List Building Benefits: 10 Things You Can Do with An Email List

It doesn’t matter how big your website is or how much traffic it makes each month. You are putting huge money on the table if you don’t have an email list. In a previous email marketing post, I explained why you must have an email list.

Many people think they must have a website or blog to build a list. But when you read this article, you will find that you can make your mailing list without having a website.

Every website collects people’s email addresses, including big internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Last week, I received some emails from LinkedIn informing me of the importance of their premium membership.

Why does a business company worth more than $30 billion send me such emails?

There is one answer. It converts pretty well.

If you put in $1 for acquiring a subscriber, you might earn $40 in return from every subscriber. An email list is the best weapon for marketers. Is it not?

return on investment of different channels
Email marketing offers the best ROI than any online customer acquisition method (Source)

What to do with an email list

email marketing benefits

Here are ten things you can do with an email list. If you have any ideas listed below, share them in the comment form below.

#1. Communication – Engagement – Online presence

There is no other effective way than email to talk with your readers and potential customers directly.

You can share your best tips and thoughts with your readers with an email list. To do the job easier, you can build a follow-up email sequence using the autoresponder program.

Eventually, even the subscriber who signs up to your mailing list after four months receives tips and advice you shared with current subscribers.

An email list makes it easy to build an engaged audience who will respond to your questions, share your post on social networks, etc. It’s because you talk to your subscriber as a friend.

Most email marketing services have a personalization feature. It’s very powerful because, with just one merge tag, you can change the whole concept of the email newsletter.

Many professional bloggers say that they receive many social shares and blog comments from their potential email subscribers. Neil Patel, the founder of the QuickSprout blog, expressed in this post that more than 30% of social shares and comments come from their email subscribers.

If you’re a blogger and don’t have an email list yet, now is the right time to build an email list. The later you are, you put off more money on the table, which might have to you if you start collecting the email addresses of blog readers.

It’s easy to work to increase your online presence with a quality email list. You can communicate with your subscribers directly, engage them, and also introduce them yourself. Ask them to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can also ask them to share your next post on desired social networks. Email subscribers convert pretty well rather than any other marketing strategy.

That’s why Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay send related products you just viewed or bought to your email address. Everyone uses email marketing to communicate, build an engaged audience, and increase their online presence. Do you?

#2. Instant traffic driving to any place on the web

Email subscribers convert pretty well. So traffic from your email list to your blog post is worth it. They might be the first commenters, social sharers, or link builders.

The good advantage of having an email list is that you can drive instant traffic to any place on the web, including your older blog posts.

Think if you have an email list with 100,000 subscribers and the list’s CTR is 3%, you can expect at least 3000 engaged people to read your next blog post.

It’s free traffic without SEO or social media. So, as a webmaster, you must start building your list right today. It’s crucial to make sure your traffic inflow is stable and consistent.

#3. Earn money by promoting affiliate products

Affiliate marketing and email marketing are one. Without email marketing, affiliate marketing doesn’t sustain.

Many digital product publishers collect the email addresses of buyers. So they can upsell relevant products to the email list. You cannot convert every subscriber into a buyer at first.

You need to use email autoresponder software to convert readers into buyers.

Don’t pitch products every day to your subscribers. Make the curiosity, urgency, and convince their scarcity.

OTO (One Time Offer) product does this very well. Use the below sequence to convert your subscribers into buyers or make them unsubscribe!

Email Marketing - Follow up emails diagram for Marketing

Always make sure you’re not sending emails out every day. Maintain the time gap in 3-4 days.

Otherwise, email clients might think you’re a spammer and send your messages to the spam box. And people don’t like to subscribe to newsletters that send emails daily.

If you want to make some lucrative income from the internet, don’t go for dirty, scam money-making ways, such as pay per surf, pay per click, etc. Build your email list and start monetizing it.

After some time, you’ll learn how to make money online with email and affiliate marketing legitimately.

#4. Sell your products and services

How do you sell your products or services? From your blog and on the email list. These are the best and cheapest ways to sell your own products without spending a dime.

You can create digital products like an eBook, video course, and membership site. Then create a static page on your website to promote your product to blog readers. You can show a banner for your digital product in your email newsletter.

Also, you can sell your services (ex: free WordPress installation service, blog migration services) on your blog and email list.

Darn Rowse, the founder of, uses his large email list to sell his eBooks. He earns thousands of dollars just from his email list.

The amazing thing is that he doesn’t always email his list. He sends out an email with a bonus to his readers.

Shoe Money has said that he goes to his email list service provider and sends out an email to the target audience when he wants money.

Think how much money you can earn from a 100,000 list.

Email Marketing: How much money can you earn from a 100000 subscriber list

Do you want to make money promoting your products and services online? So start building your email list today!

#5. Build a New Online Business

The most valuable online asset you must have is an email list. You can buy email lists for marketing. But don’t sell your email list. If you want to sell your email list online, inform your subscribers before they sign up.

You can build a new online business with a quality email list and drive instant traffic to it. You can collect the email addresses of people using a squeeze page.

Here is how you can collect an email address before you start a blog or website.

  1. Purchase a domain for your blog. Use one of these quick domain name availability checkers.
  2. Now you can either install WordPress to start a blog or use online landing page creators such as Clickfunnels or Brizy (Learn more about Brizy Cloud). Installing WordPress lets you have more control over your site while dealing with other things, such as plugins. But, Using a tool like Brizy will save you lots of time. Alternatively, you can use Tumblr to install a theme and use a page as a landing page. Learn more.
  3. Sign up for a list-building service. I recommend Aweber as it’s affiliate-friendly and has over ten years of experience in this field. You can use a CRM tool such as Gist to do advanced stuff.
  4. Search on Google for finding guest blogging opportunities. You would use these queries: intitle: “write for us,” inurl: “write for us” YOUR TOPIC/NICHE HERE, intitle: “become an author”, inurl: “become an author” YOUR TOPIC/NICHE HERE. Ex: intitle:”write for us” blogging
  5. Write some quality guest posts and publish them on popular blogs. In the author bio section, ask people to visit your blog.
  6. Use forums such as Warriorforum to increase traffic to your landing page. Post informative comments so that you can get more attention.
  7. Use Social media to promote your website. You may use Facebook & LinkedIn groups and Pinterest boards to increase inorganic traffic.
  8. Comment on other blogs to increase referral traffic.
  9. Design your homepage with a signup form that displays above the fold. You can use Convertful or ConvertBox to make a signup form easily. Learn more on how to use Convertful over here and how to use ConvertBox in this article. These two email list-building tools support every primary list management service, including Aweber. However, if your service isn’t supported, use a service like Integrately. Learn more about Integrately over here.
  10. Wait and see the results! After you publicize your site, you can use the email list to increase the traffic to the new website.

Many companies don’t monetize first. But collect email addresses. It ensures that they collect at least 2% of 90% of not returning readers to their mailing list.

If you don’t collect your readers’ email addresses, you’re under the control of Google. You make money from your blog until Google trusts you, Google sends you traffic.

#6. Doing User actions

Email marketing makes money for you, as well as saves money for you. When you have an email list, you can use those subscribers to take actions such as signing up for your next music concert, webinar, summit, etc.

Online marketers such as John chow use their large email lists to make user actions such as recurring registration webinars.

It’s potent because it can get some extra new leads and increase your revenue. You may spend thousands of dollars if you want to get the same traffic from PPC or other marketing tactics.

Indirectly you save thousands of dollars as you have a mailing list.

Not only having a mailing listing makes money for you. But also saves money for you.

#7. Joint Ventures

If you want more readers and customers, you need more traffic. Right? But all traffic doesn’t convert well. So how do you get targeted traffic to any web page, even an affiliate page? One of the best ways is joint ventures!

What is a joint venture?

In terms of the word, a Joint venture is a business between two groups. Let’s think you have an email list of blogging niches. I also have a mailing list of blogging niches.

So we can do a joint venture with an agreement to exchange certain clicks. We can exchange unique clicks if you and I can provide 100 clicks.

If you want to add people to my list to your email list, I can send traffic to your squeeze page.

Also, if I want to send targeted traffic to an affiliate website related to blogging, I can ask you to send specific traffic to the affiliate page. It’s a free and win-win situation for both groups.

Many marketers use joint ventures to increase their email lists and make money online. If you have a good mailing list, you can easily grow your email list without extra effort and spending money on PPC.

How do you hire a blogger for a joint venture?

There are a lot of websites that connect marketers to joint ventures. However, you can connect with bloggers and ask for a joint venture.

It is a good practice because you could do some other joint ventures in the future if you get good results. The easiest way to do a joint venture with a blogger is to visit the website and contact the webmaster.

Ask them if you would like to do a joint venture. If the webmaster wants it, ask about the previous joint ventures, email subscribers, open rates, CTR rates, number of USA subscribers, etc.

After the agreement, you can send your email copy and ask for their email copy.

I suggest you first subscribe to their email newsletter to know how the quality of their email list and how the webmaster writes the email copies.

Actually, the joint venture model is not bad. But, you must track the clicks you receive from the email newsletter. You can use a tool like Replug to track link click performance. Read the review on to learn more.

Ask always that he has done any joint venture in the past and if they have, ask for results. It is very important because someone can trick you by NOT sending or sending irrelevant traffic.

#8. Ezine Marketing (Sell Spaces on Email Newsletters)

There are a lot of ways to earn money from your email list. Ezine (Electronic Magazine) Marketing or Sell spaces on email newsletters is another lucrative way to make money.

You can sell space on email newsletters,

  • Your blog or,
  • Content publishing networks.

The easiest and most lucrative way is to create an advertising page on your blog and give an option to buy email newsletter spaces. You get 100% profit. If you attract advertisers, you might receive more orders.

Another alternative way to earn money from an email list is using a content/banner publishing network such as BuySellAds.

BuySellAds - Advertise on Email Newsletter

Sign up on BuySellAds as a publisher → Verify your email list → Start making money

#9. Email List Renting

They’re a lot of people who are finding quality double opt-in email lists to rent. You can sell your email list per month or week to these people. You can rent an email list only if you’re the owner and the email list moderator.

Don’t let other people control your list. It’s illegal, and people don’t like spam messages. Do you?

#10. Solo Advertising

Solo Advertising is much like a joint venture. But, you get money for giving certain clicks to advertisers. Solo Advertising is an excellent way to earn money from your list. Learn how to become a successful solo ads seller here.

If you dig around a bit, you could see many opportunities to make money becoming a solo ad vendor.


There are a lot of services to sell your email newsletters. You can find a lot of them by googling.

Solo Advertising

Buying targeted solo ads has become one of the key aspects for many marketers to check the conversion rates across the funnel. So, there is always an opportunity. You need to utilize it pretty well to stand out from others.

Udimi is a great place to start making money by selling solo ads. There are more sites like Udimi, but not all are popular. Is Udimi Legit? Learn more!

Safe-swaps is a popular solo advertising network where marketers buy email newsletters. But, you can sell solo ads yourself on your own website or become a Solo ad reseller. That is more effective and will help you make a residual income.

How Do I create an Email List?

So, now you’re convinced that you must have an email list. Here is how you can start building your email list right now:

  1. Use an email marketing service such as Aweber. They offer a 30-day free trial. Don’t worry. You receive all features that other marketers get, unlimited email lists, unlimited subscribers, unlimited follow-up emails, signup forms, landing pages, and free file storage. If you think that email marketing is not for you, you can cancel your trial account subscription within a few seconds. No question asked. I bet you’ll not do it because more than 300,000 successful marketers use Aweber to grow their businesses to the next level.
  2. Create an email list. Here’s the tutorial on how to create an email list on Aweber within 60 seconds.
  3. Create signup forms. You can use a third-party tool to make high-converting signup forms. I recommend Convertful forms.
  4. Set up a follow-up email sequence series. Click here to learn how to use the Aweber email autoresponder.
  5. Create a freebie in exchange for the email address. You can make anything that is value in for your readers. Ex: free video course, How-to guide whitepaper, free eBook, etc. Also, you can use PLR products to offer to your subscribers. However, I suggest you create your own product. Because you know more about your readers than anyone else, it will take one hour to a few days or weeks. But it’s paid off. The more creative you are, you can convert more people into email subscribers.
  6. Display the signup forms on your site.
  7. Start driving traffic to your landing pages and convert more people into subscribers. You may engage in split testing to identify your best landing page. Once you have the high-converting landing page, you may use social media or other tactics listed above, such as solo advertising and joint ventures to grow your email list.

If you don’t have an email list, you’re an idiot. (Sorry, But it’s the truth) [Tweet This]

Many bloggers, including your competitors, use email marketing to multiply their revenue. Do you?

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  1. Thanks for the blog. I Understand that email plays a vital role in marketing. Though, It is different than social media marketing. The offers of building your list are also necessary for the Email list. Email allows you have a direct link to a particular person. Thanks for these insights!

  2. I Understand that email plays a vital role in marketing. Though, It is different than social media marketing. The offers of building your list are also necessary for the Email list. Email allows you have a direct link to a particular person. Thanks for these insights! thanks for valuable info.


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