40+ Mega Solo Ad Rolodex: Top Solo Ads Vendors Ranked (2024)

Finding reliable solo ad sellers with targeted and responsive email traffic can be challenging. In this list of massive solo ads Rolodex, you will find the best solo ad vendors with higher best email traffic.

This solo ad Rolodex is based on the Udimi solo ads marketplace, arguably the best site to buy solo ads. Check the review on Udimi to learn more.

You can register for a free account and view a ton of reliable Solo Ad Vendors here.

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​The Massive Solo Ad Rolodex

Solo Ad VendorPositive Ratings​Cost Per ClickBuyers Got Sales?Tier 1 Traffic %
Glenn Fedoruk6,241$.4365% Reported Sales98%
Brandon Sean2,261$.6981% Reported Sales100%
Karim Chourabi1,163$.4577% Reported Sales93%
Angelo Sayson2,523$.8575% Reported Sales95%
Daniel Huppertz*4,483$.7942% Reported Sales95%
Khaled Ibrahim2,435$.6992% Reported Sales98%
Sarah Chew1,455$.4357% Reported Sales86%
Mike Dirnt1,068$.4048% Reported Sales100%
Kanjana Magkongdee712$.4046% Reported Sales100%
Thomas Freeman2,568$.6881% Reported Sales100%
Indulis Staskiewicz4,356$.6778% Reported Sales100%
Maurizio Pace3,397$.4957% Reported Sales100%
Aleksandrs Meisars1,476$.5986% Reported Sales97%
Jason Thompson*3,820$.4065% Reported Sales94%
Lia Malassa2,666$.5981% Reported Sales98%
Faizal James*699$.4072% Reported Sales98%
Youzainy Mohd*1,345$.4045% Reported Sales100%
Ho Jun Yi1,968$.4258% Reported Sales99%
Sarah Crunk1,122$.5956% Reported Sales100%
Nathan Alfeche125$.7168% Reported Sales100%
Kujtim Guga*3,047$.4953% Reported Sales97%
Patrik Radacic*1,944$.6565% Reported Sales93%
Mohamed Said Esousy*817$.4441% Reported Sales100%
Mantas Pocius474$.4051% Reported Sales100%
Gabe Salome1,396$.4994% Reported Sales94%
Liviu Ungureanu578$.4255% Reported Sales90%
Leonardo Ramirez*223$.6537% Reported Sales100%
Philip Coble**2,051$.4048% Reported Sales100%
Fabian Tan*1,299$.4040% Reported Sales95%
Ajie Wibowo1,422$.4655% Reported Sales99%
Chandi Nagaraj1,420$.4852% Reported Sales96%
Ayoub Touyeb689$.4051% Reported Sales100%
Evi Young791$.4429% Reported Sales97%
Igor Varoscic1,246$.4482% Reported Sales91%
Athanasios Hatzikirkou240$.4556% Reported Sales100%
Scott Tucker1,767$.5031% Reported Sales100%
Joe Wann337$.4041% Reported Sales97%
Demian Voorhagen1,292$.4451% Reported Sales100%
Wilfred Bakker1,352$.4467% Reported Sales95%
Kevin Hansen3,143$.4977% Reported Sales99%
Mark McLeod76$.4031% Reported Sales100%
Jorge Delgado1,695$.6580% Reported Sales95%
* Sellers whose vendor profiles have been disabled at the time of updating stats. All data was aggregated from Udimi.com as of Q3 2023. LAST UPDATED: 05/07/2023 06:39 PM UTC+0530

More About Solo Ads:

Solo Advertising (or Solo ads) is basically promoting your own offer on other people’s permission-based email lists. Unlike rented email list marketing, Solo ad marketing is not only accepted by many but also used on many occasions.

  • Generate quality targeted leads — Solo ad traffic is email traffic. Hence, it is already warmed up when visiting your opt-in page. In the email message, you can specify what people need to do on the next page. Therefore, Solo ads have got a higher lead conversion rate, usually greater than other sources like pop ads traffic, banner traffic, and SEO traffic. This allows you to generate high-quality leads at a quick pace.
  • Test a sales funnel before going public — If you have a sales funnel ready to launch, solo ads traffic could be a very promising traffic source to test the sales funnel’s conversion rate.
  • Decrease CPL (Cost per lead) on several niches — Some niches are basically oversaturated and have got abnormal CPC (Cost-per-click). This makes it impossible for small business owners like you to compete with multinational companies, brands, and professional advertising agencies. Since solo ads are a direct advertising method and it’s less saturated, you can achieve a cheaper CPL.
  • Quickly scale lead-gen campaigns — Need to build an email list fast? Really really fast? Like 5,000 leads today and on and on? Solo ads make it possible!
  • Make money by promoting affiliate products — If you want to promote affiliate offers via email marketing, solo ads can be a very fantastic traffic source. Send traffic to your lead capture page, set up an email autoresponder series on your email marketing tool, and redirect subscribers after opting into an affiliate offer (usually a tripwire offer). Learn more in detail in this ultimate guide to Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing.

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About This Solo Ad Rolodex:

Solo Ad Vendor: The first column in this ​Solo Ad Rolodex is the “Solo Ad Vendor” This column represents the Solo Ad Vendor’s name, pen name, or nickname. Udimi requires seller verification. Therefore, usually at 99.9%, names are real.

Positive Ratings: The second column in this ​Solo Ad Rolodex represents (approximately) how many Positive Ratings the ​Solo Ad Vendor has received. Udimi verifies reviews and only displays ratings by customers.

Cost Per Click: The third column ​in this Solo Ad Rolodex represents the cost per click that the Solo Ad Vendor charges for advertising. Usually, Solo Ads are sold in intervals of 50 or 100 ​clicks.​ Udimi’s minimum solo ad price is $0.19, and it charges extra for add-ons like the prime filter, tier 1 traffic, service fee, and so on. Learn more about Udimi solo ad price.

Also, note that Solo Ad Vendors can certainly change their prices at any time, and this information was last updated ​as of Q4 2023, so these listed prices are not a guarantee and ​are merely based on ​market indicators at the time of recording.

Buyers Got Sales?: The fourth column in this ​Solo Ad Rolodex represents the percentage of ​Solo Ad Buyers who reported getting sales from their campaigns. Stats are based on the previous 100 reviews by customers. An important metric to look for if you want to quickly find out the list quality of the seller.

Tier 1 Traffic %: The fifth column in this ​Solo Ad Rolodex represents the percentage of ​traffic coming from Tier 1 countries. Tier 1 country traffic in solo advertising is also known as “top tier solo ads.” Tier 1 countries are the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Those are English-speaking wealthy countries with money spending power in terms of GDP per capita. However, Singapore is also considered a Tier 1 country by some marketers.

Solo Ad Software

Solo ads as a business can be complicated if you do not use the right tools. Here is a list of tools you need when using solo ad traffic.



Track solo ads traffic quality and conversion rate across your funnels.

  • Easy solo ad campaign management workflow
  • Identify bot traffic and top-tier traffic
  • Link rotating tools & traffic routing functionalities
  • Cross-device conversion tracking technology

ClickMagick pricing plans start at $37/mo, and you can try it for free.

Alternative: Voluum and other affiliate link tracking software



#1 place to run your business

  • All-in-one marketing suite for marketers
  • Landing pages, funnels, email marketing, webinars, membership sites, and more
  • Solo-ads optimized squeeze page templates

Clickfunnels monthly packages start at $97/mo, and you can try it for free.

Alternative: Brizy (Read review)



Increase email optins and sales page conversion rates with targeted and personalized Convertful widgets

  • 10+ different form types
  • Deadline funnels
  • Personalized widgets
  • Gamification forms
  • 2-way data synchronization

Convertful’s subscription plans start at $19/mo, and you can try it for free.

Alternative: ConvertBox (Read review)

Also, check out these email list checker tools to hygiene your list from time to time and use these free email countdown timers to boost email conversion rates. If you are looking for a one-place solution for widgets, check out Powr.io. Utilize a giveaway software like UpViral to add a viral loop to your solo ad lead funnels. Learn more about Upviral.

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Finding a reliable solo ad vendor with targeted traffic to your offer might be a highly challenging task. If you buy through solo ads providers directly, you might face many difficulties such as trust issues, traffic quality, etc. But, Udimi is the best place to order quality solo ads — That is why you see this solo ad Rolodex is filled with details from Udimi.

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Who is a solo ad vendor?

Solo Ad vendor is a professional marketer who sells email clicks that are generated after sending emails to their permission-based email lists. Depending on the seller, you might buy pure email traffic, arbitrage traffic, or non-email traffic. So, you should research solo ad vendor history, customer reviews, etc., before putting any order.

Are solo ads worth it?

If your sales funnel is optimized for warned-up email traffic, solo ads are worth it.

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