Udimi Pricing: How much does Udimi Solo Ads Cost in 2024?

Udimi is a great marketplace to buy high-quality solo ads without worrying about getting scammed or receiving fake clicks.

But what about the Udimi pricing?

Are Udimi solo ads prices cheap compared with others?

How much does Udimi cost in 2024 with total fees?

That is what you are going to find out in this short article on actual Udimi prices.

Udimi Pricing


Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where Udimi works as a middleman between sellers and buyers. Solo ad sellers on Udimi can specify the solo ad price for each click, and Udimi will add a service charge fee.

Udimi website

Udimi solo ads typically cost only $0.40 – $0.95 (USD per Click).

Minimum and Maximum Cost of Solo Ads in Udimi

The minimum price of Udimi solo ads per click in 2024 is $0.4, and the maximum price is $2.00/click.

Why do Udimi solo ads cost so low?

The main reason is that Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where especially new sellers compete (with prices) to get sales and reviews faster.

This means as a buyer, you can quickly order cheap solo ads on Udimi for a fraction of the price compared with other solo ad vendors and solo ad agencies like TrafficForMe.

Since Udimi is a solo ad directory, you will come across many solo ad vendors with high-quality traffic for a reasonable price.


Udimi Pricing and Traffic Quality Correlation

There is a correlation between the quality of traffic and the solo ad prices. The higher the CPC (Cost per Click), the more buyer email traffic you’d receive. Buyer traffic in Solo Advertising is traffic that originates from an email list that has purchased something before.

For instance, Brandon Sean is a reputable solo ad seller in Udimi, and his solos cost $0.95/click.


If you ask me why, here are the key reasons:

  • 85% of the last 100 solos are made as ‘got sales’ — Meaning the majority of Brandon’s solo ad clicks originated from buyers’ lists. Usually, buyer clicks are more expensive than typical solo ad traffic.
  • 26% of orders are from previous customers — Higher repeated order percentage means people got value for their money spent and returned for more.
  • 100% of his traffic is from top tier 1 countries (aka Tier 1 countries) — In Solo advertising, traffic tiers are pretty important as Tier 1 countries, which include English-speaking wealthy countries like the US, UK, and Canada, have a grown digital economy. So, every click is worth it and is a high-quality visitor.
  • People regularly buy solo ads from him, and ratings are evidence of the quality of traffic.
Seller ratings of Brandon Sean

Extra Udimi Solo ad prices

Udimi allows you to upgrade your solo ad purchases based on different criteria. Every solo ad cost is different because each seller sets their own pricing per click basis.


Prime filter cost

Prime filter costs $0.03 per click. Udimi sets it, and the seller cannot alter it.

Only Top tier cost

Receive all solo ad clicks from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore for just an additional $0.05 – $0.20 per click.

Only Mobile cost

Receive traffic from mobile or tablet devices for an additional $0.05 – $0.20 a click. Perfect if you have a mobile-specific offer.

No Mobile cost

Receive only visitors using a desktop computer for an extra $0.05 – $0.40 per click. Perfect if your solo ads sales funnel is optimized for desktop users.

The actual Udimi solo ad cost

Let’s assume you want to buy clicks from a seller with a $0.40 base price and want to get only tier 1 country traffic and no mobile traffic with Prime filter enabled.

So you will actually pay $0.40 (base Udimi solo ad price) + $0.05 (only top tier) + $0.10 (no mobile) + $0.03 (prime filter) = $0.58 per click.

Udimi Service fee

Under every solo ad seller’s portfolio in the Udimi solo ad marketplace, you will see the message below.

By placing the order you agree to Udimi terms and conditions. Udimi service fee of $3.00 and all applicable taxes are included in the order total

Udimi charges $3.00 for every solo ad campaign from the buyer so that the buyer receives the following benefits.

  • Base filter — Udimi’s traffic filtering features come under the base filter option, and it cannot be turned off. Udimi will track visitors’ location, device details, IP, unique clicks, and more.
  • Optin Tracker — Manage all your solo ad campaigns in Udimi and track the performance of each solo ad buy with the Optin tracking system. It is included in normal free Udimi plans.
  • Filter bot clicks and useless traffic — Filtered clicks are usually bot traffic and are not counted, so you do not waste money. Also, regular Udimi pricing includes filtering human traffic but is useless in terms of desirability and usefulness. Udimi filters:
    • Bots (search engines, ping/uptime monitoring/archiving) visits
    • Duplicate clicks from the same person
    • Click ring visitors
    • Fake optins
    • Fraud sales
    • Fake testimonials
    • Multiple names
    • High buyer/seller refund rate

Udimi service fee is a flat fee, so it won’t change according to the number of clicks you purchase.

Udimi Solo Deals

Sellers run discounts on solo ads price in Udimi from time to time, and they are listed under the ‘Solo Deals.’ The discount percentage can vary and be between 10% and 30%. However, the minimum price of solo ads in Udimi is $0.40 per click.

Udimi solo ads – Reduce your Udimi solo ad price

Udimi membership

Udimi has two membership plans.

  1. Free
  2. Prime


It doesn’t cost you anything, and you can keep your Udimi account free for as long as you want.


Udimi Prime membership costs $29.95 per month in 2024 and receives extra features.

Advanced optin tracking ($30/month value)

The base Optin tracking, which is given in the free membership, has limited functionality. However, with Advanced Optin tracking in Prime membership, you will get a higher limit of 25,000 visitors a month and more details.

Visitor recordings ($290/month value)

Udimi will record live user sessions on your squeeze page so that you can examine your landing page to see which parts are preventing users from taking action. Watch the video below to see how the Udimi visitor recording feature works.

Udimi Visitor Recordings Demo

Heatmaps and attention maps ($30/month value)

Segment heatmap data by location, browser, dates, mobile users, and more. No need to subscribe to other heatmapping tools.

Free Prime filter

If you are not a Prime user, it will cost $0.03 per click. However, Prime users will receive Prime Filter for free and save over 30% of the budget estimate.

Increased click log storage

Standards Udimi accounts get to have a click log for only a couple of months. But Prime members of Udimi will have these data for their lifetime and can filter clicks down the individual clicks.

Apart from the above features, Prime members will be able to see who visits their profile. It is a very useful feature, particularly for solo ad sellers.

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Also, Prime members will receive increased affiliate commission rates.

The Minimum and Maximum Number of Clicks

The short answer is it depends. Some sellers set the minimum solo ad clicks to 50, and others start from 100. Also, some sellers have a maximum clicks cap of 400, and others have a 1,000 clicks cap per solo.

Angelo Sayson has set the minimum solo ad clicks in Udimi to be 200.

The Solo ad cost will depend upon the amount of minimum traffic you can buy

Here is another portfolio of a seller with a minimum click cap.


Udimi Discount

When you sign up on Udimi over here, you will get a free $5 gift card. You can redeem this Udimi discount on your first order, which does not expire. Learn more.

Reduce total Udimi Price cost

Many solo ad providers are often open to discussing and negotiating a deal with you. Contact the seller and ask for an extra discount on solo ad traffic. Most will like to reduce the price per click if you order massive clicks or bulk orders.

Also, some sellers give extra discounts on repeating orders by reducing pricing on Udimi solo ads and giving you a higher percentage of order delivery.

Udimi Pricing vs. Competitors

Udimi is just one network that buys targeted traffic. For instance, you can purchase traffic from Google, Facebook, Native ad networks, and Push Notification ad platforms. However, Udimi is reliable when it comes to buying solo ads.

Udimi Solo Ads – Available Niches/Categories

Udimi can be a great traffic source for many offers, particularly for ones that big ad networks do not allow, such as Network marketing offers. Before you make a purchase, make sure the vendor’s list is a good fit with the offer you are promoting.

Udimi has widened its niche categories in previous years. Currently, if you have a targeted offer in one of the categories below, you can use Udimi solo ads.

  1. Marketing
  2. Finance
  3. Health
  4. Mobile
  5. Social
  6. Crypto

Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Business Opportunities, MLM, Binary Options, Forex, Crypto, Bitcoin, Health and Diet, Cooking, Personal Development, and Affiliate marketing are some of the hottest niches in solo advertising.

Most of these are evergreen niches, so when you build a list, you can make money over and over. Learn more on how to use Udimi traffic from this article.

Udimi Pricing vs. Google Ads Pricing

The average cost of a click on Google ads can be changed by many factors. Competition, keyword selection, and targeting are some of the critical elements. However, in solo ads, you can buy cheaper ads in many competitive niches without a hassle.

The CPC for some lucrative keywords is above $1.00. Some even go above double digits!

Long-tail keywords are generated with WriterZen. You can also use a tool like Semrush (details about Semrush) to find PPC keywords, high-performing ads, and competitions across different regions.

However, the solo ad pricing of Udimi is low. See the screenshot below.


Read this ‘Solo ads vs Facebook ads vs Google ads’ comparison article to learn more.

Udimi pricing vs. direct seller pricing

Udimi solo ads price changes often based on the seller competition and special deals. When many people compete for more sales, prices go down, and quality increases. It is a simple market economy principle. But what about buying traffic directly from sellers?

Igor Kheifets is a popular solo ad seller. Below are the pricing plans for his solo ad traffic.

Igor’s solo ad traffic costs $1.40+ per click.

Compare it with traffic like Angelo’s, whose solos are converting like crazy for customers. It costs below $1.00 per click, and you get Udimi’s guarantee and protection.


Is the price of Udimi worth it?

Udimi pricing can be tricky, especially if you are getting started and a novice in solo ad traffic. As you have discovered, there are several upgrades and charges.

Suppose you are in a competitive niche like Make Money Online, Biz Opps, Crypto, Health and fitness, and Network Marketing. In that case, Udimi traffic is worth it, as even though Udimi pricing has many attributes, it never far exceeds the CPC of Google Ads. You can get a higher ROA (Return on Adspend) and ultimately build a responsive email list with less CPL (Cost per lead).

Many use solo ads for affiliate marketing by integrating affiliate offers into solo ad funnels. Sometimes, you can get your money back, and some Udimi sellers provide free consultation services to help you out.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy funnel clicks or mixed clicks on Udimi. If it were possible, Udimi ads pricing would go down. But, as I have discussed earlier in this article, there are pros and cons of solo ads, funnel clicks and mixed click traffic.

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Final Words on Udimi Pricing

In this short guide to Udimi pricing details, you found out how Udimi pricing works for buying solo ads. It is worth noting that Udimi allows buyers to get refunds from failed solo ad runs. So, you can trust Udimi to spend your money.

In case you are interested in Udimi alternatives, check out this article. Also, you can buy traffic directly from sellers. However, buying directly is risky and not recommended for beginners. And it involves extra tools like ClickMagick to rotate multiple links under a single URL and track link performance too.

So, how much do you spend on Udimi on average? Do you honestly think Udimi’s add-ons are worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

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