How to Find Long Tail Keywords using LongTail Pro Platinum

July 18, 2019


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Search engine algorithms become harder and harder to understand, right? But, we know one thing…

…that’s never changing.

What is it?

That’s search engines want to satisfy people. For that, you should provide great content. Not only that, a great user experience too.

If you provide these two, you will be rewarded back with tons of search traffic that are insanely seeking solutions for their problems.

They are quality traffic (we all know that organic traffic has a higher conversion ratio) and importantly many of them are buyers.

The only one factor that decides whether your content drives buyer traffic or “freebie” seekers is your keyword strategy.

Without a proven, effective and a lucrative keyword strategy, in fact, it is a dream to make money from your blog quickly.

In this scenario, long tail keywords take an important role, not just only because they contribute to more than 70% of global searches, but also in terms of conversions, the ability to rank higher in SERPs and drivability instant search traffic.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Typically, we can break down the keywords (also known as search terms/queries) into three main parts.

  1. Head tail keywords
  2. Middle tail keywords
  3. Long Tail Keywords

Head Tail Keywords:

These are usually known in SEO and PPC advertising as broad keywords too. Shoes, camera, batman, football, cricket, laptop, girl, man, clothes, shirts, books are a few examples of head-tail keywords.

As you expected, these keywords generate millions of searches in every single month. And also we can expect that some particular head-tail keywords in some days produce x2, x3 or more times global searches than any other day. Ex: valentine day, mothers day, fathers day, football world cup, cricket world cup, etc.

Even through these keywords are repeated millions of times in each month, it’s hard to rank higher in SERPs for those queries. If you enter a head-tail keyword into the Google search box and find the results, you can expect billions of search results. Like this one…

sun Google search

Middle Tail Keywords

These are usually less competitive than head tail keywords and generate lesser searches rather than head tails.

Generally, middle tail keywords are search terms with 2- 3 words. Ex: healthy diet plan, internet marketing lessons, virtual USA bank, 2016 football team, Spiderman games, how to cook, buy TV antenna, watch cricket online.

As you see, these keywords are targeted rather than head tail keywords. They show a direction. But, it is harder to come up with great blog post ideas with these terms as we know that these keywords are not well targeted.

For an example, people who search “Spiderman games” could be in younger ages. But, we can’t specify their intents. In other words, keyword intent of “Spiderman games” widens. Searchers might want pictures of Spiderman games, play Spiderman games online, download Spiderman games or buy Spiderman game CDs.

There are tons of intents behind that keyword phrase. If you use these terms in your SEO campaigns, be careful, because Google is aware of on-page optimization of your website than years ago.

The best uses of these terms are, your landing page (which the web page that ranking for particular head tail or middle tail keywords) should get a higher organic CTR rate, lower bounce (it depends on a few factors) and people shouldn’t click back button and click on any other result in Google SERP.

As I mentioned, these search terms can generate a little bit targeted higher search traffic, but you should provide all the information they are searching for.

Ex: List of languages

If you optimize your webpage for “list of languages” keyword phrase, you should provide all the information related to languages, if not link out to other resources.

The only one website I have ever seen that uses this strategy very well is Wikipedia. In fact, I couldn’t find any other website than Wikipedia in the top five results for this search term.

list of languages google search

This is another reason why most SEO specialists recommend you to write 2000+ words longer article. Because, in general, an in-depth article takes some width than a regular 400-word article.

Long Tail Keywords

This is the last type of keywords as their length. Usually, a Long Tail Keyword is 4+ word long. Ex: best WordPress themes for photo blogs, home based business opportunities, profitable home based businesses, compare auto insurance rates, cheapest auto insurance companies, best SEO agencies for affordable price, how to bake cake without eggs.

First, you will find that these keywords define a target audience.

  1. Best WordPress themes for photo blogs: Newbies and experienced bloggers, photographers, freelancers.
  2. Home based business opportunities: This is similar to types of home-based businesses. So prospects are startups, experienced webmasters, freelancers.
  3. Compare auto insurance rates: Local businessmen, entrepreneurs, and richer people.
  4. Best SEO agencies for affordable price: Website owners, local businesses, product owners (info and physical).
  5. How to bake cake without eggs: Women, housewives.

If your long tail keyword strategy is more transparent, you can also reveal more hidden information about your target audiences such as demography, geography, interests, and behavioral stats.

It’s all about your keyword strategy. As we expected without long tail keywords, it is difficult to count the profit for keywords. Here’s a chart that demonstrates the effectiveness of long tail keywords.

the effectiveness of long tail keywords in conversion rate optimization

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

In my previous articles, I explained how to find profitable keywords and a few keywords research tools for doing that. But, as search engines evolve, and people’s behavior changes in every single day, we need to use very good SEO tools for content marketing campaigns.

The best SEO tool I use for searching long tail keywords is Long Tail Pro platinum. You can learn more about Long Tail Pro keyword software reading this detailed Long Tail Pro platinum review article.

Long Tail Pro is niche marketing software that has a few very useful SEO tools for doing niche marketing and blogging. Many webmasters use Long Tail Pro tool to create niche and event blogs. (Niche blogging idea:, Event blogging idea:

I will show you how to properly search long tail keywords using LongTailPro software.

How to do long Tail Keyword research with LongTailPro Platinum – The step by step guide

I use Long Tail Pro platinum for finding long Tail keywords. You can also use Long Tail Pro tool. But, Long Tail Pro Platinum has more features and tools than LongTailPro. You can download LongTailPro software with a special discount, if you buy Long Tail Pro Platinum through this link. ($20 OFF)

Now let’s learn how to do SEO keyword research with Long Tail Pro platinum.

When you first open the LongTailPro software, you will see a blank interface just similar to below screenshot.

long tail pro platinum main interface

First, you need to click on “Create your first Campaign Now” button.

You will see a popup window like this. Enter a name for your campaign. Then select the language you want to get keywords. If you search long tail keywords for your local business blog, you can choose your target language over here. And respectively choose the corresponding country name. The default value is United States which stands for If you want to get keyword results from, select United Kingdom as the country. If you want to get search results from Google and other partners (websites which have Google CSE installed etc.), select the Google and search partners option from the drop down list.

create a new campaign

After changing the campaign settings, click on “create campaign” button.

Now you’ll see an interface section like this.

keyword generation settings longtailpro

This includes three major sections. They are,

  1. Generate Keywords: This is where you add your seed keywords.
  2. Fetch Additional Data: Get additional information related to keywords suggested.
  3. Apply filters: Filter keyword results.

This is the most important section in this keyword research campaign. Because, the LTP software suggests related keywords as your inputs. So, one mistake could result in showing up wrong results or not any keyword.

 #1: Generate Keywords

To generate long tail keywords, you need to first add some seed keywords. I have tested this tool a few times. And found that by adding multiple broad keywords, we can generate more long tail keywords. Take a look at below screenshot.

generate keywords


  • You can add up to 10 seed keywords. So add relevant and targeted keywords. Look at my seed keywords. They all are relevant to keyword research. But, I didn’t add terms such as tools, software, free, online etc. Because I want to get more extended, yet lesser targeted niche keywords.
  • If you add a noun, add its singular version. So LongTail Pro will show you more keywords.
  • You can add lengthier keywords. But, as you already know lengthier a keyword is, it becomes laser targeted, so we couldn’t generate more long tail keywords.
  • Use conditional terms (Include & Exclude), if you want to generate targeted keywords for existing keywords. Ex: Keyword = keyword; Include = best, top, online, tools, software; Exclude = free, gratis, SEO, ppc, marketing.
  • You can make use of “Add your own keywords” box to find average monthly volume and other information of your own keywords list.

#2:  Fetch Additional Data

In this section, you can command Long Tail Pro to fetch additional data such as Global monthly search volume, domain availability and Google & Bing title competitions.

fetch additional data

These are very useful information for creating a niche or an event blog. If you want to get Google title competition data, don’t lower down the average delay between two requests to zero or something a quicker number. Else Google will regard your IP as a bot and block your IP address.

I selected only global monthly search volume, because I don’t want other information right now. Even Google title competition is useful, it will take more time to load the data. So I am satisfied with monthly search volume.

#3: Apply Filters

In this section, you can filter out head tail, middle tail and keywords with lower monthly search volumes.

I filtered keywords with at least 20 global search volume. I set up this campaign for United States (, remember? So I can also set a condition to filter out keywords with low monthly local search volume from this section.

To generate long tail keywords, I filtered out keywords with less than four words.  Here’s how now keywords filter section looks like.

apply filters

#5: Generating Long Tail Keywords

To start generating keywords, click on “Generate Keywords” button.

generate keywords

Then another popup window will show up and ask you to log into your AdWords account. Login to your Google AdWords account and save login credentials for future uses.

saved google adwords credentials long tail pro

After a few seconds, LongTailPro will start analyzing your seed keywords, conditions and manipulate filters. After a few minutes you will get tons of long tail keywords.

Here’s my Keyword Research Demo campaign’s result.

keywords list

I didn’t specify a targeted marketplace, audience and a niche. So I got various mixed keyword ideas. Here are a few:

mixed long tail keywords

Reverse phone number lookup, reverse email address checkup, family story research, job search websites are a few topics that are new to me. That means, not only you could generate tons of new long tail keywords, but also creative and unique blog post ideas too.

Once you have found long tail keywords, you can export them to an Excel worksheet which will be saved on your desktop.

One of the useful features in Long Tail Pro platinum is favorite keyword ideas. So you can save multiple keywords in a one document and use them later.

Let’s take these search terms related to ancestors.

favorite keywords

Click on Favorites tab top right corner of LongTailPro platinum.

favorites tab long tail pro

You can see a separate window which includes all the favorite keywords. I have a few favorite keywords. Here are the latest favorite keywords.

favorites keywords

You can calculate competitiveness scores of your keywords. Keyword competitiveness (KC) score is made by Moz. KC depends on a few factors such as competing domains, domain authorities etc.

You can get Keyword competitiveness scores by creating your free account at Moz and generating a new API key. If you are an existing Moz community user, you can generate a new API key over here in seconds.

When you need to analyze the SERP for target keyword, click on the keyword. Then you will see competitor analysis window.

In this window, you can find the top 10 results currently ranking on targeted search engine. My targeted search engine is So here is the competitor analysis report of “how to find ancestors” keyword for

keyword competitor analysis long tail pro

On this window you can find lots of useful information about competitor websites such as domain authority, page authority, site age, number of backlinks and MozRank.  Make use of these stats when selecting keywords for your content marketing campaigns.

Long Tail Pro is an amazing desktop program to find long tail keywords faster and easily. Here are a few funny long tail keywords I just generated within a few seconds.

funny keywords
funny keywords

What happens to you when you die? Do you know it?

funny keywords

These all keywords cannot be generated if you use Google keyword planner. Not only, most of them are untapped keywords, but also sometimes creative blog post ideas too.

I have started using Long Tail Pro platinum to find long tail keywords and so far got great results.

If you want to learn more about keyword research and other keyword related topics, check out these articles.


Long Tail SEO is effective, not just only because long tail keywords are less competitive and can rank your landing pages higher on SERPs, but they can also drive high quality traffic + sales. Unlike, head tail keywords, you can target tons of long tail keywords in one article.

The easiest way to rank for long tail keywords is find low competitive long tail keywords and optimize each keyword for your target landing page. Use proper on-page optimization tactics such as interlinking, titling, creating SEO friendly URL structure and also other UI related aspects such as responsive design, clear fonts, attractive design, using visual properties etc.

Although you can use Google keyword planner for keyword research, as we already know that it has become less webmaster friendly and more advertiser friendly. Yes, it is the fact. So for content marketing campaigns (blog post creation, video marketing projects, presentations, eBooks, PDF files, micro-blogging), you should pay your close attention to other top-notch SEO tools.

Long Tail Pro is such useful SEO software for niche marketing. To find long tail keywords for SEO, you can use Long Tail Pro Platinum. If you know any other longtail keyword tool, please let me know in the comments.

So how do you research Long Tail Keywords for SEO? Do you use any other keyword research tool?


About the author 

Chamal Rathnayaka

A blogger, Growth Hacker, and Internet Marketer since 2012. Chamal Rathnayaka is the founder of this very site and he's sharing his experience and knowledge on Internet marketing through Pitiya blog. Send him a message on

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  • Nice Post Chamal,

    I would like to add that there is also a service called HitTail which provides a one year free trial for Bloggers and performs exactly as your premium service.
    Also it is a believed fact that all these services pull out data from Google Adwords external tool.
    What do you believe ?

    • Yes, I have heard that HitTail is a perfect long-tail keyword search tool. But, i haven't tried it out so far. Yes, every tool, even some other top-notch SEO tools fetch data from Google servers. It's a clear sign that many SaaS companies and other services depend on Google!

      As i showcased in above, why i like LongTailPro is that it has a few tools for niche marketing. It's a perfect tool to find target audience without using any web-app. In these days, a lot of SEO tools come into play. But, still many professional bloggers use LongTailPro to find long-tail keywords.

      Thanks Rachit for sharing your valuable comment.

    • Mohinder, Glad you found it helpful. Let me know if I can help you in any other way. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts about the post.

  • I have download LongTail Pro’s demo version but it is now opening in my pc. It is showing ‘This Installation of This Application Is Damaged.

    I don’t have much knowledge about Keyword research but today when i read your post seriously i learnt many new things. But i want to learn to use Google Adword Planner, can you tell me that Does Google Adwords Planner work better than LongTail Pro?

    • Make sure you installed the original longtailpro software. If the problem still exists, contact the longtailpro support team and they will help you.

      In fact longtailpro fetches the keyword data from Google. So you can get same keyword from Google keyword planner too. But longtailpro has more tools such as compettior research. On other hand, longtailpro has more controls such as filtering keyword data. If you want to learn more about keyword research, do a simple search on this site.

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