SEO Powersuite WebSite Auditor Review 2024: The Best Site Auditor?

In this ultimate WebSite Auditor review, you will find out the pros and cons, features, and pricing of WebSite Auditor SEO software. And whether it’s worth investing when there are many cloud-based tools to audit sites online.

Writing content is one thing. Marketing content is another thing. But optimizing content to rank on the first page of search engines is another whole thing.

Chances are, over time, your site will become slow and start to have many issues ranging from technical to content optimization. Some of them are:

  • Broken internal and external links
  • Empty title tags and alt text
  • HTTPS issues
  • Heading tag implementation issues
  • Indexing and crawling issues
  • Keyword optimization issues (over-optimization and lower-optimization)
  • Poor keyword research practices
  • Poor internal linking practices
  • Unoptimized content

That is why you must audit your website from time to time. When considering a good site audit tool, there are several options. But, only a handful of selections offer excellent services to audit a website thoroughly.

Website Auditor is such a world-class site auditing software. In this Website Auditor review, I will walk you through every step of the site auditing and content optimization process. So, make sure you read this Website Auditor review entirely to catch them all!


WebSite Auditor is an SEO site auditor software equipped with numerous tools and features to help you conduct simple to an advanced complete SEO site audit.

Website Auditor logo

The software was developed by a well-known Belarus-based SEO company called Link-Assistant. They have been around in the SEO industry since 2005. Viktar Khamianok is the CEO and owner of Link-Assistant.Com. They are famous as an SEO company that provides the best SEO software collection called SEO PowerSuite. But, they have another popular cloud-based tool called Awario. Awario is a brand reputation management tool with high-quality features. Learn more.

SEO PowerSuite is a kit of SEO software developed and maintained by the Link-Assistant team. It consists of several key tools.

  • Rank Tracker — Measure all your SERP rankings in one place on your desktop. Rank Tracker is known as one of the best rank tracker software.
  • Website Auditor — An all-in-one SEO website auditor software.
  • SEO SpyGlass — Manage all your link-building campaigns in one place
  • Link Assistant — A link-building tool equipped with various tools to get quality backlinks to your site.

All SEO software in SEO Powersuite is high quality. In today’s review on Website Auditor, you will learn everything you need to know about SEO Powersuite Website Auditor software.

Overview of WebSite Auditor

As the name suggests itself, WebSite Auditor does one thing. And it does it pretty well. In the current age, a website consists of numerous elements. It goes from simple paragraphs and images to advanced dynamic content via HTML DOM. Today’s sites are interactive and provide extensive options for website owners to customize their sites to improve user experience.

But, sometimes, those options can be disadvantageous from SEO’s perspective. If you do not maintain your site’s health well, the site can become slow and bloated and lose SERP rankings. Google uses user experience as a search engine ranking factor. They calculate it via more than one parameter.

That is where WebSite Auditor SEO software comes into play. A normal person can’t audit an entire website with 1,000 internal pages and hundreds of thousands of external links.

WebSite Auditor crawls your site page by page (In SEOPowersuite Bot’s eye or Googlebot or other search engine bot’s eye) and all linked external links and scripts and looks for technical errors.

Apart from that, it also analyzes your content and suggests TF-IDF keywords to make your content more search engine-friendly. Its reports are also one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

So, in this new Website Auditor review, I will dive into the Website Auditor SEO tool and explore various tools. As a Website Auditor Enterprise user myself, I could not wait to write this review on Website Auditor!

Website Auditor Review: How to use

If I do not show how to use Website Auditor properly, it is not a complete article on the SEO Powersuite Website Auditor review. I have been using it to audit sites, including this site, others, and all my clients’ sites.

Download Website Auditor

As a complete, user-friendly SEO software, Website Auditor can be downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based operating systems.

Unlike most other site audit tools, Website Auditor works with sites with any language for any country’s search engine and is available in different languages.

System Requirements

ProcessorIntel/AMD single-coreIntel/AMD dual-core or better
CPU clock speed1 GHz2 GHz or more
Computer memory (RAM)4096 MB8192 MB or more
Internet connection56 Kbps dial-upBroadband
Operating systemWindows 2008 R2 or HigherWindows 10
Oracle JRE/JDK32/64-bit, version 1.8 or newerThe latest 64-bit version

Website Auditor free download

You can use the Website Auditor free license that has no limitations for free for life.

Click here and visit the Website Auditor download page. Enter your name and email address to download the software and generate a license key.

dowmload Website Auditor free
Website Auditor Download page

Next, install the software on your computer and wait until it loads. Now, let’s dive into the next chapter of the Website Auditor review.

Create Project

A project in Website Auditor is a place where you manage a site. You can create unlimited projects with the Website Auditor and manage all your sites and clients’.

Enter the main website URL as shown in the screenshot below and click the “Finish” button.

I added the whole sub-domain for my site. Website Auditor will search for separate pages in this URL structure.

Website Auditor will start crawling your site from the home page and dive into every page of your site, even orphan pages. Orphan pages are not linked to other pages on the same site.

Now you will have a screen similar to this.

Website Auditor Interface
Website Auditor Interface

Click on the update button and select the fields you want to update.

update data
Update data for the project in Link-Assistant WebSite Auditor

Note: You will have to make the necessary settings on Google Analytics Data to use some features.


WebSite Auditor is equipped with many features. From day one, they enhanced the application’s performance and made it so advanced. Here is a glimpse of the Website Auditor interface. (Duration of video: 22 seconds)

Moz API Settings

Moz introduced Domain Authority (PA) and Page Authority (PA) measures that indicate how influential a site or page is from an SEO perspective. It is calculated based on many variables. But, backlinks and popularity across social networks are some of the critical elements.

Note: Domain Authority is not a Google ranking factor and does not affect the SERPs. But, its indications on SERP are apparent according to many people. However, I have beaten many high DA sites on Google SERP for numerous competitive keywords purely having quality and resourceful content.

Moz Settings
Moz Settings – Check PA & DA for all URLs

Website Auditor allows you to add your Moz API keys so that you will get DA and PA for all your website pages. Add your keys to Preferences > Global Preferences > Moz API Settings. Get your free Moz API key over here.

Crawler Settings

Another key element I want to emphasize is another crucial element in this Website Auditor review: the ability to change crawlers. Unlike most other site content auditors, Link Assistant Website Auditor allows you to choose which crawler Website Auditor should use while crawling.

Website Auditor Crawler Settings
Website Auditor Crawler Settings

For instance, If you enable Googlebot, Website Auditor will crawl your site as Googlebot does. You will not get those data if your Robots.txt specifies that Googlebot does not follow a specific path. But with SEO-Powersuite-Bot, you can overcome this.

Website-Auditor-supported crawlers:

  • SEO-Powersuite-Bot
  • Googlebot
  • Googlebot-Mobile
  • Googlebot-News
  • Googlebot-Image
  • Googlebot-Video
  • Bingbot
  • YandexBot
  • Custom

And it includes more extremely valuable settings to customize how the Website Auditor scans your site.

advanced crawling options
Customize how Website Auditor crawls your site with advanced options

Here are some things you can customize in the Crawler settings:

  • Search for orphan pages
  • Limit scan depth
  • Crawl as a specific user agent
  • Exclude pages from scanning
  • Specify resources to collect
  • Limit the number of requests to the page
  • Execute Javascript
  • Make Website Auditor Ignore URL parameters
  • Crawl subdomains
  • Crawl password-protected pages

Also, you can specify the number of simultaneous tasks to perform in a given time. Go to Global Preferences > Miscellaneous Global Settings.

Manage simultaneous tasks in Website Auditor
Manage simultaneous tasks on the WebSite Auditor

If you want to use a Website Auditor for clients’ work, I recommend using Proxies to speed up the crawling process and ensure your IP is not blocklisted.

Proxy Settings
Proxy Settings

Website Auditor Review: Tools

Site Structure

The Site Structure tool shows all the details about a site on the macro level. Use this tool to get a complete picture of your site’s structure and health.

All Resources

Get to know each resource of your site and its details.

All resources page
Review of Website Auditor’s All Resources page


Go a step deeper and analyze the site structure by page level. In this screen, you can map keywords to optimize and collect data such as Open Graph and structured data markup, Links & technical factors, page traffic info, and Google Page Speed data.

all internal pages for the domain
All internal pages for the domain. Map keywords and see links to links from pages, etc.

On the low side of the screen, you will see several tabs.

  1. Links to page
  2. Links from page
  3. Images
  4. All resources
  5. Page Speed
Website Tools

One of the key features I want to discuss in this review on Website Auditor is the Website Tools.

Sitemap builder

Once the Website Auditor scans your site, it will sophisticatedly find the optimal site structure and let you build a sitemap.

Website Auditor Sitemap Builder
Website Auditor Sitemap Builder

Since WebSite Auditor is a complete Website Auditor, it lets you filter pages and customize the sitemap. Ex: Set priority indexing, frequency, and Hreflang

Robots.txt builder

Build advanced Robots.txt files for specific search engine bots easily.

Website Auditor Robots.txt Builder
Website Auditor Robots.txt Builder
Scheduled tasks and alerts

Suppose your site is updated very frequently, and you can’t spend time rebuilding the project in Website Auditor manually. Now, you can set scheduled tasks and alerts to update data automatically and even build reports.

Scheduled tasks and alerts
Automatically audit your site, update data, publish reports, and export data using Scheduled tasks and alerts.

One of the underused tools in WebSite Auditor software is the Custom search. It allows you to search your site based on the CSS selector, contains, and does not contain.

custom search
Custom search your entire site
New Workspace

Want to add your workspace and customize it? Website Auditor makes it super easy!

add a new workspace
Add new workspace
Customize Workspace columns

Another small but helpful feature I want to show in this WebSite Auditor review is the editing columns. If you want to see any specific details about your site first, you can reorder them here, too.

customize workspace columns
Customize workspace columns – Add new data or reorder columns as you wish

Site Audit

View the overview of the site audit report on the screen. You will see that the Website Auditor lists all errors, warnings, and information related to technical SEO and recommends fixes.

Site Audit report
Site Audit report

This screen consists of nine parts:

  1. Indexing and crawlability
  2. Redirects
  3. Encoding and technical factors
  4. URLs
  5. Links
  6. Images
  7. On-Page
  8. Page Speed
  9. Localization


One of my favorite parts of the Website Auditor is the Site Visualization section. This is an illustrated version of your site. For instance, I came to this screen and found a broken link page (colored in red) and fix from my WordPress dashboard.

Site Visualization
Site Visualization

Some features of the WebSite Auditor Visualization tool

  • See the site structure based on the Click depth, InLink Rank, or page views. Each option has its own importance
  • See the power pages of your site easily
  • Know orphan pages
  • Identify pages with lower internal links
A site visualization graphic generated by the Website Auditor. Red dots demonstrate broken links, while blue dots show redirected pages.

Please note that this visualization graphic will not look the same. It is based on the crawler settings and the pages crawled.

Page Audit

In this section, you will analyze each page on the page level. Website Auditor’s Page Audit tool consists of several sub-tools to optimize content for SEO.

Keyword Map

WebSite Auditor does not help in keyword research. You can use a tool like Semrush, BrandOverflow, or WriterZen to find keywords for content. But, WebSite Auditor helps in optimizing content to rank better.

Keyword Map
Keyword Map – Assign keywords for each page to optimize later. Optimized and keyword-mapped pages will be highlighted

The first step is selecting your targeted county and the device. USA and Desktop are selected by default.

target specific search engines in Website Auditor
Target specific search engines in Website Auditor

The second step is mapping keywords for individual pages so that the SEO PowerSuite WebSite Auditor can analyze SERP and suggest page optimization tips.

Map Keywords
Map targeted keywords

You can remove any mapped keyword by right-clicking on the mapped keyword and clicking the ‘unmap’ option from this page.

Once clicked on the ‘Add‘ button, the Website Auditor will start to analyze your page, competitors’ pages, top SERP, keyword statistics, and others.

tasks viewer in Website Auditor
View tasks in Website Auditor

This leads to the next tool inside Page Audit.

Content Audit

Like Site Audit, the Content Audit tool shows technical SEO issues. But on the page level.

Content Audit
Content Audit Report in Website Auditor

You can see major issues associated with the current page on the left panel.

  • Title
  • Meta Tags
  • Body
  • Images
  • Markup

Click on the “Competitors” tab to compare your page against competitors on SERP.

See Organic Competitors in Website Auditor
Organic Competitors in Website Auditor
Content Optimization for different search engines

One feature I like seeing in the WebSite Auditor is optimizing content for different search engines. Optimizing content means analyzing SERP for search engines.

Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen and select the ‘Manage search engines‘ option.

Manage search engines in Website Auditor
Manage search engines in WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor is the SEO site audit tool I have seen with many search engines supported. You can even use separate search engines for each page. Whether your site targets a local or international audience, Website Auditor has you covered!

select search engines
Select your search engine(s)
Manage competitors for analysis

Website Auditor of SEO Powersuite lets you customize the competitors on the content analysis process. This will be helpful for you to exclude any domain, such as Wikipedia, Amazon, or Walmart, or include any competitor you want to defeat in SERPs.

Selecting competitors for analysis
Selecting competitors for analysis

Technical Audit

We use the Site Audit tool to measure a site’s or page’s technical issues. WebSite Auditor does this job pretty well.

Technical Audit
Technical Audit screen

Technical Audit consists of these details:

  • Page Availability
  • Mobile Friendliness and Page Speed
  • Encoding and technical factors
  • URL
  • Links

Select any Technical alert and see all the details. For example, here is the mobile Page Speed report for this article:

Page Speed test results in Website Auditor
Page Speed test results in Website Auditor

Content Editor

Content Editor is the tool I want to discuss in this Website Auditor review. This tool makes WebSite Auditor the best SEO audit tool for any user. Whether you use WordPress, Brizy Cloud CMS, Squarespace, Weebly, or any other content management system, you will love it.

How to use Content Editor in Website Auditor

The first step is selecting the edit mode.

Select the edit mode in Website Auditor Content Optimizer
  1. Browser mode
  2. Document mode

I selected the browser mode. Why? Because it looks cool! 🙂

Watch the video below to find options in the Content Editor in Website Auditor.

Here is how you can use the Content Editor features to optimize content to rank better in search engines.

  • Edit the post title and description to increase click-through rates for keywords and appear better in SERPs.
  • Use the mapped keyword section to find any overstuffed or over-optimized keywords. Highlight them to see where keywords are placed
  • WebSite Auditor suggests keyword phrases based on competitors’ content using the TF-IDF mechanism. Utilize recommended keywords in your content to increase search traffic.
  • Identify all top competitors in SERP.
  • Get People Also Asked Questions in Google SERP. Use them in your content.
  • Know the most used keywords in the Word Count

Finally, download a PDF to get all the recommendations in one file. See an example PDF from here.


TF-IDF stands for Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency. In simply put, the TF-IDF tool analyzes the top-ranking page content of competitors and yours.

TF-IDF report for a page in Website Auditor
TF-IDF report for a page in Website Auditor

For example, if you have written an article about Keyword research and your article does not cover long-tail keyword research. Still, if your competitor does, and their sites are ranking higher, the WebSite Auditor’s TF-IDF will suggest long-tail keyword research topics in the keyword recommendations.

I use the TF-IDF report to find topics and keywords to be included in my existing content. By doing that, I could increase keyword ranking for existing ranking ones (because of the increased quality of the articles) and rank for new ones (because of new keyword additions).

Here is what the Website Auditor’s TF-IDF report suggests for my post on SEO tools:

  • Add ‘Chrome extension’ related info to content. (As of writing this Website Auditor review, that article does not include any Chrome extension SEO tool)
  • Use content related to ‘broken links’ more. Apparently, my competitive pages include more details about broken link checkers.
  • The Website Auditor recommends using the ‘keyword difficulty’ search phrase more. Website Auditor found the particular term is related to my content. (Why not? Shouldn’t a guide to SEO tools have at least one keyword difficulty checker?)

WebSite Auditor’s Page Audit toolset consists of many tools to optimize your existing content for search engines.

Domain Strength

The last tool of the Website Auditor is the Domain Strength. In fact, it is a simple report that you can do nothing but see your domain’s overall details.

Domain Strength report in Website Auditor
Domain Strength Report in Website Auditor

The domain strength is a score scale from 0 to 10. The higher the score, the better your site will perform in SERPs. The score is based on numerous SEO factors such as domain age, the number of backlinks, and social signals.)

Website Auditor Review: Reports

The last feature I want to talk about a bit in this Website Auditor review is the reports.

Since I have a Website Auditor Enterprise license, I can generate Whitelabel SEO reports for my clients.

First, you must set up the company profile by going through Preferences > Company Profile. You can add your company name, website URL, contact email address, business address, and company logo on this page.

Company Profile setup in Website Auditor
Company Profile Setup in Website Auditor

The next step is adding a Customer Profile for the particular project. The customer profile is a project-specific setting. So you can have a unique customer profile for each client.

Customer Profile setup in Website Auditor
Customer Profile Setup in Website Auditor

Create report templates

One feature I cannot resist discussing in this Website Auditor review is creating report templates according to your needs.

Click on the plus icon.

create a new report template in Website Auditor
Create a new report template on Website Auditor

Select the template type and give it a name.

Select template and enter a name
Select the template and enter a name

Now, you can customize the SEO audit report as you’d like. The drag-and-drop report builder makes it easy for anyone to create amazing-looking reports.

Review of Website Auditor Reports Builder

Publishing options

Another fantastic feature I’d like to emphasize another significant part in this Website Auditor review is publishing options. Like in Brizy Cloud, Website Auditor makes it easier for users to publish their reports with diverse options.

Publishing Options in Website Auditor
Publishing Options in Website Auditor Review – Create a publishing profile.

When using WebSite Auditor, you must create a publishing profile. A publishing profile lets you pre-define a method of exporting SEO audit reports.

Options are:

  • Publish online and send the URL via email
  • Email as an attachment
  • Save to your hard drive
  • Upload onto a website via FTP

Each publishing profile has different settings. Once done, you can easily export each report’s HTML or PDF version.

Page Audit reports

Like site audit reports, you can see a dedicated reports section in the Page Audit section. Unlike the Site Audit reports section, you can export reports for each page here.

Page Audit report in Website Auditor
Page Audit report in Website Auditor Review – Download it as a PDF or HTML document or print it easily.

Share reports online

WebSite Auditor is SEO software. But it lets you share your site audit reports online. Click the ‘Share’ button, copy the link, and share it with your clients. The report is saved on your SEO Powersuite Cloud account.

Generate a report shareable link in Website Auditor
Generate a shareable report link in the Website Auditor

Quick save

Use the “Quick Save” button to save a report instantly. PDF and HTML versions are currently supported.

Quick save a Website Auditor file as a HTML report or PDF report
Quickly save a Website Auditor file as an HTML report or PDF report

Well, that is how you use Website Auditor!

Apart from these features, Website Auditor consists of many features that you would find useful. Here are some.

Website Auditor Review: Features

There are many site auditors with a different range of features and limits. But, WebSite Auditor goes beyond limits and provides fascinating features. I will briefly present some in this Website Auditor review.

Desktop software

You will not find many desktop site-auditor software every day. In my opinion and experience using several other tools, Website Auditor is THE best for desktop site auditing tools.

The downside is that the performance depends on your computer’s power. You can use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and run Website Auditor software on it.

To improve the Website Auditor’s performance, it offers various functionalities.

  • Human emulation
  • Specify user agents
  • Proxy rotation
  • Captcha settings
  • Safe query mode

Custom search mode

Unlike most other website auditing software, Website Auditor lets you customize the search mode so that you can find tune crawling settings to find specific files on your site.

Custom search feature in Website Auditor review
The custom search feature in the Website Auditor review

Save projects in SEO Powersuite Cloud and Dropbox

You might be using several devices or business locations in your business. Now, you can save your project data in the cloud in .wsa format and fetch them whenever you need them.

Also, you can share any report with other users.

Get shareable links for WebSite Auditor files from SEO PowerSuite Cloud
Get shareable links for WebSite Auditor files from SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

Stay search engine safe and friendly

Another simple but very important I want to emphasize in this Website Auditor review is the options Website Auditor provides us to make our sites more search-engine-safe and friendly.

The tool supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and other search engine API keys to ensure you safely access those sites. Also, Website Auditor supports dozens of search engine bot emulations to make your site search engine friendly.


Google alone changes its algorithm thousands of times each year. You can specify certain events in your industry or your business side to calculate how those affected your site’s performance. For example, if you revamped the entire site’s theme and structure, you might add it as an event, so in the future, you can get an idea of how it affected search traffic, etc.

Events in WebSite Auditor SEO Software
Events in WebSite Auditor SEO Software

Core Web Vitals Audit and Reporting

Google publicly expressed that they use Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor.

Make your site search engine-friendly by optimizing the site’s speed. WebSite Auditor calculates the site speed and recommends instructions to make pages load faster. Watch the video tutorial below to learn more.

Website Auditor Pricing

Downloading Website Auditor software is free. But, you will have to upgrade your plan to get access to certain features such as Whitelabel reports. It provides three plans.

  1. Free
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise
Store projects in SEO Powersuite CloudNone5100
The maximum number of URLs supported500UnlimitedUnlimited
Copy your data to a spreadsheet for analysisNoYesYes
Professional content optimization advicePartlyYesYes
Custom search modeNoYesYes
Create on-page optimization HTML reportsNoNoYes
Make your reports available onlineNoNoYes
Save reports to your computerNoNoYes
Report publishing profilesNoNoYes
Run scheduled tasks automaticallyNoYesYes
Yearly price$0$125$299

You won’t receive search engine algorithm updates if you wish to use the free version.

Review of WebSite Auditor Pricing

So, which plan is best suited for you?

  • If you are just getting started and want to give WebSite Auditor a try, download WebSite Auditor software for free.
  • But, if you want to use it for your own site and get more in-depth professional SEO advice, the Professional plan is for you.
  • The Enterprise plan is for you if you are a digital marketing agency, freelancer, or enterprise-level business.

This WebSite Auditor review is based on enterprise-level features. So, you know every aspect of this SEO software.

Website Auditor Review: My Experience

I have been using WebSite Auditor since 2018. When it ran a special offer for the Enterprise Lifetime plan, I bought it immediately. At that time, I already knew what this tool was capable of.

Since then, WebSite Auditor has been my only tool when it comes to auditing any website for SEO. According to my experience, since this is desktop-based SEO software, you should have a powerful computer to run it properly. If your site is too big, it will take some time; I meant hours to do a full site audit and suggest content optimizations. Although I have a Website Auditor Enterprise license, I can use only one computer at a time.

Regarding updates, Website Auditor updates its software and search engine algorithm for all countries regularly. But, you must have an ongoing subscription to receive search engine algorithm updates.

In April 2020, Website Auditor was on ProductHunt to introduce their back-then new product (or feature, I would say), the SEO Content Editor – Write and optimize the site’s content based on SERP data.

I asked them to add a WordPress plugin so that WordPress users can optimize content within the WordPress post editor. But, so far, it is still not a good response.

User comment on WebSite Auditor SEO Content Editor in ProductHunt
User comment on WebSite Auditor SEO Content Editor in ProductHunt

In my opinion, if you use a CMS like WordPress, Content Editor on Website Auditor is useless unless they can provide a plugin to optimize content within the WordPress editor.

I use the RankMath Pro SEO plugin and other content optimization tools such as WriterZen and Semrush (SEO Writing Assistant)

WebSite Auditor is a well-established SEO software used by many people, from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies such as, Disney, IBM, Apple, and Microsoft. So, the future of WebSite Auditor is bright.

Website Auditor Review: Pros and Cons

I have used many SEO tools over the years. Here are the pros and cons of the Website Auditor based on my experience. Let us know your Website Auditor reviews in the comment form below.

Strengths (Pros)

  • Audit small to large websites. No limit on the number of URLs to be optimized.
  • Only pay for algorithm updates. No add-ons. No hidden fees.
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux-based operating systems
  • Proxies and other facilities to operate faster
  • Automatic website auditing with tasks and alerts
  • In-depth technical audit
  • In-depth content audit
  • Events to record and track the timeline of changes and results of your SEO efforts
  • Site Visualization report
  • TF-IDF and Page Speed reports
  • Insightful reports
  • Publishing options
  • 30-Days moneyback guarantee

Weaknesses (Cons)

  • If you have a lot of pages and resources on your site, it could take some time to finish the site auditing process.
  • You will have to use a computer to use WebSite Auditor. So, It may not work on older computers or those with less memory and processing power.
  • Since Website Auditor is software, no API or WebHooks are available for development processes.
  • No WordPress plugin for uses like content optimization

Website Auditor Alternatives

In this Website Auditor review, I talked about every detail of the Website Auditor SEO PowerSuite software and how to use it, pricing, features, etc. However it is not the only SEO audit software on the market. There are several. I will list some of them in this review on Website Auditor.

  1. Screaming Frog — One of the best alternative WebSite Auditor software for professionals. It provides both free and premium plans.
  2. Semrush is one of the best online tools for digital marketing. It is equipped with over forty tools for SEO, SEM, content marketing, and social media marketing. If you are looking for a powerful SEO tool with site auditing capabilities, give Semrush a try using one of these Semrush promo codes. Learn more in this in-depth Semrush review.
  3. BrandOverflow — BrandOverflow has a built-in site auditing tool. Find out more in this review of Brand Overflow.
  4. Ahrefs — Another online alternative for WebSite Auditor.
  5. DareBoost — A web analysis and site speed test tool.
  6. Site Analyzer — An online website analyzer and optimizer tool.
  7. Woorank — Site Crawl tool is a product by WooRank.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you use a website auditor?

    The steps will be different based on the interface and procedure of each site audit tool. However, the basic method involves entering the domain URL and allowing the website auditor to crawl your site. Find how to audit your site with WebSite Auditor in this tutorial.

  • What is website audit?

    A website audit is inspecting a site to uncover associated issues, from technical issues to search engine optimization.

  • What is WebSite Auditor?

    WebSite Auditor is the site audit software offered under the SEO PowerSuite package by Link-Assistant.Com company.

  • Which one is the best tool to do SEO audit for your website?

    It depends on your needs and budget. If you are looking for a software version, give WebSite Auditor a try. Semrush Site Audit tool is an online SEO audit tool with many other features.

  • How do I analyze SEO for my website?

    You can use a site SEO audit tool like WebSite Auditor (software) or Semrush Site Audit (Cloud).

Website Auditor Review Conclusion

If you have a website or a blog that drives traffic to your business, you should be careful of search engine optimization. One fundamental factor for consistently better ranking at SERP is maintaining your site cleanly without issues. Be it technical issues, poor content optimization, or site speed optimization, WebSite Auditor has got you covered.

In this Website Auditor review, I talked about the Website Auditor and how to use it properly, step by step. If you read this Website Auditor review thoroughly, you will get an idea of what you can achieve with this professional SEO software.

Website Auditor is one of my best SEO tools for auditing sites and optimizing existing content. So, what are your reviews on Website Auditor? Would you recommend this software to others?

WebSite Auditor Review 0.0
  • Site Audit
  • Page Auidit
  • Content Optimization
  • Features
  • Flexibility & Usage Compatibilities


WebSite Auditor makes your site healthy and error-free by crawling every corner of your website and suggesting error recommendations. Its wide variety of features, such as Page Audit and Site Visualization, are second to none other site auditing tools. Also, TF-IDF reports and content Optimization tools will definitely come in handy in many circumstances. WebSite Auditor’s advanced features, such as crawling settings, proxy rotation, and multiple publishing options, will always be helpful, whether you are a blogger or a prominent agency owner.

Do not look further if you seriously consider getting a world-class, premium website auditing tool. WebSite Auditor is your solid solution. Download it for free and see how it can make a real difference to your business’s bottom line.


  • Reliable and consistent performance. No hiccups
  • Regular updates
  • Compatible with all major operating systems
  • Flexible features to customize website auditing procedure
  • Content optimization tips, report builder, saving projects on the cloud, sharing reports with others, automation settings, and more.


  • You need to have a good computer to run the application smoothly
  • It will take time to finish auditing a large website

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