Your list = Your business asset of solo ads venture. At the end of the day, you are in full control.

In this beginners guide, you will learn:

  • What you need to have to start a solo ads business
  • How to get started
  • How to build your list fast and some traffic generation strategies to take your solo ads business to the next level so that you have the edge over others
  • One THING that will make a significant difference in your business
  • And a lot more…

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How to Start a Solo Ad Business


What You NEED to Start a Solo ads Business

You need one thing to start any business venture, either online or offline. That is pretty common.


Yes, you need money. But not hundreds of thousands. But a few hundred dollars would be enough.

Like you need to have a web hosting to start a blog, to start selling solo ads online, and make passive income, you need to have access to some essential tools and software.

Email marketing software 

Build your list, store contact data, segment subscribers based on behavior, interests and send drip campaigns, newsletters, and email broadcasts

Solo advertising is mainly about email traffic. To generate email clicks, you need to have robust email marketing software with this set of basic, minimum features.

  1. High inbox rate: No matter how cheap an email marketing service is, it doesn’t matter if it cannot send emails to people’s inboxes.
  2. Reliability: Believe it or not, most popular email marketing services do not welcome solo ad providers! Due to some solo ad sellers’ business nature and activities, many email marketing services have taken strict measures to keep solo ads and sellers from using their services. Hence, choosing one supporting solo ads business first is fundamental because you lose your business if you lose your list. The worst thing that could happen to a solo ads businessman is waking morning and finding out the email marketing account has been removed from the database!
  3. Segmentation: This is the 21st century. If you do not segment (e.g., target people based on their unique behaviors, interests, etc.), your business won’t yield a good ROI as you might expect.
  4. Limitless email sending capabilities: When you start selling solo ad traffic, you will send LOTS of email messages. If any email service limits the number of emails that can be sent out, you need to worry. Because those sort of limits certainly limits the growth of the business. 

There are more things to be concerned about when selecting a good email marketing software, such as contacts export features (You should back up your email list at least once a week), integrations with other tools (to seamless and deep data synchronization with other tools), personalization features, tagging, analytics and lead scoring. But, the basic concerns I have mentioned above are critical.

Considering all of the factors, Aweber is the best one for solo ads business, especially if you do not want to hassle with software-based email marketing services.

  • Aweber supports solo ads business owners
  • In business for over two decades
  • Recommended and used by many professionals
  • High inbox rate.
  • Competitive pricing and more
Aweber plain text message option
Use the plain text message editor to create emails that do not generate chunky HTML codes that mostly tend to trigger spam filters of email clients. The screenshot shows Aweber’s email message editor options.

If you are looking for a self-hosted solution for email marketing, I recommend Mautic. It is a powerful, feature-rich, affordable toolkit with useful features such as visitor tracking. Most define it as the “hosted version of Active Campaign.” ActiveCampaign is another email marketing tool that doesn’t welcome solo ad sellers.

If you are looking for another tool like Aweber supporting solo ad business, GetResponse would be worth a shot. It has got numerous features and a reasonable pricing structure. Learn more in this GetResponse review.

Sendy is a simple email marketing software that you can host on your server and use Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) to send emails cheaply. But the downside of using a tool like Sendy is that you have to rely on yourself or a developer to optimize the email server and another technical side. But in my opinion, it is only downgrading your ability to focus on the solo ad business and scaling up the business as a whole.

Analytics software

Track link clicks, split traffic based on the number of email clicks ordered, redirect visitors based on specifications such as mobile-only, desktop-only, USA visitors, and send final solo ad clicks report to customers.

Although there are hundreds of email marketing tools, you cannot find many tracking and analytics software, especially ones that include suitable features for the Solo Advertising niche.

Good tracking and analytics software should have these essential features for solo ads:

  1. Split traffic: Very important feature. Let’s say you want to send 70% of traffic from tier 1 countries with only desktop orientation. Your tracking software must have a traffic split feature that allows this to implement.
  2. Link tracking:  Analytics tools such as Google Analytics aren’t very useful for solo advertising businesses because of this very reason. Although it has some very best features, it lacks link tracking. When someone sends the link to the landing page, in most cases, the squeeze page, you need to cloak it and track its clicks, conversions, etc. That leads to other essential features.
  3. Conversion tracking: Your tracking software should have conversion tracking features. There are two main conversion tracking techniques. 1) Pixel tracking through JavaScript 2) Server-to-server tracking through “Postback URL.” In the solo ads industry, you only need to track events such as email subscriptions (aka lead conversion) and purchases (e.g., leads to sales). Hence, your tracking tool must provide an option to track conversion goals through pixel targeting.
  4. Reports: Once you sell solo ads to a specific buyer, you would finally have to send the report. So, your tracking software must have a shared analytics reports feature.

There is one tool capable of all of the above, considering the set of features needed for a solo ads seller, CLICKMAGICK.

ClickMagick is an awesome and pretty powerful yet simple to use cloud-based analytics and link click tracking software specially cooked for solo ads vendors.

Some of ClickMagick’s key features are:

  • Set time and date for link activation and expiration: Little yet handy feature to sell solo ads online. When you start selling solo ads, some people may ask for a specific date and time for traffic to start sending for cases such as flash sales and webinar offers.
  • Password protected reports
  • Traffic Rotator — Distribute traffic through email clicks among multiple different URLs. Beneficial feature to split solo ad clicks.
  • Traffic Quality checker
  • Traffic filter — Easily filter bot traffic, etc.
  • Advanced link rotation features to maximize unique clicks — ClickMagick is the best link rotator for maximizing unique clicks with traffic routing conditions (ex: min T1 and max T1 traffic etc.) and features like setting priority and smart traffic distribution methods.
  • Custom domain and link masking
  • Deliver bonus clicks based on the percentage

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to track solo ad traffic with ClickMagick.

ClickMagick pricing starts at $37/mo, but you can try it for free for 14-Days including all features. Click the button below to get started.

Checkout software

Deliver bonuses, set an affiliate program to grow your business, a Joint-venture program, more payment options for buyers

This step is not mandatory, but if you want to collaborate with other sellers, have multiple payment options for clients, have bump offers, and have different solo ad packages on the checkout page, you must consider good checkout software.

One of the best, if not THE best online cart software is THRIVECART.

ThriveCart’s checkout editor

ThriveCart is a fantastic cloud-based cart software with tons of features.

  • Have multiple payment options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay with other traditional options such as Credit Card and PayPal payments.
  • Full affiliate management system: Let others send solo ad buyers to you and give them a fixed amount or percentage of earnings.
  • Joint Ventures: Do you intend to start a solo ad business with your co-worker or a friend? ThriveCart’s JV function lets you create contracts and share revenue smoothly.
  • Custom domain, embed carton custom pages, and more.

Landing Page Builder

Build landing pages to showcase customer testimonials, custom checkout pages with personalized offers, pricing pages, bonus pages, contact pages, and more.

Every professional solo ads seller builds trust with testimonials and has a web real estate, also known as a website.

An example web page of a solo ad seller

If you do not have a website dedicated to your solo ads business these days, you are far behind others because others have the edge over you by being able to convince and convert those who are fences about buying from you.

According to many reports and case studies, displaying customer testimonials increases conversions. That is why you see many pro solo ads sellers have convincing web pages to show their work.

Use testimonials to build trust and convert more people on the fence into buyers. 

Solo ad reviews from prominent marketers will boost the likelihood of converting prospects into buyers, especially those uncertain about your business.

Solo ads customer reviews on Facebook (displayed on a solo ads supplier website)

There are hundreds of online landing page builders out there. Some, such as Clickfunnels, have very robust features and a large customer base. But, the issue is tools such as Clickfunnels are expensive, especially for beginners who want to become solo ads sellers.

One of the best landing page builders and best alternatives to Clickfunnels landing page builder is Brizy Cloud!

Brizy Cloud is my go-to landing page-building software for different projects. And the best part is you can get the most features for a very low price. Read this review on Brizy Cloud to learn more, or watch this video.

Extra tools to start a solo ad business

Regardless of your niche for selling solo ads, these tools will be helpful when marketing solo ads.

  • PayPal Business account
  • A task workflow automation application such as Integrately (to fetch, render and transfer data between apps and execute certain functions to automate your routine tasks. Ex: When a solo ad sale happens on PayPal, create a branded invoice on and email it to the client via Google business email and add the client to the VIP buyers list if the purchase amount is over $1,000 and create a coupon for the next order). Read this Integrately review to find out more about this tool and its features.
  • Google Docs (to cases such as having copies of email swipes of solo ads customers)
  • DropBox or another file-sharing platform
  • Nimbus (for taking notes)
  • Facebook account if you do not have one already
  • Skype account (to support customer questions directly)
  • One of these email list checker tools (to clean up your email list from time to time to increase email deliverability and open rates)
  • An email countdown timer app (to increase clicks to your email solo ads)
  • Aidaform account (to customer satisfaction forms to get client feedback and testimonials to boost your upcoming sales)
  • Gist — Install a live chat widget on your site. Read my definitive Gist guide here.

Bonus Resources: Bookmark these email marketing quotes to get inspired when you needed! And download the email subject lines PDF to use whenever needed!

Get Started

Let’s Make Money with Solo Ads

First of all, you will have to build your email list. But, there is ONE thing you need to consider before building an email list.

Identify your niche

It doesn’t matter what niche you want to build an email list, but if none of the buyers are willing to purchase solo ads from you, your solo ads business won’t grow.

Here are the top niches for Solo Ads.

  1. Business opportunities
  2. Network marketing
  3. Crypto
  4. Make money online opportunities
  5. Health
  6. Relationship

Almost 80% or more of demand and supply are circled within the “Wealth” category that contains the top four niches above. The broader the niche is, the larger the audience (i.e., email subscribers) you can eventually build up and serve more clients.

In general, “Make money online” and “Business opportunities” are the two most popular niches among solo ad sellers and buyers.

Why? Because:

  1. Easy to build an audience. Those two niches are already mature enough to have big solo ad sellers who make passive income from selling solo ads online.
  2. Lots of traffic is available. People are looking for part-time opportunities to make quick extra cash online. Thus, it’s a scaling, ever-growing niche.
  3. Evergreen niche. Demand will be there as long as money is involved in people’s lives!
  4. Lots of ways to make money with this traffic. Thousands of affiliate offers and product launches happen literally every week on platforms like ClickBank, JvZoo, and WarriorPlus. And some hold independent product launches by using ThriveCart, PayKickStart, and SamCart. So, more opportunities mean more ways to earn money online with solo ads!
  5. Instant gratification: The harsh truth about today’s internet and human beings as a whole are that people are looking for quick solutions. You might have seen advertisements such as losing weight in 3 weeks, earning $$$ weekly, payday loans, etc. As long as people are trapped in shiny object syndrome and instant gratification, those two niches will have longevity.
  6. People spend money to know how to make money. Ironic, isn’t it? Yes, but it’s the reality. And it’s good for solo ads business. Supply goes where the money rolls!

It’s also important to have expertise and knowledge of the niche you intend to build the list. Because at the end of the day, you will write emails 7 out of 10 times!

Build solo ads email list

You should have three things to start building an email list for solo ads.

  1. Squeeze page (also known as lead capture page)
  2. A List or set of tags to identify email subscribers built for solo ads
  3. Targeted traffic
Solo ads squeeze page

A Squeeze page or a lead capture page is a landing page with the primary and sole intention of generating leads.

The ONLY goal must be converting visitors into subscribers. Nothing more or less.

Here are some solo ads lead capture page examples:

Solo ads lead capture page with exit popup alert box. Retain more people on the page with JavaScript exit popup alert boxes. Learn how to create one for your solo ads campaign.

Sometimes the best solo ads squeeze page is the one without extra texts, bullet points, and visual content!

This squeeze page gets a high conversion rate, particularly if you have already warmed-up traffic. For example, this page will convert better with solo ads email traffic because you need to direct people in an email body message saying,’ Sign up on the next page by clicking HERE to get instant access.’

Many solo ad sellers believe that any lead capture page with over a 30% conversion rate is a good landing page. The more is better, obviously.

How to Create Solo Ads Squeeze Page

Watch the video below to learn How Igor Kheifets builds a high-converting squeeze page for solo ad traffic.

Brizy’s landing page builder has similar elements so that you can build your funnel entirely on Brizy Cloud as well.

7 Tips to Improve Lead Conversion Rate on Solo Ads Squeeze pages

When you can convert more visitors into subscribers, it will reduce the CPL (Cost-per-lead), save money for future traffic buying opportunities, and increase your revenue.

Here are seven tips that I have learned over the past years in lead generation campaigns.

  1. Write a compelling headline — Headline is the #1 thing you should focus on on your landing page. It matters a lot. Here is an excellent guide on writing good headlines.
  2. Use symbols to draw attention — Using weird symbols such as curved arrows and GIF images with transparent backgrounds will attract visitors’ attention.
  3. Use different colors and text styling — Using power words with bold text styles inside commas and different colors for highlighting parts of words will increase the lead conversion rate. (ex: Learn How I Made “$143.85Sharing Other People’s Content on Twitter Spending 15 Mins per Week!)
  4. Minimize friction — Fewer barriers for site visitors will result in more conversions. For example, you might see a higher conversion rate if only you collected email addresses instead of the name and email. More fields = lesser conversion rate.
  5. Split test — Split testing or A/B testing can help you achieve a higher lead conversion rate and find combining elements that work for your niche/audience. For example, instead of general split testing on elements such as colors, heading, etc., you can also test 1-step/2-step forms, quizzes, survey type forms, etc.
  6. Use exit pop-up to collect more leads — Offer a compelling lead magnet to people who try to exit from your lead squeeze page and collect more leads. Use ConvertBox or another quality HTML popup widget generator to create beautiful exit popups.
  7. Use different traffic sources — What works for Facebook traffic might not work for Google Adwords or Google Display ads campaigns. Same for other traffic sources such as YouTube ads, Tiktok ads, and Pinterest ads. All traffic sources have different audiences with distinct demographics, geographies, interests, and user behaviors. Use Google Analytics Content Grouping to find more about your user base.
List Building for Solo ads

The next step is building a separate list for solo ads. 

Here is why you should separate the solo ads lists from others.

  • Manage better — Usually, leads you collected from others, such as other solo ad providers, might have already signed up to 50+ other lists on the same niche. Therefore, you should build a separate list for the solo advertising business. Thus, you can manage them better in the future.
  • Segment better — List segmentation is crucial these days. You can segment the list with different criteria such as gender, past purchases, education level, average median income level, buying frequency, Click-to-action clicks, and interests to get higher open and better click-through rates, leading to higher revenue from email marketing and better inbox rate.

Most email marketing services have either or both of these; 1) List, 2) tagging.

Tagging is more useful because you can build a different list based on tagging alone and move leads from one to another through visual workflows.

Most lead generation tools such as Convertful and ConvertBox allow direct tagging and make your life easier.


Once you’ve set up your email marketing software and lead capture page, sending traffic to build your list to sell solo ads is the next phase.

7 Traffic Sources
  • Udimi Solo Ads — Udimi is a solo ads marketplace with thousands of sellers and buyers. You can use solo ads to purchase high-quality email traffic and build your list. Udimi Solo ads pricing starts from $0.05/click and goes upwards up to $2.00. Here are alternatives to Udimi solo ads if you want more resources.
  • PPC Advertising networks — There are dozens of popular networks to purchase Pay-per-click (PPC) traffic. Some are Google Ads, Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads), Media Net, and Bitvertiser.
  • Media Buying networks — One most popular media buying networks is BuySellAds.
  • Video AdsYouTube Ads
  • Push Notification ads networks — Build your list cheaply with push ads. Propellerads and ZeroPark are two giant networks with millions of available clicks per month!
  • Native adsTaboola, Outbrain, Revcontent.
  • Bloggers’ email lists — One of the most under-used traffic sources is bloggers’ email lists. Thousands of bloggers have built huge lists with their site traffic but don’t monetize. You can reach them out directly and ask for a paid email blast.

Getting traffic is not an issue. But how to convert them to qualified leads. Google ads, Facebook ads, and Solo ads are three of the most popular in the business community.

However, deepening your niche and budget, some platforms may not be for you, at least for some time. Find the best value for money among Google, Facebook, and Solo ads over here.

Push ads, media buying, native ads, and solo advertising could work pretty well for most niches for solo ads list building. However, depending on the audience, demographics, and user behavior, some advertising networks will not work for you.

Why? Because to sell solo ads successfully, you should have a list of people who routinely check their emails. Typically, those would be people in business industries who have knowledge or interest in the internet.

Related: Solo ads vs Funnel Clicks vs Mixed Clicks: Which Traffic is Best for List Building?

Understanding the subscriber

Although solo advertising is a numbers game in most cases, still, when you become a solo ad seller, you are dealing with real people; people with emotions, ambitions, and dreams of their own.

There is a reason why some solo ad sellers can deliver their volume as promised, even though they have a small email list, while some find it hard to get people to open their emails.

Here are several tips to consider to optimize your solo ads campaigns.

  1. You are another person: Your subscriber might have subscribed to dozens of more lists. So, try to stand out from competitors by taking your subscriber’s attention every time you send a message.
  2. Segment your list: You built your list to sell solo ads. Segment your list based on the activity/engagement so that you can not spam people’s inboxes and get the number of clicks you need from a segment of the list.
  3. Sell value first: Your first few emails should have a higher open rate. Then, utilize this golden opportunity not just to sell another product but build a lasting relationship and increase email deliverability rate by asking questions, delivering free giveaways, etc.
  4. Be omnipresent: Now you have got an email list to sell solo ads. But, does your subscriber know who you really are, what your face is, where you live, and what you do for a living? Share your social account pages and host video conferences, webinars, etc., to build a virtual association. You can use tools like Integrately to automatically add a lead to a Facebook custom audience to display ads on their feed.

How to Sell Solo Ads and Make Money Online

Now you have an email list ready to offer solo ads for people. This section will learn how to monetize your list by selling solo ads and making a monthly passive income. 

Prepare your solo ads website

The very first step is setting up your website that addresses what you offer, who you are, where you are from, how you can be contacted etc.

I recommend Brizy Cloud for setting up a website because,

  • No web hosting is needed.
  • Do not have to worry about hacking, DDoS attacks from competitors, etc.
  • There is no need to worry about plugin issues, particularly if you intend to use WordPress to build a website.

If you do not have a domain name already, search for a domain name with these free tools. Next, purchase a cheap domain name through NameCheap (you can find a coupon online for TLD (Top level domain) to buy domains under $5) and transfer it to Cloudflare. Learn why CloudFlare is good for your website over here.

Then create a website that contains Contact us, About, Privacy policy, Terms of Service, and Disclaimer pages.

Optimize your home page title for solo ads. Ex: “Best Solo ads for MLM, Biz Opp, MMO,” “Buy Cheap Solo Ads for Forex, Binary Options, Investing.” Use relevant keywords for your business. This will boost the search engine ranking for competitive and most relevant terms such as solo ads, buy email traffic, buy MLM leads, etc.

I also recommend using a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool like Semrush (Learn more about Semrush SEO tool here) to track Google Keyword ranking for your site and competitors so that you can know when your competitors have outranked you and can take necessary actions to increase the organic rankings of your site. Learn how to track Google rank for keywords.

THE Page That matters

Above all pages, you must have a page or at least a section of the homepage dedicated to testimonials and reviews from your solo ads customers.

Once you have sold several solo ads, ask your customers to send a review. Again, a video testimonial would be excellent. Use Aidaforms to collect testimonials, including video testimonials.

Alternatively, you can also ask buyers to drop solo ad reviews on Facebook so that you can directly link to the actual review from your website, which will further increase trust.

Tip: Use a testimonial carousel slider with previous and next preview to showcase multiple reviews in a small space.

Ways to Sell Solo Ads Online

There are two ways to sell solo ads online.

  1. On a Solo ads marketplace
  2. On your own

Sell Solo Ads by using a Marketplace

I recommend using this method if you are a beginner and have just started in the solo ads business.


  • It’s a marketplace where buyers can find YOU. (just like Fiverr)
  • The more maturity you get and the reviews and recommendations you receive from others, you will become a dominant player in the marketplace, hence more recurring customers and big sales.
  • Easier to get started.
Udimi website

Udimi is one of the best, if not the best, solo ads marketplace out there. It’s beginner-friendly, and you can earn more money due to its features.

Solo ads seller on Udimi network

Here is why Udimi is best for solo ads beginners.

  • Beginner-friendly environment — Udimi platform made several changes so new sellers can get the upper hand over seasoned solo ad sellers like these on the platform. Some of those changes are: 1) Setting the maximum click price to 5 – 25 cents. Normal users won’t be able to sell below $0.25/click. 2) Featuring new sellers on the “Home” page to all members. 3) Special page with all new sellers who are selling at super low prices. These changes help new sellers to sell solo ads on Udimi easier than ever before and better than any other method.
  • Easy setup — Udimi has made it easier for beginners to get started with their business on Udimi. No need to worry about testimonial management, website development, or solo ads management.
  • Promote your business — You can promote your solo ads deal by spending money.
  • Forum to learn how to make money with solo ads from expertsUdimi forum is filled with both sellers and buyers. You can join others’ conversations and ask questions from experts.
  • Make more money with additional services — Recently, Udimi added new ways to make money for solo ad sellers. One of them is selling services such as lead capture page creation.
  • Multiple payout options — You can withdraw your solo ads earnings via PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and ePayments. If PayPal is not supported in your region and you want to become a solo ad seller, Udimi would be an excellent option for you.

Learn more in this Udimi review.

Sell Solo ads by yourself

The other way to sell solo ads online is by selling yourself through your website.

Benefits of selling solo ads individually:

  • More money — One advantage over solo ads marketplaces is that you aren’t paying a cut for each solo ads order. So, you’d make more money by selling alone.
  • Increased brand identity — The more you sell individually, your brand identity will be improved over time which is good for business opportunities.
  • Business relationships — by dealing with each seller personally, you can build up business affairs that will lead to more valuable opportunities such as private launches, access to mastermind groups, events, offline and online summits, webinars, etc.

Many professional solo ads sellers, such as Igor Kheifets, have built a larger customer base through selling solo ads through his website, Now he’s an established player, earning millions each year by selling solo ads alone!

How to sell solo ads with a website

Here are some ways to market a solo ads business.

Advertise your website

Advertising is still a profitable way to make money. Advertise on Google for related terms linked to your business, such as ‘buy solo ads,’ ‘buy email clicks,’ ‘high-quality traffic,’ ‘MLM leads,’ ‘best solo ads sellers,’ etc.

Additionally, you can engage in banner advertising on solo ads-specific sites, blogs, and user sites such as forums (ex: Warriorforum, BlackHatWord) and

Sell solo ads on Warriorforum

There is a dedicated section on Warriorforum for email marketing and entire forums for Buy and Sell services and Classified Ads!

Also, WSO (WarriorPlus special offers) is an excellent place to put your solo ads deals.

Guest post on related websites

One of the best ways to build your authority in related solo ads niches is being present in relevant blogs through guest posting. You can write several articles and mention your solo-ads-selling business, how people can buy solo ads from you, and advantages, etc., at the beginning or the bottom of guest posts.

Once you maintain the process for some time, you will gradually see an increase in customers via referral traffic. Like SEO, guest posting is a continuous process that can be prosperous if done rightly. Here is a guide to guest posting.

Sell solo ads on Facebook

Facebook is also a hot place to sell solo ads. But be aware of scammers. 


How to Increase Your Solo ads Revenue

Now you know how to start a solo ad business and where to acquire customers. In this section, I will give some tips to increase your revenue, invest more money in growing your list, and thus improve the capacity to sell more clicks. 

  • Have different packages of clicks and offer coupons for first-time buyers — People won’t trust you at the first shot. And in most cases, customers would want to test your traffic quality and conversion rate against different solo ads vendors. Hence, people would first order a mostly small chunk of traffic (i.e., 50, 100 clicks). So, make it affordable and convince people to buy from you by offering special one-time coupons. (Use ThriveCart to make one-time coupons and ConvertBox to display special coupons for people who haven’t purchased your first order!)
  • Offer different traffic options — Some buyers only want ‘desktop-only traffic. And others only want ‘USA-only’ desktop traffic. So give them options to select traffic variants to buy your best traffic!
  • Provide discounts for higher traffic packages — Encourage people to buy more traffic volume from you by offering discounted pricing models for larger packages. On the other hand, high-volume traffic packages mean more money for you.
  • Offer additional services — Provide services such as consultation, investigating customer’s squeeze page to increase conversions, selling complete sale funnels such as business-in-a-box offers, supplementary offers for customer lead funnels, etc., to make extra cash through solo ads services.

There will be days you will get many clients. Also, there will be days you won’t have any campaign to run. So, how do you make money on those days?

You can make an extra income by using affiliate offers. Check out this Solo ads affiliate marketing guide to learn more.

Best Solo Ads Sellers (Examples)

Now you know how to start a solo ads business from scratch and how to grow your business. If you had to learn, you should learn from the best!

Several solo ad sellers currently make hundreds of thousands worth of revenue each year through solo ads.

Igor Kheifets


Igor is an experienced solo ads vendor in the space. And he guarantees conversions through his solo ad clicks.

Igor guarantees that the conversions and the quality of leads are better than 99% of solo ad agencies and PPC networks. 

Take a look at his pricing structure. (and promises)


Despite his promises, such as 100% Tier 1 traffic, fresh leads, and a 10% free bonus, he makes over $1 per lead. Due to his marketing techniques via email, Google Advertising, and YouTube videos, he has been able to make money.

Sarah Chew’s Premium Solo ads


Sarah Chew primarily sells traffic through Facebook groups, Udimi and Skype. Most of her clients’ testimonials and reviews can be seen on her website and Facebook profile page.

Selling solo ads on Facebook.

There are three traffic packages based on traffic Tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and different prices based on the traffic volume.

Packages and prices for unique clicks. Higher prices for top-tier clicks – Sarah Chew Solo Ads

If you want to learn how to start a solo ad business and see which components to include in planning and executing, keeping an eye on solo ad agencies and sellers like Igor and Sarah would be wise.

Final Words on Selling Solo Ads Online

Well, if you read everything in this guide, now you’ve improved your knowledge of the solo ads industry and learned how to make money by selling email clicks.

Like every other scheme, there are also barriers and competitiveness involved in this field. Two of the biggest issues are trust and transparency. There are lots of scammers; thus, honest solo ad vendors face difficulty.

However, if you keep it up and try and do it passionately, you will succeed. Why? Because dishonest solo ad providers lack persistence.

So, what is a better time to start your solo ads business?

I say, NOW!

Follow the instructions and tips I suggested above and start selling solo ads online and make money.

Why do you think people buy solo ads? Can you make a living by selling solo ads? Let us know what you most like about selling solo ads in the comments below.

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