How to Use Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing (And Make Money)

This is a complete guide to using Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to make passive income from the internet, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to start. Why? Because:

  • You do not have to create products, provide customer service, set up billing and bonuses, and deliver updates
  • You can earn recurring commissions from sales
  • There are lots of products to choose from. Some affiliate offers even provide details such as estimated earnings per click.
  • Make massive profits from high-ticket items
  • Scalable. You do not have to stick with one product only. Promote multiple products simultaneously and make more money.

Also, if you want to drive thousands of targeted traffic to your affiliate offer today, Solo Advertising is a perfect traffic channel. Here is why:

  • Highly targeted
  • Cheap compared with other traffic channels
  • Lower competition
  • Build your asset fast
  • Secretive. Do not worry about competitors spying on your email copies, sales funnels, and affiliate promotion strategies
  • Quick results

So the combination of affiliate marketing and solo ads is ideal for beginners to get started on internet marketing.

In this ultimate guide to solo ads for affiliate marketing, you will learn every part you need to know to earn money by promoting affiliate products through solo ads traffic. So, let’s get started!

What is a Solo Ad?

Basically, a solo ad is an email advertisement where the email list owner sends your message for a price. Many marketers use Solo advertising (or Solo ads) for multiple reasons.

  1. Highly targeted – Unlike most other advertising channels, solo ads traffic are qualified in different levels. User has to open email, read the message, click the link and open your landing page. So, using solo ads for affiliate marketing promotions can be profitable.
  2. Scalable – Solo ads are trackable. Hence, when you have found a perfect solo ad funnel, you can go beyond and buy more and more traffic to increase your revenue and profits. If your solo ads funnel involves in affiliate offer, you can even set up break-even campaigns and literally get solo ads for free which we will dicusss later in this article on solo ads affiliate marketing.
  3. Build your assest fast with higher conversion rates – Due to the nature of solo ads traffic, your landing pages or squeeze pages for that matter will get a higher conversion rate like 20% and up.
  4. Lower CPL – CPL stands for Cost per Lead. Unlike other traffic sources, solo advertising funnels can be adjusted to have lower CPL meanwhile making money by promoting affilite offers.

Why Solo ads for Affiliate marketing?

There are many traffic sources such as banner ads, push ads, pop ads, PPC ads, video ads, interstitial ads, and native ads. But why should you use solo ads for affiliate marketing promotions?

The main reason is solo advertising basically works pretty well for some niches, and the cost per lead is pretty low compared with other traffic sources.

Let’s do quick math.

Suppose you want to promote a network marketing offer. You want to promote an affiliate offer while building your email list. Which traffic source comes to your mind at first?

Google ads, right?

Want to guess the average CPC (Cost per click) for terms like ‘network marketing health companies, network marketing companies to join for free, network marketing strategies that work’ for the US?

Yep, the CPC is up and above $5.

Cost per click for keyword phrases
Cost per click for keywords related to network marketing opportunities – Generated through WriterZen

And the crazy part is the CPCs for long-tail keywords which are targeted and have a low search volume. If you target broad keywords in Google ads, the CPC may decrease a bit, but the traffic is lower targetted as well. Not to forget that when you go deeper, target at the country level or the region level, CPC can become so expensive!

Let’s say you buy 200 traffic from Google ads related to network marketing to promote this Clickfunnels Network Marketing Secrets offer. It is no doubt that the Google ads traffic is targeted compared with Facebook ads.

Clickfunnels network marketing secrets offer details

The cost of traffic is 200 x $5 = $1,000. Suppose the conversion rate on the squeeze page is 30%. So, the total email subscribers get is 200 x 0.3 = 60. It means the cost per lead is $1,000/60 = $16.67!

Let’s say the subscribers are immediately redirected to the affiliate offer as soon as signed up. Since the front-end offer is a free physical book, suppose that the sales conversion rate is 5%. It would be debatable.

The average card value of the Network Marketing secrets affiliate offer is $174.60. So, the money you would make through the traffic bought from Google ads is 60 *.05 * $174.60 = $523.8.

So, you have got a deficit of $476.2 while having 60 people on your list. Now let’s look at how using solo ads for affiliate marketing offers can look like.

Here is a solo ad seller who sells traffic for MLM (Multi-level-marketing) or network marketing offers.

solo ad seller details
A solo ad seller who sells clicks from network marketing lists – Udimi

If you look at his statistics, you will notice that his buyers got sales 70 of 100 times. So, his traffic converts. The cost for 200 clicks is $161.00 after I enabled the only top-tier option. The Only Top Tier option lets you drive traffic from Tier 1 countries, which include English-speaking wealthy countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Supposing we get the same lead and sales conversion rates, we will make $523.8 out of 200 visitors. That is a profit of $362.8! That is over 200% ROI from a single solo ads affiliate marketing campaign.

Yes, the data is tentative. But, you get the idea that solo ads for affiliate marketing are definitely a possible scenario where you can scale up to anywhere you want to go.

Before learning how to make money with solo ads by promoting affiliate products, you need to understand this:

Nature of solo advertising

Getting solo ads for affiliate marketing work is possible. But only if you understand these reasons.

  • The solo ads subscriber is a human being with feelings, ambitions and dreams just like you – Although solo ads and affiliate marketing is a numbers game, if you remember this when building sales funnels, you will make more money.
  • Email marketing rules are applicable – When doiung email marketing you need to remember that the subsciber might have signed up for dozens of newsletters like yours. What strategies do you follow to stand out? Keep this in mind.
  • Subscriber is looking for solutions – The beauty of email solo ads marketing is that the subscriber is already passed other stages and are on the transactional stage. Do not be afraid to pitch your affiliate offer as a solution as soon as you converted the traffic into leads. You may be surprised! 😉
  • Solo advertising is a crowded space – Before selling affiliate products through solo ads, think of the average subscriber. He/she might be subscribing to every other list every week. So, how do you stay out from a crowded space? Stand out from others or move to another less crowded space. That is why you will see the engagement of email subscribers of solo ads traffic is getting low and low as time goes. Clean your email list time to time and use retargeting to re-engage inactive users on your list.

So, now you know the basics of solo advertising, let’s move into today’s main topic how to use solo ads for affiliate marketing.

Ways to use solo ads for affiliate marketing

There are two main ways to use solo ads for affiliate marketing.

  1. Sending traffic directly to affiliate offer
  2. Sending traffic to affiliate offer after converting visitors into leads

Sending traffic directly to affiliate offer

You might probably have seen this tactic many times if you subscribed to several solo ads sellers’ lists.


  • Find out the sale funnel’s conversion rate immediately
  • A/B test funnels
  • Test different solo ad vendors to see their traffic conversion rate to your offer combination


  • You are not building an email list

Sending traffic to lead capture page and then affiliate offer

Smart marketers use this method. Here are why:


  • You are building your online business asset which in most cases is your email list
  • You can have multiple earning streams by promoting various affiliate offers to your list.
  • Tracking overall ROI across solo ad campaigns after the completion of the email autoresponder sequence becomes possible. In other words, you can calculate the ‘real EPC’ from solo ad buys, unlike estimated or halfway income calculations. (ex: Semrush Traffic cost estimations)


  • You will lose people who would see the sales page. Normally, if your lead capture page’s conversion rate is 50%, 50% of other people will not see the sales page.

Solo ads for affiliate marketing that work

If you want to get solo ads to work for affiliate marketing and build your email list, you should choose the second method: sending traffic to your lead capture page and then affiliate offer.


If your solo ads sales funnel is effective enough, you can build break-even campaigns and profit from solo ads traffic. I will share some tips on how to use the best solo ads for affiliate marketing to earn more money from every click you purchase later.

How to use solo ads for affiliate marketing

A good solo ads affiliate marketing strategy involves these components.

  1. Lead magnet
  2. A good squeeze page
  3. A good affiliate offer
  4. A relaible tracking system
  5. High converting solo ads traffic for affiliate marketing
  6. Backend of affiliate funnel

Lead Magnet

The lead magnet is an offer that you exchange for the visitor’s email address. It has two purposes.

  1. Increasing email subscribers – If you offer highly valuable assest for free, more people will enter their email address.
  2. Qualifying leads – Another very important aspect of a lead magnet is qualifying subscribers. For instance, if your lead magnet is about super easy Fiver gig ideas, the subscribers are interested in freelancing as a whole. That you can utilize in your email markeitng campaigns to pitch more freelancing affiliate offers and private label products etc., or even share tutorials on how to increase Fiverr earnings and alternatives to Fiverr such as Picoworkers to build the trust.

Depending on the lead magnet, it should have these characteristics.

  1. Rourcesfulness – How much applicable is the lead magnet to the subscriber’s life and business?
  2. Instant gratification – Can the lead magnet be applied to their exisiting procedures? Ex: How the Fiverr gig ideas be helpful if they involved in advanced learning skills such as Photoshop editing and copywriting?
  3. Impact – No matter how good your lead magnet is if it does not address key issues and provide lasting solutions not patches, it will basically be useless.
  4. Freely accessible – Is it downloadable or online accessible? Or is there any friction?
  5. Perceived value – People count values in price-wise in many aspect of their lives. That is not different for lead magnets. What is the perceived value of your lead incentive? If it’s low value, not many people will consider getting it.
A smart way of customizing the lead capture page to increase email subscribers.

A lead magnet can come in different final forms. Here are some most popular ones.

  • A PDF – A file that can be used on any device. Common PDF lead magnets are ebooks, resource guides (ex: a converted blog post into PDF), and checklists
  • Online article – Yes, an online article can be a lead magnet
  • Video course
  • Physical product
  • Consulation service
  • Free access to premium product – Ex: whitelabel product or PLR software

Lead magnet for solo ads affiliate marketing

Using solo ads for affiliate marketing is getting better when you consider the benefits of building the lead magnet.

  • You can incentivize signups in solo ads email body to increase subscribers – Cordially request them to register on by clicking the link in email to get instant access
  • Surprise vistors on your lead captute page – You could not say anything about the lead magnent on the email body and surprise readers on the squeeze page and make the lead magnet into a surprise gift
  • No need to have a lead magnent – One benefit of using solo ads for affiliate marketing is that you can cut lead magnet off from your to-do list. Many affiliate offers have free front-end offers. For instance, our Network markering secrets affiliate funnel offer a free physical book. You can literraly sell this item in your squeeze page to incentivize signups.

Also, you might find that some solo ad buyers do not offer any lead magnet at all. Instead, what they sell is an emotion, a dream, a feeling, and a destination or direction of life they want to achieve.

The background image says it all.

Squeeze page

The squeeze page is also known as the lead capture page. Its sole purpose is maximizing email capturing in any way possible. It does not have to be pretty or long. As long as it converts better than other squeeze pages, you are good to go.

A Squeeze page has:

  • Headline – That sells your pitch (in our case, the lead magnet)
  • Offer selling points – It can come in bulltet points, sub-headline, description or even as the background image
  • Opt-in form – The place where people can enter their contact details
  • Call to action button

All visitors from solo advertising campaigns will visit your squeeze page. Then they will enter their email address. After the successful registration to your list, they will be redirected to the affiliate offer.

Sounds awesome, right?

So, how do you create a squeeze page?

Create squeeze page for solo ads affiliate marketing

Well, there are two ways of creating a squeeze for solo ads affiliate marketing campaigns.

  1. Hire someone to create a squeeze page for you – Used to be the most popular way back in last decade. But not anymore.
  2. Use a landing page creator and design lead capture pages yourself – The best way to use solo ads for affiliate marketing. This way not only you will be responsible for the success of your campaigns, but also be able to scale your campaigns in unprecedented ways.

So, what are the best solo ads funnel builders for affiliate marketing?

There are many landing page creators out there with different features. Some are tailored towards online course creators, membership sites, WordPress site builders, while some are leaned towards email marketing, affiliate marketing, and solo ads marketing.

Here is a list of free and paid squeeze page builders to use solo ads affiliate marketing campaigns.

  1. Clickfunnels – The professional marketers’ serious choice. Clickfunnels equips with many solo ad sales funnels and squeeze page templates to get you started
  2. Brizy Cloud – Another cloud landing page creator with easy drag-and-drop builder. Learn more in this Brizy Cloud review. The cost of Brizy website builder is cheaper when compared with its competition.
  3. Elementor – If your choice is a WordPress-based page builder, give Elementor a try.
  4. UpViral – A giveaway software. Its new drag-and-drop intuitive page builder lets you build sign up pages and have social share pages at the backend.
  5. Kartra – Another funnel builder with tons of features such as email marketing platform, webinar software and much more.
  6. SwipePages – A fast landing page creator service
  7. LeadPages
  8. InstaPages
  9. Outbounce

Here are several tips for creating an excellent squeeze page for solo ads traffic for affiliate campaigns

  • A/B test every element – You should always be running a split test to find an optimal landing page for solo ads traffic. Headline, sub-headline, CTA text, CTA button color, font sizes are some of most impactful elements that increase or decrease landing page conversion rate.
  • Use conversion boosters – Using progress bars, countdown timers, gamification widgets and videos can boost conversion rate. But, you must A/B test.
  • Use exit popup boxes – Never waste a visitor. Get more people in your list by integrating an exit-intent popup. I recommend Convertful to create better popups. Learn more in this Convertful review. Additionally, you can use a tool like ConvertBox (by ThriveCart team). ConvertBox has got many features and targeting options for funnel builders. It is currently running a lifetime deal. Find out more in this ConvertBox review.
A popup in your lead capture page will increase subscribers
  • Retarget visitors on social media – Lower down the cost for solo ads traffic by retageting visited people on socoial media. Once you have enough data, you can create lookalike audience to get cheap leads.

Create your lead funnel by following these instructions and move to the next step on solo ads for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Offer

Here is the step you were waiting for in this guide on solo ads for affiliate marketing!

You should be careful when selecting an affiliate offer. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Select a higher converting offer – Many affiliate networks lists the average conversion rate of the front-end offer and the overall conversion rate across the sales funnel. Look into those stats.
  • Look at EPC – EPC or Earnings per Click will give you a vague idea on the average earnings per each affiliate click. That way you can assume average costs and the likelihood of the campaign’s success. If EPC > CPL, you can assume that the offer would be an excellent match to your solo ads affiliate funnel.
  • Sales funnel structure – A sales funnel consists of following:
    • Font end offer – The tripwire offer that is usually a low-cost item. Ex: $4.99 or $9.99
    • Upsells – Mid-range priced items pitched after the front end sale is made
    • Downsells – The lower-priced upsell. Pitched after the buyer rejected the upsell.
    • Free trial – Try a subscription-based product for free. Usually a software like WebSite Auditor or a SaaS app like BrandOverflow.
    • Recurring products – Is there any recurring product that you will make money every period?
    • High-ticket items – Usually pitched at the end of funnel. They are the ones that maks a significant portion of revenue. However, many affiliate high-ticket items’ commission rate is low. Usually below 20%.
  • The quality of product – There are some products that will be worth a ton in years to come. In my experience, I bought UpViral for one time fee. But, now it is a high-valued item that only offered in recurring pricing model. So, I am glad to buy it when it was on sale. Make sure your affilite products are also high in quality and your subscribers will not regret buying.
  • Cookie details – Does the affilite product follow first-click or last-click model? What is the extend of the cookie lifetime? These are important questions you need answers.
  • Sales page – Does the sales page have an optin form? If it does, stay away from those type of offers. Most of them are used to build their email lists and not credit you for the sale even though they advertise they do.

How to find affiliate products for solo ads?

The best part is there are thousands of affiliate offers. You have no problem in that regard. But the issue is sticking with one offer and testing enough before moving to another affiliate product promotion.

Here are some of the best affiliate networks where you can find hundreds of thousands of affiliate products in various niches from Make Money Online, MLM, Business Opportunities, Cryptocurrency to health and gardening and survival.

  1. JvZoo – JvZoo is regarded as one of the best affiliate networks for solo ad traffic.
  2. ClickBank – One of the oldest and reputable affiliate networks. I have never missed any paycheck from ClickBank. They are transparent and vetting on product before listing on the ClickBank Marketplace.
  3. WarriorPlus – A affiliate product marketplace by WarriorForum which is now owned by You can find products similar to ones in JvZoo.
  4. ShareASale – A place to find online service based affiliate programs. Review of ShareASale affiliate network.
  5. Impact – Another place to find software based affiliate programs
  6. Avangate – An affiliate marketplace find softwares mostly.
  7. PartnerStack – Get access to SaaS affiliate programs
  8. Clickfunnels – Promote affiliate products offered by Clickfunnels
  9. ThriveCart – ThriveCart is an online checkout platform and affiliate management software. Some product owners use ThriveCart to run affiliate programs.
  10. MaxBounty – A place to find high quality CPA offers. Many of those will give you a cut for every successful lead. So, by integrating a Maxbounty offer in your solo ads affiliate marketing campaign funnel can make you quick cash.
  11. Comission Junction
  12. LinkShare
  13. ClickBooth
  14. PayKickStart – Same as ThriveCart. PayKickStart lets vendors run affiliate promotions online.
  15. PayDotCom

As you see, finding affiliate programs is not that hard. But, if you want to use solo ads for affiliate marketing in a unique way, you should take steps differently.

Here is what I mean. Many vendors have already sold popular affiliate products to their lists. For example, I do not know how many times email subscribers have seen Clickfunnels affiliate offers. So, how do you find unique but high-quality affiliate products for solo ads email traffic?


Want to know how big boys and girls crush affiliate promotions and bank millions each year?

They get ready for big marketing promotions. MunchEye is an Internet Marketing Product launch calendar where you can identify products and their details. The best part is you can find all product launches happening in every affiliate network easily on MunchEye.


It consists of three sections:

  1. Big Lanuches – Product launches by big sellers
  2. All Launches
  3. Just Launched

Here is the MunchEye page for the SpinRewriter 12 product by Aaron Sustar.

Muncheye product launch details
MunchEye product launch details page for SpinRewriter

Now since you know how to find a good affiliate offer, let’s move into the next step.

Tracking System

Like any business, you need to track the progress and monitor the performance — no difference for solo ads. In fact, you must use a traffic tracker in solo ads.

Although the seller will provide a final traffic completion report, you should always track it from your end. Why?

That is how you can carefully monitor the traffic, clicks, opt-ins, sales, geographics, demographics, and other traffic statistics. You need to find the best solo ads for affiliate marketing that work and buy from the vendor again to build your list and generate sales simultaneously.

Solo ads traffic quality score and details
Solo ads traffic quality score and details

You might find there are many link shortening services like Replug (review) and Bitly. But, they do not have features we need for solo advertising, such as traffic filtering, link rotation. Here is a list of leading link tracking tools for solo advertising:

Backend of affiliate funnel

Now you have set up basic components. But, if you want to increase return on investment for every solo ad click, you should strengthen the backend of your funnel. Like a house’s foundation, an affiliate funnel’s backend is the…

Yes, the email marketing setup.

A good marketer has set up a pretty good email sequence campaign for solo ad traffic. It is not all about focusing on the traffic you buy but also the long-term vision too.

According to many studies, it takes at least seven contacts or touchpoints for a visitor to convert into a customer. That is why the cost of customer acquisition is higher in many industries. Also, a reason why many affiliate products offer a higher commission rate, usually 50% and up for the front end offer.

Here are some tips to make the backend of the affiliate funnel powerful that makes you passive income day and night:

  • Use a good email autoresponder software – Some email marketing services have got a lower deliveribility rate. Make sure your autoresponder also lets you segment your list with tags. I recommend GetResponse for beginners.
  • Action based email sequence – Current email marketing software let you send messages based on the user actions. For example, if the subscriber clicks a link in email about fiverr gigs, send him an email about starting own agency for freelancers.
  • Increase engagements – How would you increase engagements? Provide resourceful content, link out to videos, ask questions, run surveys, polls and hold giveaways.
  • Offer bonuses – Offer bonuses for buying from your affiliate links. Entice scarcity by offering exclusive bonuses for first 10 buyers or people who buy the OTO (One-time Offers)
  • Use countdown timersEmail timers can be extremely helpful in increasing urgency.
  • Offer variety of offers – People’s interest on a subject changes. Don’t be inclined on a specific niche or selection of products. If you built an email list on make money online, test different offers related to business opportunities, funnel builders, online cources, SEO, content marketing, cryto, internet marketing, bitcoin, CBD, forex, CPA.
  • Retarget – Running a special affiliate promotion? Why limit into email marketing only? Retarget your subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, websites through banner ads? Integrately lets you sync your list with most advertising networks. It is also a task workflow automation tool and an alternative to Zapier. Find out more in this review on Integrately.

Solo ads for affiliate marketing

Since you have set up the affiliate marketing funnel, the next step is to buy solo ads for affiliate offers.

It involves these two essential steps:

  1. Find a seller
  2. Review the seller

Find a solo ad seller

This is a real task!


Because unlike Facebook ads or Google ads, Solo ads’ quality of traffic is depended on the solo ad seller’s hand. If you buy solo ads from the wrong seller, the money is wasted. That is why you should be careful when buying ads.

But, the good news is there are multiple ways to buy solo ads traffic.

  1. Solo ad directory
  2. Directly from vendor websites
  3. Facebook groups and Forums

If you are a beginner, what I recommend is using a solo ad directory. The best solo ad directory is the Udimi.

Find solo ad sellers in different niches and filter the best ones based on sales generated and maximum price for clicks

Some of its features are:

  • Buyer protection – It works as a middle man between buyer and seller. Think of Fiverr for solo ads. If you faced any issue, Udimi is there for you to resolve your problem even issuing refunds.
  • Traffic filtering options – It is hard to know if the traffic is actually originated from emails. Udimi’s sophisticated traffic filtering system makes sure you get real email traffic.
  • No chance for spamming – If sellers send ads via spamming, Udimi will instantly discover that by getting spamvertising notifications via email feedback loops and Udimi will just 404 any spam link so no chance for spamming.
  • Guaranteed clicks – No space for fraud. You get guaranteed solo ad clicks.
  • Targeted clicks – Want to get targeted traffic from top-tier countries, not third-world countries. Udimi got it covered.
  • Solo Deals & Cheap Udimi Pricing — With a free Udimi account you can purchase an unlimited amount of clicks and get to use Udimi Prime Traffic Filter for just $3.00 per solo ad campaign no matter how many clicks are ordered. Also, you can get discounts up to 20% from different quality sellers in the Solo Deals section.
  • Money-back guarantee – You can get a refund on Udimi. It is something you can only hope for if you bought traffic from some sellers directly.
  • Check solo ad reviews – Buyers rate their purchases and seller’s traffic quality.
  • Udimi forum – Want to hang out with like-minded people and share knowledge on how to use solo ads for affiliate marketing and best solo ads sellers for affiliate products? Check out Udimi’s Forum!

The best thing about Udimi from a buyer’s perspective is that the seller’s identity is verified to keep their network transparent.

udimi seller verification
Seller verification in Udmi solo ad marketplace
Other ways to buy solo ads for affiliate marketing that work

Apart from Udimi, there are only a very few solo ad directories. So, the alternative is buying solo ads from sellers directly via a website, Facebook group, or a forum. But, it is very risky.

If you want to buy solo ads for affiliate marketing from a seller directly, you will have to:

  • Test their traffic quality
  • Make sure traffic is delivered within the time frame
  • Make sure you are not scammed
  • Build a relationship and have a dialogue

Considering good solos costs $0.5+ per click and takes time and testing to find an optimal funnel setup, you cannot risk everything. So, try Udimi and scale thereafter to other methods.

Review Solo Ad seller

If you choose a solo ad vendor from a directory, it is easy to review the seller. Here is the solo ad seller’s portfolio on Udimi.

Khaled Ibrahim solo ads Udimi profile
Khaled Ibrahim Solo ads seller
  • 62% of last solo ad reviews marked as ‘got sales’
  • 15% buyers bought again
  • You can provide the solo ad text
  • Get only top tier traffic

Check positive vs. negative ratings from buyers, including detailed reviews.

Khaled Ibrahim solo ad reviews
Khaled Ibrahim solo ads reviews

Also, see the traffic quality in the share report.

solo ad buy report
Solo ad clicks report provided by Udimi

If you choose to buy solo ads directly from sellers, it is crucial to ensure you are spending your money in the right place. Some sellers will send fake clicks, and some sellers will deliver low-quality clicks.

The next step is buying solo ads for affiliate marketing campaigns.

Know your break-even point

Now you know how to use solo ads for affiliate marketing. But, it is a business. You should regard it as a business to make a profit from every solo ad campaign. Here are some tips to understand your break-even point.

  • Track and monitor everything – It is essential to track every step of your funnel. Which demographic and geographic drew the most affiliate commissions?
  • Understand user stage – Where is the user located in your email funnels?
  • Increase EPC – 80% of your total affiliate commissions will come from 20% of products. What is the 20% of your business? Optimize it even more.
  • Leverage promotional and targeting strategies – Retarget people who did not subscribe for the first time and run a referral program to form a viral loop.

How Many Clicks Should You Buy?

Now, this is a complicated topic. Some would say you should start from 1,000 clicks for strong testing power. While others would say, you should start small, like 100 clicks initially, to see if the solo ad sellers traffic is worth buying more.

But, the lucky spot is within that 100 – 1,000 clicks range. Let’s assume that your solo ads squeeze page’s average lead conversion ratio is 35%, which is easy to achieve.

If you bought 100 clicks, you will spend about $50 and get 35 leads and 35 people who will see your affiliate tripwire offer. But if you buy 1,000 for $450 – $500, you will get 350 subscribers and 350 people who see your affiliate offer.

The sweet spot, according to my experience 300+ clicks. Here is why:

  • You will get 100+ subscribers to your list. (i.e: 300+ * 35% = 100+ leads)
  • 100+ people will go through the affiliates sales funnel
  • 100 sample size is the minimum to make a meaningful decision
  • It will cost about $150 to buy 300 solo ads clicks. If you are lucky, you will get 10% over-delivery from sellers. That means 330+ email clicks for $150.
  • The affiliate funnel should have a minimum of $0.5 EPC to get to your break-even point. Most high converting affiliate sales funnels have $1+EPC. So, you get a return if bought more clicks.

When using solo ads for affiliate marketing campaigns, data is significant. But, you do not want to spend too much and waste money too. So, 300 – 400 clicks will be a sweet spot to test an affiliate funnel and seller’s traffic quality. Just paint your own picture. Your mileage may vary.

Tips for Using Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Always starts with a low number of clicks at first like 100 clicks or 150 clicks.
  2. Anything below 100 is statistically insignificant to make a decision. That is the double-edge sword of solo ads. You don’t want to spend too much on solo ads also want to take necessary decisions. So, choose wisely.
  3. Make sure your solo ad affiliate funnel and email marketing funnel is set up properly. Double check tracking links, solo ads email copy for grammar with a tool like Grammarly (review of, make sure squeeze page’s optin form and post-signup actions are working properly.
  4. You cannot pause campaigns once run. So, so make sure your affiliate links are right and your affiliate tracking code is embeded. If you used an affiliate link tracker which is highly recommended, you can reset destination URL anytime you want from your end.
  5. It is recommended to work with a solo ad directly (e.g: Udimi). You will save yourself from lots of troubles.
  6. Invest in a tracking tool, fast loading landing page builder and high quality email marketing tool.
  7. Solo ads is all about testing and tweaking your funnels. You can always improve email swipes, selection of affiliate products, squeeze pages, lead magnets and different solo ad lists. It is a process of improving and growing.
  8. Know your break-even point. Know your numbers. Calculate CPC and EPC to determine the estimated profits per click so that you can scale your solo ad buying campaigns.

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Final Words

Traffic is the blood of your online business. The person who knows how to drive lots of targeted traffic and convert them makes big bucks at the end of the day. It does not matter how good your graphics are and how convincing your emails and sales copies are. Unless you know a way to drive targeted traffic, you won’t make money.

Solo ads are undoubtedly an excellent way of getting thousands of traffic on demand. Unlike other channels, solo ads traffic is targeted, qualified, and warmed up. And the best part is the costs per click of solo advertising in some niches are cheap compared with other niches. Ex: network marketing, business opportunities, finance, Cryptocurrency

Since most people like to tap into affiliate marketing due to low barrier, not having to provide customer service and literally unlimited earning potential, solo ads for affiliate marketing has become popular among marketing community.

If you have done it correctly, you can make a profit from every solo ad click. That is what you learned in this ultimate guide to solo ads for affiliate marketing.

So, what have you learned from this article? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. If you found this article is helpful, please share it with your friends.

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