You are warmly welcome to my blog, Pitiya.

Here is a short description of my blog and me.

About Pitiya

I launched Pitiya back in September 2012 on the Blogger blogging platform under a different name. Since then, by overcoming many hurdles, I grew Pitiya into a major internet marketing blog.

At Pitiya, you can find many articles that broaden into different categories.

Some topics I have covered most are;

After I moved to WordPress CMS (My first host was Bluehost, which was the most affordable WordPress hosting for me) on 27th July of 2015, I saw a major improvement.

I take this moment to thank you (yes, you) help me take this blog to this level. As being a regular reader of Pitiya, you helped me to grow this blog.

Without you, I can’t imagine how I would be able to bring success to Pitiya. If you have any complaint, question, correction, or suggestion, please share them with me: Chamal [at] pitiya.com

About Me

I think you would probably know somewhat about me.

My name is Chamal Priyadarshana Rathnayaka (isn’t it a short name?), and I am a Sri Lankan internet marketer who loves experimenting with new things.

I started my blogging career, September 2012 as a result of my desire to create a website. (It was a dream to create a website for me at that time)

I thought I couldn’t convince people to buy products because English is not my primary language.

For that reason, I experimented with many money-making schemes. Some of them are Pay to Click and paid to take surveys.

However, none of them worked well for me, like blogging. I got my first computer when I am 17 years old. And I bought a mobile phone when I am 20 years old from the money I earned through this blog.

My aspiration to make money online and be a valuable person to my family, friends and country motivated me to be a blogger.

When I look back and see how I have moved so far, I can’t believe that this is me!

…in fact, my personal experience motivates me. (From a background of none to have, nothing to lose, and with zero capital, I became a person who changed the lives of many people)

That is the beauty of internet marketing and blogging. Since I grew up on this blog, I started a couple of other side businesses with the help of my enthusiasm and desire to widen my network.

As a being of a viral hacker, I started a new blog 5 years after I started Pitiya.

UpContests.com is the new one, and it’s all about contests, just as the domain name suggests itself.

I was working a couple of months on UpContests without paying much attention to Pitiya for the sole purpose of growing it.

Now UpContests has become a major blog in the niche, and it’s getting more attention every SINGLE DAY!

I have more plans for Pitiya and UpContests, and I would like YOU to be a PART of it.

If you would like to build a friendship with me, you can follow me on social networks.

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Or, if you’d like to take one more step further and want my help to grow your business, send me an email. This is my email address: chamal@pitiya.com.

Let’s discuss how we both can help your business!

I would be thankful for you to take your valuable time spending on my blog.

Again, I appreciate your help.

Best wishes for your future from me! 🙂

What you will give is what you will receive

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