Awario Pricing 2024: Compare Prices & Unlock Best Monitoring Plan

Awario changed its pricing recently, and you are going to find out what changed, which features are limited in each tier, and whether Awario is worth it, considering there are many Awario alternatives.

What is Awario?

Awario is a social listening and reputation management tool. With Awario, you can accomplish many things:

  • Find out what customers are talking about your brand, product, service, or a person in your company in other places on the internet.
  • Get to know little-known concerns of potential customers in your industry with Reddit, forums, and social listening.
  • Monitor competitors’ brand web mentions/citations and determine their word-of-mouth strategies and promotion tactics.
  • Land on potential customers with the Awario Lead Gen tool
  • Identify link-building opportunities by finding web co-citations (without links to your site)
  • Connect all your social accounts to Awario and respond to social mentions directly (no need for a custom social inbox management tool like Hootsuite)

Check the Awario review to learn more details, pros & cons, and best use cases.

Awario Pricing in 2024

Awario changed their subscription pricing recently. Here is the new pricing.

Awario pricing
Current Awario pricing for 2024 – Save up to 40% on yearly payments

Here is the previous pricing before this new update.

So, what changed?

Awario increased subscription fees for all three plans.

  1. Starter – $49 $39
  2. Pro – $149 $119
  3. Enterprise – $399 (Unchanged)

Also, the limits of some features in all Awario plans have been modified.

  • Nothing changed for the Starter plan except the subscription pricing
  • Enterprise customers get 100 topics to monitor (instead of 50), 1 million new mentions per month (instead of half a million), and unlimited team members instead of 10.

Awario offers a 7-Day free trial, and its limits haven’t changed. (get access to the Awario Starter plan for free without a credit card)

Which Awario plan is best for you?

The Starter plan is best for you if you are a solopreneur or a marketer with a simple website or brand. It allows you to monitor three topics/mentions. Under one topic, there could be many alert settings.

You are allowed to add multiple keywords, limit countries, sources, date range, and remove any mention, including specific keywords, add terms to the whitelist, and blacklist under one topic monitor in Awario.

Here is an example of the Awario interface where you can see one topic is added.


Furthermore, it lets you fine-tune the Mentions reports with Boolean search.

Save your Awario subscription limits by laser targeting with Boolean search filters.

However, the Pro plan is ideal if you want to add team members and have features like Data export and Shareable reports. The Pro plan only costs $149/mo and lets you monitor up to 15 topics and 300,000 new mentions per month.

For most people, the Pro plan is suitable for most needs. If you go on the annual subscription, you will only pay $789/mo (save 40%).

But, if you want to increase limits, get access to features like API and Whitelabel PDF & HTML reports, and have an account manager, the Enterprise plan is a perfect choice. Awario Enterprise costs $399/mo, and it’s $249/mo if paid annually.

How does Awario’s pricing compare with competitors?

Awario is not the only one that offers social listening and brand reputation management services. In fact, there are a couple of excellent ones.

  1. BrandMentions – $99/mo – 3 projects, 5,000 mentions, 15 keywords tracked
  2. Mention – $99/mo – 5 alerts, 10,000 mentions
  3. Brand24 – $79/mo – 3 keywords, 2,000 mentions
  4. Google Alerts – Free – Limited to only Google search, no dashboard nor powerful features.

Awario does not have a free plan. Only provides it (with limited features). All brand monitoring tools have different pricing structures with their own features and limits.

Some services offer unique features, too. For example, monitors podcasts and newsletter mentions and provides a mobile application.

So, how much would you pay for Awario?

Awario is from the team behind the SEO PowerSuite software kit. I reviewed WebSite Auditor before here in Pitiya. Check it out if you did not. All their tools are perfectly developed. Awario is not different – Its easy-to-use interface and features like Insights, Leads, and real-time reporting are always helpful.

The recent pricing update of Awario increased its subscription costs and limits in each tier and offered bigger savings when paying yearly.

Let us know what you think about new Awario prices in the comments below.

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