Udimi Alternatives: Top 2 Solo Ads Websites Like Udimi

So, you are looking for sites like Udimi to buy high-quality solo ads for less money.

Let’s be honest. The Solo Ads industry is filled with many scammers, and finding a reputable solo ads seller nowadays is not easy like it was a half-decade ago.

Although there are thousands of people who sell solo ads from their sites, it’s not a wise decision to buy from solo ads vendors who are not trustworthy or you don’t know.

In this guide, you will find our top 2 Udimi alternatives and valuable lessons to know before buying solo ads from any platform.

Find Reputable Solo Ads Sellers in Udimi with Highest Sales Ratios


I don’t know why you are looking for an alternative to Udimi. Maybe you want to test solo ads platforms, examine your Solo ads sales funnel with different vendors, find the best solo ads for affiliate marketing campaigns, test different traffic sources for Solo ad arbitrage business, or want to know reputable sites like Udimi to buy more email traffic from little-known sellers.

However, if you struggle to find the best solo ads providers in the Udimi platform, this short guide is for you.

Login to your Udimi account over here. (Or Create your free Udimi account over here and get a free discount)

Navigate to your Udimi Solo Deals page or Udimi’s solo ads seller search page. In this example, I will use the solo ads seller search page.

Now you can filter out solo ads sellers with a wide variety of search options. For instance, if you want to find reputable solo traffic sellers with a proven track record of the highest sales and more ratings, set these filter options at your Udimi account.

Got sales over 50% and Ratings over 500. This way you will find the successful Udimi Solo Ads suppliers whose solos got sales for customers

Isn’t this interesting?

There are two solo ad sellers in Udimi with a record of 50%+ sales ratio. And you can verify it by going through reviews of a particular seller.


Here is another top seller on Udimi who sells top-tier solo ads and got a 72% ‘got sales‘ rate!


If you were searching for Udimi alternatives because you didn’t know how to find top sellers with high-quality traffic, now you know how to find them easily.

But, if you are not happy with Udimi’s traffic because of its low conversion rates, maybe the tools you are using aren’t good enough. Here are several I recommend for people who are looking for solo ads marketplace sites like Udimi.

  • Convertful — Capture every visitor and convert most to subscribers. Read my Convertful review to learn more about Convertful and how to use it to grow your business. Alternatively, you can use ConvertBox to increase conversions. ConvertBox Pricing has not changed much in the last few years (still on a lifetime deal). Learn more about ConvertBox.
  • Brizy Cloud — The easiest and cheapest landing page builder. It is a good alternative to Clickfunnels as well. Save money on the complicated and expensive landing page builders (because Brizy subscription fees are inexpensive compared with others) and spend more to buy traffic from sites like Udimi. Learn more.
  • ThriveCart — World’s most powerful cart builder. Sell more by optimizing your checkout pages. Recommended for every serious marketer.
  • Best countdown timers for emails — Boost your conversion rates with these animated countdown timers.

Why You might want to use Udimi competitors

  • Udimi solo ads pricing is confusing for you with its attributes so you want to find simple platforms
  • You want to test other solo ads traffic sources to get less crowded people on your list

Udimi Alternatives

Here I will list the top 2 websites like Udimi to buy solo ads. I do not guarantee any sales or opt-ins from these vendor websites as it depends on lots of factors not limited to your offer, your message, and your landing page.



SoloAdsx is a solo ads directory where you can 10-15 sellers at one time.

How SoloAdsx Works

SoloAdsx is a directory of chosen solo ads providers chosen by SoloAdsx themselves. So, there isn’t a way for real customers to rate sellers based on their experiences.


SoloAdsx Recommended Solo Ads Vendors

Most solo ads sellers listed on SoloAdsx.com are on niches such as Make money online, Business opportunities, and network marketing. So, if you are looking for lists on other niches, SoloAdsX might not be for you.


Here is a useful video from SoloAdsx that talks about how to select an excellent solo ads vendor. The video is a little bit oldish. However, concepts are the same for even this day!


SyndicateAds is a directory of websites that offer newsletter ads and dedicated ads for a fixed fee. It’s a marketplace where you can find hundreds of sites with active email lists.

Syndicateads.com is operated by BuySellAds, which is another buy-and-sell marketplace for website banner ads.


If you search a bit, you can find some websites with large email lists. You cannot reach those types of sellers on solo ads marketplaces like Udimi.


If you have a decent sales funnel, you can make more money with an Udimi alternative like Syndicateads because the audience you are reaching here might not be bombarded with dozens of daily emails and might be interested in promotional emails.

Fiverr Solo ads (Not recommended)

Well, I cannot neglect Fiverr solo ads in this article about Udimi alternatives. You might have seen some people suggest Fiverr as a solo ad directory to buy solo ad traffic. The deals are tempting because the price is very cheap.

Fiverr solo ads

But, Fiverr solo ads are not worth it. Here are why:

  • If merchants can sell solo ad traffic for $5 or more, why do they sell traffic instead of using themselves?
  • Many solo ad deals on Fiverr are fake. Mostly they use bots and other schemes to drive traffic to offers.
  • It is not scalable. Unlike Udimi, there is no traffic filtering and spamvertising mechanism in place in the Fiverr marketplace. And reviews can be fake.

What is the best place to buy solo ads?

Well, it depends!

Compared to the best Udimi alternatives out there, Udimi is a robust platform with hundreds of sellers in a wide variety of niches. However, finding a good seller for your offer might be a battle out there. So, expect to spend some money before seeing a unicorn.

You can find high-traffic blogs and authority sites in Syndicateads.net. However, if you are getting started and have a small budget to test your offers, Syndicateads might not be the most excellent place for you.

SoloAdsx is a directory of selected solo ads vendors where you cannot find sellers in niches such as health and beauty. Furthermore, SoloAdsx is not acting as a middleman who protects buyers from fraud sellers.

Alternatively, there are many solo ad providers who sell ads own. But, it’s not safe enough due to various reasons, particularly for beginners.

However, purchasing solo ads from private merchants can be very lucrative, unlike buying clicks in bulk from Udimi alternatives.

So, what is your best place to buy solo ads?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Udimi?

    Udimi is a managed solo advertising marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.

  2. What is a solo ad?

    A solo ad is a text message advertisement that you place on other people’s email lists.

  3. How much does Udimi cost?

    It is free to sign up on Udimi. The minimum and maximum solo ad prices in Udimi are $0.40 and $2.00. However, Udimi charges different, multiple fees to use its traffic filtering tools and for addons for buyers and promote solo deals site-wide for sellers. Plus, Udimi Prime costs $149 per month.

  4. Are solo ads worth it?

    If you have an effective Solo ads sales funnel, using solo ads as a traffic source is worth it.

  5. What does Udimi do?

    Udimi connects sellers and buyers under one roof and makes buying and selling solo ads as easy, secure, efficient, and transparent as possible.


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