Udimi Review 2024: Good, Bad, Ugly of Udimi Solo Ads Traffic

If you asked me to list the top three fastest ways to build an email list without spending a lot in competitive niches like Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Biz Opps, Network Marketing, Solo ads marketing would take a spot for sure.

Need to get 1,000 leads today (and every day)? Solo ads got you covered.

Want to make a consistent profit every click you purchase? Try solo ads.

Because solo ads traffic is targeted and warmed up, and the price is fixed, you only need to worry about optimizing the sales funnel, adding more emails to your autoresponder series, and scaling campaigns.

There is no need to worry about Google PPC keywords, Facebook ad creatives, content policies, etc. You only need to send the link to your landing page or the solo ad text. Period!

Since solo ads effectively drive targeted, quality traffic to a link, usually, finding scalable solo ads traffic sources is not easy. Why?

Because sellers with quality leads don’t want to saturate subscribers’ inboxes.

But, there is a place where you can buy targeted solo ads traffic on time without being scammed or receiving fake clicks.

It’s none other than Udimi.

In this Udimi review, you will find details about Udimi.com, pros and cons, Udimi features and alternatives, and finally, if it’s worth using Udimi solo ads in your business.

As a gift for reading the Udimi solo ads review, you can download a list of THE best email subject lines to use on your marketing campaigns below. The formatted PDF version.

What is a Solo ad?

A solo ad is an email message sent to a segment of the permission-based email list of an email list owner to promote your business. It’s like displaying a banner ad on a website to market your business or publishing a guest post on a popular site.

Unlike other advertising methods, Solo advertising is established on email marketing which, according to many studies, has proven to be the best marketing channel with the highest engagement and ROI.

return on investment of different channels
Return on investment for email-based communication and marketing is higher than most channels.

Key Ingredients of a solo ad:

  • Email message is sent to a permission-based email list – Otherwise, it’s illegal to mass send emails to unsolicited email addresses. See CAN-SPAM Act. Compliance guide by FTC.
  • Solo ad traffic is email traffic – So traffic is warmed up and targeted more than other mediums like Popads, Push notification ads, and native ads traffic.
  • People can be directed – On the solo ad message, you can specify what people need to do once they click on the CTA (Call-to-action) links. So, solo ads generally have a higher email opt-in rate.

What is Udimi?


Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where Udimi.com works as a middleman between buyers and sellers.

Udimi is a registered trademark of udimicom, which was started in 2008. Its headquarter is located in Cyprus.

How does Udimi work?

Udimi is Fiverr’s equivalent for solo advertising in simple terms. Basically, solo ad buyers can search for sellers listed on Udimi.com and order solo ad traffic. It offers many features and benefits for solo advertising. I will share them later in this review.

One of the primary benefits of Udimi over solo ad provider websites is that Udimi is a solo ad marketplace where sellers compete with each other to get buyers’ attention. So, they need to:

  • Be active and have a higher response ratio
  • Maintain their email list with buyer traffic so customers get sales from solo ads campaigns and sellers get positive reviews. More positive reviews = Higher treatments on Udimi solo ad platform, more recurring clients, and increased new customers
  • Supply email clicks on time. Udimi gives money back on 100% non-delivered traffic.
  • Get the price of solo ads on Udimi moderately, so they get more customers
  • Provide a great customer experience so that people will buy again

Suppose you buy solo ads traffic from a seller’s website directly. You wouldn’t receive most of the above benefits. You have to deal with the price they specify, and you cannot be sure of the traffic quality without testing yourself.

But, since Udimi is a solo ads network and it follows capitalistic principles such as market (i.e., demand) and competition, it makes the output services cheaper and quality. You get higher value for a better price even without considering the protection and other factors Udimi provides for you.

How to use Udimi

Getting started on the Udimi solo ads network is very easy and free. Click the button below and create your Udimi account by entering your name and email.

Udimi website
Sign up on Udimi

Once your email address is confirmed, head over to the Udimi dashboard and click on the Find Sellers tab on the top navigation bar. Now, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Search page – Promoted profiles are listed.

Search solo ad sellers

Search filters – Modify your search.

Since Udimi is a solo ads marketplace, you can search for sellers based on many factors. Here are some:


Udimi’s minimum solo ad prices per click are $0.40 (for established sellers) and $0.05 (for new sellers), and the price per click on Udimi can go up to $2.00. The solo ad price on Udimi depends on the seller’s settings, and he/she can change it anytime. Also, sellers can offer/run discounts on Udimi and run campaigns on the Solo Ads Deals section. Learn more about Udimi pricing.

Udimi max price filter


A positive point of using Udimi instead of websites directly is filtering sellers based on their niches. While solo ads are dominated by Make Money Online, Business Opportunities, MLM, and Crypto niches as a majority, you can come across email lists in health, pets, and cooking niches too.

Niches are listed in some sellers’ description sections


Rating search filter allows you to find sellers with a minimum number of positive ratings. For example, if you want to buy from experienced or established solo ad sellers on Udimi, select ‘100+.’

Got sales

Similar metric to Ratings. After customers buy solo ads on Udimi from a seller, they can publish their reviews. The review form will represent an option to select whether they got sales or not. If a seller’s 40 out of the last 100 reviews were marked as ‘I got sales,’ the Got sales percentage would be 40.

A great metric to find out solo ad sellers with buyer traffic.

Repeated orders

One of the best yet unpopular search filters on Udimi. It represents how many customers of the previous 100 solo ad orders were of earlier buyers. Higher the repeated orders percentage means people were able to convert the traffic to sales or responsive subscribers.

I recommend using both Got sales and repeated orders metrics when checking the traffic quality.

Start within

Some sellers have a small email list. At the same time, others have busy schedules. So, different sellers have various ‘Start within’ periods. For example, if you immediately need email solo ad traffic for a product launch, utilize this method to filter available sellers corresponding to your time frame.

ID Verification

Udimi is a robust solo ads marketplace. It has taken measures to ensure sellers are legit and the fraud is as low as possible. Select the ‘Only verified‘ option under ID verification to get traffic from professional sellers.

Seller language

Most Udimi sellers speak English. But, if you want to talk to a seller via a different language, use this option to find relevant dealers.

Seller located in

Udimi is an international website, so people from anywhere can sign up and start selling solo ads on Udimi. For some reason, if you only want to buy traffic from sellers who are from a specific region, use this option.

Main Traffic Source

One of the very important search functions. Udimi tracks all the solo ad clicks from their dedicated traffic tracking system. So, they have a database of each seller’s traffic geography. Main Traffic Source search modifier allows finding sellers who sell traffic in a specific country(s).

For example, if you want to buy top-tier solo ads (i.e., tier 1 traffic), select the Top Tier countries option.


Udimi considers the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore top-tier countries. These are dominantly English-speaking wealthy states with higher GDP per capita.

Use the ‘Keyword’ search option to find specific sellers based on the text in their descriptions.

Find sellers based on keywords

Udimi seller profile

Udimi’s seller profile includes many details.

  1. Order form
  2. Description
  3. FAQs
  4. Average Traffic Geography
  5. Video ratings
  6. Seller ratings (Udimi solo ads reviews by customers)


Details about solo ad suppliers in Udimi have listed the top
  • Ratings — Positive to negative reviews on Udimi
  • Got sales % — This shows how many customers got sales in the last 100 reviews.
  • Repeated customers — How much did previous customers come back and buy solos in the last 100 solos?
  • Average response time
  • Top seller competition wins — Udimi selects best sellers in terms of sales generated and the number of orders monthly.

Solo ad order customization

Udimi provides several customization options and upgrades.

Order form
  • Select clicks you need – Some sellers have a minimum click cap. But you can order up to 1,000 at one time.
  • The date you need the traffic to be delivered – You can select a date within the next 30 days. Also, you can enable the seller to send traffic earlier than your specified date.
  • Upgrades – Udimi has four upgrade options: Prime filter, Only top tier, Only mobile, and No mobile. Vendors can disable some of these.
  • Select ad text or only link – If you select the ad text option, you can provide the subject line for email and solo ad email messages.
  • Udimi discount – Apply any Udimi coupon code you have.

Udimi supports both PayPal and Credit card payments. Normally, Udimi charges $3 for every order (no matter how many clicks you purchase).

Seller description

About section of a solo ad vendor of Udimi

In the description section, you can find more details. For instance, Brandon Sean is a reputable solo ad seller on Udimi, and he provides bonus specials if you buy according to his words:

SPECIAL 1: Spend over $250 on a single order and get FREE Custom ad text.
SPECIAL 2: Order 500 clicks & Above – get over 100- pre written emails **
SPECIAL 3: Order 1000 clicks& get a special suprise 🙂 ***

You can find these types of offers many times. Also, the description section will list screen captures from customer reviews.

Furthermore, you can find what you can expect from buying solo ads from the seller.

Here are what you will get when buying Brandon’s traffic:

  • 10 – 20 % Over-delivery as a standard.
  • Buyers in the email list
  • Experienced seller and internet marketing coach
  • A full squeeze page & Funnel Review
  • Advice and help for Newbies
  • 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED
  • No Junk traffic from pop ups


Find frequently asked questions by customers.

Frequently asked questions by people from the seller on Udimi and other places are listed on the Udimi seller FAQs section

Average Traffic Geography

Find out Top tier countries and Filtered clicks traffic percentages. Udimi provides these statistics.

Traffic Geography

Video ratings

Some sellers display video reviews by customers. You can watch these in this section.

Recorded video ratings

Seller ratings

At the bottom, you can see buyers’ reviews on their solo ad runs.

Customers’ reviews on a seller’s solo ad traffic on Udimi

View the traffic share report by clicking the ‘Udimi Stats’ link. On this page, you can find the number of clicks ordered & received, over-delivery percentage (if any), and traffic click stats based on Quality, Filtered, and Useless.

Solo ads statistics report on a dedicated page can be seen

Udimi takes only Quality solo ad clicks into count. So, you only pay for actual email clicks and not duplicate clicks, bot traffic, nor useless visits from test clicks and search engine crawlers.

Filtered Clicks report

Surprisingly, Udimi does not count visitors with Cookies off. So, you over-receive clicks from Udimi.

How to choose a good solo ad seller on Udimi

Although Udimi is a solo ad marketplace, not every seller will have equally quality traffic. You need to find experienced sellers who sell high-quality clicks, particularly when you get started.


Because many skilled solo ad sellers manage email lists full-time and know which offers work and which landers convert well their email lists well, you can reach out and ask them to review your landing page and offers.

If you primarily use solo ads for affiliate marketing, you can ask if they have promoted your affiliate offers on their lists.

For example, Clickfunnels trial, Groovefunnels, and some popular business-in-a-box products are promoted heavily via solo ads.

In Udimi, search sellers with a minimum of 100 ratings, 15% repeated orders, and at least 50% got sales rates. That way, you will find top solo ad suppliers on Udimi. Here is a prominent solo ad seller with remarkable figures.


3512/3 Positive to Negative ratings, 76% sales got ratio, 20% repeated customers, and $0.70 per click.

Click on the ‘Message‘ icon at the top and ask questions.

Chat live with the seller

For example, you can ask if sending more traffic to your offer is possible.


Registration is free of cost on Udimi. However, it costs different rates when purchasing or selling solo ads on Udimi.

The minimum price for a solo ad click on Udimi is $0.40, and the maximum is $2.00. If your order clicks from a new seller, the max price is 24 cents! Also, when you put the order, you can upgrade it with:

Udimi solo ad upgrade options
  • Prime filter
  • Only Top tier
  • Only mobile
  • No mobile

Usually, the Prime filter costs $0.03 per click, and it is free if you are a Udimi Prime member. Other upgrades can cost different rates based on the seller’s configurations.

Udimi Service fee

You will see the below message under every solo ad seller’s portfolio in the Udimi solo ad marketplace.

By placing the order you agree to Udimi terms and conditions. Udimi service fee of $3.00 and all applicable taxes are included in the order total

Udimi charges $3.00 for every solo ad campaign from the buyer. The buyer receives the following benefits.

  • Base filter — Udimi’s traffic filtering features come under the base filter option, and it cannot be turned off. Udimi will track the visitor’s location, device details, IP, unique clicks, and more.
  • Optin Tracker — Manage all your solo ad campaigns in Udimi and track the performance of each solo ad buy with Optin tracking system. It is included in normal free Udimi plans.
  • Filter bot clicks and useless traffic — Filtered clicks are usually bot traffic and are not counted, so you do not waste money. Also, regular Udimi pricing includes filtering human traffic but is useless in terms of desirability and usefulness. Udimi filters:
    • Bots (search engines, ping/uptime monitoring/archiving) visits
    • Duplicate clicks from the same person
    • Click ring visitors
    • Fake optins
    • Fraud sales
    • Fake testimonials
    • Multiple names
    • High buyer/seller refund rate

Udimi service fee is a flat fee, so it won’t change according to the number of clicks you purchase.

Udimi Prime

The Prime membership on Udimi is a premium subscription plan that costs $29.95 per month.

What you get in Udimi Prime

Advanced optin tracking ($30/month value)

The base Optin tracking, which is given under the free membership, has limited functionality. However, with Advanced Optin tracking in Prime membership, you will get a higher limit of 25,000 visitors a month and more details.

Visitor recordings ($290/month value)

Udimi will record live user sessions on your squeeze page so that you can examine your landing page to see which parts are preventing users from taking action. Watch the video below to see how the Udimi visitor recording feature work.

Heatmaps and attention maps ($30/month value)

Segment heatmap data by location, browser, dates, mobile users, and more. No need to subscribe to other heatmapping tools.

Free Prime filter

If you are not a Prime user, it will cost $0.03 per click. However, Prime users will receive Prime Filter for free and save over 30% of the budget estimate.

Increased click log storage

Standard Udimi accounts get to have a click log for only a couple of months. However, Prime members of Udimi will have this data for their lifetime and can filter clicks down to individual clicks.

Apart from the above features, Prime members will be able to see who visits their profile. It is a handy feature, particularly for solo ad sellers. Also, Prime members will receive increased affiliate commission rates. Learn more.

Permanent access to Solo Mailings Calendar ($20/month value)

SoloCalendar.com is a website that allows professional solo ad vendors to sell ads without having to set up link trackers, manage buyers, configure online checkout pages, etc.

Solo Deals


Solo Deals in Udimi is a section where vendors discount their traffic for a limited time. Here is an instance where an established Udimi seller ran a solo ad deal.

Stefan has reduced the solo ad price from $0.59 to $0.43 (save $0.16 from every click!)


Udimi’s forum is filled with like-minded people. Whether you are looking to buy solos or sell solo ads on Udimi or are a business owner and internet marketer who wants to learn from professionals how to grow a business, Udimi’s Forum is the best place for you. (and it’s free!)

You can read forum posts, learn from others, and help others with what you know.

Udimi forum posts

Or, if you are looking to get Udimi solo ads to work, post a question!

Ask questions on the Udimi forum to get experts’ answers

Like me, do you want to learn from other professionals and read solo ads tips and marketing strategies?

Get Udimi free training from solo ads experts in the Udimi forum

Brandon has shared some essential tips to get solo ads to work.

  • Subscribe to threads
  • Upvote posts to boost its ranking on the Udimi forum
  • Give ‘Thanks’ to appreciate the poster
  • Reply to ask questions and share your feedback

Udimi Hall of fame

Do you want to know the top solo ad sellers, buyers, affiliates, and sellers with the most medals ever on the Udimi platform?

You can find those inside the Hall of Fame on the Udimi forum.

Udimi Hall of Fame

How to Buy A Solo Ad On Udimi

Here is a video tutorial on how to buy a solo ad on Udimi.

Best tips to consider when buying Udimi solo ads

  • If you are getting started, consider buying from a reputable seller – Check out this list of Solo ad Rolodex to find 40+ Udimi solo ad providers. Check the rating and the Got sales ratio columns.
  • Ensure your solo ads funnel is set up correctly — Do you use solo ads to promote your offer? Or build your affiliate email marketing list? Whichever reason is, double-check your tracking setup, landing page, email marketing tool configuration, and post-signup actions.
  • Always have A/B testing on your lead capture pages — Split testing is a continuous process. High-converting solo ads lead page for a specific seller does not mean it will perform similarly with other people’s lists.
  • Calculate your break-even point — Solo is effective in many niches, including Make Money Online, Business Opportunities, Forex, and Internet marketing. But only if you know your data (squeeze page lead conversion rate, EPC (earnings per click), other costs) can you know your break-even points. For example, if your EPC is $0.90 and the cost per click in solo ads is $0.45, the subscriber conversion rate on the lead capture page should be at least 50% to reach the break-even point (without taking other expenses into account).
  • Be smart — If you want to beat others who also buy the same solo ad traffic on Udimi, you must follow different strategies to stand out. As a start, you can start using giveaway software like UpViral (review on UpViral) to boost referral traffic and make people remember your brand. Also, use tools like ConvertBox to create deadline funnels to display laser target messages. Furthermore, use retargeting to drive people who did not sign up the first time to signup another time with bonus offers.

How many clicks should you order on Udimi?

Start small if you are buying for the first time from a seller. A minimum of 100 clicks would give a clear picture of the traffic quality regarding the lead page conversion rate.

But, if you want to test your sales funnel, the minimum amount of traffic to buy on Udimi depends on your lead page conversion rate.

If the opt-in page converts at 35%, 300 visitors will get you 100+ people on your list and 100+ visitors on the bridge page, affiliate offer, or own sales page. This will give you a clear idea of the sales funnel’s conversion rate.


Get to know the top movers and shakers in the Udimi solo ads site for the current month. (A great way to find high-performing present vendors)

Udimi monthly competition – Find top buyers, top sellers, and top affiliates for a month.

Udimi Features

In Udimi’s review, you found out how to work with Udimi to buy solo ads. Since Udimi is a membership site, it provides various features for buyers and sellers to ease every task. Here are some of them:

Seller vetting process

Finding trusted solo ad sellers is always challenging. When anonymous people can use many methods to deliver fake email traffic, it’s natural to be skeptical about relying on someone to buy solo ads from.

However, Udimi has taken many measures to ensure sellers are reliable, send real email clicks, are not generated from spam mailing lists, and have reasonable click prices.

  • ID verification
  • Clicks are gone through Udimi’s tracking system – So traffic geography, filtered clicks graphic, and stats you see on a seller’s profile are not manipulated.
  • Spamveritising – Ensure email list owners’ emails are responsive and land in the inbox, not the spam folder

Opt-in tracking

You might already use a solo ads click tracker service like ClickMagick and Voluum to monitor conversions and optimize campaigns. But, if you are required to track these on your Udimi account, it covers you with Opt-in tracking.

Udimi Opt-in tracking – Enter the landing page and paste the Udimi optin tracking code on all site pages.

Advanced state-of-the-art traffic filtering system

As a solo ad marketplace, Udimi’s prime job is to ensure traffic sellers sell is quality and not fake. That is why Udimi has improved the traffic filtering system over the years to ensure buyers get high-quality visitors while sellers get paid for real email clicks.

It takes a minimum of 1,000 clicks to determine the quality of traffic. But, since hundreds of thousands of traffic have gone through Udimi’s custom-built tracker, you don’t have to worry.

Types of traffic

Basically, there are three types:

  1. Non-human (bot) traffic
  2. Human traffic
  3. Human but useless traffic
What is useless traffic in Udimi?

Not all human traffic is desirable. Here are what Udimi considers triggers useless visitors.

  • Click Rings — Sometimes, people team up to make money by clicking each other’s links, and normal click tracking software will mark these as legitimate because it’s real human traffic. But, you will not get anything useful from these types of visitors.
  • Traffic Exchanges — Some website owners visit other sites in exchange for getting visitors back from people alike. PTC (Pay to Click) sites like Clicksense.com are examples. This traffic is useless.
  • “3-second” visitors — Sometimes, people click your link by mistake or close their browser even before loading the site. If you pay for these types of visitors, you lose money. So Udimi counts these as useless traffic too.
  • Outdated technologies — Yes, it’s true – Some people are still using obsolete software launched in the 1990s and early 2000s. These types of people never buy anything too. So, Udimi considers them useless traffic and filters them whenever found.
  • High-risk countries — Visitors from certain countries do not usually buy anything. But they engage in click fraud, hacking, and DDoS attacks. Udimi filters these visitors too.
Filters that are available on Udimi

Udimi analyzes all clicks by going through its traffic filter. Here is what it can identify.

  • Bots (search engines, ping/uptime monitoring/archiving) visits
  • Duplicate clicks from the same person
  • Click ring visitors
  • Fake optins
  • Fraud sales
  • Fake testimonials
  • Multiple names
  • High buyer/seller refund rate
How Udimi system filters the traffic
  • Detection of black hat technologies (frames, 1px images, etc.)
  • Detection of user with no Javascript
  • Checking against an anonymous proxy database
  • Open proxy detection and real IP detection
  • System gathers PC info: screen size, browser, operating system version, and so on.
  • System creates a fingerprint of the user and removes duplicates
  • Detection of botsworms, and other non-human devices
  • Blacklist checks: SpamHaus, SORBS, SpamCop
  • Geolocation
  • Connection type checks to remove visits from hosting
  • ISP check and organization name detection
  • VPN check and removal
  • Anonymous check and removal

All in all, Udimi ensures customers get quality traffic for their buck.


Udimi makes managing ad text and URLs (links) on the Ad Text dashboard easier.

Save your ad texts and tracking links so you can easily use them when ordering solo ads on Udimi.

Plus, you can put a note about a specific seller, favorite them (so you can see them easier on your Udimi profile), recommend them to others, hide them from search results, or block them.

Save your favorite sellers and add a special note

Udimi Traffic review

Not only does Udimi give you an overview of your solo ads traffic bought on Udimi, but also you can review Udimi traffic from other buyers as well.

The review of Udimi solo ads traffic bought by other people

Reports of traffic reviews on Udimi give you a pre-indication on which seller’s traffic is quality prior to ordering.

What type of offers works best with Udimi solo ads?

Since solo ads traffic originates from emails, every targeted offer should be converted to sales, right?

Well, that is not the case.

In Udimi, you can find sellers in these niches:

  • Make Money Online
  • Internet Marketing
  • Business Opportunities (Biz Opps)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Work from home
  • Personal development
  • Weight loss
  • Crypto
  • ClickBank
  • Diet
  • Health
  • Travel

While the top five dominate Udimi, you can always use Solo ads, such as eCommerce, if you follow the right strategies.

Top 11 Benefits of Using Udimi

In my earlier post on the best solo ad providers, I shared the advantages and disadvantages of directly buying solo ads from a vendor. When you look at the big picture, many reputable solo ad sellers on Udimi have spectacular records. (i.e., Over 50% of sales got ratio and less than ten negative ratings while thousands of positive Udimi reviews.)

72 out of the previous 100 solo ad reviews on Udimi for Angely Sayson have been marked as ‘got sales’ by people. That is a 7 out of 10 chance to get sales if you buy from Angelo.

Here are eleven reasons why you should use Udimi.

  1. Udimi has a 30-day refund window — You cannot see any other platform that lets you get a refund on solo ads on possible fake traffic. But Udimi got your back!
  2. Cancel the order — Buyers can cancel Udimi orders if It hasn’t been accepted by the seller yet or if there are more than 24 hours before the delivery.
  3. Change link or ad text — If the seller has not accepted your solo, revoke the order and make another one with the correct link. Something you cannot achieve when buying from other solo ads websites
  4. Safe environment — One of the top reasons beginners should start on Udimi. When you begin, you should worry about getting solo ads to work, not fighting fraud, delivery timing issues, and traffic quality problems. Udimi takes care of them by:
    1. Processing all payments by Udimi – Seller gets money after you receive 100% traffic
    2. All traffic is going through Udimi filters
    3. Making sure buyer only pays for cleaned traffic, not bot or useless traffic
    4. Buyer gets an instant refund for non-delivered traffic
    5. Controlling spam, unprofessional behavior, and communication
    6. Ensuring all ratings are verifiable comments by buyers and sellers
  5. Udimi Click filters — The best tracker for solo ads built custom by Udimi.
  6. Competitive prices — It’s a marketplace. So, no seller has a monopoly. Therefore, buyers always benefit from choosing cheap solo ads that convert well.
  7. Solo ads management — Udimi has a clean interface where you can manage all your solos at once place and see the progress. This makes it so easier to scale your campaigns and test traffic from different sellers.
  8. History — It’s a pain to find previous solo ad histories on Skype, Messenger, Viber, email, and online recipients. But Udimi takes your order history so you can access them later.
  9. Strict rules — There is no place for fraudsters on Udimi. As of the time of writing this Udimi review, they have banned 4,868 fraudsters so far.
  10. Live support — Udimi is the only solo ad network with a live chat support system. They are experienced and know what they do.
  11. Udimi Mobile app — Business owners need to focus on their business 24*7. That is why Udimi has introduced a mobile application for Android users. Now, you can stay updated on what happens with your solos and even purchase solo ads directly within the app.
Udimi customer assistance is supportive and assists you with fixing everything from disputes on Udimi to technical issues.

Udimi for sellers

Udimi is a great place to sell solo ads. Here are why:

  • There is no need to set up websites, use checkout software, and provide support 24*7 on your own. Udimi has everything set up for sellers.
  • Beginner-friendly environment.
  • Get your first customers fast. It’s easier than anywhere else to get your first customers quickly. Set up your seller profile, run a solo ad deal, and promote it at the top! That is it.
  • A great income source for big email list owners. Maybe you do not want to become a professional solo ad seller. But want to make some money as a side profession. Udimi makes it easier for sellers to hold their jobs and run again anytime. No restrictions on any terms.
  • Become a solo ads arbitrator. Buy and sell solo ads on Udimi and run a profitable business without managing an email list or having premium solo ad software.
  • Amy of affiliates is promoting your solo ad services. Udimi takes 0% – 15% from every solo bought by referrals invited by affiliates.
  • Get ratings from buyers fast. Sometimes, customers are lazy in reviewing solo ads. For that reason, Udimi even provides a $5 for buyers to rate their orders.

Udimi solo ad seller charges

  • $1 activation fee
  • $10 one-off cost to pass an ID check via video recording
  • $55 charge to promote your solo ad seller profile on the Udimi website (search pages, forum threads, etc.)
  • $75 is the price for Solo Deal

Pros and Cons

In this Udimi review, you found many ways Udimi can be helpful and how to use it. But what are the pros and cons of Udimi?


  • Largest solo ads marketplace
  • Safe environment for buyers
  • Sellers get access to thousands of buyers
  • Udimi click filter saves you money


  • Udimi Prime membership pricing is expensive
  • No app for iOS users

Udimi Alternatives

Udimi.com is not the only place to buy solo ads online. In fact, there are three main ways of finding solo ad sellers.

  1. Solo Ads provider websites
  2. Facebook solo ads groups
  3. Warriorforum
UdimiVendor WebsitesFacebook GroupsWarriorforum
Udimi protectionPaypal buyer protectionPaypal buyer protectionPaypal buyer protection
Traffic on time or refundN/AN/AN/A
Live chat supportEmail, Skype, MessengerEmail, Skype, Messenger Email, Skype, Messenger
$0.40 Minimum priceDependsDependsDepends
Capped at 1,000 clicks per orderNo capNo capNo cap
Udimi click filterHave to use your softwareHave to use your softwareHave to use your software
Possible to order only tier 1 trafficIt is possible to order only tier 1 trafficAfter NegotiationAfter Negotiation

Websites of vendors are a great place to look at when you have a proven sales funnel and want to scale your campaigns. Unlike Udimi, you can negotiate a custom price and order bigger volumes.

The following figure shows the solo ads pricing of a popular solo ads vendor.


Some professional solo ad vendors charge more than $1.50 per click. Here is a screenshot of Igor Kheifets’s solo ad prices.

Igor solo ads prices

At Warriorforum, you can find some sellers in the Joint Ventures and Classified Ads sections and at the WSO marketplace.

Warriorforum solo ads

Also, there are Udimi alternatives like Trafficforme, SoloAdsX, solo ad agencies, private solo ad sellers on Skype groups, and Fiverr gigs. But, I do not recommend Fiverr solo ads instead of Udimi for many reasons.

  • If merchants can sell solo ad traffic for $5 or more, why do they sell traffic instead of using themselves?
  • Many solo ad deals on Fiverr are fake. Mostly, they use bots and other schemes to drive traffic to offers.
  • It is not scalable. Unlike Udimi, there is no traffic filtering and spamvertising mechanism in place in the Fiverr marketplace. And reviews can be fake.

The pricing alone is a red flag, and you should stay away from Fiverr solo ads.

Udimi vs Trafficforme

TrafficForMe is a solo ads agency where people can buy traffic from TrafficForMe.com. Here is a video that demonstrates how to order traffic from Trafficforme.com.

Differences between Udimi and TrafficForMe

  • Udimi is a solo ad marketplace, while TrafficforMe is an agency where you do not have choices.
  • Udimi’s interface is user-friendly, and TrafficForMe’s is outdated
  • No way to check reviews or traffic quality statistics on TrafficForMe.
  • TrafficForMe’s solo ad cost is above $.50/click, while you can buy clicks from Udimi for $0.40 in general or for $0.24 from new sellers.
  • You will get 1% -15% over-delivery from most Udimi solo ads. But, you will only get over-delivery, which is up to 20%, if you subscribe to their monthly subscription plans.

Essentially, without knowing the quality of TrafficForMe’s traffic and its conversion rates, it’s difficult to trust it over Udimi, especially if you are a beginner to solo ads.

Udimi vs. Facebook ads

Many marketers widely use Facebook ads to promote their businesses. Although Facebook is not the most popular network to

  • You get email traffic from Udimi, and with Facebook, you get social traffic. A big difference in conversions and traffic quality. Learn more.
  • With Facebook ads, you have to consider many variables like ad creatives, content policies, competition, and targeting. But with Udimi solo ads, you are not abiding by those.
  • Some offers, like MLM products and affiliate offers, cannot be promoted through Facebook ads. But, there is not that sort of limitation on Udimi traffic.

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook ad traffic is the abundance of traffic at your finger points. At the same time, the competition can be fierce depending upon your niche and targeting.

Is Udimi worth it?

Simply put, if your sales funnel is optimized for email traffic and list building is your priority, and you are in a niche where solo ads traffic typically performs very well, Udimi is worth your investment.

Unlike most solo ad websites, Udimi provides many features and is the world’s biggest solo ad marketplace. Not only that, but if you are a beginner, Udimi has training materials and tools to help get you started.

Although Udimi Prime membership is a bit expensive, the value you get is non-negligible.

Is Udimi right for you?

If you are getting started and a budget marketer, Udimi is a perfect place to buy solos. But, if you want to buy more than a thousand email clicks from a seller, you might need to look for other ways like solo ad seller websites, private vendors, etc.,

Facebook solo ads testimonial

Furthermore, if you want to try other solo ad traffic types like funnel clicks and mixed clicks, Udimi is not the perfect place.


What is Udimi?

Udimi is a solo ad marketplace where people can buy and sell solo ads.

What are Udimi solo ads?

Udimi solo ads are paid email traffic campaigns purchased on the Udimi.com solo ads marketplace.

Is Udimi any good?

Udimi would be a good place to order solo ads because of its safe environment, a large selection of active solo ad sellers, ratings from genuine buyers, and click filter system if you are getting started on solo advertising.

Is Udimi safe?

Udimi uses an advanced in-house click filter mechanism and provides buyer protection and refunds on non-delivered traffic to ensure your money is invested safely.

Final Words on Udimi Review

While there are many alternative traffic sources to Solo ads, like Facebook ads and Google ads, there is a reason why many internet marketers use Solo Advertising as a primary source of traffic. It is not limited to testing sales funnels, building a list, and promoting affiliate offers.

Even though there are hundreds of places to buy solo ads online, Udimi.com is the world’s largest and most trusted solo ad network for several reasons. In this Udimi review, you learned what those are and more details on Udimi solo ads, Udimi’s features, pros & cons, and competitors.

The Good

  • Udimi is a beginner-friendly network.
  • Search sellers, read actual reviews, ask questions from sellers in live chat, and manage solo ad campaigns under one dashboard.

The Bad

  • Clicks are capped at 1,000
  • Only solo email ads are provided. If you want to buy funnel clicks or mixed clicks, Udimi is not for you.

The Ugly

  • Udimi solo ads traffic cannot be scaled compared with Facebook ads, Google ads, and other ad networks. Udimi is not the place to order millions of traffic per day if you are a media buyer for large clients or yourself.

If you are wondering whether you should give Udimi a try or not, my recommendation is to give it a try. Not just because it’s free but also because it’s where you can buy solo ad clicks without being scammed or receiving low-quality visitors.

Once you get the experience, you can look for other solo ad traffic sources to scale your campaigns.

So, what are your reviews on Udimi? Have you found it useful for all solo ad marketers?

Udimi Review $0
  • Safety
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Support

Summary of Udimi Review

Purchasing quality and targeted email solo ad traffic securely was challenging before Udimi came into play in the 2010s. Since its launch, many marketers and sellers have helped grow it into the world’s largest solo advertising marketplace, where people can buy guaranteed clicks on time while sellers can access thousands of hungry buyers.

Udimi’s exclusive features, such as Click Filter and Forum portal, make Udimi unique and the best place to manage solo ad buying. Although there are many Udimi alternatives, people still prefer to use Udimi for numerous reasons that are not limited to a safe environment, guaranteed email clicks on time, a cheap pricing structure, and excellent customer support.

Furthermore, Udimi’s solo ad suppliers have email lists in many niches that you cannot find anywhere else. From general solo ads niches like MMO, MLM, BizOpps, Crypto, and Personal Development to rare niches such as pets, dieting, weight loss, and cooking.

If you are looking for a better way of securely managing your solo ad campaigns, give Udimi a try. Once you get your business set up to scale campaigns, you can try Udimi alternative sites such as solo ad vendor websites, private groups, and Facebook groups. The minimum number of clicks you can buy on Udimi is 50, and the price per click starts at $0.40.


  • Free Membership
  • Udimi Click Filter
  • Search sellers (7+ filtering options)
  • Reports
  • Safely buy solo ads (refunds if the seller fails to deliver 100% of clicks ordered)
  • Buy ‘No mobile’ or ‘Only mobile’ solo ad clicks
  • Optin tracker
  • Solo Deals
  • History
  • Heatmap (Track visitor behavior on your site and optimize the landing page’s conversion rate)
  • Efficiently manage solo ads campaigns
  • Pay via Credit Cards and PayPal
  • Withdraw money via different ways (PayPal, Wise, ePayments, Capitalist, Wire Transfer)
  • Forum to ask questions from sellers and buyers publicly
  • Mobile app


  • Only email solo ads
  • Prime membership is expensive for budget buyers
  • No iOS app

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