How to Change Tumblr Main Blog ~ Make Secondary Blog Primary Easily

December 25, 2020


Last Modified: December 25, 2020 9:25 AM


I know that you are searching help for changing the primary blog (or secondary blog) on Tumblr.

Using a relevant Tumblr username for the primary blog can be helpful, particularly in SEO for Tumblr.

Don’t worry! I have got you fully covered. 🙂

You will find out how to change your Tumblr main blog. (also known as Primary blog on Tumblr

In this new Tumblr tutorial updated for 2021, you are going to learn;

  • Differences between Tumblr Primary and Tumblr Secondary blogs
  • How to change username on Tumblr
  • How to make secondary blog primary blog on Tumblr
  • How to make primary blog secondary blog on Tumblr
  • How to backup your Tumblr (so you do not lose any content in case you wrongly followed a particular step)
  • How to redirect your traffic to blogs
  • How to delete Tumblr blog(s)
  • Moreover, much more tips…!

Before switching blog types on Tumblr, it's essential to know if your current primary blog is authoritative in eyes of search engines.

Enter Tumblr blog URL below and find out the authority score (and more details). Once checked, come back to this page and follow instructions below.


Okay, I think now you are confident that this is the ONLY guide you need to follow to learn how to change usernames on Tumblr.

There are three necessary steps you must follow for changing primary and secondary blog types or redirecting traffic between Tumblr blogs.

The 3-step process to change Tumblr main blog...


Bookmark this page!

Pretty straightforward, aha?

Yup. You need to bookmark this page because some steps you are going follow later on in this tutorial will make you have to open another tabs or windows (depends upon your device and desire) and also you might be wanting to reread this article.

So, the very first step is bookmarking this page. 

You can do that by,

  • Pressing Command + D on your Mac computer
  • Pressing Ctrl + D on your Windows computer
  • Tap bookmark button on your mobile web browser.

That is it. Once you bookmark this page, proceed to the next step.


Backup Tumblr

Now, this is must-followed step because incorrectly following any method of changing Tumblr blog types will cause losing all the content you have posted to Tumblr so far.

Once you backup your Tumblr (or export Tumblr content), you can follow our methods to switch Tumblr blogs.

Here are the instructions to backup your Tumblr.

Step #2.1: Sign up below using one of social services you're using. It takes less than 10 seconds to proceed. We will send details (video tutorial on backing up Tumblr, plus more tutorials on exporting Tumblr theme) to the email address associated with your social account. (And I will personally help with any concern regarding Tumblr once you sign up below)


Step #2.2: That's it! After sign up, we'll send the links for video tutorials to the email address.

Click on the video thumbnail(s), you will redirected to the appropriate page.


Video Tutorials for Backing Up Your Tumblr

That is all! Now you can proceed to our tutorial on changing Tumblr blog types. Usually, it will not take more than 10 minutes to complete migrating primary blog to secondary or secondary blog to the primary.

However, I recommend you to be patient and read the all methods and instructions under each technique before implementing them in action.

What Are The Differences Between a Primary and Secondary Blog on Tumblr?

Please check out below table to know the differences between each Tumblr blog type.







Password Protection



Multiple Users



Initiate Social Features (Follow other blogs, like posts, send asks and messages, and submit posts)



Receive Social Features (Be followed, get asks and messages, and accept submissions)



Mega Editor



How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr

There are two methods we cover in full in this tutorial. Please click on the topic name to jump into each section respectively.

Don’t forget

If you have any question about changing Tumblr blog types, please let us know about it in the comment form below. I reply to every comment! 🙂


Meta Refresh Method

Change Tumblr Username Method

Preserve Content



Accessibility to Content

Only Landing Page content

Both available

Revert Benefits of Primary blog type



Revert Benefits of Secondary blog type



Method #1: Redirecting secondary blog traffic to primary blog (Switching from Secondary Blog to Primary blog)

This method is an old-school method to change blog on Tumblr. In fact, what we are going to do with this method is moving traffic from one Tumblr site to another.


How Traffic Redirect Works ~ The middle Page is your Tumblr Blog You want to redirect its traffic (ex: secondary blog traffic to primary blog)


This is not a recommended way to change to change Tumblr traffic. What I suggest is combine this method with Method #2 or Method #3. (More about it later in this guide)

How to Redirect Traffic from One Blog to Another with Meta Refresh

Follow below steps to redirect traffic from one blog to another using HTML meta refresh tag.

Step 1: Redirecting the traffic of a blog to another is really simple task. Go to blog customize page by replacing "ThePitiya" with your real blog name.

Step 2: Then click on ‘Edit HTML’ link near to the Theme section of your blog.

Step 3: Now paste below HTML code, just above of </head> code. Don’t forget to replace your real blog URL that you want to send blog traffic with

window.location.href = ““;

Step 4: Now click on “Update Preview” button and “Save” button.

Step 5: View your blog on browser and you can see that the page is redirected to the URL you specified.

Method #2: Changing Tumblr URL Structure (Or Change Tumblr Username)

This method is by far the most reliable method of changing primary and secondary blog types.

First of all, you should have a clear understanding of what primary and secondary blog usernames of your Tumblr blogs are.

Here’s how to find Tumblr Primary and secondary blogs easily.


Here’s I show you how to find Tumblr secondary and primary blog usernames on a computer. If you are reading this article on a smartphone, please check the screenshot under #2 below.

1. Log in to your Tumblr account.

2. Click on “Tumblr Account” button and next click on “Settings” option.


3. Look for “Blogs” section in your account settings area. There you can see all Tumblr blogs. The one with a star is your primary blog or default blog. All others are secondary blogs or side blogs.

Tumblr Blog List

The bolded names are the “Tumblr usernames.” For example, “ThePitiya” is the username for Pitiya Tumblr blog which is a secondary blog. Also, “gmchamal” is my personal Tumblr blog which is the main Tumblr blog.

Note down Tumblr blog usernames you want to change later one. Explicitly, you may write down the primary blog and secondary blog usernames on a paper.

According to standards, my post likes are accumulated to my personal blog, not to Pitiya Tumblr blog. If I wanted to like others posts behalf Pitiya brand, then I have to change secondary blog to primary blog on Tumblr.

Here’s how to change Tumblr URL structure and move Tumblr blogs.


In this example, I assume I want to change my secondary blog to Primary. Ex: Make the primary Tumblr blog. If you are going to change primary blog on Tumblr to secondary blog, then steps are very same, but words are used are different.

Step #1: Go to secondary blog setting page using this link: replace thepitiya with your secondary blog name.

Tumblr Blog Settings

Step #2: Now click on ‘pencil icon’ under ‘Tumblr URL’ options in settings. See screenshot below.

Edit Tumblr URL

Edit Your Tumblr URL

Step #3: Change the secondary blog URL (or secondary blog username) to an alternative one. For example, thepitiya2, thepityaSecondary, etc. I think you get the idea.

Change Tumblr URL

Once you changed the secondary blog username, you will get a message from Tumblr.

We will hold the old username for you for 24 hours, just in case you change your mind or want to use it on a different blog.

That is very good! In fact, that is what we want to happen. Don’t let anyone steal your Tumblr username! 🙂

Step #4: Now Save your new secondary blog domain.

Here’s Tumblr settings page for my secondary blog after I changed my Tumblr username.


Now you are halfway done! Next, you are going to change primary blog on Tumblr. Hang on. Let’s do this!

Step #5: Click on the current Primary blog name on the right sidebar. In my case, my current Tumblr default blog name is gmchamal.


Step #6: Click on little pencil icon under “Username” field in Tumblr settings page.

Change Tumblr Primary Blog Username

Change Tumblr Primary Blog Username

Step #7: Now replace the current username with the new username. The new username should be the secondary blog name you changed a just moment ago. In my case, secondary blog username is ThePitiya. So, I entered it.

Make Secondary Blog Primary Blog on Tumblr

Make Secondary Blog Primary Blog on Tumblr

That is all. Now, look at the side bar…. Surprise! 🙂

New Tumblr Primary Blog

New Tumblr Primary Blog

Wow… Now you have switched Tumblr blog types. Congratulations! In my case, I have successfully changed Tumblr secondary blog on Tumblr so that it is now my primary blog.

Remember this message?

We will hold the old username for you for 24 hours, just in case you change your mind or want to use it on a different blog.

You have 24 hours to revert all. In case, your mind is changed.

Now you can change Tumblr avatar, replace content, change Tumblr theme and do other things.

However, if you want to delete the secondary blog on Tumblr, I recommend add meta refresh tags on to it so your followers will not miss new content.

Please follow the Method #1 correctly to redirect existing Tumblr visitors to the new one.

In my case, I would place the meta refresh tag on the secondary blog which I changed a moment ago in which username is now thepitiya2.

How to Make Both Main Tumblr blog and Side Blog (primary and secondary) the Primary Blogs?

Well, this is an exciting topic. Because personally, I want to have two primary blogs for both of my personal account and business account (ThePitiya). In fact, how to do it?

It is straightforward and easy.

Here’s my trick to have two primary blogs under one Google mail account! (yes, you heard it right. Have two or more Primary Tumblr blogs in one Gmail account!)

Step #1: You might have used when signing up for Tumblr. Well, you are right. Do you know that you can generate unlimited email address with one email address?

Yes, you can have not 1,2,5,100,1000, but an infinite number of email addresses if you are using Google as your email client.

You can learn how to get unlimited email addresses by using a simple Gmail address, then please follow the steps in this article.

Step #2: Once you are done reading this Gmail hack, open a new browser tab (It is good to open a new private tab) and sign up to Tumblr with the new Gmail address. (ex:

Step #3: Enter the previous Primary blog username to the new one.

Quick Reminder

You will have to wait a few hours to claim the existing Tumblr username under a new account.

That is all. Now you have two Primary Tumblr blogs on slight two different email address. However, you will receive notifications, messages, and emails from both Tumblr Primary blogs to the same email inbox.

How to Delete Tumblr

After switching Tumblr blogs, you might not want to have extra blog on your Tumblr account. So, here's how to delete your Tumblr blogs so that you can have a few Tumblr blogs.


By deleting your Tumblr blog, you will lose all  the content, followers etc. So, backup your Tumblr before doing anything. Follow essential step #2 at the top of this page to backup your Tumblr.

  • 1
    Go to your Tumblr secondary blog settings page by copying and pasting this URL and replacing "pbtzone" with your secondary blog username:
  • 2
    Scroll down the page.
  • 3
    Click on Delete button at the bottom of page.
  • 4
    Enter your Tumblr login email address and password on the next page to verify that you want to delete Tumblr blog.
Delete Tumblr Blog

Delete Tumblr Blog

What’re Next Steps?

Now as you have changed your Tumblr blog types successfully, you will have to make changes on each blog. Apart from necessary setting changes such as changing Tumblr avatar, Tumblr header image, there are some of the crucial steps to make your Tumblr famous and professional.

  • Add a Custom Domain Name to Tumblr: Make your Tumblr professional and stay out from the crowd by mapping on a new custom domain. I have documented all the steps you need to add a custom domain name to Tumblr in this tutorial.
  • Optimize Tumblr for Search Engines: If you want to get more traffic from search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) is paramount. Read my ultimate guide to Tumblr SEO to make your SEO-friendly.
  • Promote Your Tumblr: If done right, your single post could go viral and make your Tumblr more popular. Here’re my exact tips and tricks to promote Tumblr.
  • Increase Tumblr Followers: Check out my guide to increase Tumblr followers easily and without following complicated steps.
  • Automate Tumblr Posting: Tumblr is a very special blogging and social platform. If you do not know what posts are going viral and how to make your blog stand out from competition, then your Tumblr will not be as successful as you wanted to be. My recommended tool to manage your Tumblr blogs and share viral content to get more Tumblr likes, reblogs and comments is Content Studio. Make specific automation campaigns for your Tumblr sites and sit and see comments, shares, and likes flowing in steadily. Learn more about ContentStudio.

In addition to above tips and tricks to improve your Tumblr, I also recommend checking out below tutorials on Pitiya and other websites to make your Tumblr awesome.

Now you see the importance of bookmarking this page, right? 😉

Please share this tutorial on your favorite social network by clicking buttons below. I would appreciate your help.


Tumblr is excellent blogging and a social networking platform to connect, collaborate and be famous.

However, when you sign up, you might not have used the username you wanted it to be. Because of that, you cannot change primary and secondary blogs on Tumblr.

However, if you followed this tutorial from start to end correctly, now you know how to change the primary blog on Tumblr, switch blog types and change usernames.

Here are the links to each section if you missed anything.

So, were you able to switch Tumblr blogs? Moreover, if so, how was your experience? If you were not, why? Where were you stuck? I am happy to help. Please, drop your comments below.


About the author 

Chamal Rathnayaka

A blogger, Growth Hacker, and Internet Marketer since 2012. Chamal Rathnayaka is the founder of this very site and he's sharing his experience and knowledge on Internet marketing through Pitiya blog. Send him a message on

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    • You can't save both Tumblr usernames at once. First change the first blog (ex: A) to another name (ex: C) and secondly change second blog (ex:B) to previous blog name (ex: A). Then you can change first blog name (ex: C) to second blog (ex: B).

      It's looking like complicated. But, it's very easy to change from primary blog to secondary blog by this method.

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    • I updated the tutorial and added another method to change Tumblr blog types. Now you can switch between primary to secondary easily. And yes, you should do it with your caution.

  • I tried the first method. It doesn’t work for me. Did the recent tumblr update affect it somehow?
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    Method 1 does not work. Perhaps you could be a little more explicit. Do I really just ADD the new code, and leave all the pre-existing code there, or do I REPLACE the pre-existing code?

    Method 2 would be less confusing if you consistently referrred to “Primary” and “Secondary” blog, rather than sometimes using those references, and other times using your own blog names.

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