Udimi Affiliate Program: Refer & Earn Passive Income for Life

Udimi is one of the world’s most popular solo ad marketplaces, with thousands of buyers and sellers. It works the same as Fiverr, where Udimi acts as a middle-man between the solo ad seller and buyer and helps connect both parties, build trust, and complete a secure transaction.

Udimi affiliate program is structured in a way that you get to earn lifetime recurring commissions as long as the referral stays.

In my previous articles, I talked a lot about Udimi solo ads, the cost of Udmi, how to use Udimi traffic, Udimi gift cards and Udimi alternatives, and the difference between Udimi and Trafficforme.

But, in this article, you will learn about the Udimi affiliate program and how to make money on Udimi as an affiliate.


What is Udimi?

Before getting into Udimi affiliate program details, it’s critical to know the Udimi platform.

Udimi is a solo advertising marketplace. Solo ads traffic is paid email traffic from other people’s lists. Udimi solo ads traffic is used by many for many reasons. Here are some:

  • Optimize sales funnel – Many IM product launch owners utilize solo ad traffic especially to optimize their funnel to improve the EPC, Conversion rate, etc.,
  • Solo ads for affiliate marketing – Since solo ads are email traffic that can be warmed up in email subject lines and body text, they usually get a higher conversion rate than other traffic generation methods like push notifications and native ads.
  • Building email marketing list – One of the most popular reasons why people use Udimi solo ads is to build a targeted email list. Since several Udimi solo ad sellers have got buyers on their lists, people tend to use Udimi. Check this massive Solo Ad Rolodex for statistics such as sales reported on Udimi by real customers.

So, if you are going to make more money as an Udimi affiliate, you should keep those reasons in mind why people use Udimi. This will help you stand out from other affiliates and promote Udimi efficiently.

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Udimi Affiliate program details

Here are key details in short:

  • The affiliates will earn a 15% recurring commission on all solo orders – No matter how much traffic is bought. Ex: 100 referrals will earn you $1500 / month if they spend $100 / month
  • Earn recurring commissions from Prime subscriptions – Affiliate will earn 50% recurring commissions from all prime subscriptions if the affiliate is a prime member as well. If not, affiliates make 25% of the monthly Prime subscription cost. Ex: 50 Prime referrals will earn you $350+ / month
  • Instant $5 discount for every referral – As a welcome gift, all your referrals will receive a $5 discount on their first order from Udimi right after registration, and you will not lose any money on this discount.
  • Referrals are cookied under your affiliate ID – Only when the referral purchases the first solo ad will the referral be hardcoded on your account. Once hardcoded, you will earn passive affiliate profit as long as the customer buys solos from Udimi.
  • Affiliates could lose their cookied referrals – If someone registers on Udimi through your link but buy solo ads from another affiliate’s link, you will lose your referral. Udimi uses the last-click click attribution model. That means a person who refers the customer will earn referral commissions.
  • Affiliates can give away Udimi gift cards – Gift cards that are worth up to $1,000 can be given away. All gift cards will include a hardcoded referral ID.
  • Earn from non-hard-coded Udimi buyers – The gift card provider will receive commission upon the corresponding order even though the referral is hard coded to another affiliate on Udimi.
  • Affiliate earnings are cleared to use after 35 days
  • Different ways to use Udimi affiliate earnings – You can spend money on Udimi to buy solo ads, create Udimi vouchers or withdraw.
  • The main payout methods are two ways to withdraw money – PayPal and Wise.

How To Join Udimi Affiliate Program?

You need to have an Udimi account in order to become an affiliate. If you are not yet a Udimi user, go to the Udimi website from here and sign up for free.


Now, you have become an affiliate automatically, and there is no need to apply or fill out forms. Go to the Affiliates section over here and check out your affiliate link and other details.

How Can Affiliates Promote Udimi?

Udimi provides facilities to help affiliates promote the Udimi solo ads marketplace differently. Let’s find out what those materials are:

Promo Materials



If you have a website or a blog that receives targeted traffic, display several of these banners and see how users respond. Furthermore, you can advertise on other websites via display ad networks and display Udimi banners on your courses, membership sites, and backend of sales funnels (ex: Thank you page).

I recommend tracking your link clicks so that you can optimize your campaigns to improve ROI. Use affiliate link rotators like ClickMagick, and Replug to route traffic to different destinations on the Udimi website. Ex: Home page, Prime membership page

Gift Cards


Gift cards are a great incentive to encourage people to buy their first solo on Udimi. It’s like an Amazon gift card that can be spent on any vendor.

Upgrade any Referral to Prime


More Prime subscribers mean more recurring income for you. Now you can upgrade any referral to the Prime subscription for a month. Learn more about Prime membership features from here.

Customize the Udimi landing page


Edit the Udimi landing page wording that your referrals see when they land through your affiliate link.

Automated welcome message to referrals


One of the best ways to encourage people to buy from you when they are cookie-locked is to provide exclusive content like Udimi training, courses, and gift cards. Use the automated welcome message option to make it happen.

Referrals API generator


Do you already have a site with targeted traffic? Utilize Udimi APIs to create referrals. You will need to pass the Identity verification to start using API. Identity verification costs $10, and you will have to own one of the following documents: An international passport, ID card, or driver’s license.

Get referrals on Udimi

Earlier I mentioned what Udimi is and who is using it. You need to keep that information in mind when promoting Udimi and getting referrals that actually buy traffic on Udimi. Here are a few tips:

  • Use Udimi materials – Assets like banners and gift cards can be helpful when getting people to know more about Udimi.
  • Run competitions – You have seen Amazon gift card competitions. So, why can’t you run a contest with Udimi gift cards? I recommend UpViral for running a successful giveaway campaign because it has got many features like automatic coupon code distribution upon reaching specific milestones, vastly different integration methods and widget embed options, and fraud detection mechanisms. Learn more in this review. Alternatively, you can use sites like UpViral, such as Gleam, and Vyper. Here is a complete list of the best giveaway apps.
  • Use Udimi solo ads – Isn’t it rhetorical? It is not, really. Most Udimi sellers are in MMO (Make Money Online), Business Opportunities, Affiliate Marketing, and Internet marketing niches. So, it’s highly likely that Udimi would be a great offer that subscribers of Udimi sellers’ email lists are interested in. Here is the best Udimi sellers list with sales-generated statistics.
  • Content marketingContent marketing can be a great way to reach new people who want to get email traffic to their offers. Write articles, post videos on Youtube, publish presentations online, etc., to get more traffic to your Udimi affiliate link.
  • Search engine optimization – If you already have a blog, start writing relevant articles that drive targeted traffic that is interested in buying traffic from Udimi and optimize those articles for higher placements for keywords in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

    Use quality keyword research services like Semrush and WriterZen. Both are very good at what they do. Semrush is a powerhouse when it comes to keyword research, topic research, site audit, etc., while WriterZen is pretty good at compiling SEO-friendly articles with its AI writing assistant and content writing workflow.

    Also, WriterZen’s Keyword Golden Ratio and Allintitle calculator tools cannot be forgotten. Semrush pricing plans start at three digits, while WriterZen’s start at two digits. You can get a free trial on Semrush from this link.


Udimi affiliate program’s statistics contain every single detail you need.

Your referrals and earnings

  • Total earned – How much an affiliate has earned all time and how much is yet to pay.
  • My referrals – Referrals’ status such as the number of hardcoded, cookied and gone referrals
  • Primes – Active prime members and expected profit per month
  • Inactive buyers – Referrals who have not bought during the last 30 days

Traffic Statistics


Click on the “View raw click log” to see a more granular view of traffic.


You can easily check who bought how many solo ads clicks from whom and when the clearance date is on the Udimi affiliate calendar.

Check when affiliate commissions are cleared to be spent or withdrawn

Best Features of Udimi Affiliate program

Like the Clickfunnels affiliate Program, the Udimi affiliate program has many features. Here are two five features to make money.

  • Direct communication with referrals – Unlike other affiliate programs, in the Udimi affiliate program, you can contact the referral via Live Chat or by sending a direct email. In fact, Udimi encourages you to do so, especially for inactive users.
  • Welcome private message – Especially, new Udimi users might need guidance to find the best sellers on Udimi for their offer. Provide 1-on-1 consulting or simply give access to your training course so they will buy solo ads on Udimi.
  • Competitive commissions – 15% commissions on all solo ad sales and up to 50% commissions on all prime members for life. Can’t beat that!
  • Real-time stats – Data is everything. Udimi is good and serious at it.
  • Quick withdrawalsPayPal and Wise are two payout methods, Udimi currently supports. I use Wise to withdraw affiliate commissions to my Payoneer account. Payoneer® has a global payment service that provides a virtual US USD bank account for every customer. Also, you can request a Euro virtual bank account too. This makes operating an online business hassle-free. Udimi’s payout options are not only quick in service but also save money.

Final words on the Udimi affiliate program

You can rarely find a good program that is worth promoting and providing competitive commissions. Udimi affiliate program is one of those. If you are in email affiliate marketing (i.e., Using email marketing to promote affiliate offers), promoting Udimi will also help you earn money to buy traffic on Udimi.

Udimi lists the top three affiliates for the current month in the Udimi monthly competition movers and shakers forum post. Some affiliates earn over four figures of passive income from referrals. The next one could be you!

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