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Here is a short description of my blog and me.

About Pitiya

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I launched Pitiya back in September 2012 on the Blogger blogging platform under a different name. Since then, by overcoming many hurdles, I grew Pitiya into a major internet marketing blog.

At Pitiya, you can find many articles that broaden into different categories.

Some topics I have covered most are;

After I moved to WordPress CMS (My first host was Bluehost, which was the most affordable WordPress hosting for me) on 27th July 2015, I saw a significant improvement.

I take this moment to thank you (yes, you) help me take this blog to this level. As a regular reader of Pitiya, you helped me to grow this blog.

Without you, I can’t imagine how I would be able to bring success to Pitiya. If you have any complaints, questions, corrections, or suggestions, please share them with me: Chamal [at] pitiya.com

About Me

I think you would probably know somewhat about me.

My name is Chamal Priyadarshana Rathnayaka (isn’t it a short name?), and I am a Sri Lankan internet marketer who loves experimenting with new things.

I started my blogging career in September 2012 because I desired to create a website. (It was a dream to create a website for me at that time)

I thought I couldn’t convince people to buy products because English is not my primary language.

For that reason, I experimented with many money-making schemes. Some of them are Pay to Click and paid to take surveys.

However, none of them worked well for me, like blogging. But, my aspirations and ambitions to learn internet marketing finally resulted well after about 14 months of trial and error. I got my first computer when I was 17 years old. And I bought a mobile phone when I was 20 years old from the money I earned through this blog.

My aspiration to make money online and be a valuable person to my family, friends and country motivated me to be a blogger.

When I look back and see how I have moved so far, I can’t believe that this is me!

…in fact, my personal experience motivates me. (From a background of none to have, nothing to lose, and with zero capital, I became a person who changed the lives of many people)

That is the beauty of internet marketing and blogging. Since I grew up on this blog, I started a couple of other side businesses with the help of my enthusiasm and desire to widen my network.

Over the years, I was a part of many adventures and helped several SaaS businesses to get their software direction right. As a result, I was fortunate enough to access some of the premium products for free. Many of them have already been reviewed here at Pitiya.

As a being of a viral hacker, I started a new blog five years after I started Pitiya.

UpContests.com is the new one, and it’s all about contests, just as the domain name implies it.

I was working a couple of months on UpContests without paying much attention to Pitiya to grow it.

Now, UpContests has become a significant site in the niche, and it’s getting more attention every SINGLE DAY!

I have more plans for Pitiya and UpContests, and I would like YOU to be a PART of it.

If you’d like to take a step further and want my help growing your business, send me an email. This is my email address: chamal@pitiya.com.

Let’s discuss how we both can help your business!

I would be thankful for you to take your valuable time to spend on my blog.

Again, I appreciate your help.

Best wishes for your future from me! 🙂

What you will give is what you will receive