How to Use Udimi Solo Ads in 2022 – The Beginner’s Guide

So you want to learn how to use Udimi solo ads in 2022 effectively to grow your business?

In this beginner’s guide, you will find out how to utilize Udimi traffic to grow your list, promote affiliate offers, and several tips & tricks to get cheap clicks with buyer intent.

How to Use Udimi


Go visit the Udimi website over here and create your free account. When you sign up now, you will receive a bonus credit to use on your first order too.

Udimi website

Udimi is equipped with many features and functionalities such as Prime membership that offers a variety of features such as heatmap recording, opt-in tracking, and advanced prime click filter. Check out the review of Udimi to find out more.

Buy Solo ads

Udimi is practically a solo ads marketplace where Udimi, acts as a middleman between buyer and seller. In Udimi, there are three ways to buy solo ads.

  1. Solo Deals
  2. Buy cheap solos from new sellers
  3. Search and filter

Solo Deals

Solo Deals is a marketplace within Udimi solo ads marketplace where you can find sales in different numbers.


Lia Malassa is one of the best Udimi solo ads vendors with a proven track record. She is discounting her solo ads price from $0.59 to $0.49 per click. So, if you buy 1,000 clicks, you will save $100!


That is the first way of buying solo ads traffic. The obvious advantage of the method is you will save money.

Buy cheap solos from new sellers

Recently, Udimi made a drastic change to its pricing structure. New sellers must sell below $0.30 and after getting at least five reviews, they can raise their base solo ads price. Therefore, most sellers start from $0.19.

Visit the Udimi search page and filter sellers by max click price of $0.30. Now you will see a list of new sellers.


But, if you want to get a list of sellers who have recently gotten several ratings, raise the base click price to a max of $0.40.


Miriam Feldman has got a promising profile. 58 ratings and 64% sales got ratio and 26% repeating buyers are decent numbers.


The second method shows buying affordable but good quality traffic from reliable sellers. Like the first method, you are using a subjective method so you will have fewer options and conversion rates might vary.

Search and filter

Out of 1000’s sellers on Udimi, a fraction of them are performing very well. Some of them use Udimi promo advertising to pump up their profile. Not all of those promoters are bad but there are several sellers who do not promote their profile with a decent record.

Angelo solo ads Udimi

72% sales got ratio, 30% repeated customers and 2,365 positive ratings and not a single negative rating are phenomenal statistics even in solo ads industry.

Currently, Udimi supports several niches. Most sellers are in internet marketing, health, and affiliate marketing niches.


But, you can search for sellers with lists in a specific niche.


7 Tips when buying Udimi solo ads

  • Confirm your target niche and audiences — It is paramount to confirm the solo ads provider’s traffic is related to your offer. So, you have to read the description carefully to see which niches the traffic of each seller is for. Furthermore, you can double-check it by contacting the seller via Live Chat. Show your offer or solo ads squeeze page and ask if the offer/landing page is targeted with his/her traffic.
  • Find a Reliable Solo Ads Seller — Would you consult with an experienced doctor or an inexperienced doctor at first? The former one, right? The same principle applies when using Udimi solo ads marketplace as well. Check the profile, and see ratings, volume, and repeated customer percentage.
  • Confirm your objective — Do you want to build your list or use solo ads for promoting affiliate offers? Based on the choice, different sellers might have their advantage.
  • Provide solo ads copy rather than just the link — By doing so you can qualify in the email subject line and persuade email readers from the body to what to do next. Spend several extra minutes to write down a good email solo ads copy so you can increase conversions on the backend.
  • Select the appropriate date — There are some days when a majority of people spend money to build their business and buy products and services online. Also, on some days, like on weekends, online transactions drop significantly. You have to consider it as well to ensure you’re making money through solo ads traffic.
  • Numbers matter — Starts small when you want to test the waters. High-quality traffic converts from the get-go. But, that does not mean you can expect to make a meaningful decision after 50 clicks only. For statistically significant decisions, order at least 100 clicks.
  • Monitor performance — It is an undeniable fact that if you are running an online marketing campaign, whether be it solo ads or not, you must track campaign performance. Among numerous online link tracking software, ClickMagick is best for solo ads marketing because it includes several solo-ads-specific features such as tier of traffic and traffic quality (useless, bots, etc.,) checkers. Check this ClickMagick price guide for finding the best package for your needs.

Using Udimi for List Building

Udimi solo ads are email traffic so unlike newsletter advertisements, you can prequalify visitors from email subject lines and email body texts. This makes it easier to achieve a higher email opt-in rate.

But for it, you have to select a seller with high-quality traffic, not a solo ads reseller.


Check out these Udimi sellers and read buyer ratings. See which typical conversion rates people were getting. It’s also worth noting that conversion rate is a comparative factor and it varies from one to another.

To achieve a good email opt-in rate, you have to use high-converting solo ads squeeze pages. Here’s one:

Good solo ads lead capture page only has one target which is collecting email address

Tip: Rotate landing page URLs to discover a high converting lead capture page for a solo ad seller’s traffic. Use one of these URL rotator tools to find a winning page in the right way.

Not all email autoresponders support solo ads marketing, especially if you wish to start a solo ads business. Aweber and GetResponse are tools that still support Solo advertising.


Using Udimi for Affiliate Marketing

Solo advertising space is filled with mostly IM, MMO, BizOpps, and Work from home niche lists. The same thing applies to Udimi.

So, if you want to become an affiliate marketer and promote offers in those niches, Udimi solo ads can be a great way of traffic sources.

Based on the affiliate offer, there are two ways to use Udimi:

  1. Promoting product launches
  2. Promoting evergreen affiliate offers

How to use Udimi to promote product launches

In the Internet marketing space, tons of new products are released every month. From video software to AI tools, you can find a variety of diversified offers to promote on JvZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, etc.,

MunchEye is the most popular internet marketing product launch calendar for finding product launches. Learn more in the MunchEye review.


Although there are a few sites like MunchEye, it especially covers almost 90%+ major IM global product launches.

So, how can you make use of Udimi solo ads to earn money with product launches?

Here’s how:

Check MunchEye for a major product launch. They are typically created by bigger internet names.


Once selected a good offer, get your affiliate link by requesting on the specific affiliate network.

One of the special aspects on product launches is that they have a dimesale or a timesale pricing strategy. Meaning product offer is structured in a way to maximize cart sales in the launch period. Usually, a product launch lasts from 3 days to 7 days.

Additionally, most offers have prelaunch and launch periods. So, you can utilize Udimi solo ads traffic to drive traffic to the prelaunch and maximize earnings.


Prepare email messages for solo ads or get a copy from the JV details page. Select a Udimi seller with a higher recent sales-got percentage.


In the email message, convince people to sign up on the pre-launch registration page. Remember some affiliate offers offer rewards for every lead apart from commissions from backend offers in the sales funnel.

If you use direct linking in Udimi solo ads, you can direct more people to the offer. If building your email list along with promoting a launch is your need, it is possible, but, you will have to drive more traffic to convert more people so those will visit the product launch offer. Learn more in this complete guide to solo ads funnels.

How to use Udimi to promote evergreen affiliate products

Unlike product launch offers, evergreen affiliate offers have numbers, especially important ones like EPC (Earning per click). Knowing EPC and your lead capture page’s average opt-in rate will give you a picture of how to plan your traffic buying campaigns on Udimi.

This means, if the EPC is $2.00 and your lead page converts 30% on average, you will have to lower the solo ads traffic cost to $0.6/click to make the campaign break even.

It is understandable fact that not every solo ads seller’s traffic will convert in a similar manner. Each list’s nature and freshness are different from another.

Therefore, use a tracker like ClickMagick and rotate lead capture page URLs and affiliate offers to find a winning combination for a specific seller on Udimi. Check out these lead capture pages examples for inspiration.


Related: The Complete Guide to Using Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Do’s and Dont’s of Udimi solo ads traffic


  • Start from a small number of clicks
  • Provide your email ads copy
  • Provide your landing page to the seller and ask how to improve it to achieve a better email subscription rate
  • Utilize post-signup traffic to earn money (i.e: Send traffic to a tripwire offer)
  • Monetize the exit traffic by redirecting to affiliate offers or traffic rotator services
  • Test solo ads buyers for your offer
  • Ask questions from sellers about niches they support and which kind of offers converts well and if their lists include buyers
  • Make use of Udimi Solo Deals to save money
  • Use an Udimi discount if there is any available
  • Use Udimi mobile app. Download it for Android.


  • Send a non-tracking link
  • Submit your email ad copy and/or tracking link without double-checking the entire funnel
  • Waste a chance to save money (ex: Udimi gift codes, Solo Deals)
  • Use solo ads for promoting untargeted eCom products or at all. Learn more.

Wrapping Up

Out of many solo ads traffic sources, Udimi takes an important spot because of these reasons:

  • It is a marketplace – No chance for monopoly. It means buyers get to choose which seller to buy traffic from so traffic prices reduce while the quality of clicks increases.
  • Solo ads management mechanism – From solo ads calendar to opt-in tracking, Forum to ask questions and acquire knowledge, Udimi offers everything for both buyers and sellers.
  • Full refunds on non-completed orders – If a seller fails to deliver the 100% amount of traffic ordered, buyers will get money back.
  • In-house tracking – Udimi has developed a system to track every click. It is sophisticated that it can identify whether a click is natural or not so on.
  • Scale campaigns – Schedule campaigns, buy from 50 clicks to thousands of clicks per campaign. Udimi makes it easier for any kind of marketer to buy the right traffic volume needed.

Plus, Udimi has an affiliate program where you can refer customers and earn up to 15% of commissions from every solo. And on contrast with Udimi contenders like TrafficForMe, Udimi stands out due to its transparency, tutorials, and variety of niche support.

In this guide, you learned how to use Udimi solo ads as a beginner. Additionally, Udimi traffic is used by product vendors to optimize sales funnel and calculate EPC, etc.,

Unlike traffic mediums like Popads, push notification ads, and domain traffic, Udimi’s email traffic is highly targeted. Hence, make sure you have the right objective before placing an order.

Most people use Udimi to build their lists. In addition to, also, I recommend integrating a referral system like UpViral to create a viral loop in your funnels. Learn more about UpViral in this review and check this UpViral pricing guide for the right plan for your needs and these UpViral alternatives for similar tools.

So, how do you use Udimi solo ads in your business?

How to use Udimi solo ads

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