The 7 Best Internet Marketing Forums in 2024

If you want to expand your online presence and reach a larger audience, you need to use Internet marketing. This will mean you’ll have to stay updated with the latest trends and strategies revolving around internet marketing.

Internet marketing forums have emerged as the best platforms for getting knowledge from professionals, sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and building lasting connections.

These forums have sub-forums that are categories based on different topics. These topics include SEO, affiliate marketing, hosting and domain, eCommerce, social media, offline marketing, etc.

In this article, I’ll present the best Internet marketing forums where you can engage, learn, and grow your business or marketing career.

Why should you use online forums?

Here are a few reasons why you should use Internet marketing forums:

  1. Keep updated with marketing trends: Internet marketing is a rapidly changing industry where new Google updates, social networks’ algorithm changes, traffic generation tactics, and breaking news that is related to Internet marketing, such as AI, occur regularly. If you want to know what they are and how to prepare for them to protect your online business and stand out from the competition, the best way is to consume content on digital marketing forums.
  2. Learn from others – One of the best outcomes of using Internet marketing forums is learning from others. Many online marketing forums below have sub-forums in which people share their journies. Some examples are growing a niche website using AI content, starting a no-face YouTube channel, running paid ads on Google to promote affiliate offers, search arbitrage, solo ads arbitrage, traffic reselling, and monetizing traffic using CPA offers. If you are a beginner to internet marketing, free online marketing forums are the best way to learn from others without spending money and level up and widen your knowledge on important subjects.
  3. Discover opportunities & loopholes – Playing according to “rules” imposed by corporations is not always the best way to achieve things faster. In many cases, members on digital marketing forums share loopholes that people can utilize to milk while it’s possible.
  4. Get inspired – Subscribe to threads where people share their campaign results (ex, paid ad campaigns, SEO websites, video marketing projects) and get inspired by what they achieved and how they did it. Also, journies on internet marketing forums can be extremely helpful guidance, especially for beginners.
  5. Hire talents – Not only freelance marketplaces such as Upwork have got talents! Internet marketing forums have got sections for hiring people for your following projects.
  6. Buy digital products and services – Many marketing forums have sub-forums where people list their digital products and services. Some of those items cannot be found anywhere else. For example, you can find marketplaces on forums to buy and sell websites that you can use as a side hustle (i.e., website flipping), buy an established business, or have a successful business exit.
  7. Talk with like-minded people – Not everyday people are knowledgeable about the latest internet marketing trend. One benefit of using internet marketing forums is the ability to discuss with like-minded people, even if they are located worldwide. And by doing so, you might be able to start joint ventures, build partnerships and do more awesome things together.
  8. Get discounts and special offers – Many advertising platforms, software companies, traffic agencies, and service providers offer special discounts to promote their businesses. Some offers are exclusive to forum members.

Best Internet Marketing Forums



WickedFire is one of the prominent affiliate marketing forums. It provides a nurturing environment to inquire and progress as affiliate marketers. Registration on WickedFire is free, allowing you to connect and engage with fellow members in the forums.

Once you become a member, you’ll encounter a supportive community of like-minded affiliate marketers, fostering opportunities to exchange ideas and valuable insights.

Some of the forums available on WickedFire include:

  • Startups, Product Development, Business Strategy: This is the first sub-forum, and it is for you who want to discuss entrepreneurship & business creation. You meet some subjects: funding, manufacturing licensing, customer service, importing, etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing: If you are interested in issues concerned with affiliate marketing, this is a suitable space for you. Here you’ll discuss strategy, network, and trends.
  • Hosting & Domains: Under this sub-forum, you’ll find a community of members who are well-versed with hosting and domains. This is the right place to ask if you want to buy either domain or hosting. Members will give you all the answers to help you choose the right product.
  • Traffic & Content: This section is where you’ll get discussions on factors that can help you get traffic to your website or social media platforms. You’ll encounter some topics: SEM, email marketing, SEO, Link Building, Promotions, and Content Marketing.
Traffic & content forum in Wickedfire
  • Education Center: This is where WickedFire keeps all its case studies, including ongoing and completed ones. You can use this section to enhance your learning of Internet marketing.
  • The Art of Mailing: Here, members share their strategies for making customers buy your products through email marketing. This applies to emails that adhere to the CAN-SPAM regulations.
  • Industry News: You will be able to access streaming news feeds that provide content for your blogs. This specifically focuses on reported news stories that directly impact the webmaster industry.
  • Sell, Buy & Trade Area: This is a space where you can buy and sell digital products like backlinks, content, website templates, blogs, designs, etc. You need to note that WickedFire has strict rules, and they have a caution for individuals who come here to scam members.
  • Newbie Questions: You can post your questions here if you’re a newbie. The seasoned members will answer your questions.

WickedFire allows you to engage and connect with a vast community of affiliate marketers from all around the globe. You can build networks, establish strategic alliances, and foster new friendships here.

The platform has rules and regulations you need to follow. The platform emphasizes that users post helpful content that aligns with the topic discussed. They discourage users from posting content that has clickbait or promoting your content. If you do that, you’ll be banned from the platform.

Digital Point Forum

Digital Point forum

Digital Point Forum is a space that hubs a community of members interested in Internet marketing. Aside from internet marketing, it has forums for SEO enthusiasts, web developers, and designers that share a common interest in the digital arena.

This free platform has a simple interface to navigate, especially for a newbie. You can search for the forum you want by going to the top right of the home page and clicking on Forum, then Search Forum.

Once the page opens, you can insert the keyword of the forum you want to join.

Search forums, threads, and posts in Digital Point

The platform is divided into various sub-forums, each catering to specific topics, including:

  • Business & Marketing: This sub-forum has a collection of topics that members discuss. These topics include general business and marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, Microdata, Payment Processing, PayPal, Social Networks, Facebook, Facebook API, Link Development, Legal Issues, Domain Names, Appraisals, Copywriting, etc.
Business & Marketing sub-forum in DigitalPoint
  • Search Engine: Under the Search engine sub-forum, you’ll get discussions on subjects like Search Engines, Google, AdSense, Guidelines / Compliance, Reporting & Stats, AdWords, Analytics, Sitemaps, Google API, Shopping, etc.
  • Development and Designer: You can benefit from these two direct forums as a web developer or a designer. Some of the subjects you’ll find across these two forums are Programming, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, Ruby, Site & Server Administration, Apache, Nginx, Security, Traffic Analysis, HTML & Website Design, CSS, Graphics & Multimedia, Photoshop, Content Management, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, XML & RSS, etc.

This platform encourages you to participate in discussions and ask queries. You can find solutions through community feedback. This can help refine or improve your internet marketing skills or brainstorm marketing strategies.

Digital Point Forum will help you get networking Opportunities by partnering with like-minded individuals. In the end, these collaborations can uplift your marketing ventures to new heights.

Whenever you post on the forum, you can still use that opportunity to promote your services or product. This platform has a signature advertising feature. It allows you to create a personalized signature with promotional content like domain names, templates, blogs, etc.

This will appear beneath your forum posts. The advantage of doing this is gaining traction for your product while maintaining meaningful discussions with the community.

Digital Point Forum has a marketplace; the community members can sell and buy digital products like domain names, websites, templates, designs, etc.

Digital Point Marketplace

If you’re an expert in matters to do with internet marketing or any other related professional, this platform gives you an opportunity to offer your services to the community.

Like many online forums, Digital Point Forum has moderators and guidelines to which all members must adhere. The moderators help foster these rules and ensure that discussions are respectful and on-topic.

Warrior Forum


WarriorForum is one of the oldest internet marketing forums, founded by Clifton Allen in 1997, and Freelancer acquired WarriorForum in 2014 for $3.2M.

The Warrior Forum is a digital marketplace forum for you looking for new tactics to advance your internet marketing knowledge.

It takes pride in being a space where marketers of any experience can engage, seek guidance, and provide solutions to their colleagues encountering difficulties or looking for advice.

The forum categories are divided into three sections: Feeds, My Forum, New, and Top.

Warriorforum Threads
  • Feed: It’s constantly updated with industry news and the latest releases. Therefore, it’s a great way to learn and explore trending topics.
  • New (Most Recent): Here, you’ll find the most recent discussions, replies, or posts. Use this to see the latest discussions.
  • Top (Top Voted): It sorts discussions by the total number of upvotes. Use this to see the most popular discussions from the last day, week, month, year, or all time.
  • My Forum: Here is where you’ll find the list of all forums you’ve subscribed too
Warriorforum's My Forum section
Warriorforum’s My Forum section

Once you’re in, you’ll find that the main forum is Internet Marketing. However, numerous topics are discussed under that forum. These topics are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Ad Networks
  4. Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Growth Hacking
  7. Social Media
  8. Offline Marketing
  9. Copywriting
  10. eCommerce Sites
  11. Internet Marketing Product Reviews
  12. Mind Warriors
  13. Programming
  14. Website Design
  15. Warrior Joint Ventures
  16. Off Topic Forum
  17. Local Meetups

The platform offers a dedicated marketplace called “Warrior Special Offer,” catering to exclusive Internet Marketing Products, Services, Training, and other Offers.

You have the opportunity to showcase and sell your digital products or services, like software, eBooks, copywriting, graphic design, and more. Buyers can go through the listings and buy from you.

Warrior Special Offers WSO - Warriorforum

The Warrior Special Offers section (i.e.: Warriorforum’s Marketplace) includes several sections. Some of them are:

  • Warrior Special Offers – A platform similar to JvZoo, where you can make money by promoting other marketers’ offers or even launching your own offer. You can often find internet marketing launches here, which can be found on internet marketing product calendars such as MunchEye before listing on the marketplace.
  • The Underground – The marketplace for info products, courses, software, and services. In this internet marketing forum, you can buy solo ads traffic from professional solo ads vendors who email clicks at reasonable prices. Check the ultimate guide to solo ads to learn more about solo advertising.
  • Warriors for Hire – The marketplace to hire talents to complete your projects. The forum is mostly filled with freelancers who provide SEO and writing services.
  • Web Hosting Offers – Find a wide variety of hosting offers related to proxies, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Dedicated servers, shared hosting, and WordPress-specific hosting.
  • Affiliate Program Database – Find a list of affiliate programs you can join.
  • Hot Deals – Discounts on info products, SaaS services, and software.

After becoming a forum member, you’ll be able to ask questions on various topics and acquire fresh insights. You’ll connect with like-minded peers eager to assist with any challenges you encounter daily.

The platform provides access to a special forum called the War Room, where you can gain insights from top marketing experts.

They offer a range of digital courses and tools to enhance your tactics and elevate your marketing knowledge to new heights. You can get the membership for $8.08 per month, billed annually.

Here is what you’ll learn from this forum:

  • Techniques for evaluating, refining, and significantly enhancing your conversion rates.
  • The strategies of designing landing pages that will convert visitors into paying clients.
  • Expanding and optimizing affiliate marketing endeavors using industry-leading methods.
  • Ways to launch your product online.
  • Accelerating the growth of your subscriber list and attracting followers.
  • Practical approaches to maximize your email marketing strategies.
  • Employing advanced tactics to create sales funnels that yield maximum sales.

The Warrior Forum enforces a set of rules that members must follow. Here are some essential guidelines:

  • Every member must provide a valid and functioning email address.
  • New members must make five posts before creating their thread.
  • Fake profile locations are strictly prohibited, and any members found using such false locations will face a ban.
  • Any form of promotion, even subtle, is forbidden in the discussion areas.



WebHostingTalk is an online space for web hosting, website development, domain registration, and server management discussions. Through these discussions, you can benefit if you want to learn more about Internet marketing.

WebHostingTalk has a vibrant and active community. Thousands of its members participate in daily discussions daily. The forum aims to create a supportive environment where you can engage in insightful conversations, seek guidance and connections within the industry.

Even if you’re a newbie or an expert in matters to do with web hosting professionals, WHT accommodates all of you with open arms.

The platform has several forums where members discuss different subjects. Here are some of the main forums that will help you if you need to broaden your internet marketing knowledge.

a). Web Hosting Main Forums

These are some of the sub-forums that you can participate in:

  • SEO / SEM Discussions: In this forum, you’ll engage in conversations about the strategies and ideologies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Optimization (SMO).
  • Ecommerce Hosting & Discussion: Examine the various aspects of web hosting payment processors, merchant accounts, payment systems, merchant accounts, shopping carts, merchant accounts, and billing systems on e-commerce solutions.
Ecommerce Hosting Discussion sub forum in Webhostingtalk
  • Hosting Security and Technology: Under this sub-forum, you’ll learn how to set up and fine-tune web hosting servers and operating systems, craft administration scripts, construct servers, fortify defenses against hackers, and address security concerns like SSL certificates, among other tasks.
  • Managed Hosting and Services: Here, members discuss the management of web hosting and services. This involves analyzing reviews and addressing common queries about managed hosting services. Whether you have acquired managed hosting directly or enlisted assistance in server management, this is the ideal discussion for you.
Managed Hosting Services sub forum in WebHostingTalk
  • CMS (Content Management System): Topics covered on this forum are Content Management Systems related to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. In addition, members discuss plugins, templates, and website add-ons.

b). Advertising Forums

Here are the sub-forums:

  • Web Hosting Offers: This forum has several sub-forum you can join and engage in constructive discussions with members. These sub-Forums include Shared Hosting Offers, Reseller Hosting Offers, Dedicated Hosting Offers, Colo Hosting Offers, VPS Hosting Offers, Cloud Hosting Offers, Hosted Email Offers, Managed Service Provider Offers, and Free Hosting Offers.
Web Hosting Offers sub forum in Webhostingtalk
  • Marketing & SEO Services Offers and Requests: Under this forum, you can request or offer SEO, Marketing, and Advertising services to members. So, it has several sub-forums you can join the one you prefer: Advertising Offers, Advertising Requests, Marketing Services Offers, Marketing Services Requests, SEO Job Offers, SEO Job Requests.
Marketing SEO Services Offers Requests sub forum in Webhostingtalk
  • Employment Offers & Request Forums: The forum aims to allow participants to share job openings and help those seeking jobs to find one. Before making a post, going through the Announcement section is essential. This forum is a perk exclusively available to WebHostingTalk members with active accounts.

c). WHT Announcements, Feedback, and Questions Forum

WHT Announcements Feedback Questions forum in Webhostingtalk

This forum lets you share general inquiries, comments, feedback, and suggestions related to the WHT forum. Additionally, any public announcements concerning WebHostingTalk will also be made here.

d). Web Hosting Meetups and Networking Forum

You’ll find the update on this forum if you want to know about upcoming networking events and WHT Meetups.

e). Premium & Corporate Member Forums

Premium Corporate Members forum in 

To participate in these forums necessitates a Premium or Corporate Membership. The Premium membership is $49 annually, and the Corporate is $1440 annually.

The following are the sub-forums:

  • Marketing, Promotion, and Customer Service: This is the ideal spot for sharing experiences of marketing achievements and failures and engaging in conversations about promotional activities, resellers, and affiliate programs. Feel free to discuss positive and negative customer service aspects within this forum.
  • Infrastructure & Hosting Company Discussions: You’ll learn more about web hosting platforms, network configurations, and data centers. Plus, you’ll understand the initial requirements for starting up and the ongoing essentials for sustaining operations.
  • Fraud and Abuse: In this forum, the conversations address fraudulent activities and misuse within the web hosting sector. You’ll know what measures are being implemented to combat this ongoing problem effectively.

WebHostingTalk has a set of rules and guidelines you need to maintain if you’re using the platform. Its moderator team works around the clock to ensure discussions stay on-topic and there’s no inappropriate behavior.



BlackHatWorld is an internet forum catering to internet marketers and entrepreneurs, primarily centered around SEO. Joining the forum is free, making its global membership exceed one million.

It is a perfect platform for connecting with individuals with similar interests, exchanging ideas and guidance, and growing your professional connections.

The forum boasts an extensive range of categories where members can inquire, seek advice, and contribute their expertise. It offers a fantastic opportunity to discuss SEO, SEM, social media, making money, programming, and web design.

These are the Forums you’ll find in BlackHatWorld:

  • Black Hat SEO Techniques: Members in this forum discuss the strategies and approaches to enhance your website’s rankings through black hat SEO techniques.
  • SEO Tools and Software: You’ll interact with conversations on SEO tools and software that can assist in analyzing and optimizing websites for better search engine rankings.
  • Affiliate Marketing: If you want to understand how affiliate marketing works, this is the best space. Members discuss affiliate marketing strategies, share success stories, and seek advice on promoting affiliate offers.
Black Hat SEO forums list Blackhatworld
  • White Hat SEO Strategies: The forum covers White Hat SEO strategies, which are ethical and approved methods to improve website rankings and traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing: Here, members share thoughts on how you can market through social media. Some of the conversations are strategies for growing followers, converting followers into customers, and how to engage your audience.
  • Programming & Web Design: You can exchange ideas and knowledge with members about website development, coding, web hosting, and related topics. These are kind of the subject you’ll be discussing: visual basic 6, general programming, C#, C, C++, visual basic .NET, etc.
  • Marketplace: BlackHatWorld features a specialized marketplace segment that enables its members to engage in purchasing, selling, and exchanging a wide array of Internet marketing services, products, and accounts. Within this section, one can find offers of SEO, social media, web design, content writing, and various other services.
  • Online Money Making: The forum offers valuable information on diverse online earning opportunities and business approaches. You can engage in conversations to exchange business and tax tips with fellow internet marketers.
Making Money forums in Blackhatworld

In the Marketplace of BlackHatWorld, you will find a wide variety of offers that cannot be seen anywhere else. For example, you can buy backlinks (for general sites, gambling, and adult sites), proxies, social media panels, SMS verification services, courses, and SEO packages.

Content / Copywriting forum in Blackhatworld
Buy written content for your niche websites from the Content / Copywriting forum in Blackhatworld

Remember, you can acquire knowledge on establishing a membership site, attracting members, providing regular updates, and retaining them as long-term participants.



Webmaster World is an online forum dedicated to helping you improve website design and visibility on search engines. This benefits internet marketers who use websites to market their products or services.

It provides many tools and online discussion forums that can assist you in understanding how to operate and promote a website.

It covers various topics like search engine optimization (SEO), Artificial Intelligence, advertising, social media marketing, operating systems, web development, etc.

WebmasterWorld Forum gives you a platform to learn from industry experts. Professionals in the field take part in discussions. They provide insights and guidance to inexperienced members like you.

The platform has numerous forums that you can join for free. In this article, I’ll mention a few that will help you.

  • Google Search and SEO: The discussions are around the latest Google algorithm updates, keyword research, link-building tactics, and on-page optimization tips.
  • Facebook Marketing and Meta Platforms Forum: This space only has conversations on meta platforms like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
  • New to Web Development: If you are a beginner in web development, you’ll learn a lot in this forum. Seasoned members who are experts in the field will guide you by answering your questions or offering tips.
New to Web Development forum 
 of Webmasterworld
  • E-commerce: WebmasterWorld Forum is a hotspot for discussions on monetizing websites, e-commerce platforms, and strategies to increase online revenue.
  • Domain Names: The forum’s primary aim is around general domain-related topics, including domain valuation, negotiating domain sales, managing domain inventories, and domain monetization.
  • Google AdSense: In this community, members engage in discussions related to AdSense, Google’s advertising service for publishers, covering various aspects such as text, image, video, and interactive media ads

Another outstanding advantage of WebmasterWorld Forum is that it gives real-time news on algorithm changes, breaking news in web development and digital marketing.

You can sign up for free and join the forums. But, if you need a complete Webmaster World experience, you must go for pro membership.

Webmasterworld Pro Membership registration

For an annual fee of $149, you gain access to a private supporters forum and the exclusive Toolset of Webmaster World. Plus, you’ll enjoy an ad-free experience.

Reddit’s /r/SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO subreddit

/r/SEO is among the popular subreddits on Reddit. This free platform is known to be one of the best spaces to discuss matters concerning SEO. Besides that, it has a vibrant community of more than 200,000 members who engage in discussions.

This is the best forum platform if you are a digital marketer, SEO enthusiast, webmaster, and content creator looking for tips to boost your website’s visibility in search engine results.

If you are either a beginner or an expert in SEO, you’ll benefit more on this platform through sharing, collaboration, and constructive feedback. In addition, networking within the community can help you to have partnerships with like-minded people leading to potential business opportunities.

At the top, the platform is divided into three sections: Hot, New, and Top.

SEO subreddit post filters
  • Hot: you’ll get some of the trending topics the community discusses.
  • New: These are the most recent topics on the feed
  • Top: Here are the topics that many members are discussing.

When you join this subreddit, you’ll find members discussing SEO tips, SEO tools, and case studies. In this space, members offer valuable insights and answer questions based on their experiences.

Another remarkable benefit of using Reddit’s /r/SEO is that you’ll get the latest industry news and updates. This will help you know the latest trends and best practices for SEO marketing.

Reddit’s /r/SEO has moderators who keep an eye on every discussion. Apart from that, it has a set of guidelines and rules. As a member, you must adhere to the rules to keep a respectful and constructive atmosphere.

Some main regulations include the following: Members should offer value to the community, not self-promotion. All posts and discussions have to be SEO related. You must be respectful and avoid using offensive language when interacting with other members.

Conclusion on Best Internet Marketing Forums

Internet marketing is ever-changing, and staying ahead of the curve requires continuous learning and networking. The best Internet marketing forums offer a thriving ecosystem where marketers can share experiences, seek advice, and collaborate on new projects.

These forums serve as a hotbed for the latest industry trends, tools, and strategies, making them an indispensable resource for marketers aiming to stay relevant.

By actively participating in these communities, professionals can forge meaningful connections, access exclusive resources, and receive constructive feedback. Embracing the power of Internet marketing forums undoubtedly leads to personal and professional growth, ensuring marketers are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic online landscape.

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