4 Best Places to Buy Solo Ads: Targeted, Quality Email Traffic

Solo Ads is one of the best, if not THE best, and fastest methods to build your email list and grow your business.

Solo ads traffic is coming from email lists, which means they’re hyper-targeted and interested in your offer.

Most times, solo ads traffic is more targeted and converted than PPC traffic and organic traffic.

One downside of Solo ads is the fair amount of competition (in other words, each email subscriber is also in dozens of the same niche email lists). However, if you follow a good strategy, your marketing funnel is strong, and your solo ad offer converts well, you don’t need to worry about it much.

In the end, you would find that every traffic medium has both upsides and downsides. However, solo ads are the fastest way, which you can use today to build your email list rapidly.

Want to add 100 email leads today? Use solo ads traffic.

Want to add 1000 email leads to your list this week? No worries. Use solo ads traffic.

And want to add 10,000 subscribers to your email list? USE SOLO ADS!

Yes, it’s a numbers game at the end.

However, finding reliable solo ad sellers has become challenging because shady sellers make other good ones hidden in the dark.

You won’t find solo ad sellers that sell high-converting email traffic for a low price pretty easily.

Usually, they’re acquired by top internet marketers who don’t want to share the email list with others.

So, where to place solo ads?

Today, I will reveal the top four places to buy targeted solo ads that are converting and responsive in 2023. All four places contain over 17,000 websites and marketplaces to buy solo ads. And at the end, I will share some tips to keep in mind when purchasing solo ads traffic from anyone.

Before I show you the best places to buy solo ads, check out the tools I recommend for EVERY solo ads buyer.

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Essential tools for Solo Ads buyers that will make a significant shift in your online business

ClickMagick – #1 Click tracking software for solo ads

Click fraud is a BIG issue, particularly in the Solo Advertising space. Usually, CPC (cost per click) for each solo ad click in competitive markets like MLM, Business Opportunities are very high.

The traffic quality checker in Clickmagick allows marketers to see the quality of the traffic of each solo ad seller and get more insights.

I have seen some solo ad sellers price their packages for over $2.00 per click!

Yes, it’s not about the CPC of solo ad clicks. It’s about the subscriber’s ROI and LTV (lifetime value). However, some shady Solo ads sellers could scam you by not selling email traffic.

That’s why you must use a solo ads click tracking tool like ClickMagick.

Here’re a few features of ClickMagick:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Track email traffic (such as unique traffic, platforms, and countries)
  • Link rotator tools based on four criteria (fulfillment, sequential, random, and spillover) with traffic routing conditions
  • Automated & intelligent split testing
  • Track conversions in simple to complex funnels with features like advanced cross-device tracking
  • Real-time stats & reports (and share analytics with others)
  • Multi-platform retargeting
  • Unlimited custom tracking domains
  • Affiliate marketing tools (Sending your actual conversion data to ad networks, goal tracking, etc.)
  • Track the ROI of all solo ads purchases or solo ads campaigns

ClickMagick’s plans start at $49/mo, and you can try all plans, including all features, for free.

Clickfunnels – Build high-converting landing pages

Before you buy solo ads traffic, you should have set up a solo ads funnel. (ex: where to send solo ads traffic you purchase)

Clickfunnels is the most famous tool used by many solo ad buyers to create high-converting solo ads squeeze pages (solo ads opt-in pages) and sales funnels to make money with the traffic they buy.

Design conversion-focused lead generation landing pages specially optimized for solo ads traffic easily on Clickfunnels without coding knowledge.

Here’re a few things you can do with Clickfunnels.

  • Create high-converting opt-in pages for solo ad traffic.
  • A/B test your Solo ad traffic so that you know which sellers’ traffic converts better for your offers
  • Create sales funnels. (ex: OTO pages, upsell pages)
  • Manage your email marketing campaigns with the Actionetics service offered by Clickfunnels

With Clickfunnels 2.0, you will get more features and robust performance upgrades. Since performance is a high priority in solo ads marketing, Clickfunnels will be a great tool in your arsenal.

ConvertBox – On-site conversion rate optimization tool

ConvertBox is an online tool that lets you create CTA widgets, such as opt-in forms and CTA buttons on landing pages.

I use ConvertBox on this very website and other sites to generate leads and display targeted messages based on the stage of the sales funnel they’re in.

The drag-and-drop visual builder of ConvertBox

Here’s how ConvertBox can help with your solo ads campaigns

  • Display custom exit popup opt-in forms to increase email subscribers in lead generation pages.
  • Show countdown timers on OTO pages to increase FOMO (fear of missing out) and redirect to another offer after the countdown timer hits zero.
  • Display separate messages based on autoresponder tag & list, cookies, URL query strings, and more.

The best part is you can buy a ConvertBox lifetime account for a one-time fee at this time. I have written a complete walkthrough and review on ConvertBox. Read it here to find out more.

UpViral – Add a viral loop to your solo ads marketing funnels


Solo ads marketing is a numbers game. You wish to make a net positive from every solo ad campaign. But the harsh truth is that consistently getting targeted and high-quality traffic is never easy. Email solo ad traffic is good as long as you have a reasonable budget to scale.

But what if you can include a ‘viral loop’ to your existing funnel and multiply your email list while receiving free targeted referral traffic?

That is what UpViral is capable of!

Upviral dashboard stats
UpViral dashboard – ‘Referred Leads’ box indicates how many free email addresses we received

UpViral is one of the best giveaway platforms with numerous features, such as a drag-and-drop page builder and running a giveaway on hosted UpViral pages and self-hosted landing pages through the widget.

UpViral Share Page editor

Here is how UpViral can help you with your solo ads campaigns:

  • Add a referral program at the backend of your funnels to get people to invite their friends
  • Run a rewards program where people can win discounts, prizes, etc., after purchasing your offers
  • Utilize custom actions in Upviral to increase engagements, like following you on social media and confirming their email subscription (if you use double opt-in in your solo ad email marketing campaigns, for example)
  • Generate free leads from every solo ads traffic buy and decrease CPL (Cost per lead), so you can drastically scale your campaigns and make more profit! (More leads per less traffic and low spending = more profits = higher budget for future campaigns)
Adding a rewards campaign to your solo ads funnel’s backend will incentivize people to invite others to your funnels and make a viral effect.

Although there are sites like Upviral to hold a giveaway, unique features like A/B testing make the UpViral contest platform one of the best for email list growth.

UpViral’s free trial costs only $1 and is valid for 14 days. (Two weeks is enough to get your first campaign going).

Landing Pages optimized for Solo ads traffic

In solo advertising, numbers mean a lot. If your typical lead conversion rate is 20%, what if you can increase it to 30%, 40%, or even as high as 50%?

That would make a huge difference, right?

That’s why we have compiled a list of high-converting landing pages for solo ads marketing.

The video displays some squeeze pages you can download for free
  • Ready-to-use landing pages are optimized especially for solo ads traffic type
  • Mobile-responsive designs (Converts very well with mobile traffic)
  • Opt-in pages and bridge pages (perfect for affiliate marketing campaigns)
  • Integrate with your email marketing service like Aweber easily
  • Customize landing pages as you want (ex: add tracking scripts)
  • Pages are static and purely made with HTML and CSS. That means solo ad landing pages load very fast.

More tools get the most from your targeted solo ads buying campaigns

Here are several tools to get a bigger ROI from targeted solo ads that convert.

4 Best Places to Buy Cheap Solo Ads Traffic that Work

best places to buy solo ads

Here are the places I recommend for purchasing solo ad traffic in 2023. These solo ads marketplaces are reputed to offer targeted solo ads traffic for different niches such as MMO, Internet Marketing, Crypto, Health, Business Opportunities, and Network marketing.

Not to mention that you can use these sites to buy solo ads for affiliate marketing campaigns as well.


Udimi website

Udimi is the most prominent solo ads marketplace where different solo ad providers in different niches sell email traffic.

Search sellers with targeted email lists in niches

The best part is that Udimi solo ads’ costs start at $0.40 per click (and you can find solo ad traffic packages from $0.24 as well).

Udimi works as a middle party, connecting buyers and sellers under one roof. Therefore, you’d find 100’s solo ad vendors from different fields. If you’re new to solo ads, Udimi would be your best choice because you can:

  • Select solo ad vendors from 100’s of available ones.
  • Read buyer reviews and filter solo ad providers by niche, CPC, tier traffic, languages, and more.
  • Contact solo ads traffic providers directly (online chat) to discuss how they have built their email list and what offers subscribers are interested in most.
  • Buy buyers list solo ads (people who have bought something related to your niche previously)
  • Get help from professional solo ad sellers to design your squeeze pages to achieve a higher opt-in rate.
  • Be assured that your money is safe because there is no place for fraud.

Features of Udimi Solo Ads Marketplace

If you use Udimi to buy solo ads, you’ll get several advantages of manually purchasing solo email ads from vendors. Here are some of them.

Buyer friendly

One of the most significant advantages you’d experience as a buyer when using Udimi to buy solos is that Udimi is there for you.

  • You can make sure you will get the guaranteed traffic at the exact period
  • Get refunds for possible issues. Yes, you can get refunds for solo ad purchases only from Udimi!
  • Resolve issues quickly. Have you experienced possible fraudulent activity? Contact Udimi support!
  • Genuine reviews – Unlike most other solo ad directories, Udimi allows only buyers to post reviews.
Optin Tracking

When you buy solo ads traffic from multiple vendors, you should keep track of which vendors list to give you higher profit and ROI. You can track those details with ClickMagick as well.

However, Udimi has added this feature to let people track Udimi’s solo ad campaigns.

Optin Tracking — Udimi
Optin Tracking — Udimi
Get real solo ad traffic

Unlike other places to buy solo ads, Udimi takes extreme measures to ensure buyers get real email traffic.

Seller verification

That is why vendor verification is a must in its platform.

udimi seller verification

One of the best parts of Udimi solo ads is that its sophisticated traffic filtering system can determine if the traffic originates from real email clicks or bot traffic.

Udimi traffic report will list all clicks generated for each ad buy.

Also, spamvertising and email feedback loops help Udimi detect if the seller spits to his list to boost clicks. This makes sure you buy high-quality solo ads for your links.

Email List Validator

One way to determine whether your email marketing campaign will succeed is by analyzing subscribers’ quality.

Udimi’s Email list validator helps you check the email list to identify the quality of the list.

Udimi Email List Validator
Email List Validator — Udimi
Ad texts

You’ll have to use multiple email swipes and links when dealing with numerous solo ad vendors. Host them on Udimi for easy access when you need them.

Udimi makes it so easier to manage ad texts.

Save Email swipe files for later usage.

Also, you can provide the solo ad email copy to the seller directly when buying solo ads online. Although optional, this little feature will enable you to purchase targeted solo ads.

Provide your email message to get targeted solo ad traffic from top-tier countries

If you have questions about solo ads or need help creating the squeeze page, the Udimi forum would be more helpful than most internet marketing forums. Why? Because hundreds of users are active on the forum to help you with any question. You will find a mixture of solo ad buyers and sellers to ask questions and get knowledge and experience from others.


Furthermore, you’ll also find solo ad sellers even interacting and sharing their experiences dealing with solo ad buyers. In fact, it’s great to have a forum where Solo ad buyers and sellers can interact with each other and be honest.

Forum Post — Udimi
Udimi Forum Post

Find out more features, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses of Udimi in this article about Udimi.

How to buy solo ads from Udimi

It’s pretty easy to buy solo ads from Udimi. Just make sure you’re using a solo ads link tracker like ClickMagick to track solo ads campaign performance, and you have set up at least ONE opt-in page to collect email addresses.

Clickmagick is a solo-ads-friendly click-tracking software with tons of features. This figure shows the traffic quality of traffic.

I recommend always testing (ABT) and trying to beat the highest converting landing page to increase subscribers and reduce CPL (cost per lead). When you gather experience and capacity, you can experiment by adding tripwire offers to build up break-even funnels. Once you are mature, you can, like other professional marketers, get profit from every solo ad click and literally buy solo ads for free,

Remember that not always attractive landing pages convert better. Sometimes, ugly landing pages with the least text included convert better than most.

Use Clickfunnels to create lead-generation pages in minutes.

Here’s how to buy solo ads in Udimi.

  1. Go to Udimi over here and create your free account.
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Again log in to your Udimi account and click on the “Find sellers” button.
Find Sellers — Udimi

You could see hundreds of solo ad sellers in Udimi. Several filter options include the number of solo ad clicks you want to purchase, delivery time, and minimum and maximum CPC.

Click on the profile to see the details of the solo ads vendor.

Solo Ads Seller profile — Udimi

For instance, Brandon Sean’s solo ad profile is highly maintained. Why? Because 85% of reviews are marked as got sales, and 26% of previous orders are from repeat customers. And positive to negative rating ratio is extraordinary in this price range.


At the bottom of the page, you can see reviews from real buyers. Udimi verifies each solo ads reviews. Click on the link, which starts from “Udimi stats: Delivered…” to see the complete overview of the traffic report.

Solo ads seller reviews and ratings

Also, just above it, you can see the average geography of subscribers based on clicks served so far. Again, more solos indicate better, meaningful data on the map.

Email Traffic Geographic Map

Also, you can see how they have built their list and how much they earn.

Solo ads seller description and frequently asked questions by customers

You can specify how much traffic you want and add any other traffic filter which Udimi will use to send you targeted traffic. For example, select the “No mobile” checkbox if you don’t require mobile traffic.

Buy Solo Ads clicks — Udimi.

However, I’d recommend contacting the solo ads seller first to discuss how they built their email list and which offers work well for the audience.

Also, Udimi allows you to customize your order to buy solo ad clicks that amount exactly what you need. Ex: Get only desktop email traffic from top-tier countries


Check the ‘Solo Deals‘ section in Udimi for discounts on Solo ads packages!

Solo Deals

Also, don’t forget to check out the monthly movers and shakers to find top solo ad vendors in the current month.

best solo ads sellers current month on Udimi
Best Solo Ads sellers in the current month — Udimi Movers & Shakers

Udimi Customer Reviews

Watch the video below to see how other internet marketers like you have increased their email subscribers and got sales with Udimi solo ads.

Udimi is the best place to buy solo ads with guaranteed clicks. You won’t be scammed, and Udimi got your back every time you purchase a solo ads clicks package from ANY seller.

I recommend always researching solo ad clicks providers (how they’ve been building the email list, making money with their list, solo ads customer reviews, etc.) and starting with purchasing a small number of solo ad clicks first.

Usually, I prefer to start with a 50 solo ad clicks package. However, if you’re confident, you can buy a higher solo ad clicks package too.

But what about the cost of Udimi?

Udimi provides both free and paid plans. In a free account, you can buy and sell solo ads. However, the paid plan, known as Udimi prime, costs $29.95/mo and lets you achieve much more. Learn more about Udimi Pricing.

Remember, it’s a money game. Every click of solo ads has a value and price. 

Click here to sign up for the Udimi solo ads marketplace.

Facebook Groups

Do you know that several Facebook groups are dedicated to Solo advertising that you can use right now to buy solo ads?

Yes, buyers share their solo ads testimonials on Facebook groups and recommend good sellers to help others. Also, people are sharing their experiences with each seller too.

Just search on Facebook using terms like “solo ads,” solo ads testimonials, and “email swaps” to find groups related to solo ads.

Solo ads sales testimonials Facebook group (Link)

Solo Ads Sales Testimonials Facebook Group
Solo Ads Sales Testimonials Facebook Group

Solo ads testimonials Facebook group (Link)

Buyer reviews — Solo Ads Testimonials Facebook Group

Tips for buying solo ads from Facebook groups

  • Join all Facebook groups on solo ad testimonials and search for the seller’s past work. You will find some reviews. Also, it is recommended to ask for feedback from past buyers personally.
  • Some groups have a blacklist in which people complain or enlist fraudulent solo ads and traffic providers. So, make sure your sellers’ names aren’t listed on them.
  • Visit the seller’s website if there is one. Check the seller’s pricing structure and testimonials. If it is too good to be true, then the seller might not be legit. In reality, solo ad traffic isn’t cheap like Pop ads and Push ads. The prices typically range from $0.35 to $2.00. Anything below par will most likely be a scam scheme.
  • Get a conversation going, ask how the email list is built, and which kind of offers usually perform well on his/her list. Also, ask if he/she is making money with their lists and how many fresh leads are added every day.
  • Start purchasing solo ads in small amounts. Check the traffic quality from your own tracker.

Always research more about the seller and find reviews from real customers before buying solo ads and email traffic.


If you do not know, Warriorforum is the best internet marketing forum. In Warriorforum Classified ads section, you can find solo ads vendors selling solo email traffic for a low price.

Buy Solo ads traffic from Warriorforum.

Also, you can join with other email marketers in the Joint Ventures section to ad swap.

Find solo ads swap opportunities and solo ads sellers in Warriorforum Joint Ventures.

Usually, almost all solo ad sellers are in IM/MLM and Biz Opp niches. Therefore, if you’re looking for Solo ad marketers in specific niches, such as health & fitness niches, Warriorforum isn’t the best place to buy targeted solo ads traffic.

Solo ads vendor websites

Nowadays, most professional solo ads vendors (yes, solo advertising is a business) have websites where they sell their services without an intermediate.

However, the caution for you as the buyer is that you bear to carry risks. Sometimes you might be scammed. Maybe your traffic will not be delivered as described, or you will receive low-quality traffic (i.e., traffic from low-tier countries)

Ensure to research the seller’s history before purchasing solo ads and contact the seller to know how they have built their list, the top countries the subscribers belong to, and if they are making money with the list, which offers work better on their list.

It’s effortless to find solo ads provider websites. Again, Google is for your help. Just search “solo ads” to find sites.

Solo ads — Google Search

Alternatively, to narrow down your search, use the intitle:search operator and add -youtube.com to remove YouTube results. Finally, I was able to find 17,000 websites to buy solo ad traffic!

Find solo ads vendor websites using Google search operators

Here are a few solo ads traffic provider websites I found on Google.

Solo ads websites — Google Search

Here’s a list of top-tier solo ad providers with guaranteed clicks!

This list of solo ad providers is in no order. Buy Solo ads with caution!

Solo SellerSeller URL
Paul de Sousahttp://www.thesolosquad.com/
Wilfred Bakkerhttp://themarketerlifestyle.com/soloads/
Igor Kheifetshttp://www.igorsoloads.com/
Jasdeep Singh Janduhttp://www.jaszdeep-soloads.com/
Sarah Chewhttp://www.imwithsarah.com/soloads
Mukesh Malikhttp://solospreneur.com/
Mark Haydinwww.successwithmark.rocks/solo-ads
Craig Dawberhttps://www.supremacysoloads.com/
Richy McGinnishttps://bosstraffic.net/soloads
Kresimir Klukovichttps://solo-ads.biz/
Alessandro Serrahttp://www.justsolos.biz/
Matija Balantichttp://www.matijasoloads.com/

Email-Swap Method

Where to buy solo ads?

So, the question is, what is the best place to buy targeted solo ads for your offer?

  • If you are getting started, I would recommend the Udimi solo ads site because you have numerous sellers to choose from, and it’s risk-free. Furthermore, Udimi has over 1,000 solo ad providers in different niches, including health and fitness, and rare niches, such as pets, foods, woodworking, plumbing, and repairing. Also, you can choose if you want desktop-only traffic or not, so if you are building a list or have an offer only targeted at desktop visitors, Udimi would be an excellent place to buy solo ad traffic. Learn more in this beginner’s guide on How to Use Udimi.
  • If you have some experience on how to get solo ads to work, ordering from solo ads vendors directly would be a good choice. Because you can build relationships, save money, and tap into lists with less crowded and highly responsive.

You would also find solo ads sellers with big traffic volume in private forums. Typically, marketers with highly responsive lists do not sell email traffic.

Solo Ads that Convert

Before even thinking of buying solo ads, you should have a clear path of how you would use solo ads traffic in your business. There are three main ways.

  1. Send to a squeeze page and build a list
  2. Send to an affiliate offer and make money
  3. Send to a sales funnel and test the offer

There is a reason why you might not make money with solo ad traffic while other top marketers profit from every purchase.

First of all, you should capture the lead so that you can reach them later via email. Then, use a quality email autoresponder like Aweber or self-hosted software such as Mautic.

It’s always recommended to redirect the captured lead to a sales funnel. (either affiliate offer or own digital product). That is how most marketers make a profit or reduce the cost of solo ad traffic first.

If you are wondering how to set up a sales funnel to get money from your Solo ads campaigns, check out this ultimate guide to Solo ads funnels.

Like others, testing is always the key to getting solo ads to work. It would help if you kept in mind that the subscribers of solo ads traffic might have also signed up to dozens of other marketers’ lists.

So, you should be responsive, be consistent with your email marketing, and use marketing tactics such as quality, catchy email subject lines, high converting email swipes proven to perform well, and conversion boosters like email countdowns such as Mailtimer to stand out in the inbox.

Are Fiverr Solo ads worth it?

I cannot resist talking about Fiverr Solo ads because many people have asked me about them. Let’s take a look at the Fiverr solo ad gigs.


Fiverr solo ads are not worth it. Here are why:

  • If the seller can sell the traffic (5K visitors) for $50, why doesn’t the seller use it for themself?
  • Most traffic is either spam traffic or not actual email clicks. Some use software to originate fake visits, while some use other methods, such as pop ads, to get clicks to links. So, the conversion rate will most likely be zero or near zero.
  • Fiverr is not made for selling solo ads. Like SproutGigs, Fiverr is a crowdsourcing marketplace for freelancers, not solo ad vendors and buyers. So, you won’t get features such as quicker refunds or solo ad traffic verification systems.
  • Not worth your time or money.

The simple truth is that people who tempt to use Fiverr to buy solo ads are either misinformed or acting with emotion.

6 Questions to ask from Vendors before purchasing solo ads

Now you know over 17,000 websites to buy solo ads online, let’s get to the point where you might be stuck (or worse, fail).

As you might have found, finding places to purchase solo ads is an easy task. What comes next is how you select honest solo ad sellers so that you will not be scammed.

Ask questions below before buying email solo ads from vendors, and use your common sense to understand if he/she is honest and ethical for you.

Ask them if they have customers on their list.

What if people in the solo ad sellers list are from tier 3 countries where $10 is a 2-4 day paycheck?

Also, you don’t want to add more freebie seekers to your list. It’s okay to offer free offers as long as it’s one step of your marketing strategy. However, it would help if you did not have more freebie seekers on your list because they don’t feed you or your business.

Ask the seller if their list has customers (also known as the “buyers list”) and if the seller says “yes,” ask which type of offers they bought.

If the seller says “No,” you can decide if you should buy traffic from the solo ads seller. It’s up to you.

Ask them for reviews.

It’s a pretty straightforward question. When you talk with the seller, ask, “Hey, do you have customer reviews? May I see them?

If the seller’s answer is no, then say bye bye! That’s it.

No business with him or her.

Ask them how long they have been selling solo ads.

The longer they have been selling solo ads, the better you can trust them.

Ask them if any of their previous customers have made SALES with their solo’s

A pretty straightforward and vital question you should ask. If any previous clients did not make sales from solo ad traffic, you might not make at least a single sale.

Ask how many fresh leads are added each day and how they are added

Buying affordable solo ads is one thing. But, it does not matter if the subscribers are not opening your future emails and clicking your links within them. That is why you must ensure you are getting responsive solo ads traffic.

You shouldn’t want people already subscribed to dozens of other marketers’ lists on your email list. So, ask solo ad sellers how many fresh leads are added and how they are getting them. If the seller generated them through low-quality traffic mediums like Pop ads or Domain traffic, you might want to pass on the particular dealer.

Udimi is a great place to find out if specific sellers’ traffic has made sales for customers. Hence, you can determine if buying traffic from a particular seller is right for you.

Although Brandon’s Solo ads cost $1.05/click on average (without upgrades), 26% of past orders are from returning customers. The reason for that might be that his solo ads traffic converts very well, and he is a reputable solo ad reseller (only three negative feedbacks).

In case you missed anything…

Related Reads about Solo Advertising:

Conclusion on buying targeted solo ads that work

Solo ads are one of the fastest ways to build your email list in a short span of time. However, finding solo ad vendors in specific niches is difficult and sometimes impossible.

However, if your business is involved in one of the niches below, you can rapidly utilize solo ad traffic to grow your business.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Make money online
  • Business Opportunities
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
  • Crypto
  • Wellness

Also, you could find some solo ads providers in other niches, such as Health & Fitness.

In the end, Solo advertising is a numbers game. You can’t expect to make a profit from a 100 clicks solo ads package.

To profit with solo ads, you should have the right funnel with relevant offers according to the traffic you’ve bought.

For example, if the Solo ad email copy says about making money with Fiverr and the landing page talks about making money with YouTube marketing, well, you might not get a higher opt-in rate than you expected. Moreover, if your OTO (One Time Offer) is about a business opportunity, your solo ads campaign might not be successful.

Like all other money-making models, such as blogging, video marketing, and e-commerce, it takes time to practice and master solo advertising space.

However, it’s simple. You don’t depend on Google or Facebook in this case. Traffic usually comes within 24 hours. You can make money on autopilot if your landing pages, OTOs, and email sequence are set up correctly.

So, do you use solo ads for your business? What are your experiences? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Where can I buy solo ads?

There are many marketplaces to buy solo ads online. You can either order solo ads directly through vendors or use a network like Udimi.

Are Solo Ads worth it?

Solo ads traffic is email traffic. Therefore, if you have a test budget and an effective solo ads sales funnel or a high EPC affiliate offer, giving solo ads a try might be worth it, considering the average cost for a visitor in many traffic channels is higher than Solo Advertising.

Do Solo Ads still work?

Solo ads still work for proven sales funnels. However, it might not be effective for lead generation specifically because people usually subscribe to multiple email lists, and getting the attention of solo ad leads is very hard.

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  1. Wow! Chamal thank you for this article, very helpful 🙂 I am using traffic for several month’s already, and that’s really increased my sales..yes, for sure it does. There are so many places to buy it for today, but I choose one with the best protection for buyer. I can recommend to use Udimi. It’s a really awesome platform. Very important that they provide special tools to create your own landing page!
    Ordered 200 clicks – was delivered in 24 hours..+ bonus 36 clicks!

    • Yes, Udimi is definitely a great place to get started with solo advertising. How’s your experience of using Udimi landing pages versus others?

      Thanks for comment, by the way! 🙂

  2. Great info Chamal!
    Udimi is a great platform for buying solo ads. I have been using Udimi for several years now! The main thing is to choose a seller who works in your niche, so you can get the maximum result.

    • Thanks, Liam!

      Udimi is saturated with solo ads vendors in Internet marketing, Business opportunities, and MLM niches obviously. The vast majority of buyers are also in those niches. The key is finding a seller whose traffic converts for your offer.

    • Hello Rob,

      Did you try looking at Udimi? I found one vendor who sells solo ads in niches related to Diet and Nutrition and Healthy Cooking. You might also give a try health and fitness solo ads email lists.


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