What Are Solo Ads? Is Solo Ad Traffic Worth It in 2024?

Email traffic is one of the best traffic sources with the highest converting ratio among numerous ways to drive traffic to an URL. Solo Ads are built upon email marketing, and it’s unfortunately not discovered by many marketers yet.

Also, some versatile marketers are skeptical of solo advertising because of myths and bad rumors of paid solo ads traffic.

So, what are Solo Ads?

Is solo ad traffic right for your business in 2024?

How do you find reliable vendors to buy solo ad traffic without getting scammed?

Can you develop break-even campaigns with solo ad traffic? From where should you get started on Solo Advertising?

That is what you are going to find out in this article.

Do you know solo ads can maximize your online marketing efforts? You may have probably heard about this impactful marketing technique. Now is the time to explore it in detail to take advantage of this amazing method of online promotion. 

Every business is trying to maintain a strong social media presence and hire more influencers for promotions. Techniques like native advertising, pay-per-click (PPC), SEO, etc., have become digital marketers’ favorite methods. 

You must try something unique if you want to draw more clients and increase the conversion rate. That’s where solo ads can help you! 

It might be a completely new thing for you. Therefore, we have crafted the beginner’s guide to solo ads to explain how you can achieve your marketing goals with this technique! 

What Are Solo Email Ads?

The Solo Ads are targeted ads. These are promotional emails sent to users provided by the solo ad provider. The email list provider controls and manages the list to deliver the best outcome. The email list provider is a professional who generates leads in the target niche to serve clients. You can also get a refined email list from businesses that specialize in lead generation.  

Your job as a promoter is to create and provide a copy of an engaging ad to the solo ad provider. That content will be placed in the email and sent to target users in the intended niche. The email sender can also decide to edit and improve the ad copy to generate the best results. 

You can also find individuals specializing in creating lucrative emails for businesses and brands. They provide the email list and the content and send solo email ads on your behalf to get the desired outcome. 

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Popular myths about solo ads

People do not check facts and believe in popular myths associated with email marketing and solo ads. Those myths are as follows:

Solo ads do not work in today’s time!

Many people drop the idea of using solo ads for business promotion when they learn about its email marketing aspect. Since social media and influencer marketing have become quite popular, people think email marketing is irrelevant. That’s not true! 

Over 4 billion users still communicate through emails. It is one of the safest ways of communication and quite useful too. About half of the users from the email list make a purchase when you send ads in their preferred niche.

Here are some testimonials from Udimi’s solo ads marketplace from where buyers got sales.


Solo ads have a very low conversion rate!

That’s another big myth associated with solo ads. In reality, solo ads have shown a much better conversion rate than other digital marketing tactics like banner ads, pop ads, etc. You just need engaging content and a great offer that the email recipient can’t deny. It will draw the target audience to your website. 

Solo ads lead page with a higher opt-in rate.

The rest depends on how perfectly you describe the product or service to make a sale. Solo ads have the potential to draw an unsuspecting customer to your web portal. The job becomes much easier when the biggest barrier of drawing a potential customer is crossed! 

A huge number of clicks promise a great conversion rate!

If a solo ad provider is trying to impress you with a huge number of clicks, do not get trapped. Not all clicks convert into sales. You need the best email list in the target niche to draw potential customers and convert them. 

It won’t work if the email list contains users who don’t want to buy a product or service in your niche. Thus, you will only waste your time and efforts convincing a user with no plans to buy or use certain products.

For example, see the profile of Angelo Sayson, who sells solo ad clicks on Udimi. 72 out of the last 100 reviews are marked as sales, and 30% of customers are repeat clients. That means people buy from him regularly, and people got sales from his email list traffic!


The chances of success are quite low because the market is saturated!

This misconception has prevented many people from taking advantage of solo ads. Even though the market looks occupied, it doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. You should give this affordable method a try to increase your sales. Try the best content strategy to engage more users and convert the most visitors. 

Now you know what solo ads are and the misconceptions about them. But…

Should You Buy Solo Ads?

There are many advertising platforms and ad types. Why should you use solo ad traffic?

Solo ads are perfect for you if:

Your marketing budget is not quite high!

It’s tough to spend a lot of money on online marketing when you run a small or medium-sized business. A couple of hundred dollars won’t be enough to hire an influencer or run a successful digital marketing campaign. 

Solo ads campaign and testing do not cost a lot! Test your solo ad strategy with a couple of hundred dollars and invest more if the result is beneficial.

The only cost you will need to bear for solo ad campaigns are:

You can’t afford a PPC campaign:

There are certain niches where pay-per-click marketing costs are so expensive. Big brands and multinational firms would love to maintain such PPC prices to reduce the competition. Test solo ads for your marketing needs because the outcome will be the same or much better than PPC!

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You are targeting a saturated niche

Certain niches are overly saturated with content. For example, weight loss products, fitness products, etc. Brands are trying all sorts of content strategies to draw more customers. You will be one of the thousands if you go with the flow. 

Try solo ads to target users who actually need your services. They will check the ad, click the offered link, and assess your product or service. 

SEO alone won’t work!

A successful SEO campaign assures increased traffic to your website. It does not promise a higher conversion rate. Your competitor sites and brands will also spend a lot of money to snatch your top position. 

So, include solo ads in your marketing strategy. Gain the top ranks and target top-quality leads for a quick increase in sales. 

You are launching a new startup or product

How about informing the target users and encouraging them to check what’s new? Solo ads can do it for you. Prepare entertaining and engaging content to introduce your new venture. It will make email recipients eager for what new you are offering. 

Email recipients are more likely to click the link and check the new products when there is an offer. Thus, you will have a golden opportunity to convert the visitor

Finding the Right Audience for Solo Ads

You will simply waste your hard-earned money if you can’t find the right audience for solo ads. It means finding people interested in products, services, and your business. They are more likely to open the email and click the link than others. 

You have to go through the entire email list to uncover top-quality leads and other interested users. Contact a reliable solo ad provider who can share information on the demographics of the featured list. 

If the solo ad provider refuses to share the list details, you should skip the purchase. Look for an expert who can share important details before running your solo ad campaign. 

For example, suppose you choose to order solo ads from a marketplace like Udimi. In that case, you can filter different sellers in your relevant niche and buy top-tier solo ad traffic, and sort bestsellers based on sales generated, percentage of repeated orders, and reported sales.


Since Udimi prices start from $0.40/click, you can find cost-effective targeted solo ads sellers as well. Read this Udimi traffic review to find out the quality of traffic and more.

Setting Up Your Solo Ads for Success

It is possible to monitor everything happening in a digital marketing campaign. Solo ads are no exceptions, and you can track the progress with the help of a few sophisticated tools. 

You can use Google Analytics to track the source of traffic. It also reveals the link medium, where it was placed, and other details. 

You cannot assess whether the solo ad campaign is a success or not if you don’t monitor the progress. Proper setup and monitoring allow you to assess whether the solo ad provider is offering effective solutions or whether you should hire someone better for this job!

Track your link performance with ClickMagick if you want to go beyond just session and conversion goals details from Google Analytics.


ClickMagick is a complete traffic management software with advanced features like click rotation tools based on routing conditions, conversion tracking, affiliate network integration (and passing tracking sub-ids, etc.,) and more.

The best part is that ClickMagick is the best link tracker for solo ads with features like a quality checker. The cost of ClickMagick is minimal compared with the value & training you get. Click the button below to create your free ClickMagick account.

Solo ads basics

As a business owner or marketer, you should know what to search for, how to monitor the progress, and how to assess returns. These are solo ad basics, and you should know these things. 

Since solo ads are effective, countless dubious suppliers are trying to take advantage of people’s affordable marketing needs. Research before you hire someone to filter the trash. 

Make correct choices, pick the best in the business, and thus you will invest your limited marketing budget in the most beneficial solo ads campaign. 

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Know Your Break-even Point With Solo Ads!

The break-even point is the point when your total investment equals the revenue generated through the ad campaign. 

If the revenue is lower than your investment, it is not a successful ad campaign. You are not targeting the right prospects to sell your products. You should change the solo ad provider to get better results. 

You have to decide how much you can invest and what results to expect. Pick a solo ad provider with a great track record of delivering better than the client’s expectations. Thus, your revenue will be much larger than the money you invest in the solo ad campaign.

Make sure your solo ads funnel is set up right so that you collect email IDs, sending the traffic to a targeted tripwire offer to make money. If you want to use Solo ad traffic for affiliate offers, make sure the affiliate links are set up properly so you won’t miss out on any money-making opportunity!

How to scale your solo ad campaigns and go beyond

You will love to scale your campaign for more profit if you get great results after testing solo ads. Contact the solo ad provider and seek more high-quality email lists to target clients in your niche.

You should also hire professional content creators to write impressive emails. Keep tracking your traffic and monitoring where the sales are coming from. Use premium tools to track your customers and their shopping habits.

Thus, you will send the right ad to the right client at the right time. It will increase your chances of converting more users and make you a huge profit.

Final Words on What are Solo Ads

So, since now you know what solo ads are, go a step further and check out this ultimate guide to solo ads. It covers everything you need to know about solo ads.

Like all other traffic sources, solo ad traffic is not suitable for every offer and niche. But the specialty of solo ad traffic is its high engagement ratio. If you have used paid ad traffic before, try solo ads and see if you can achieve a higher ROI with solo ads.

If you are interested in making money selling solo ads, check out this guide, and read this article if you want to know how to make money with solo ads arbitrage.

Since it is challenging to spy on your email marketing statistics, solo ads as a business can be lucrative for you. Like always, it depends on how you approach and maintain the moment and consistency.

So, do you think solo ads are right for your business?

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