Top 10 PLR Websites to Download Private Label Products Free

Are you a content creator looking for free-copyright digital content to incorporate into your work? Look no further, as the PLR website will give you free Private Label Rights (PLR) products to use.

Rather than creating digital products and content from scratch, PLR sites allow you to legally utilize pre-existing digital downloads in various ways and even sell the product. Many PLR websites offer valuable and free resources, but the problem is knowing which one to choose.

I’ve compiled the top PLR websites to download Private Label Products for free in this article.

Let’s get started!

What Are PLR Products?

PLR Products are digital content that has Private Label Rights licenses. A Private Label Right (PLR) is an agreement allowing the buyer to purchase or download original content from the owner and then own the rights to the product. 

The buyer can then modify and personalize the product to their liking. Then finally resell the product as their own and keep the entire profits.

These products include blog posts, movies, journals, publications, sales pages, images, WordPress plugins, articles, templates, planners, cheat sheets, or software.

PLR VS MRR: What’s the Difference?

  • PLR – Private Label Rights: You can ‘own’ the whole product and each copyright with a PLR license. Furthermore, you are free to edit the product any way you see fit, from little adjustments to substantial overhauls, and you are even permitted to sell the product for it or provide it for free.
  • MRR – Master Resell Rights: You may not possess the copyright but own the ‘Master Rights.’ This grants you the freedom to utilize or trade the product or transfer the same rights to others. Check this list of best MRR websites to find sources to buy digital products with a master resell rights license.

However, you are prohibited from making any changes or modifications to the product from its original state. You can obtain your private label ownership, separate from the original copyright specified in the license.

How to use PLR products

PLR products save you time by allowing you to integrate them into your funnels. Here are a few ways you can use PLR eBooks, videos, plugins, themes, video courses, and all digital PLR products to generate more leads and sales.

Generate leads

This graphic shows a basic tripwire funnel in which the lead magnet is at the front end with the primary goal of converting visitors into email list subscribers.

One of the most popular ways most marketers use PLR products is to use them as “lead magnets.” Suppose you want to build an email list in a niche where you find it time-consuming or difficult to create high-value video courses, for example. In that case, you can use one of the below PLR websites to download relevant video course and integrate it into your lead generation funnel.

Here’re a few tips:

  • Choose the right PLR product – Depending on your niche, you might want to run an A/B split test to find the right PLR offer to use on your funnel. Some people may prefer a video course over a 200-page PDF report.
  • Ensure the content of PLR products is not out-of-date – Not all, but some PLR websites do not purge PLR content that is out-of-date. Things that worked in previous decades do not always work in today’s economy and market dynamic. After downloading products from the PLR site, consume them and add them to your lead generation funnel only if it adds value. If not, choose a different product from the PLR download website.
  • It should be easily accessible, consumable, and practical – People look for solutions, and most people look for quick solutions. Ensure when you structure your lead generation funnel, your lead magnet is highly valuable to targeted users, easily accessible to core content (no fluff), and practical in today’s world.
  • Present your PLR product rightly – Add visual content (i.e., graphic) in the lead capture page, thank you page, and even in the email in which the link to download the PLR product is embedded. Highlight what people can get (i.e., critical points of PLR products) from signing up for your newsletter. If your PLR product is a video course, highlight chapters and pivotal moments.

As a complimentary to your core offer

Another way to use products downloaded from quality PLR websites is to use them as bonuses on your sales funnels to complement your core offer.

For instance, if your core offer is about blogging, you can offer a video course or an eBook about list building for bloggers.

As material in your re-engagement email series

Most PLR websites listed below contain thousands of products ranging from health to making money online. So, when you have an email list, one of the things you can do to reclaim unengaged subscribers to open and click your future emails again is by offering high-perceived values for free.

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Bonus for purchasing from your affiliate links

Another excellent way to use PLR products is to encourage people to buy from your affiliate link. Most big affiliates who usually dominate in affiliate contests prepare before (a product launch, for example) to organize bonuses for their potential buyers on their email list.

For instance, you can offer complimentary digital PLR products when purchasing the core offer, OTOs (One-time-offers), and upsells. Make sure you use quality email subject lines and spam-free emails for affiliate marketing to get every step right.

Also, if you intend to use solo ads for affiliate marketing, you can use the PLR websites below to find relevant offers to pitch visitors to offer as bonuses when purchasing your products. The best part is most affiliate networks, such as WarriorPlus, provide tools for affiliates to add bonuses seamlessly so that bonuses will deliver to clients automatically.

JvZoo affiliates add bonuses
You can add multiple bonuses (by uploading the file (.zip or .pdf) or entering the bonus URL) in JvZoo.
Paykickstart affiliates bonus delivery
Adding multiple bonuses based on which products customers purchase is also possible in PayKickStart.

Since the PLR membership sites below allow you to download multiple products, you can integrate them into your affiliate promotion strategy to stay ahead of other affiliates.

As an offer in your giveaway funnels

One of the smart strategies to build your email fast (and at a cheaper CPL (Cost Per Lead) rate ) is to hold evergreen online contests.

You can use a giveaway campaign creator such as UpViral, Sweepwidget, and Perkzilla to create giveaways and evergreen contests and use PLR websites to get offers to give away as incentives.

Upviral Rewards
Grand Prize & Rewards Settings

Tools to use when using PLR products

Here are a few resources to use to gain the most out of PLR products:

Add Widgets To Your Website For Free

In order to ensure the ongoing success of your website, it's imperative to include a variety of widgets, such as:

  • Countdown timer
  • Social Chat widget (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc.)
  • Social Feed widget (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Reviews widget (Google Business, Amazon, Facebook, SiteJabber, Yelp, G2, TrustPilot, OpenTable)
  • Form widget
  • Event Calendar
  • Pricing table
  • Youtube Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Google Maps

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Best Giveaway Software

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Best 10 PLR Sites to Use to Download Free PLR Products Today



PLRDatabase is our first PLR website to download Private Label Products for free. The website offers an extensive collection of over 1,500 free items and 26,600 premium items available for download. 

All the platform’s products are digital, making it convenient for beginners to either start an online store or sell them on various online marketplaces

You can use its PLR license products as content that can be claimed as original work without crediting the original creator. 

Some products you’ll find include articles, ebooks, WordPress plugins, audio, WordPress templates, graphics, software, scripts, videos, websites, and packages.


  • Variety of Licenses: Besides most of these products having Private Label Rights, there are other products with other licenses, such as Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, Give Away Rights, Commercial Use, and Personal Use.
  • Massive Library of Products: The site has thousands of digital products with 100% legally licensed from different niches, which you can download for free and customize to fit your liking. Afterward, you can resell.
  • PLR Free Academy: There’s a learning section on this platform. It caters to people who need knowledge on how to use digital PLR products on the Internet. You can access articles and ebooks to help maximize your profits using their PLR products.
  • Regular Updates: They introduce fresh products daily and carefully select the finest ones to be highlighted in their marketplace. In addition, they launched a newly created exclusive PLR package specifically designed for their members monthly.


You can sign up and access over 1000 products with full licenses for free.

PLRdatabase pricing

You need to get a premium subscription to download high-quality unlimited products. The Premium Plan costs $10 per user per month, the Premium+ Plan is $25 per user every three months, and the Premium++ Plan is $49 per user for one year. is primarily a PLR online platform focusing on health and wellness subjects. Plus, it offers a wide range of products across various industries around the globe.

The website provides ready-made coaching resources that can be licensed, customized with your branding, and sold as your own, enabling you to expand your audience and establish a loyal following.

With an extensive collection of over 17,000 resources, this PLR website proves particularly valuable for health and life coaches and other content creators.


  • Licensing and Rights: It offers private label rights in all its products, which allow you to tweak and rebrand the material. You may edit the articles, add your name as the author, and sell them as part of your goods or membership sites.
  • Quality Content: offers high-quality content. The platform doesn’t use Artificial Intelligence to create its digital content. has a team of skilled experts from Canada and the United States who create authentic content for you.

    These professionals ensure the content is written effectively, properly structured, and enduring over time. Also, these professionals curate the content to suit your needs and niche.
  • Wide Range of Topics: provides diverse topics in personal development, wellness, business and marketing, and self-help niches. This allows you to find content that aligns with your niche or target audience, making creating relevant products or articles easier.
  • Variety of Content Formats: offers many PLR products in different formats, including articles, ebooks, courses, presentations, worksheets, and other intriguing options. You can select the design that aligns most with your needs or preferences.
  • Additional Resources: also provides checklists, action guides, lead magnets, video sales letters, email sequences, etc. This assists you in efficiently promoting and showcasing the PLR content to your target audience.


When you register for a free account, you can acquire a maximum of 10 Coaching Resources for free. Also, you can download your product at an incredibly affordable rate, starting from $0.60 per credit. pricing

You can access 100 products for $129 per month, 400 products for $399 per month, 1500 products for $899 per year, or unlimited products for a one-time fee of $1,999.

PLR Mines


PLR Mines is a site with high-quality digital PLR products meant to assist you in building and growing a genuine online company.

These products include software, blogs, graphics, movies, articles, eBooks, and website templates. The products are ideal for those searching for non-tangible, downloadable things to sell quickly online.

You can locate the available free PLR downloads, visit their main website, access the ‘Freebies’ section, sign up, and proceed to download your desired products.


  • Alternative licenses: It is important to note that not every free product they offer includes Private Label Rights. They also provide other products with Resell Rights, Giveaway Rights, Personal Use Rights, Master Resell Rights, and additional licenses.
  • Wide range of niches: provides many PLR products, including business, dating, marketing, weight loss, health, meditation, and more. They cover all the essential categories of PLR products.
  • Free PLR products: This website offers various free PLR (Private Label Rights) products. Most of these free products are ebooks, but free software, graphics, templates, and videos are also available. You can personalize and sell these products without legal issues.


Plrmines free membership

You can select between two membership types: Free and Gold. When you choose Free membership, you will be granted access to over 700 products at no cost.

On the other hand, the Gold membership provides complete access to thousands of high-quality digital products for a one-time payment of $97.

PLR Free Online


PLR Free Online is another top website to download Private Label Products Free. You can access more than 11,500 PLR Products at no cost. Moreover, you can customize and sell them to earn 100% profit.

The products available include ebooks, newsletters, articles, software, WordPress plugins, and videos. These products cover various niches such as affiliate marketing, Twitter, business, blogging, beauty, etc.


  • Product Reviews: Every product on the website is accompanied by a detailed description, ensuring that you avoid the inconvenience of downloading incorrect products, even if they are free. This site is beneficial because it provides a rating score for each product, reflecting the opinions of those who liked or disliked it. This feature further saves you time and helps you identify which products are worth downloading.
  • Free Products: The most significant advantage of PLR Free Online is that you can effortlessly access and download their products without registering. With a simple mouse click, the products become readily available.
  • Multiple licenses: You need to understand that products from this platform come under different licenses like Personal Use Rights, Basic Reseller Rights, and Master Resell Rights. This gives you the latitude to choose other licenses if you are not content with PLR.

It is free to sign up and download the products.

My Resell Rights Products

My Resell Rights Products

My Resell Rights Products is one of the PLR websites that focuses mainly on offering a top-notch PLR membership platform. However, it also provides numerous free PLR downloads, which require you to create a free account. Their objective is to offer the highest quality ebooks and products.

You can access over 9000 products by joining, including Graphics, eBooks, Software, Niche Websites, Videos, PLR Articles, and more.

These products come with different licenses like Resell, Master Resell, and Private Label Rights, granting you various options for their usage.


My Resell Rights Products free membership details

With the free membership, you can utilize 700 different products. You can upgrade your membership by opting for the premium package to enjoy the newest and higher-quality products.

The premium package offers three options: a monthly Gold membership for $5, an annual membership for $47, or a lifetime plan for $67.



UrbanPLR offers access to 85,000 Resale Rights PLR Products free from royalty restrictions. The products available include articles, quotes, videos, audio tracks, infographics, planners, ebooks, stock images, and vector graphics.

Also, UrbanPLR provides products from various categories such as business, dating, sports, pets, personal finance, self-improvement, technology & Internet, health, and more.


  • Copyright-Free Products: UrbanPLR offers a range of products free from copyright restrictions. These products can be used in printed materials and sold on platforms like Gumroad, Etsy, and Amazon. Additionally, you can bundle them together and sell them or distribute them for free to your subscribers.

    In addition to the premium PLR content, Urban PLR also provides free products. This includes over 70 free PLR articles covering six different niches, over 30 free PLR audio tracks, over 50 free PLR stock images, and 10+ free PLR eBooks on five different topics.
  • PLR Academy: To help individuals, UrbanPLR has created a complementary teaching platform called “PLR Tutorial.” This academy is an excellent resource for beginners looking to break into the PLR market, giving complete instructions on how to start their own digital business.
  • Regulate Product Release: New PLR products are regularly incorporated into their collection monthly, ensuring a constant content supply for you. A lifetime membership plan allows you to access these additions without additional charges freely. There is no need to make further payments for upcoming products.
  • All-In-One Access Pass: The UrbanPLR VIP Pass offers a convenient membership plan that enables you to obtain all the products featured on the website easily. you gain immediate entry to the entire range of products UrbanPLR offers by subscribing to the FULL ACCESS PASS.
  • Earn as Product Creator: UrbanPLR invites individuals with creative skills such as videography, photography, content writing, graphic design, and music production to become product creators and generate income. When you join UrbanPLR, you have the opportunity to earn anywhere between $500 and $4500. As a creator, you can sell various products, including stock images, articles, eBooks, audio, videos, and video courses.


No registration is required to access free PLR content. Click the download button to receive a zip package containing all the products.

UrbanPLR pricing

When subscribing to UrbanPLR, you gain full entry to a vast collection of premium PLR material, available at the affordable rates of $49 per month, $69 per year, or a one-time payment of $99 for lifetime access.

Resell Rights Weekly


Resell Rights Weekly provides a free membership to obtain digital products at no charge. These products include Private Label Rights or Resale Rights. You can resell these products as often as possible and keep all the profits.

The membership area offers a variety of newly developed items such as software, ebooks, informational products, articles, program scripts, templates, audio, videos, graphics, etc.


  • Huge library for free products: When you sign up for the Free Membership at Resell Rights Weekly, you will instantly access a diverse collection of digital products worth hundreds of dollars. The membership currently offers 728 products for download.
  • Free tools: You’ll gain immediate access to over 330 free tools that can significantly enhance the profitability of your online business.



Indigitalworks is one of the largest and most reputable platforms. With an extensive collection of over 12,500 digital Plr products, it has been a prominent player since its establishment in 2008.

Boasting a substantial user base of over 100,000 members, Indigitalworks is widely recognized as a trusted source for PLR content.


  • Multiple Products: The site offers a diverse range of PLR products, including ebooks, videos, software, articles, templates, graphics, and music. These products span various categories and cater to numerous niches, ensuring a comprehensive selection for users.
  • Additional Bonuses: Indigitalworks provides valuable bonuses to its members besides its vast catalog. These bonuses include PLR training, ecover creators, an editor, web hosting, and more, enhancing the overall value and experience for those who choose to become members.
  • Training Tutorials: The platform offers a comprehensive collection of 137 training videos specifically designed to assist beginners in establishing and expanding their online presence. These videos guide users through every step of the process.


Indigitalworks pricing

When you sign up for a free account, you’ll get access to 200 products. If you upgrade to a Gold membership, you can access all PLR Products and additional bonuses. It has a 3-month subscription costs $29, $59 annually, and $74 for a lifetime.

The Happy Journals

Thehappyjournals club

The Happy Journals PLR Store is where you can discover a wide selection of excellent private label rights templates and products.

Primarily, it offers products such as planners or journals, which have experienced significant popularity lately due to the increasing number of individuals adopting the practice of planning and journaling.

As a result, this is an ideal moment to seize the opportunity and begin selling these types of products on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or your online store.


  • Easy to Use: The PLR store of The Happy Journals PLR is user-friendly and straightforward. It has been created with simplicity, allowing easy editing and customization. Besides, all the templates are made with PowerPoint, enabling you to rearrange elements if desired. You won’t have to struggle with obscure settings that restrict where you can place certain items. Instead, you’ll have complete flexibility that aligns with your creative vision.
  • Multiple Products: The Happy Journals offers a wide range of PLR products like journals, planners templates, printables, workbooks, digital notebooks, and other items that revolve around happiness, spirituality, motivation, and positivity. The designs of the covers and the inside pages of each product are aesthetically pleasing, featuring soft pastel colors.
  • Provides Various Free Products: The Happy Journals provides a collection of free PLR packs containing various items such as printables, digital papers, calendars, digital planners, templates, stickers, and more. These free products come with complete Private Label Rights, allowing you to customize, sell, or distribute them at no cost.
  • Regular Update: The PLR store frequently updates its inventory with new products, typically introducing at least one fresh item monthly.


When you sign up, you’ll receive 20 free journal pages with varied sketchy-style designs.

Master PLR


The Master PLR platform provides top-notch health PLR and Personal Development resources to benefit health professionals and personal development coaches to create their content.


  • Free PLR Products: It also offers free PLR packages specifically designed for use in your own health or self-help business. These packages can be customized and personalized according to your needs. Each package comprises 10 articles and 10 social posters for Self-help and health.
  • High-Quality Content: Every article available for purchase on their website is either written by their highly skilled writing team or edited by one of their editors. Each article undergoes quality control to meet its standards before selling.
  • Special PLR Memberships Discount Coupons & Bonuses: They offer exclusive memberships for health and personal development professionals. Members receive a fresh PLR package at a significantly reduced price each month compared to their regular store. Remember, there are bonus packs included upon joining. Moreover, if you find something you fancy in the store, VIP members enjoy a 50% discount coupon as a loyalty benefit, which can be used multiple times.


You can register and receive restricted product privileges, but the premium subscription grants you complete product access.

Masterplr pricing

The Gold Pass VIP Membership encompasses both health and self-help VIP memberships. The VIP Health Membership costs $27 per month, the Gold Pass Membership is $47 per month, and the VIP Self-Help Membership is $27 per month.

Final words on best PLR websites

After you explore the recommended PLR websites, you’ll understand that the top PLR platforms offer excellent content that can be rebranded or resold for profit.

However, certain sites cover various topics, while others concentrate specifically on areas like business and marketing. Therefore, you need to know exactly what product you need to determine the site you use.

You can incorporate products downloaded from PLR sites not only into your lead generation strategy but also in launch-jacking affiliate marketing campaigns as well.

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