Top 8 MRR Websites to Buy Master Resell Rights Products

Imagine having a collection of ready-made digital content or products, like software, ebooks, articles, videos, etc., at your disposal, which you can sell can earn you a lucrative income or use on your projects and save you the hassle of creating them from scratch.

If you’re a designer, blogger, writer, or online entrepreneur, getting Master Resell Rights (MRR) products will help you achieve that. Although, many people can’t identify which websites allow you to buy these MRR products.

In the previous article on the best places to buy PLR products, you found out what PLR products are and where to get quality products. However, in this article, I’ll unveil top MRR websites to buy Master Resell Rights products that allow you to resell the products to your customers and make profits.

Before we dive deeper, I need you to understand that most of these MRR websites also come with other products with different product licenses like Private Label Rights, Personal Use Rights, Resell Rights, and Giveaway Rights.

Let’s get started!

What are MRR Products?

Master Resell Rights products have a license that permits the reselling of digital products while passing on the resell rights to the buyer. These rights do not allow you ownership of any product but give you the right to sell unlimited copies.

In practical terms, this means that the 1st person can sell the product to the 2nd person, who can then sell it to the 3rd person, and so on. However, the license prohibits any modifications to the products. Therefore, you must resell the product in the same version as you initially downloaded it.

Differences Between MRR and PLR

  • MRR: Master Resale Rights allows you to obtain exclusive reselling rights. This separates it from PLR material because you can transfer resale rights to your clients. If someone buys anything from you, they can resell it to others.
    However, MRR licenses do not permit you to customize the products. Your only choice is to sell it, and the people who buy it from you have the same rights as you.
  • PLR: When you acquire PLR content, you gain the right to modify the product to your liking and sell it to your customers. You can use it however you see fit, including merging PLR information from several sources. There are a few limitations on PLR, but one major one is that the resale rights can’t be sold to anyone else.

How to use Master Resale Rights Products

You can use MRR products in many ways. Here are some of them:

  1. As the tripwire offer – If your sales funnel is a high-ticket offer (costs three to four figures) such as a coaching program, you can use master resell rights products on the front-end of the funnel as the tripwire offer to convert more leads into initial sales. This not only improves the conversion rate on the high-ticket offer but also covers the advertising cost.
  2. As an attractive mechanism – One of the greatest ways to attack affiliates to promote your offers is by offering high commission rates. You can integrate not only one but many master resell rights ebooks, software, plugins, and courses into your existing sales funnel and offer high commission rates for affiliates. Some product owners offer up to 100% commissions on certain offers on a sales funnel.
  3. As your OTO – OTO stands for One-time-offers. These offers are pitched once after someone buys an offer from you. OTO offers dramatically increases the average order value, and since the buyer is in the buying mode, OTOs get you extra money. When you use MRR membership sites to get quality MRR products, you get to decrease the cost of product creation by a more significant margin.
  4. As Bump offer – Bump offers are presented on the checkout page. These offers are complimentary offers that are valuable to the potential customer. Online cart builders such as ThriveCart, Samcart, and PayKickStart let you add bump offers to your checkout pages very quickly.

How to find conversion rates on MRR products

Master resell rights product sellers offer different types of products. So how do you test which product suits your current offer and which combination converts greater?

Obviously, you would have to A/B test offers. Solo ads are one of the fastest ways to get data on split testing quickly.

Solo advertisements are basically email clicks sold by vendors. Since most digital products with master resell rights are in Make Money Online, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Health & Wellness, Crypto, and Business Opportunities niches, solo ads traffic will be a suitable source for finding the best MRR products.

Among many places to purchase quality solo ads traffic, Udimi is the best because it is a solo ads marketplace where hundreds of sellers sell traffic every day, and you get protection from click fraud, check reviews from buyers, and more benefits. Find more in Udimi’s review.

The vendor profile on Udimi. Check the How to use Udimi platform article to find out more details.

Check out this solo ads rolodex for a list of best solo ads sellers with statistics such as average cost per click, reported sales ratios, and more.

Also, you can use Udimi competitors such as Cleeko and websites of professional solo ad sellers to purchase solo ad traffic.

Use quality click tracking software such as ClickMagick to track the quality of traffic, traffic tiers, ROAS (Return on Ad Spends), and conversion rates of MRR products.

Creating a rotator link in ClickMagick – A useful tool to route traffic to multiple URLs.

Also, use exit intent popups, website countdown timer widgets, countdown timers for emails, curved arrows, and other conversion boosters to improve conversion rates.

Best MRR Sites to Buy Master Resale Rights Products

Big Product Store

Big Product Store

Our first MRR website to buy Master Resell Rights products is Big Product Store. This website offers an excellent opportunity to acquire Master Resell Rights products at an affordable price. It hosts a collection of over 10,000 products that are available for purchase.

The Big Product Store categorizes its products based on their licenses. If you are specifically interested in products for reselling purposes, you can visit the Master Resale Rights section. On the other hand, if you wish to customize and brand the products as your own, you can explore the Private Label Rights section.


  • Various Products that Cover Different Topics: The products cover almost all possible topics, so you can rest assured you will find content in your preferred niche. The products you’ll get on this platform includes audio, eBooks, content, videos, WordPress plugin and theme, templates, etc.
  • Multiple Licenses: Besides numerous products on the website having MRR and PLR licenses, There are many other licenses you’ll encounter on the products, like Personal Use Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Resell Rights.
  • Huge Products Inventory: BIG PRODUCT STORE contains tens of thousands. In addition, they keep adding new products every day to increase their customer demand. The site gives you unlimited access and download to its products.
  • Free products: Apart from accessing products through subscriptions, the site has set aside many products with all licenses you can access for free if you sign-up. However, most of these products are eBooks.


The membership offered by Big Product Store allows you to pay a membership price, allowing you unlimited access and downloads to all the products they offer without any additional fees per product. They are currently offering a 50% discount.

Bigproductstore pricing
Pricing plans for Big Product Store MRR membership site

The monthly membership option costs $19.90, while a one-time payment option is available for $98.50. If you subscribe to their Monthly Ultimate Membership, you can access exclusive products from BIG PRODUCTS STORE by paying $29.90 monthly.

Alternatively, you can choose the OneTime Payment Unlimited Membership, which requires a one-time payment of $198.50.

Click here to explore Big Product Store.



At the PLRDatabase website, you can acquire Master Resell products, despite its reputation for offering Private Label Rights products. This platform allows you to access a vast library of products for download, including over 1,500 free items and 26,600 premium Products.

Regardless of whether you are a blogger, a business professional, an internet marketer, a content creator, an entrepreneur, or anything in-between, the need for content is essential. This is where PLRDatabase comes into the picture, as it provides your preferred product.

Among the products available, you will discover software, articles, ebooks, audio files, graphics, WordPress templates, scripts, videos, websites, WordPress plugins, and various packages.


  • Massive Library of Products from Different Niches: The website offers digital products from various fields, such as Affiliate Marketing, Computers, Children, Business, Animals, Education, Crafts, Hobbies, etc. These products are all legally licensed and can be downloaded with a Master Resell Rights license or other licenses, allowing you to resell them.
  • Free Learning Materials: This platform includes an educational section for individuals seeking guidance on utilizing digital PLR products online. You can gain access to articles and ebooks that will assist you in increasing your revenues while using their PLR products.
  • Many Licenses: Besides most of these products being equipped with Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights, various other products come with different licenses, including Give Away Rights, Commercial Use Resell Rights, and Personal Use.
  • Regular Updates: If you’re interested in a PLR (Private Label Rights) product, PLRDatabase offers a wide range of new products daily. They meticulously choose the best ones to showcase in their marketplace. Furthermore, they have recently introduced an exclusive PLR package tailored specifically for their members on a monthly basis.
  • Free Products: You can register and enjoy free access to more than 1000 fully licensed PLR products.


It is necessary to acquire a premium subscription to access and download an unlimited number of high-quality products, full licenses, exclusive products, premium articles, and learning materials.

PLRdatabase pricing

It offers three premium subscription options:

  • Premium Plan, which costs $10 per user per month
  • Premium + Plan, priced at $25 per user every three months.
  • Premium ++ Plan requires a $49 per user payment for a year.

Click here to explore PLRDatabase.

PLR Mines


PLR Mines is a website that offers a membership service featuring an expanding selection of up-to-date and top-notch digital licensed products. Browsing through the site, you’ll get many Master Resell Rights products.

The main aim of these products is to assist individuals in establishing and expanding a genuine online business. The products on PLR Mines include software, blogs, graphics, movies, articles, eBooks, and website templates.


  • Many licenses Options: It is crucial to understand that each product on the website possesses licenses such as Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, Personal Use Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Private Labeled Rights.
  • Wide range of niches: On this website, you’ll find products from different niches, such as marketing, dating, weight loss, business, health, meditation, and more. They cater to all the fundamental categories of PLR products.
  • Free products: This website provides free products for download. You may find the available free PLR downloads by visiting their main website, going to the ‘’Freebies’’ area, signing up, and downloading the items you choose. These free products are ebooks, graphics, videos, software, and templates. Each product comes with multiple licenses.
  • Regular Updated: Every day, there’s a new product uploaded on the site, ready for you to buy. So you have access to updated content.


Plrmines free membership

There are two options for membership: Free and Gold. Free membership allows you to access more than 700 products without charges. On the flip side, the Gold membership offers full access to a wide range of premium digital products for a single payment of $97.

Click here to explore PLR Mines.

My Resell Rights Products

My Resell Rights Products

My Resell Rights Products has a collection of more than 9500 products. When you become a member, you will enjoy lifetime access to Master Resell Rights Products like ebooks, Complete Niche websites, Video Courses, Software, Graphics, and Templates.

Not forgetting the site offers numerous free products; however, you must create a free account to avail of these resources. Their main goal is to deliver top-notch ebooks and products of the utmost quality.


  • Has three types of License: These products include a variety of licenses, including Personal Use Rights, Private Label Rights, Resell Rights, and Master Resell Rights, giving you several different options.
  • Regular Add Products on the Site: On a daily basis, the My Resell Rights Products team selects new high-quality products and adds them to the website. In addition, they add exclusive products every month.
  • Learning Materials: Besides buying MRR content products, the platform allows you to access video courses, enabling you to acquire knowledge progressively and master the process of establishing your online business.


My Resell Rights Products free membership details

You have access to 700 products with your free membership. The products come with all licenses; you’ll still get access to their monthly exclusive added products.

You can upgrade to the premium plan to access high-quality products with unlimited downloads. Here are the Premium plans:

  • Gold monthly membership costs $5
  • Gold yearly membership costs $47
  • Gold lifetime membership costs $67

Click here to explore My Resell Rights Products.



InDigitalWorks is among the top MRR websites to buy Master Resell Rights products. Although it contains more PLR products, you’ll still find high-quality MRR products to buy.

Joining InDigitalWorks gives you access to their library of over 12,000 digital products, including hundreds that can’t be found on other MRR sites.

With hundreds of thousands of active users, the site has become a go-to resource for content creators, bloggers, digital marketers, etc.


  • Multiple Products: The website provides access to various MRR products, which may be acquired through ebooks, movies, articles, templates, software, graphics, or music.
  • Training Tutorials: InDigitalWorks has a thorough selection of 137 educational videos created to help new users build and grow their online profiles. You are guided through the entire process in these videos.
  • Other Resources: Apart from license products like MRR, you have access to tools through your membership that can be used to establish and grow an online business. It provides you with 10GB of web hosting space on dependable, fast servers to host the website for your company. Additionally, you will receive a landing page creator to assist you in designing effective squeeze and landing pages for your WordPress website.
  • Free Products: You can access over two hundred products when creating a free account.


Indigitalworks pricing

You’ll need to upgrade to the Gold membership if you want to download all the 12000 products with no limit and access the weekly new products, learning videos, etc. Subscriptions are available for:

  • $29 for 3 months,
  • $59 for 1 year,
  • $74 for a lifetime.

Click here to explore InDigitalWorks.


Super Resell

Super-resell is another website with the largest and most well-organized resell-right product memberships on the web. It has over ten thousand products in its inventory, including Master Resell Rights products you can buy for your content creation projects.

After signing up, you can instantly access every downloadable product on the site without paying for them individually. After logging into your account, navigate to the product’s description page. From there, you can begin downloading the product.

Each product has a different license that tells you what you can and can’t do with it. Once you’ve got a product, look at its terms and conditions to see what you can and can’t do with it.


  • Different types of Products: As I indicated earlier, the site has a vast library of products. You can find them in various forms, such as Articles, EBook, Audio, Software, Scripts, Niche, Templates & Graphics, Videos, and Turnkey Websites.
  • Licenses: Super-Resell has four licenses with which you can download the product. The license is PLR, RR, and GiveAway Rights. This is an advantage for those wanting products with different licenses besides MRR. Remember, you’ll not have copyright issues when using any products if you adhere to its license instructions.
  • Daily Updates: The website adds new products daily, and its in-house team tries to keep the products updated with the market.


Super-resell pricing

If you need to get unlimited access and download to MRR products, get a membership plan. The site gives you two options for the premium plan:

  • 6 Month Membership is $49.90
  • Lifetime Membership is $129

Click here to explore Super Resell.

Master Resell Rights

Master Resell Rights

The Master Resell Rights website allows you to acquire products that come with Master Resell Rights. You can also obtain other products with licenses, such as Private Label Rights, Basic Rights, Personal Use Rights, and GiveAway Rights.

This website comprises a skilled group of designers, writers, and programmers who offer exclusive products. They provide content in various formats, including videos, eBooks, software, scripts, audio, and graphics.

The content encompasses various topics from different niches, such as marketing, affiliate marketing, business, online marketing, meditation, personal growth, finance, and more.


  • Get a Free Hosting Account: As a member of MRR, you will also be provided with a complimentary hosting account at no cost. Your account will be hosted on a powerful Dual Quad Core Xeon server with 8GB of RAM for excellent speed and performance. Also, you will have 8GB of disk space and a monthly bandwidth of 60GB, ensuring efficient data storage and transfer.
  • Constant Update of Exclusive Products: Upon joining their membership, you will gain access to a continuous stream of exclusive products crafted by their team of copywriters and product developers. The content library expands monthly and has successfully delivered numerous products since its establishment in 2006.
  • Dedicated Support: You can easily contact their committed support team by submitting a ticket or emailing. No matter your inquiries or assistance, we are here to help you.
  • Learning Tutorial: The website features a special section, the Resellers Workshop, which specifically centers around reselling and private label rights. Within this section, you can access video tutorials and eBooks to assist you if you’re new to resell rights.
  • Earn through Affiliate: When you join an MRR affiliate, you can receive a recurring commission of 70% by spreading the word about this membership each month.
  • Get Free Products: You can access new products with Master Resale Rights if you sign up for the free Silver MRR Membership


Masterresellrights pricing

MRR has two premium membership plans:

  • Monthly membership goes for $19.97
  • Three-Month membership goes for $47.00

Click here to explore MasterResellRights.

PLR Updates

PLR Updates

The PLR Updates website offers unrestricted access to over 17,000 legal products for instant download. In addition, there are over 400 different Niche Markets on the website, and the number of members currently exceeds 4,000 and continues to grow.

You can purchase various Master Resell Rights products, including software and scripts, e-books, articles, graphics, audio and video files, turnkey websites, and autoresponders.

If you want to get a product, just browse its database for a product that interests you, and you’ll be able to download it right away by clicking on a download button. Remember, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the license of every product you are considering, as each has unique terms and conditions.


  • Numerous Licenses: When using the PLR Updates site, you’ll notice that every product has a license attached to it. These licenses may be RR, PLR, PU, Giveaway Rights, and MRR.
  • Learning Tutorials: If you subscribe to its membership, you can access educational material to guide you if you want to use these products to start an online business.
  • Committed Customer Service: If you have a problem or question, you can just reach their customer service; you’ll get assistance within 24hrs.


Plrupdates pricing

There are two membership options available: Free and Premium. When you sign-up as a free member, you can access and download up to 500 products at no cost.

You can become a Premium member for a more comprehensive experience. With Premium membership, you will have unlimited, lifelong access to all current and future products without additional charges. You must make a one-time payment of $97 to obtain a Premium membership.

Click here to explore PLRUpdates.

Final words on best MRR sites

Whether you’re looking for software, articles, eBooks, WordPress plugins & templates, or graphic templates, the above MRR websites offer high-quality products to resell or even use for your projects.

The best part is you can integrate as many products on your funnels (in front-end or back-end) and make extra money.

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