Blogger Review 2024: Is Google Blogspot Still Worth It to Blog?

This is a complete Blogger review. In this review on Blogger, you will find out everything from features, use-cases, pros and cons, and alternatives for Google Blogger in 2024.

When it comes to blogging, only a handful of blogging platforms out there that can really push you forward; and help you achieve your goals, ambitions, and dreams. (or Google Blogspot) is one of those excellent free blogging sites.

Today, I will review the Blogger blogging platform. It is one of the best. 1.4% of the world’s blogs are built with Blogger.

What is Blogger?

Blogger logo is a free blogging platform owned by Google. Hence it is also known as Google Blogger to disregard any confusion with the ‘blogger’ noun (a person).

The history of the Blogger goes way back to the 1990s. It was started by Evan Williams and is regarded as the pioneer of online content publication service, aka weblogging, aka blogging. Evan Williams also contributed to founding Twitter and Medium – both pillars of internet publishing.

Once Pyra Labs, which was co-founded by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan, sold the Blogger platform to Google in 2003 after four months of negotiations for an undisclosed sum, Google integrated the blogging platform with its servers and enhanced the blogging platform so that anyone could start a blog. In this review on Blogger, I will explore them and help you decide if you should invest in Blogger CMS.

Blogger vs Blogspot

Blogger vs. Blogspot – What is the difference?

You might come to know both terms. In fact, those are mostly the same. Blogger indicates the blogging platform itself, while Blogspot is the hostname for blogs. For instance, you might create a blog on Blogger and get a host domain name that includes

The best part is you can hide the Blogspot domain name from the site by mapping a custom domain name which I will further discuss in detail in this Google Blogger review.

The influence of Blogger blogging platform

Currently, Blogger web hosts might hold a low profile. But several years ago, it was one of the best and most influential blogging platforms. In fact, Matt Mullenweg started blogging on Blogger, and his dissatisfaction with was a reason to create the first version of WordPress in the early 2000s.

Some notable blogs and bloggers who get started on Blogger are:

  • Amit Agarwal – Founder of – Some of his Blogspot blogs can be found on
  • – The official blog of The site itself indicates that if you have skills in coding, you can change the appearance of a Blogspot blog and make it unique.
  • Harsh Agarwal – is one of the most popular Indian blogs, and it was started on Google Blogspot first

Even our very own blog,, was started on Google Blogger in the 2012s and moved to WordPress later.

Pitiya was launched on Blogger web host under a different domain name

So, why do people start on Google Blogger and then move to other blogging platforms?

Reasons why people move away from Blogger

  • Blogger is the oldest blogging platform. Hence, it has gained popularity and the hand of Google. So, people trusted Google Blogger over other platforms, for instance, Tumblr. But later found some alternatives to Blogger with reasonable features.
  • Many bloggers from third-world countries got started on Blogger for the low cost. Once made some money and had a sustainable income, moved to a self-hosted blogging platform like or Magento.
  • Low customization options. Blogger is one of the least free blogging platforms when it comes to customization features.
  • The danger of deleting a BlogSpot blog. Yes, there are many incidents in which Google removed an entire blog from its servers that broke Blogger terms and conditions.
  • Future of blogging. Blogging space changes rapidly. Since Blogger is the least flexible blogging site, you cannot find plugins or reasonable features for current marketing requirements, such as Rich Snippets plugins, image optimizations, and custom CDN solutions. Not to mention that Blogger offers many blogging-related features later after many Blogger competitors offered them. Ex: drag and drop website builder

But that does not mean Blogger is not a good blogging platform. In fact, it ticks many boxes if you are particularly looking for an excellent blogging platform for small projects. I will discuss some of them further in this Blogger review.

Blogger Review: How to use Blogger

The best thing about Blogger is it is free of cost. And its intuitive dashboard is clutter-free and less complicated so that anyone with or without experience in blogging can get started today and make a blog.

In a previous tutorial, I shared the details of how to create a Blogspot blog. But, for the sake of this Blogger review, I will share those steps again and reveal some key features.

First of all, you must have a Google account to have a Blogspot blog. The best part is one Google account can manage multiple Blogger blogs.

Go to the homepage and log in to your Blogger account. sign in
Sign in to your Blogger account

The first step is entering the name of your blog. For example, if your blog is related to foods, you can enter a name like ‘Best Food and Cooking Tips’ or a name of the blog like ‘Pitiya.’ You can change it later.

choose a name for Blogspot blog
Choose a name for the Blogspot blog.

The next step is entering a subdomain name for your Blogger blog. Depending on your name of selection, the subdomain web address will look like And you can change it later and use a custom domain name instead.

Choose a URL for Blogspot blog
Choose a URL for Blogspot blog

Once you click the ‘Save’ button, you will be redirected to the new Blogger blog’s posts section.

Blogger posts section
Blogger posts

Here are the main menu options:

  • Manage posts – Create blog posts, edit published ones, delete blogs
  • Blog statistics – Get an overview of blog statistics
  • Comments – Manage comments by users
  • Earnings – Monetize Blogspot blog by using Google Adsense
  • Pages – Create standalone pages to make special pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, etc.
  • Layout – Add or remove widgets or reorder existing widgets on the sidebar, header, or footer. Really depend on the Blogger theme.
  • Settings – Modify blog settings — Password protect blog, prevent search engines from indexing, specify who can comment, etc.,

Manage Blog

Managing a Blogspot blog is simple. Here are several features of Blogspot blog management:

  • You will get a free SSL certificate from Google. So there is no need to install any script
  • The blog is entirely hosted on Google fast servers. No need to adjust anything at your end.
  • You can start changing the blog’s appearance by adding a new theme, adding widgets, changing layout order, etc.
  • Edit Robots.txt, header tags, SEO title & description, and redirect 404 pages to optimize Blogger for search engines.

If you click the view blog button, you will see how your site will appear in the “unedited” state.

New BlogSpot blog - Unedited state
New BlogSpot blog – Unedited state

Change Blogger theme/template

You will see that the default Blogger template does not match many niches. So, the next step is changing the Blogger theme. Depending on the Blogger theme you use, it will have different Layout structures. For example, some Blogger themes will have header and bottom widget sections, while some only have sidebar widget sections.

Blogger has some free themes. However, many of those might not apply to your niche. So, what I recommend is using a custom-built one or a premium Blogger theme. The best place to buy premium Blogger themes is Themeforest. Make sure those are responsive and professional-looking Blogspot themes and allow customization.

Blogger theme customization
Blogger theme customization

Once the theme is changed, you can change the Layout as you’d like.

Blogger LayOut – Add new gadgets, display custom third-party widgets, or develop your plugins with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS!

You can add a gadget such as a translate widget, follow us widget, or Google Adsense ad section to your blog. For instance, if you want to embed a Convertful opt-in form, the recommended gadget type is ‘HTML/JavaScript.’ Learn more in the article on the Best Blogger widgets to use for free.

Custom domain name

One of the best features of Blogger compared with other free blogging sites is that you can use a custom domain name. This will improve your site’s professional look and Blogger SEO.

Head over to Settings >> Publishing >> Custom domain and set up your custom domain. I recommend buying a cheap domain name on a domain names registration service like NameCheap or Porkbun and later moving the domain management to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare provides many features to improve your site’s security and performance. Also, Cloudflare renews the domain on wholesale, not retail pricing.

Use a domain name availability checker tool to find an excellent domain. Learn why you must have a domain name from this article.

Once done, add Blogger nameservers to your DNS management to map the domain with Google Blogger servers.

Add a custom domain name to your Blogger blog.

Now you have set up the blog theme and domain. The next step is creating a blog post. I will explain a bit about it in this Blogger review. For more details, I recommend checking out this ultimate guide to Blogger SEO.

Create a blog post

Click on the ‘New Post‘ button at the left sidebar, and Blogger will switch to the create mode. In the Blogger post editor, you will find several features and tools.

Blogger post editor
Blogger post editor – Write blog post content.
  • Use Google fonts inside the post editor (style individual blog posts with different fonts)
  • Use emojis, images, and videos.
  • Switch between the text editing and HTML code editing modes
  • Use input tools for blogging in international languages
  • Change the post permalink, add labels, and post the publish date

The Blogger post editor is compatible with writing tools like Grammarly (visit website), SEO tools like WriterZen and SurferSEO, and Textmetrics.

Another small but essential addition I want to show in this Blogger review is the mobile view of blog posts. Click the ‘Preview‘ button and select the ‘Smartphone‘ icon to see blog content.

Mobile view of Blogspot blog
Mobile view of Blogspot blog

Blogger Review: Features

In this review on Blogger blogging platform, you will find the basics of Blogger. But, some features will be notable if you want to have a blog on BlogSpot.

Blogger hosting and security

One of the main advantages of Blogger over most other blogging platforms is hosting and security.

You will get unlimited hosting storage, bandwidth, and high-level security as a Blogspot user. Have you ever heard a Blogger’s blog has been hacked?

If you take security into high-level consideration over others, Blogger might be a better option than most other blogging sites.

Google Adsense

Now you can directly monetize your blog with Google Adsense. However, there are many better ways to monetize a Blogspot blog than Google Adsense.

Blogger AdSense Earnings tab
Monetize Blogspot blog using Google Adsense

Theme customization

Customize the theme of the Blogger

You can install new plugins like Facebook Blogger comments and Disqus, or even code your plugins such as Rich Snippets for Blogspot blogs. Blogger theme code is fully customized, and even Blogger has detailed documentation about it. (#1, #2)

For example, if you want to edit the CSS of the Blogger theme, it can be easier done by editing the Blogger template.

Use CSS to style Blogger theme – This screenshot shows an instance where a CSS code hides the Blogger contact form widget from the sidebar.

Unlike WordPress themes, Blogger templates do not have separate files (e.g.: functions.php, indexp.php, etc.), so you can backup a Blogger theme and share it with others.

Money making abilities

Another subtle feature I want to emphasize in this Blogger review is the ability to make money with Blogger sites. You can monetize a BlogSpot blog through:

  • Displaying Google Adsense
  • Displaying banner ads (e.g.: BuySellAds)
  • Using PPC ad publishing networks like Taboola, Propellerads, and
  • Writing sponsored posts, reviews, and product showcases
  • Partnering with companies and becoming an affiliate. Using affiliate links on Blogspot blogs is allowed, unlike some other Blogger competitors such as
  • Utilizing affiliate marketing strategies such as Launch Jacking to make money promoting IM product launches from places like MunchEye.

Google Search Console integration

Google automatically detects your sites and adds them to your Google Search Console account. No need to verify site ownership.

Add moderators and writers

You can add to your site and ease your blog management workflow if you have a team of writers or assistants.

Google Analytics integration

Although Google Blogger provides basic stats, it is not enough to make important decisions and analyze your blog visitors. The best part is Blogger has integrated Google Analytics, so you just need to enter the Google Analytics Property ID to view site statistics on Google Analytics.

Installing Google Analytics on Google Blogger

Additionally, I recommend using a third-party tool like Keyword Hero to unlock keywords ‘not provided’ in GA.

Blogger Review: Use-cases

So, who should use Blogger?

Blogging is a business model; you should regard a blog as a business. So, can Blogger be used for professional blogging?

  • Blogger is safe for blogging. Your site won’t be hacked.
  • You will get enough space and fast-loading servers to do your work
  • Blogger does not have significant features for professional work.
  • Blogger does not provide access to .htaccess file and FTP

All in all, Blogger is an excellent platform to showcase your work by creating a portfolio website or creating a mini-site that does not require plugins or high customization.

But, you should also consider the below aspect when you review the Blogger blogging site.

The Google SEO Advantage / Disadvantage

In my complete guide to Blogger SEO, I talked a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of the Blogger platform for search engine optimization. In short, you can definitely rank for keywords in Google. I have done it before. Blogspot provides some basic SEO functionalities such as Robots.txt editor, Header Tags settings, etc.,

Blogger Custom Robots header tags

But, the issue is the SEO landscape has changed drastically last several years but not Google Blogger!

Here are some key Blogger reviews in terms of SEO perspective:

  • You cannot optimize images in bulk – In WordPress, you can install a plugin like Shortpixel (visit website) and do it automatically
  • Lack of plugins kills Blogger performance – The sad reality is even though Blogger performs better in terms of UI and server-side, the emptiness of important plugins such as SEO and content optimization makes the Blogger useless for serious bloggers.
  • You cannot use schema templates in Blogger – Yes, it is possible to use Schema Markups such as videos, reviews, FAQs, and HowTos only if the blog template supports them. But, usually, many are not.
  • You will stay behind others – Another reason why not many people use Blogger is the lack of support from online tools and software vendors. For instance, WordPress is supported by SurferSEO (even though they have a WordPress plugin) but not Google Blogger. If you want to stay ahead of competitors, you must use the best tools that provide options. Unfortunately, Blogger is not one of those currently. Check out Blogger vs. WordPress comparison for more details.

Blogger Pricing

So, how much does Blogger cost?

One of the best things about Blogger is that it is completely free to use. One Google user account can create up to 100 blogs, and each blog will receive unlimited visitors, space, a free SSL certificate, and a custom Blogspot domain name.

Additional Costs

Blogger is free of use. But you can spend money and customize it. For example, you can spend about $10 per year and buy a .com domain name. Also, you can purchase a premium theme and make the blog unique in readers’ eyes.

Furthermore, you can maintain the blog as a real business by using external third-party services such as an email list builder like GetResponse and a tool like Convertful or ConvertBox to build your email lists.

So, you can fully adjust your budget and use Blogger to run your business.

Blogger Alternatives

Blogger is an old-school blogging platform where you can create a basic blog and showcase your works to the world for free. But technology has moved rapidly, and new blogging platforms have been born in the last couple of years. Therefore I will explore a bit on sites like Blogspot in this Blogger review.

Here are some best alternatives to the Blogger blogging platform.

Brizy Cloud


Brizy Cloud is a fantastic blogging platform. Its drag-and-drop page builder and advanced assets builder break the boundaries in and let you have highly responsive sites for any kind of situation. In fact, I have revealed some of the hot topics of the Brizy Cloud blogging platform in this article about Brizy Cloud.

Here are some key features of Brizy Cloud CMS

  • Drag and drop intuitive page builder
  • Visual theme builder – Customize the entire site as you need with an advanced yet simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Advanced custom fields builder – Unlike Blogspot, you can generate custom-made websites and blog sites
  • Unlimited blog pages, free subdomain name
  • Host blog on custom servers – Brizy Cloud has got five different hosting solutions. One of those is custom hosting services.
  • Team management
  • Templates

Blogger vs. Brizy Cloud

FeatureBloggerBrizy Cloud
Unlimited web hostingYesYes
Free subdomain nameYesYes
Media ManagementYesNo
Theme customizationYesYes
Drag and drop editorNoYes
Site backupYesNo
Team membersYesYes
* Brizy Cloud has free and paid plans home page is another popular hosted blogging platform, and it is one of the best candidates to replace Blogger. WordPress is used by many bloggers outside Blogspot purely because of the customization options and flexibility.

Here are some key features of WordPress:

  • Edit posts with Gutenberg visual editor
  • Use plugins and third-party HTML widgets for WordPress to empower your WordPress blog site
  • Back up site and access to files via SFTP
  • Media Manager
  • Free subdomain name
  • Integrations with popular social networks and business services to publicize your content automatically
  • Add team members

Blogger vs. WordPress

Unlimited web hostingYes3GB
Free subdomain nameYesYes
Media ManagementYesNo
Theme customizationYesYes
Site backupYesYes*
Team membersYesYes

Although is equipped with numerous features and tools, most of them come in paid plans. The free plan is enough for an ordinary user. But the biggest caveat is the ads on free WordPress-hosted sites. However, the Blogger service is free, and you can even edit the theme code to remove the Blogger attribution link and customize the site appearance, unlike

If you are serious about using instead of, I recommend going for a self-hosted WordPress site. BlueHost (for newbies) or WPX (for professionals) are recommended WordPress hosting sites. Also, you can use one of these free WordPress hosting services to test it out!


Another awesome free blogging platform I want to share with you in this Blogger review is Tumblr is a mixed social networking and blogging platform. Currently, It is owned by WordPress. Here are some key features:

Blogger vs. Tumblr

Unlimited web hostingYesYes
Free subdomain nameYesYes
Media ManagementYesNo
Edit HTMLYesYes
Theme customizationYesYes
Social networkingNoYes
Site backupYesYes
Team membersYesYes

In my opinion, Tumblr is one of the most underrated blogging sites. I see most users are from English-speaking countries, particularly the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. But, if you want to make a blog with enjoyable or shareable content, give Tumblr a try.


Another Blogger alternative I want to emphasize in this Blogspot review is It has become famous during the last five or six years due to its features and how Medium works.

  • Content publication platform
  • Follow other publications and blogs
  • Get a free subdomain name
  • Add your team members

Blogger vs. Medium

Unlimited web hostingYesYes
Free subdomain nameYesYes
Media ManagementYesNo
Theme customizationYesNo
Use plugins/gadgets/widgetsYesNo
Site backupYesNo
Edit HTMLYesNo
* Medium subscription plans provide additional features such as custom domain name

If you own a SaaS business and want to build a blog, Medium would be a good choice because many professionals use Medium as a daily reading list management tool and give feedback to posts. The users can follow favorite blogs like Tumblr and even contribute to blogs with insightful comments.

More Blogger Alternatives

Here are more sites like to start your own blog. If you know of any other platform like Blogspot, let us know in the comments below. I will add it to this list.

Using Blogger as a Website builder

One popular question I want to emphasize and discuss a bit in this review of Blogger is whether you can use Blogger as a website builder.

You can definitely use Brizy Cloud for both blogging and site-building. It is equipped with amazing site-building features such as a drag-and-drop editor and Web Story designer. But, even though you can customize Blogger to host static web pages, it is not ideal to use Blogger to create web pages. Here are why:

  • You have to have coding skills
  • You cannot A/B test pages
  • Not worth your time nor money

Making Money with Blogger

You might wonder if it is possible to make money with Blogger.

The answer is yes, it is!

In fact, I have made a complete guide to making money on Blogspot. Check it out!

In short, you can monetize a site through:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Direct sponsored posts, banner ads, and other arrangements
  • Providing services to clients
  • Using Blogspot as a bridge page
  • Selling own services like solo advertisements, consultation services
  • Selling products by using tools like ThriveCart or just using PayPal or Stripe Checkout

Tools for Blogger

Although provides many things for free, you have to use different tools and services to stay ahead of competitors and make money in today’s world. For example, you will have to audit your website from time to time by using a tool like WebSite Auditor (download for free from here) to fix critical Blogspot technical issues.

Here are tools I used when I was using Google Blogspot and what I recommend for the present.

Blogger Review: Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Free custom domain name
  • Theme customization and many templates are available
  • Low-cost maintenance fee compared with other blogging platforms
  • Security and server uptime reliability
  • Basic SEO functionalities
  • Integrate third-party widgets
  • Huge Blogger community. You can find articles on many aspects or issues easily.


  • No third-party widgets due to Google not providing API
  • Lack of features compared with other blogging systems
  • You cannot remove the date from the blog post URL permalinks

Is Blogger worth it?

So, now the question is, is Blogger worth your time?

Here is how I look at it.

  • If you are just getting started and/or do not have enough funds, Blogger is worth it.
  • If you want to compete with others and grow your business online, Blogger is not worth it, considering the limits and lack of features I discussed in the Blogger review.

Final Words on Blogger Review

Blogger blogging platform has been known for three decades. After being bought up by Google, Blogger blogging platform has become the go-to site for beginners to start a new blog. It was secure, provided basic features, and was free of cost.

Rest assured, if you were worried that Google might sunset Blogger as they did for numerous other services before! Recently, the Blogger team has made changes to their blogging platform and community development.

However, during the last decade, new blogging platforms popped up. Particularly due to the popularity of self-hosted blog sites specially made with WordPress open-source blog software, people could start a blog for as little as $5 a month on a fast web server and get more features, tools, support, and flexibility as a whole rather than Blogger.

But that does not mean Blogger is useless in 2024. Some bloggers use Blogspot to host their sites and make a significant income from blogging.

In this Blogger review, you learned every aspect of Google’s main blogging platform. Even though Google has a separate site-building platform called Google Sites, it is not popular and does not come with features as Blogger does.

So, what are your Blogger reviews? Share them below.

Blogger Review
  • Blogging features
  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Flexibility and Customization features
  • Support & Documentations


Blogger makes it easier for anyone to start a blog today and spread the message globally. Its fast servers, low-cost maintenance for the end-user, and unbeatable security systems in place attract many bloggers, and the easy-to-use interface and confusion-free workflow keep the existing users from moving away. If you want to create a simple blog, give a try! 


  • Beginner-friendly blogging workflow
  • No technical skills are needed
  • High-level security
  • Free media hosting and fast blog hosting servers
  • Integrations with YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and Google Albums
  • Theme customization options and edit HTML of theme and posts (for experts)
  • Add team members
  • Large Blogspot user community
  • Get started for free


  • Limited features for Blogging, SEO, and content marketing
  • A maximum of 20 static pages are allowed
  • Cannot change the permalink structure
  • No eCommerce site-building features
  • No membership site-building features
  • No drag-and-drop page builder

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