30 Best Dofollow Forum Posting Sites (Free High PR Backlinks)

This article is about forum posting sites to build backlinks and drive traffic to your site. You will find the list of best dofollow forums in 2022 and learn how to build high PR backlinks with forum posting for free.

What are the benefits of forum posting?

In internet marketing, traffic is the blood of your online business. If you cannot drive traffic to your offer, incentive, or web pages, it does not matter how good your funnel is.

Forums posting is one of the old-school methods used by many marketers over the years. Here are some benefits of forum marketing.


You need to build your email list if you are engaged in niches such as affiliate marketing. If you are getting started from scratch, forum posting can be beneficial because people who click your forum signature will most likely sign up on your site.

I recommend offering a lead magnet on your site to increase email opt-in rates. You can use Convertful widgets to create high-converting signup forms. Convertful equips different form types to get you started. Learn more in this Convertful review.

Also, use a landing page builder like Brizy to build your one-page website. Learn more in this Brizy Cloud review.

Blogger, Content creator

With the abundance of bloggers in every niche, getting traffic to your site is becoming harder. Referral traffic is a form of traffic medium that can increase engagement across your site and funnels that will eventually lead to more success across other traffic sources, such as search engines.


You can build quality backlinks to improve your search engine positions using forum posting sites, especially high DA dofollow forum sites. Today I will share several high-quality dofollow forums to build backlinks for free.

Does forum backlink building work?

There are several ways Google determines the link value and the relevancy. Over the years, people abused forum backlinking; therefore, the preference for forum backlinks dropped dramatically.

However, like Google still gives value for nofollow links, Forum backlinks can boost your site’s ranking.

Here is an example: I published an article on Solo ad providers a while ago: https://www.pitiya.com/solo-ads-providers.html

Since it’s a list article and delivers value for the reader, one user mentioned it on a forum called SEOMotionZ.

link building in dofollow forums
A backlink from a forum related to my site’s niche. An active member shared the link, and it is a natural link.

The result?

Now it ranks many competitive keywords higher on the Google SERP!

Search engine rank change
SERP position changes over time for the targeted keyword phrase – BrandOverflow

What did I do to build backlinks through forum posting?

Like always, quality reigns over quantity many times. Therefore, I followed this strategy.

  • Write articles that address critical issues. If people asked what the best guide to Tumblr SEO is, people on the forum would share links to this page: Tumblr SEO: A Complete Guide. Similarly, for Blogger SEO, it would be this article. The problem-solving articles are the key to getting more forum mentions.
  • Make sure your post content addresses the issue prominently. No fluff. Answer the question(s) as quickly as possible
  • Make sure your content is up-to-date. No one will share outdated content on forums. So, either produce more evergreen content or update content often.

So, now you know forum marketing works in link building, let’s dive into the next essential part: How to know forum backlinks boost your organic rankings.

Track Your Progress

Like in any real business venture, you need to analyze whether your efforts in building backlinks through forum posting work. One ideal way to do that is using an SEO tool.

I personally use and recommend Semrush to anyone serious about search engine optimization. It’s equipped with essential tools for our case.

  • Daily keyword ranking monitor – See if keyword ranking positions were improved after building forum backlinks on DA forum sites.
  • Daily Traffic volume checker – See if traffic is improved
  • Backlink checker – Get to know whether backlinks were stuck and indexed by Googlebot
  • SERP position lookup tool – Check the actual rank in your targeted region

Visit the Semrush website over here and enter your domain.

Look for the traffic trend and keyword trend chart on the overview page. The forum marketing campaign might have worked if you see a hike in traffic or growth in the number of keywords.

Click the ‘View details‘ button under the Top Organic Keywords section and see recent keyword ranking changes.

If your keyword rankings are improved, your forum postings were successful. If not, you will have to focus on link quality and the keyword competition in SERPs. That you can easily accomplish with Semrush.

Find more about this SEO tool in this Semrush review. There are some Semrush alternatives, but not many of them have as extensive data as Semrush, and the cost of Semrush is worth considering the value you get.

Furthermore, you can use a forum mention tracker tool such as Awario to get to know who mentioned your articles on forums. Learn more in this review of Awario.

Do’s and Dont’s in Forum Posting to Build Backlinks

A good forum posting strategy includes the followings.


  • Provide value foremost. Be patient. It takes time to become a prominent member of a forum.
  • Be active.
  • Link out to relevant articles. It does not have to be your posts.
  • Spread out your forum link posting profile. You will become suspicious if all links you post are to your site. Make sure to spread it by providing value in different niches or sub-forums.


  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t spam links everywhere.

High DA Forum Posting Sites List


I recommend checking each forum’s Domain Authority (DA) and Traffic Statistics by clicking the ‘Link’ link in the fourth column.


Because if Google does not see those forums have high DA scores, chances are your forum postings’ links will have less value too. Generally, DA and traffic numbers are proportionally similar.

SrURLNameDA & Traffic Statistics Link
1http://www.siteownersforums.com/index.phpSite Owners ForumLink
2https://forum.joomla.org/Joomla! ForumLink
3https://forums.digitalpoint.com/Online Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization ForumLink
4https://www.sitepoint.com/community/Web development and Design CommunityLink
5https://forums.mysql.com/MySQL ForumsLink
6https://www.warriorforum.com/Warrior Forum – Digital Marketing ForumLink
8https://www.webmasterworld.com/Webmaster World SEO ForumLink
9https://www.deviantart.com/forum/Deviantart ForumLink
10https://www.dnforum.com/Buy, Sell, and Talk Domain NamesLink
11https://filesharingtalk.com/forum.phpFile Sharing DiscussionsLink
12https://www.phpbb.com/community/PhpBB Forum Software CommunityLink
13https://www.webhostingtalk.com/Web Hosting Talk CommunityLink
14https://community.oracle.com/hub/Oracle CommunitiesLink
15https://forums.gentoo.org/GenToo ForumsLink
16https://www.webmastersun.com/Internet Marketing Forum, SEO & MarketplaceLink
17https://www.affilorama.com/forum/Affiliate Marketing ForumLink
18https://www.techrepublic.com/forums/Information Technology ForumLink
19https://www.marketingprofs.com/ea/MarketingPros ForumLink
20https://www.wickedfire.com/Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and Internet Marketing ForumLink
21https://www.wilderssecurity.com/Wilder’s Security ForumLink
22https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/Bleeping Computer Technical Support ForumLink
23https://forums.guru3d.com/Computer Hardware CommunityLink
24https://www.overclockers.com/forums/Performance Computing CommunityLink
25https://community.ccleaner.com/CCleaner CommunityLink
26www.smallbusinessforums.orgSmall Business ForumsLink
27https://forum.wordreference.com/WordReference Language ForumLink
28https://gmatclub.com/GMAT Club – Educational ForumLink
29https://seomotionz.com/SEO ForumLink
30https://www.gardenweb.com/Home Design DiscussionsLink

Final Words on Dofollow Forums for Posting

Although backlinks from dofollow forums can boost your keyword rankings, It is not recommended to focus only on dofollow forums to build backlinks. You should spread your backlink profile by building backlinks from education sites, government websites, and other related blogs.

When I started blogging, I did not use dofollow forums to generate backlinks. But to drive traffic and especially get knowledge and share my knowledge.

As a blogger and content creator, you should build quality and practice a good keyword research strategy to rank higher in SERPs. One of my favorite ways of building backlinks is researching long-tail keywords and ranking on the first top three results on the SERP. Top results on Google SERP get not only the most traffic share but also more backlinks too.

Also, when you use these dofollow forum posting sites, identify popular queries and write articles on your site. That is how I generated several content ideas that became some of my site’s most popular articles.

Here are several articles that will be useful to optimize your site for search engines and drive more traffic.

So, how do you intend to use these dofollow forums in your marketing strategy?


  1. What is SEO forum?

    SEO forum refers to online communities engaged in Search Engine Optimization. You can use those communities to start discussions and build inbound links to increase traffic and possibly keyword rankings in search engines.

  2. How do I find SEO forums?

    You can find a list of SEO forums in this article.

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