New UpViral Pricing: How much does Upviral Cost in 2021?

UpViral is one of the best viral list building and sweepstakes software with a vast amount of features and unique functionalities than its competition. Learn more about UpViral.

At the start, UpViral ran a special offer where you could buy an Upviral lifetime account for just $297 back in 2015! However, things have changed dramatically, and now Upviral cost more, and it offers more! Over the years, Upviral changed its subscription plans and charging structure.

How much does really upViral cost in 2021? and what is the best plan for your next giveaway campaign?

That is what you are going to find out in this article on UpViral pricing plans.

UpViral Pricing in 2021

I am an early adopter of UpViral and was able to get an UpViral lifetime deal (LTD) and fortunate enough to help out the Upviral team to fine-tune some of its features. So, I experienced price changes and new features over the last six years.

Before discussing past prices, I will explain current Upvrial pricing plans and the best value for money in this section.

Current UpViral pricing has three tiers:

  1. Starter
  2. Business
  3. Premium

Key details about UpViral plans:

  • All plans offer a 14-Days free trial
  • You will save 30% if paid yearly
  • All plans let you run unlimited campaigns

Differences of UpViral plans

Take a look at the comparison table below.

Total # of leads you can collect per month10K25K100K
Brands you can manage1310
Custom domains1310
A/B testing campaign lead pages and share pagesNoYesYes
API + Zapier integrationsNoYesYes
Remove Upviral branding from web pages and emailsNoYesYes
Campaign restriction by locationNoYesYes
Price (monthly)$49$79$199

You can manage one brand for $49/month and collect up to 10,000 leads with unlimited campaigns in the Starter plan. However, the biggest downsides are you cannot do A/B split testing and disable Upviral branding in email notifications and landing pages.

A/B testing is one of the most important features of any lead generation tool whether it is a general landing page builder or a giveaway page builder. UpViral is equipped with advanced A/B testing functionality that goes far beyond just lead page split testing.

Also, you would find it’s hard to run location-based campaigns since the country targeting is not provided in the Starter plan. However, If you do not care about the branding and just want to run a worldwide sweepstakes campaign for your business, the Upviral Starter plan is worth it.

Run location-targeted giveaway campaigns with UpViral

However, if you want to remove those barriers and manage more domains and email sending profiles (aka brands), the Business plan is the best choice. It’s well worth it if you intend to run regular giveaway campaigns and even evergreen UpViral contests.

Also, API access and WebHooks are also offered at this level, so you can build your own custom dashboards or connect with your own apps that UpViral currently does not support. For instance, you can connect your apps with Integrately and transfer data easily with inbound and outbound webhooks and API integration.

UpViral Yearly Pricing

UpViral yearly charges follow this way:

  1. Starter — $468
  2. Business — $708
  3. Premium — $1,788

The best part is you can avail 30% OFF Upviral discount after trying UpViral for 14-Days!

UpViral Discount

UpViral provides special offers from time to time. One of the longest-running offers is the UpViral Starter Yearly which costs $350 and provides many values. Learn more about the UpViral special discount offer.

You can subscribe to an Upviral Starter plan on UpViral for $350 instead of $588 per year and get many bonuses for free only from this link.

Save $238 with this exclusive UpViral discount
  • Lock in your special UpViral savings (Your only opportunity to pick up UpViral at $588 $350)
  • Unlimited viral contests & sweepstakes to grow your targeted lead list
  • Done-for-you templates for your entire funnel (including emails)
  • Beautiful drag & drop editor (No coding skills are required)
  • Smart Leaderboards
  • Fraud detection notifies you of suspicious activity, so you can remove anyone violating the terms & conditions of your contest
  • Use with your own custom domain or host your contests on UpViral secure cloud servers (hosted on Amazon AWS)
  • 1000s of easy integrations with your existing tools like Active Campaign, MailChimp, Aweber, ClickFunnels, Zapier, Klaviyo, and more
  • The Viral Masterclass, Training video course, and many more.

Past UpViral prices

Before the current UpViral packages, they only had two tiers.

  1. Standard — $35/mo
  2. Pro — $49

Here is a screenshot of the Upviral payments plans page.

UpViral Unlimited plan was offered a while ago and customers got unlimited email subscribers (or unlimited giveaway participants)

If you noticed, they offered unlimited viral giveaways, viral contests, and unlimited email subscribers in the Standard membership plan which cost only $35 per month! People who subscribed to either plan have grandfathered those features to this day!

Upviral Special

The UpViral team ran special offers on holidays and exclusive occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and UpViral birthdays with exclusive discounts. Most of them were yearly promotions.

You could get access to Upviral for just $297 per year is one example.

UpViral vs Competitors Prices

upviral pricing

UpViral is not the only software when it comes to viral sweepstakes and contests creators. In fact, there are several handfuls of viral giveaway apps like UpViral. Here is a quick glance at pricing differences between each other.

  1. Viral Loops
  2. Vyper
  3. Gleam
  4. Viral Sweep

Please note that each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Gleam has many competition templates but lacks a quality drag-and-drop landing page builder like UpViral offers. This is a comparison of pricing differences only.

FeatureUpViralViral LoopsVyperGleamViral Sweep
Monthly Price$49$99$149$149$49
No. of Leads10K3K15K
Drag and drop builderYesNo No No No
A/B TestYesNoNoNoYes
Participant’s 360 viewYesNoNoNoNo

How Does UpViral Pricing Look Like Compared to Its Competitors

UpViral is founded by Wilco De Kreij, a Dutch internet marketer. It is built to easily generate leads effortlessly with giveaways and contests. For instance, UpViral provides a drag-and-drop visual page builder and running both sweepstake and rewards competitions under one campaign. But, most other giveaway tools do not have those two.

UpViral’s visual editor makes it so easier to create beautiful and high performing giveaway landing and share pages

Not only that, if you subscribe to UpViral’s Business plan, which costs $79/mo, you will get more features like GEO-targeting. However, if you compare UpViral rates with its competitors, you will see that Upviral gives you more value for money.

But, if you are in a niche like eCommerce, UpViral won’t be worth your money currently because it does not allow sales tracking and native integrations with platforms like Shopify and does not have a plugin for Woocommerce.

UpViral Pricing Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Yes, UpViral is definitely worth the money you invest. Before UpViral, it was very complicated to build giveaway funnels from scratch. Some tools lacked quality landing page builders, while some only allowed running giveaway or rewards campaigns at times.

While UpViral also caps the email subscribers or giveaway participants each monthly circle, its limitations are higher than most sweepstakes tools out there.

Now, you can create your own giveaway funnels that are ready to use in just a few hours. Even better, recently, UpViral started providing ready-to-use premade giveaway templates! — Those include social share images, landing page copies, and settings!

You only need to edit one or two things and integrate your email autoresponder and start driving traffic!

Also, the UpViral campaign sharing feature makes copying successful viral giveaway campaigns easier than ever before!

Now you can share your successful giveaway campaign with others (and charge fees and offer done-for-you viral giveaway funnels) or get an effective giveaway campaign from others which most other UpViral competitors do not provide

The starting price of UpViral is $49.00 per month, and it can go up to $199.00 a month.

Which means…

It’s not the cheapest contests funnel builder. But it is definitely not the most expensive giveaway software either!

However, this platform is fairly easy to use, and they’re giving an insane amount of free step-by-step training videos (mostly from Wilco De Kreij himself), which might be useful for any business owner.

If you decide to start using UpViral, you’ll be able to get all the advanced giveaways to list-building training and dozens of ready-to-use templates and case studies and interviews.

Plus, UpViral runs a weekly Co-Pilot show (which is hosted every Monday at 10:00 AM EST) that answers your questions and review campaigns. You, too, can submit your campaign to be reviewed for free!

So, in my opinion, UpViral cost is worth every penny you are going to pay.

Click here to give UpViral a try!

Common UpViral Pricing Questions

Is Upviral free?

No. UpViral does not have a free tier. But, you can try UpViral for $1 for 14 days. Learn more.

What’s Upviral?

UpViral is a viral marketing platform that provides different features to create giveaways and contests to build your list, increase followers, engagement and boost sales.

What is upvir al? is the custom domain for the UpViral platform’s giveaway campaigns. If the user does not use a custom domain, will be used by default.

How much does UpViral cost?

You can get started on UpViral for $1, and the monthly subscription fees for Starter, Business, and Premium are $49, $79, and $199, respectively. Learn more.

Which is the cheapest UpViral pricing plan?

The cheapest UpViral pricing plan is Starter which costs $49.00 per month. However, there’s also an annual option for the Starter plan that costs only $39.00 per month.

Final Thoughts on UpViral pricing plans

I never knew UpViral would become an industry-leading viral giveaway tool. Fortunately, I locked UpViral at early bird price, and some lucky ones did too.

When examining subscription plans, the Starter plan is worth it for any solopreneur who wants to get started on viral marketing or build a list from scratch.

But, if you have an extraordinary offer, the Business Plan or the Premium plan might be your best shots because they allow more email subscriber limits and features.

In contrast with UpViral alternatives, UpViral stands out clearly on lead page building and A/B testing. UpViral is built in mind to integrate with your existing sales funnel. So, you can use add Upviral to your existing lead funnel and cause a viral loop and multiply your email list size and get free subscribers!

Which Upviral plan would you find most useful for you, and is there any cheap and competitive alternative to UpViral you’ve found so far?

upviral pricing

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