How to Advertise MLM Businesses Online [5+ Traffic Sources]

Due to the nature of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) businesses, most popular advertising networks do not allow the advertising MLM offers. And ones that permit MLM advertisements will cost you a fortune to drive a significant amount of targeted traffic.

So, where can you advertise your MLM business? Which networks can you use to advertise MLM services and get the highest quality leads at a low cost?

You will find that (and more) in today’s article! – Best places to run ads for network marketing businesses online.

Five things to consider before running MLM advertisements

  1. Track your funnel – It is paramount to track every click, every step of the prospects’ journey. Since average click and lead rates of network marketing businesses are costlier, you should track every MLM advertising campaign so that you can optimize them, cut off unprofitable traffic suppliers, and increase bids for profitable sources to increase volume.
  2. A/B test your funnel – Not every traffic source will have similar conversion rates. And without split testing, you won’t know which landing pages, offers, and messages converted better.
  3. Build your email list – No matter how you try, direct linking will perform low compared to email follow-up. Create a targeted email capture page using a platform like Clickfunnels, collect email addresses, and follow them up with an autoresponder using a quality service like AWeber and Moosend. The benefits of building an email list are enormous. One advantage is you can improve the deal close rate with targeted emails.
  4. Every visitor matters – Sometimes, a click of an MLM advertisement costs double figures! And according to the rule of 7, it takes an average of seven views (or touches) for someone to convert. So, the smart thing to do is to add a retargeting pixel so that you can follow them up on the internet and drive targeted traffic at a cheaper rate.
  5. Try different MLM traffic suppliers – Like split testing landing page is essential to identify a better lead capture page, and so is experimenting with your traffic providers to find which one gets you the highest ROAs (Return on Ad Spend).

Best tools to use when running MLM ads

ClickMagick – The best low-cost ad tracker


ClickMagick is a feature-rich, cloud-based link tracker with tons of features. It lets you connect your ads platform, affiliate platform, and sales funnel (if you’re a direct seller) and track everything from sources, devices, and visitor locations to suppliers or keywords.

Using a link tracker and ad performance analytics tool is not an expense but an investment that will ultimately save you money and time when scaling up MLM ads campaigns.

URL rotation in ClickMagick

Click here to explore ClickMagick.

AWeber – Affiliates-friendly email marketing service


Although there are dozens of email marketing services to use, not all of them support MLM businesses. AWeber is a seasoned email marketing service with features such as a landing page builder, email autoresponder, and sales tracking.

It is essential to send your MLM promotion emails to subscribers’ inboxes at the right time. AWeber can help you with it.

Click here to explore AWeber.

Also, it is recommended to use a landing page builder such as Clickfunnels, Unbounce, Brizy, and LeadPages to create and manage squeeze pages and bridge pages.

Best MLM Ads Traffic Sources to Promote Your Network Marketing Offer


Udimi website

Udimi is a solo ads marketplace with hundreds of professional sellers and buyers. Learn more in the Udimi review.

What are Udimi solo ads?

Solo ads (or solo advertisements) are essentially email traffic. In solo advertising, traffic providers have large and targeted email lists. Buyers can send their email message (subject line and email body text in plain text format) or the link to the seller. And solo ads sellers will send it to their email list and provide ordered clicks.

That means:

  • You will not bid with others – In MLM advertising campaigns, large corporations and media buyers have a large budget to cut off the competition. It leaves small players with low to no traffic. Another point is the CPC (Cost per click) will not stay the same throughout the MLM PPC ads campaigns, for example. However, in MLM solo ads, you will not compete with other players.
  • You will receive requested clicks – Solo ads traffic is priced at a fixed rate, and you will pay only for delivered clicks. In Udimi, solo ads prices start from $0.40 per click, which is usually unheard of for MLM traffic in most business opportunities, and network marketing ads platforms.
  • You can select the date you want to start receiving traffic – Suppose you want to promote an MLM affiliate offer, and that particular offer launches on a special date or run an exclusive discount on a specific day. In that case, specify the date you want to receive traffic in Udimi.

MLM Solo ads in Udimi

Udimi is a prominent place to buy MLM solo ads. Most successful sellers on Udimi have traffic related to MLM. You need to read the description of the sellers.


Or search for “MLM” in Udimi. And you will find sellers that sell MLM traffic. Do not forget that you can use search filters to fine-tune your search. For example, you can find sellers with over 30% sales got ratio and over 100 positive ratings in solo ads career in Udimi.

MLM solo ads sellers Udimi

If you are in doubt whether your offer will work with a particular solo ads provider, contact live chat for free.

Contact Udimi solo ad seller live chat
Click on the “Message” button and submit your question to the seller. Ask whether their traffic work with your MLM offer.

Choose how many email clicks you want and the date you want it, select whether you prefer top-tier country traffic only, add your email swipe or tracking link, and apply a Udimi voucher to claim a discount and complete your order.


Click here to try Udimi.

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Banner advertising

Whether you want to promote a direct sales MLM company or online MLM service, when done right, banner advertising can get your offer in front of thousands of people across the internet and acquire targeted leads on your website.

Brave browser banner display advertising Buysellads
Banner advertising on Brave web browser – Display ads managed by

MLM banner advertising

When using banner ads for MLM promotions, you will have to have multiple creatives (some banner ad networks support animated banners while others use HTML5 banners), landing pages, and a tracker setup.

  • Banner ads copy generation – You have several choices. Build it yourself using software like Photoshop or an online graphic editor like Canva, or hire someone from a freelance network like Fiverr, UpWork, Behance, Peopleperhour, or Dripple.
  • Landing page creation – Your landing page’s content used for MLM banner ads should resonate with the message shown on the banner ad. If the message on the banner ad is about an MLM company, the landing page should increase related details about the company to maximize conversions. Use a service such as Unbounce, Brizy, and Clickfunnels to create and manage your landing pages.
  • Tracking performance – Use an ad tracker that integrates with banner advertising networks and supports tracking creatives so that you can optimize campaigns on granular levels. Voluum, BeMob, and ClickMagick are some quality banner ad-tracking tools for marketers.

Banner ad sizes aren’t limited to a single dimension. Here are some example sizes:

Banner templates sizes example

Online tools such as Artboard Studio let you generate multiple banner templates from a single design, saving you a tremendous amount of time.

Here are some banner ad networks you can use to promote your MLM offer:

  • BuySellAds – Includes an inventory of sites in technological, news, crypto, health & wellness spaces, and email newsletters. Provide both fixed-rate and CPM rate pricing models.
  • Adsterra – Adsterra is an advertising network with different ad formats. Ex: Popunder, Social Bar (In-page push, Interstitial, Icon Notification, Custom widget, Native ads, Video ads. Adsterra’s banner ads format allows you to promote your MLM offer in front of millions of people worldwide with 20+ targeting options and three different pricing models (CPA, CPC, CPM).
  • Dianomi – Dianomi is a native ads platform for business and finance. With the Display ads format on Dianomi, you can reach out to one of the highest quality and targeted traffic in business and finance niches — a perfect match for most network marketing companies and direct sales offers.
  • – One of the most popular ads network with an extensive traffic volume and a reach to the world’s popular websites such as Yahoo.

Domain redirect

Zero-Click or Domain Redirect traffic is another traffic type you can tap into to promote a network marketing offer on the internet. Domain redirect (as the name suggests) originates when someone misspells a domain name.

Since you can target based on the keyword level (ex: misspelling of a domain name ‘adids’ instead of Adidas), Domain Redirect traffic can be relevant to your offers.

Where to buy domain redirect traffic?

You can use several networks to buy Parked Domains or Domain redirect traffic. Here are a few:

  • Richads – RichAds is a multi-ads format advertising network. Direct Click (i.e., Domain Redirect traffic) is a type of traffic they offer for advertisers.
  • PropellerAds – Another online advertising platform that supports multiple ad formats. PropellerAds Direct Click, a traffic advertising format, consists of domain parking traffic and can be targeted by platform (desktop, mobile), OS, device, Zone ID and retargeting audience, etc., pricing models include CPA Goal, CPM, and SmartCPM.
  • ZeroPark – ZeroPark is another multi-ads format advertising platform with billions of monthly traffic volume. Its domain redirect traffic is one of the highest volume domain park traffic.
  • Redirect – is another domain parking traffic provider with CPC, CPM, and CPA pricing models.

Like always, use a quality ad tracker and optimize the campaign by excluding unprofitable zones, keywords, and GEOs and split testing your landing pages.

Email newsletters

Email newsletter feeds are another targeted MLM advertisement traffic source. Unlike solo ads, with email newsletter feed ads, you can add your creativity and get your offer in front of millions of email readers.

Email feed ads

However, email newsletter ads are usually costlier than other MLM advertising methods and can be hard to find targeted traffic.

Where to place email newsletter ads?

Here are a few advertising platforms to buy email newsletter ads for your MLM offers.

  • Redirect –’s Email Feed ads let you promote your MLM offer on email newsletters of big brands. Most of these are weekly and monthly newsletters.
  • LiveIntent – LiveIntent is an email newsletter monetization and cookies email ads platform that you can use to advertise your MLM offers on daily email newsletters and reach out to thousands of targeted customers that, otherwise, you could not find on PPC or video advertising platforms.
  • Paved – Paved is a marketplace filled with thousands of publications that let you advertise offers through sponsored and dedicated emails.
  • Admailr – Another platform that allows you to run your display and native ads within email newsletters.

Online advertising sites

Advertising sites like Craigslist can be a healthy place to promote your network marketing offer. Remember that most advertising sites do not allow promoting MLM offers directly, so you will have to:

  • Not to mention the MLM company or any network marketing jargon in the ad.
  • Create an eye-catching banner ad that people will tend to click on.
  • Capture page (they click on it from the ad)
  • Automated follow-up series (takes your leads to your MLM offers) on automation.

Craiglist’s terms of service include content and services related to MLM and pyramid schemes in their prohibited list. So, you must advertise with caution.

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Can you advertise MLM on Facebook?

The advertising policies of Facebook regarding MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) can be pretty strict and vary depending on the specific circumstances of the MLM. In general, Facebook allows MLM business advertising on its platform, but it does impose some restrictions.

Where can I advertise my MLM business?

You can advertise your MLM business both online and offline.

Online advertising methods for MLM:

1.) Email campaigns
2.) Banner ads
3.) Social media
4.) Native ads
5.) Classified advertising

Offline advertising methods for MLM:

1.) Billboards
2.) T-shirt designs with your company and website name
3.) Radio ads
4.) Podcast advertising
5.) Newspaper ads

Can I advertise MLM on Craigslist?

No, Craiglist prohibits Multi-level marketing services and content from promoting. But you can promote them indirectly by collecting leads from your website. For that,

1. You cannot mention the MLM company in your ad
2. You should collect prospects’ email addresses and/or phone numbers on your landing page.
3. Craiglist ad is visible for 30 days, and you might have to pay to post your ad in some areas. Learn more.

Final words on MLM advertising platforms

Many advertising platforms, such as Facebook and Google, do not allow advertising MLM offers. Their ad policies declare that promoting network marketing offers is prohibited. So, that leaves you a chunk of popular ads platform not limited to Google Ads (DSP, Search, Youtube, etc.) and social ads (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter so on).

In this article, you learn how to advertise your MLM business opportunities online. They are in brief:

  1. Solo ads (ex: Udimi)
  2. Display ads (ex: Banner ads)
  3. Domain Redirect
  4. Email newsletter feed ads
  5. Online advertising sites (ex: Craiglist)

Ensure your MLM funnel is set up correctly; you use a quality traffic tracker such as ClickMagick (which costs only $49/month), collect your leads, and follow them up with a quality email marketing service such as AWeber.

So, how do you advertise your MLM online? Let us know your MLM advertising ideas that work below!

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