Awario Review 2024: Unveiling Powerful Social Media Monitoring

In this Awario review, you will learn what the Awario brand mention monitoring and the social listening tool can do for your business. Plus, find out if it’s worth it while dozens of Awario alternatives are available for marketers, agencies, and business owners.

Listening to what others say about your business is crucial because those mentions could matter in both ways for you, in good and bad ways.

But how do you find out who said what platform at this age when new platforms pop out everywhere?

Well, that is why you need to use a dedicated brand monitoring and social listening tool.

Luckily, Awario is such a fantastic internet monitoring tool with compelling features.

If you were using Google Alerts before and looking for a good alternative, Awario is a good option.

In this review of Awario, you will learn how it can be helpful for your business.

Awario Review


What is Awario?

Awario is essentially an internet monitoring tool. It can:

  1. Monitor social media networks such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram
  2. Track, Crawl, and look for blogs, forums, news sites, and all the web to mention your keywords.
  3. Instantly notify any brand mentioned anywhere on the Internet.

Awario crawls 13 billion web pages every day. Unlike Google, a search engine, Awario can monitor pages that Google has yet to find out.

Who is behind Awario?

Awario is offered by the same team who owns one of the best SEO software ever, SEO Powersuite. I have already reviewed one of the SEO PowerSuite software, WebSite Auditor.

The Awario team is a US-based brand marketing and reputation management company (more details at CrunchBase) that delivers high-quality products for marketers, agencies, and businesses. Awario is a high-quality app that stands out above the rest with its extensive data and powerful features. You will find out why after reading this Awario review.

How to use Awario?

It’s very easy to use Awario. If you are a beginner, follow these instructions to set up your Awario account and create the very first brand monitoring campaign.

Sign up Awario

Awario is a subscription-based brand tracking tool. Hence, you would have to sign up for one of their plans.

Awario pricing
  • Starter – $49/mo – 3 topics, 30,000 new mentions/mo
  • Pro – $149/mo – 15 topics, 300,000 new mentions/mo, boolean search, data export, shareable reports, 10 team members
  • Enterprise- $399/mo – 100 topics, 1,000,000 new mentions/mo, boolean search, data export, shareable reports, 10 team members, White-label PDF & HTML reports, API, account manager, unlimited team members
Awario free trial

You can get started for free by signing up for the free trial over here. Here are the details of the free trial.

  • It grants you access to the Starter plan, which generally costs $49/mo
  • You can create up to 3 alerts and find up to 30,000 mentions
  • After the trial expires, which will be after 14 days, you can subscribe to any plan that fits your needs
  • If you do not purchase Awario, your data will be stored for another 14 days

Set up your Awario Project

A Project in Awario is like a workspace where you organize your brand.

create a project in Awario

Fill out the form to create a project. Here is an example for

Set up mention alerts

The next step is setting up mention alerts for your newly created project.

  • Alert – An alert is monitoring a specific keyword or set of keywords. (ex: Convertful reviews, lead generation tools, improve CRO)
  • Mention – A mention is basically a mention or a citation for the alert.

Click on the “Create Alert” button.

Awario Dashboard without mention alert setup

Setting up Awario monitoring

Awario alert settings
  • Keywords – Include keywords that you want to monitor. This could be a brand name, a specific keyword, or even a hashtag. Use multiple keywords to receive more brand mentions.
  • Website or web pages – Specify the domain name that you want to monitor. Mentions from this domain will not be shown in alerts. For example, if you’re going to monitor who shares your blog posts on social media and even links back to your site, this option will be very useful. But you cannot use it as a feed collector to monitor competitor sites’ latest blog posts, etc.
  • Negative keywords – Define keywords that you do not want to receive mention alerts.
  • Languages – Awario supports an extensive amount of international and local languages. The list goes from English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Afrikaans, Chinese, and Arabic to Persian, Panjabi, and Russian. Use this option if you want to trace brand mentions for local businesses etc.
  • Locations– Do you want to monitor mentions from a specific location? Awario supports filtering mentions from the city and state levels. Use this feature to get social mentions from specific locations.
  • Sources – Select the sources that you want to track the online mentions.
  • Date Range – Select the period in which you want to see the brand mentions. Use the custom option for selecting any specific data range.

Precise your targeting with Boolean operators

You might want to remove specific results and only want to receive very precise mentions. One way to do it is through Boolean operators. Here is an example I’ve set up for Pitiya.


Here are some Boolean syntax and operators that may help you.

  • “KEYWORD” – Search for exact match keywords
  • +” KEYWORD &%$& PHRASE “ – Search for exact match keywords that include specific characters.
  • KEYWORD 1 AND “KEYWORD 2” – Find documents that include both keywords
  • FROM facebook,twitter – Specify sources
  • country – Specify the location
  • link:”**” – Find any mention of the domain across the Internet. Use the asterisk mark (*) for utilizing wildcards for URLs.

For more specific Boolean operations, check out this document.

Boolean syntax and operators for tracking mentions

Whitelist and Blacklist

Another way of limiting results is by using whitelist and blacklist options.

  1. Whitelist – Whitelist resources have become a priority when provided. Use the ‘Strict Mode’ to perform the search for the given allowed resources only.
  2. Blacklist – Provide resources that Awario should ignore.

For example, if you want to only receive brand mentions from websites and blogs, use the whitelist option and the ‘Website’ option. This will enable you to search for co-citations and use this tactic for building links.

Whitelist in Awario

Once the alert is set up, click on the “Apply” button. Once done, Awario will start operating based on your alert setting.

Connect social accounts

Besides presenting you with all the details about brand mentions, Awario also lets you interact with social media posts. So, to do that, you will have to connect your social media accounts first.

For example, I have already connected my Twitter account so that I can interact with Twitter users who mentioned my brand on Twitter.

connect your social accounts to Awario

Set up alert notifications

Like you can set up Google Alert notifications, and you can set up Awario notifications. But, Awario allows both email and Slack announcements.

Set up email notification for new mention reports

Now you will receive notifications for new mentions daily or weekly via email and Slack.

Set up Awario Leads

This feature is optional, but if you are a digital marketing agency owner or a freelancer, the Awario Leads feature will be helpful. It looks up any potential customer looking for services or even products you offer. For example, a website owner might be looking for a content writer or a video creator on Twitter. Awario Leads will notify you when a potential client is identified online.

Now you successfully set up Awario. It’s time to discover who mention what about your brand! Let’s find out more in this Awario review.

Awario Mentions Dashboard

Once Awario finds mentions for your alert, you will see them on the Mention Feed.


On this page, you can.

  • Filter mentions based on sources, time, and sentiment
  • Export mention report
  • Interact with social media posts
  • Group mentions by conversations
  • Search for a specific one

Inspect brand mentions

Awario is capable of finding out any mention of your brand, even in forums. Here is an instance.

I run giveaways at So, I have already set up an alert to discover giveaway mentions.

A forum had made a post about the giveaway.

Awario feed - a mention

Also, you can see a summary of the website on the right sidebar. The most important ones are traffic per month, InLink Rank (same as Google PageRank), top SEO keywords cloud, and social media page links.

Additionally, you can find out how many times the particular person or the brand has mentioned you or your business that you are tracking. It is one way of determining engagement. Also, Awario provides the estimated reach for social media and website posts. Therefore, you can get a rough idea of how influential the specific mention is.

Here’s a short brief of influencers and their importance ladder. Based on who mentioned you online, the results may vary.

types of influencer marketing infographic

Awario Dashboard

Awario Dashboard is where you will find the statistics related to your alerts.

Awario Dashboard

From here, you can grasp a quick idea of the mentions overall.

  • Mentions trend and reach – These charts demonstrate how trendy the mentions are.
  • Sentiment – Awario Sentiment Analysis shows if the mentions are positive or negative.
  • Top mentions and influencers – A mention from an influencer, such as a celebrity, authority, or a brand figure, can impact others. Find out which influencers were engaging with your brand in a specific period.
  • Countries – Know in which countries your brand is more famous
  • Topic Cloud – Get to know the most popular words or keywords related to your brand mentions. For example, if the mentioners are in your niche, you can think it’s relevant and could be more advantageous. Co-citations from niches related to you also weigh more in SEO. (ex: a backlink from a technology blog matter more for a technology blog than a sports site)
  • Sources – Find out in which sources your brand was prominently mentioned
  • Languages – The language your brand was mentioned on


Data can tell a lot of things. Awario has added an ” Insights ” feature highlighting asymmetrical variations and special situations like a spike in mentions and going your brand viral online.

Awario Insights

Compare Alerts

Another handy feature I want to discuss in this Awario review is the ability to compare alerts.

In contrast with other brand monitoring tools, Awario lets you compare multiple alerts to get a clear idea of which topics were talked about more on the Internet.


Awario provides three reports:

  1. Mention Statistics
  2. Alert Comparision
  3. Influencers

And you can export all of the above reports via

  1. Shareable reports (HTML) – Awario will host your reports
  2. PDF report

You can customize each report by adding your branding (you need access to Whitelabel reports, which are allowed for Enterprise plans) and adding new sections.

Adding new sections for the Awario report and viewing the mention statistics report on the web

Awario Features

As a brand mention monitoring and social media listening tool, Awario provides many features. Here are some of them.

Sentiment Analysis

Measure your brand’s reputation with Sentiment analysis. Awario will show whether a message is positive, neutral, or negative sentimentally. Also, in the dashboard, you can get to know the overall scores as well.


Location-based monitoring

One feature I want to emphasize in the Awario review is the city and state filter for precise location monitoring.

State, city and language filter in Awario project settings
Reviewing Awario advanced location-based monitoring settings

Get to know your customer with their location and languages. If your business is local-based, utilizing Location (City and state) and Language features in Awario alert settings will vastly help reduce your Awario cost and get precise information that matters.

Topic Cloud

Discover the context behind your mentions with Topic Cloud. Awario will list the top keywords that resonate with your brand. Identify if those are key themes for your business.

Email Notifications

Receive the latest mentions via email. You can set up multiple email addresses so that if you work with multiple people, sending out the latest mention alerts would be easy with Awario.

Historical Data

You can get historical data with Awario by simply changing the date range. For example, if you want to know how a competitor brand performed across Twitter during Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons, simply choose the time range.

10 Benefits of Awario

In the review of Awario, I shared how to get started on Awario and some features. In this section, I will list some benefits and use cases of Awario.

  1. Awario is a real-time social listening tool – Want to know what happens on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit in real-time? Awario got you covered.
  2. Track hashtags – Want to know what goes viral on social media based on Hashtags? Set up a hashtag tracking campaign.
  3. Export up to 25,000 Twitter mentions – Twitter policy allows you to export up to 25,000 mentions per day. Use Awario to export the most-targeted mentions.
  4. Monitor your competitors – Track what people say about your competition.
  5. Use precise targeting with Boolean search – Save time and money by targeting precisely with Boolean search operators.
  6. Go local – Get mentions from locations you are only interested in. And even better, you can find which segment of an audience of talking about your brand with a precise city and language filter. (ex: Spanish and Orlando, Florida, USA filter will give you a specific segment of people who are talking about your topic)
  7. Track reactions – Remember the day Google sunset Google URL shortener? Different people reacted differently. Many people looked for a better URL shortener immediately. That is very impactful. Similarly, the SEO space reacts differently to each Google update. Know how people respond to your marketing campaigns or product releases with Awario.
  8. Spot trending topics and adapt accordingly
  9. Identify co-citations (ex: brand mentions without linking to your site) – Bloggers often mention your site but forget to link. Research those events and request links.
  10. Find potential clients – Awario Leads feature lets you find new jobs and gig opportunities.
  11. (Bonus) An alternative to Google Alerts – Go beyond basic Google web mentions. Quickly know when something happens that is impactful to you by using Awario.

Awario Pricing

Awario prices start from $49 per month. The Starter plan allows three topics to monitor (alerts), 30,000 new mentions/mo and 5,000 stored mentions per topic.

But, data export and shareable reports, and API are in higher plans.

Awario pricing

Check out the Awario pricing plans guide for comparisons, past prices, etc.

Awario Discounts

Currently, Awario does not offer any discount or coupon on either monthly or annual plans. I will include them in this Awario review when they do.

Awario Reviews: Pros and Cons

In this review of Awario, I showed what this brand monitoring tool could do for your business. Here are the pros and cons of Awario.


  • Extensive reach
  • Easy to get started and user-friendly dashboard to get around
  • Boolean search option for precise targeting
  • Whitelist and backlist options
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Compare mentions
  • Top influencers
  • Insights
  • TikTok, Vimeo listening
  • White Label Export options
  • Team members
  • API


  • No mobile apps (although the dashboard is mobile-friendly)
  • Awario Integrations – I would like to see more integrations with tools like Zapier and Integrately

Is Awario worth it?

If you are a…

  • Blogger and want to find out who’s talking about your brand and identify new link-building opportunities.
  • Marketer who want to analyze trends and research market
  • SaaS business and want to know how people react to your product releases
  • Digital marketer who wishes to provide social listening reports to your clients
  • Local business owner who wants to understand what your customers talk about your business online
  • Business owner who want to monitor the Internet for mentions of your and competitors

…You should give Awario a try.

Here are Awario’s pricing plans and details.

  1. Awario Starter – Suitable for bloggers and solopreneurs, and brands fairly new to the market
  2. Awario Pro – Suitable for marketers, agency owners, and freelancers
  3. Awario Enterprise – Suitable for businesses that want branded custom reports, API access, etc. (The Enterprise customers will get an account manager.)

Awario Alternatives

I have shared all about the Awario social listening tool in this Awario review. Still, if you are wondering if you should give Awario a try while numerous tools like Awario are out there, here are some of the competitors.


mention is a social media listening and content publication tool. It’s been around for some time and has gathered many users worldwide.

Awario vs Mention

Both provide web and social media monitoring services. However, there are several characteristics. Check out this table.

Web & Social Media MonitoringYesYes
Historical dataYesYes

However, features like historical data are provided for customers who have subscribed to the “Company” plan that costs $450+/month. One advantage of Mention over Awario is the ability to publish content on social media.

If you already use a social media management tool such as ContentStudio, you do not have to worry about it. On the other hand, Awario only focuses on web and social media monitoring, which means you get the best features and best service possible.

Awario or Mention?

Awario’s Starter plan ($49/mo) includes these:

  • 3 mentions to monitor
  • 30,000 new mentions/mo
  • 5,000 stored mentions per topic
  • 1 team member

Mention’s Solo plan’s ($49/mo) limits:

  • 2 Basic alerts
  • 5,000 mentions
  • 1 account per social network
  • One user

By comparing the alert features of Awario and Mention, Awario is the winner here. Not just Mention provide a limited number of new mentions per month, but it also limits the alert features.



Another alternative to Awario is with very powerful features such as real-time alerts. Key features of BrandMentions are:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Mentions Research Tool
  • Shareable Dashboards – Share custom Dashboards with your clients. It’s like a Sub-account but with limited account settings on the client’s side.
  • Historical data

Awario vs BrandMentions

Like Awario, BrandMentions only provides services related to social and web listening. Here are the key features and differences of both apps.

Web and social media monitoringYesYes
Sentiment AnalysisYesYes
Data exportYesYes
Historical dataYesYes
Shareable DashboardsNoYes

However, price-wise, BrandMentions vs. Awario tells you a slightly different story.

BrandMentions’ monthly pricing:

  1. Growing Business ($99) – 3 Projects, 15 Keywords Tracked, 10.000 Historical Mentions, 1 Month of Historical Data, 1 Shareable Dashboard
  2. Company ($299) – 10 Projects, 30 Keywords Tracked, 50.000 Historical Mentions, 6 Months of Historical Data, 10 Shareable Dashboards
  3. Enterprise/Agency ($499) – Unlimited Projects, 50 Keywords Tracked, 150.000 Historical Mentions, 10 Years of Historical Data, Unlimited Shareable Dashboards

Comparing the costs of both tools, if you are a small business owner, Awario might be cost-effective for you at the moment. For $49 per month versus $99 a month, you’d receive the same number of features from a more established company.

However, if you are an agency owner, BrandMentions would be an excellent marketing agency tool and a replacement for Awario because it got a Shareable Dashboards feature.

More Awario Alternatives

I listed the best Awario alternatives in this Awario review above. However, several tools like Awario provide web and social listening services. Here are more Awario competitors.

Do check them out and let us know your reviews in the comments.

  1. BrandWatch – One software that offers brand mention monitoring and intelligence services
  2. MediaToolkit – Another real-time brand monitoring tool with awesome features like monitoring comments of blogs, social media, etc
  3. SproutSocial – An all-in-one tool for social media listening, publishing, engagement, and analytics.
  4. Brand24 – Another online reputation management and media monitoring tool. Brand24 offers specific features such as Newsletter monitoring and Podcast monitoring. One of the best Awario contenders!
  5. SERPWoo monitoring – SERPWoo is an SEO rank tracking tool. However, it added a new feature to monitor your targeted keywords on social media. I wouldn’t recommend this tool if you are looking for a professional online reputation management tool that tracks every corner of the Internet. Look at these best SEO tools for bloggers if you are into SERP rank tracking.
  6. Websignals – Another Awario competitor that provides social listening services. Prices start from $29/mo.

Awario Review FAQs

Here are several frequently asked questions on Awario. If you have any queries, drop them in the comment form of this Awario review.

  1. Does Awario have an app?

    No. Awario does not have a mobile app.

  2. Is Awario free?

    No. Awario does not have a free plan. But you can try it for free.

  3. How long is Awario free trial?

    Awario free trial is valid for 14 days. Learn more.

  4. What is Awario used for?

    Awario is used in many situations. Most marketers use Awario for social media listening. Businesses use it to know what their customers and people talk about their brands. SEO experts use it to build backlinks. Freelancers and digital marketers use Awario to get targeted leads and acquire clients.

My Personal Awario Experience

I was lucky to buy Awario’s lifetime deal when they launched back in 2019’s on Appsumo. Since purchasing Awario LTD, I started using it prominently in my businesses to monitor blog post mentions (to build backlinks), social shares, and web mentions of my giveaways (to get to know what people talk about my competitions).

Because Awario is from a well-established company, I had no issue or doubt that Awario will be the next big product by the Link-Assistant team.

However, there are several things I wish they add to the platform.

  • More integrations. Integrations with Slack and other tools are great. But, I want to have more integrations with tools like Integrately. I use the Integrately app instead of Zapier in my business to automate tasks. Learn more in this review on the Integrately automation tool.
  • Mobile apps

Conclusion on Awario Review

Most successful businesses listen to what their ideal customers say at every stage of their business. Listening to what people say on social media and websites not only helps you in giving you ideas on what to improve but also gives you a bigger and better idea of what exactly people are concerned about.

Furthermore, you can compare your business with competitors to understand clear differences and similarities from people’s perspectives.

In this Awario review, I walked through the tool and showed you how it could be useful for any business owner and marketer.

So, what are your reviews on Awario? Share in the comments below.

Awario Review $49
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Features
  • Support


Awario makes your business life “uncomplicated” by getting to know who talks about your company or you online. Be it social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or Youtube, or web portals like forums, communities, websites, or blogs, Awario got you covered. Because of its nature, you will come across any mention of your brand online immediately and receive notifications both via email or Slack. If you are looking for reliable brand listening and status management software, give Awario a try. You won’t be dissatisfied!


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Unlimited keywords per topic
  • Whitelabel report customization and export
  • Boolean operators for precise targeting
  • Reactions
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Slack integration
  • API


  • No mobile apps

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