How to Make Money Online with Your BlogSpot Blog From $0 to $1,000

May 6, 2021


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In this article, you will learn how to earn money from BlogSpot by blogging.

When I started on BlogSpot blogging platform back in September 2012, I never thought I could make money online with my BlogSpot blog and take the blog to the current level.

However, after surpassing many barriers and learning a lot of lessons about blogging and Internet Marketing through BlogSpot, I were finally able to make a decent income and moved to WordPress. (I chose Bluehost as my first web-hosting)

I spent almost three remarkable years on BlogSpot. Those days were delightful — a lot of learned and was able to understand how to make money online with ZERO dollars in pocket.

Now, today, I will share with you how to make money through blogging with your BlogSpot blog.

I am going to share everything I learned about each money making scheme. So, keep reading this article from the first word to the last word. I am pretty sure that you will learn a lot of things.

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What You Will Learn:

  • 1
    9 different ways to make money blogging with your BlogSpot blog.
  • 2
    Unique identifications, advantages, and disadvantages of each method.
  • 3
    Tips to earn more money with blogging.
  • 4
    Tools, software, and services I use for some money making methods.

Ways to Make Money on BlogSpot by Blogging


Google Adsense Logo

Adsense is Google’s advertising placement program for website owners. It is the most popular CPC and CPM-based advertising network in the world.

In fact, top websites and blogs such as CNN, Forbes, WikiHow, Huffington Post and Time magazine monetize their sites with Google Adsense.

Publishers can monetize their sites through a few distinct ways. They are,

  • Text Ads on content
  • Banner ads on content ( Both Static and animated banners)
  • Paid listing on search boxes.

And advertisers can target people in a few different ways. A few targeting options are;

  • Country
  • Language
  • Websites (can whitelist or blacklist sites)
  • OS
  • Device
  • Keywords

These above targeting options are as important as for you too. Because,


  • Majority of site visitors are from tier 3 or tier 2 countries
  • Language is not matched with advertiser's landing pages/offers,
  • Your website has low-quality traffic,
  • Operating System(s) are not profitable for advertisers,
  • Device targeting is very narrow,
  • Your site doesn’t have buyer keywords,

You will make less money with Google Adsense. (I will talk about how to increase your AdSense earnings later at this section)

How it works...

Making money with Google Adsense is very simple.

  • 1
    You signup on Google Adsense.
  • 2
    A member from Google Adsense will review your website.
  • 3
    Decide whether your website adheres to webmaster guidelines and Google Adsense policy.
  • 4
    Your site is approved to Google Adsense.
  • 5
    You make an ad on Google Adsense dashboard. (on different dimensions)
  • 6
    You place advertorial on your BlogSpot blog. (In most occasions, sidebar, within content and enable Google ads on Google search box)
  • 7
    You make money from each Click and impression.

The process looks like easy to make money blogging with Google Adsense. However, many bloggers fail to make enough money and even some couldn’t get into Google Adsense.

Key Factors to Make More Money with Google Adsense on Your Blog

Your Adsense earnings solely depend upon a few key factors.

  • Keywords: Probably the #1 factor to make a little money with huge impressions and make more money with little impressions. The ability to use keywords in proper places on your site is essential to make a good amount of income through blogging. Keyword research boils down to SEO. So, I recommend to check out FAQ featured box to get more information.
  • Traffic Quantity: Google Adsense is also a CPM ad network. Therefore, more impressions your blog generates, more money you’d make through the blog. And even your ad placements get a low CTR, as your site generates more volume, it may get a pretty good amount of ad clicks. So, more money you’d make.
  • Traffic Quality: CPM rates of sites like,, and are very much higher than other sites which receive low-quality traffic. This happens because generally, people visit sites like are business owners, managers, directors and small business owners with higher household incomes per year.
  • Your Niche: If your blog’s niche is one which couldn’t or isn't monetized yet, then you will not see higher Google Adsense earnings. Because, when your site’s content has keywords that Advertisers have not bid, then your site visitors will see irrelevant advertisements or retargeted ads.

    They are generally cheap traffic for advertisers. Because Advertisers have either targeted a narrow audience (when retargeted) or no one come to compete with them. (doesn’t start a bidding war)
  • GEO Distribution: Some GEOs have more buying power than others. So, each group has named as Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Generally speaking, Tier 1 countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia spend more money online and so traffic Prices for these countries are high.

    Meanwhile, SEO keyword competitions for those GEO are also higher, which means advertisers are spending a lot of money for those GEOs.
  • 1
    Your Traffic Quality: When advertisers optimize their Adwords campaigns, if they find they get a high ROI from traffic coming from ads placed on your blog, they will whitelist your domain and bid higher for your site. So, your ads will own higher CPCs and so you will earn more money with Google Adsense ads.
  • 2
    Keyword Competition: You will find terms such as “Low”, “Medium” and “High” in Google Keyword Planner. They are meant for AdWords advertisers. When a specific keyword converts better and advertisers make a profit, they spend more money to increase the rankings of ads. So, it starts a bidding war. More it continues, more money you will make, more money Google will make until advertisers stopped the bidding war.
  • CTR: CTR is the shortened name for Click Through Rate. It can also be expressed as the average number of clicks an ad receives per unique 100 visitors. Higher CTR means, advertisements are clicked more and so you make money. However, there are industry and site standard CTRs. Google have these all data. A suspicious high CTR could cause your Adsense account to close.
  • Placement: In general, ads above the fold get more impressions and clicks. So, you should try to place your ad on above the fold in most cases. Don’t overdo this. Because Google keyword ranking will be decreased as Google started penalizing sites with extensive advertisements above the fold.
  • Ad type, size, and Ad design: You can find a few ad sizes and types in your Google Adsense dashboard. Split test to find a good one which converts better for your blog’s audience. However, you can do much more things about the ad design. (for banner ads) It solely depends upon your advertisers. They will do their best to create attractive ads. Because higher CTRs are cheaper traffic for them.

These are the top key factors that matter to your AdSense earnings. As you see, many of above points are variables which you can change.

Posting quality articles will attract quality traffic.

Quality posts with in-depth content will rank for more long-tail keywords with buyer intent.

First, you need to focus on maintaining an authoritative blog. So, you will make money from Google Adsense effortlessly.

FAQ about Making Money with Google Adsense

What are the meanings of CPM, Impression?

How to find high CPC keywords for your blog?

What is "Retargeting"?

What is a “Bidding War” in PPC advertising?

How do I increase traffic to my BlogSpot blog?

Affiliate Marketing

One of the oldest and high profitable online money making schemes is affiliate marketing. Some online marketers break even 7 figures per year just through modeling affiliate marketing.

How it works...

Affiliate Marketing structure is very simple and ANYBODY can become an affiliate!

  • 1
    You partner or also known as become an affiliate with one company or product or service.
  • 2
    You refer people to product/service’s landing page.
  • 3
    People converts into conversions.
  • 4
    You make money. Usually, a commission based on the product’s or service’s price.

The vast majority of companies utilize “affiliate leverage” as a medium to generate more sales.

In fact, it is a win-win and wins situation for all three parts.

  • 1
    Product or service owner gets more sales. So, increases revenue. No need to spend a dime on marketing.
  • 2
    Affiliates make more money. Some affiliate programs offer recurring commissions too. So, affiliates make money as long as the customer pays.
  • 3
    Customers solve their problem. And in some cases, they get discounts, so save a few dollars while getting a solution for their issues.


Customer acquisition part of some companies are 100% depending upon affiliates!

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

As the affiliate, you receive a lot of advantages by promoting a certain product or service. Here are some of them,

  • You are not responsible for product or service: When you go through the affiliate marketing journey, you might face some terrible products. Obviously, you shouldn’t promote them. However, as the affiliate, you’re not responsible for product’s issues.
  • You don’t have to maintain the product: The beauty of affiliate marketing is even you know nothing about a particular product or service, you can still receive commissions through promoting it your readers. For example, I have promoted a few products on my blog. Bluehost is one of them. However, I am not a techy guy. But, it doesn’t prevent me from making money through promoting Bluehost.
  • You could make recurring income: Another awesome benefit of being an affiliate marketer is you could generate commissions on every month as long as the customer pays his bill. Is it not awesome?
  • Cost effective: As you are promoting affiliate products from your blog, you get commissions without spending a penny on marketing. You just need to persuade people to buy through you. That’s all you have to do. Write once, and receive commissions every day!
  • No Limit: Do you want to make $100 per a day? Or $1,000 per day? You could. No conversion caps especially in CPS.
  • No GEO restrictions: As you know some advertising models only accept people from certain countries. For example, Google Adsense doesn’t allow to get into their network bloggers from certain countries. Affiliate marketing accepts you, everyone. No matter what country you are living in or your customers are.

As you see, affiliate marketing is awesome. Some big marketers also known as “Super Affiliates” make 6-7 figure income per month just promoting affiliate products.

As every money making methods, in affiliate marketing, you can see a few types. They are;

  1. CPA: You get paid once a person converts into a subscriber or a lead.
  2. CPS: You get paid once a person becomes a customer or bought something.
  3. CPI: You get paid once a person installed an App or software on their devices.

Here’s the catch.

Even though affiliate marketing is a highly lucrative online money making method, getting started on it is not so easy as it looks.

In general speaking, You should understand the difficulty of each affiliate marketing model.

Getting someone to enter his email address or phone number is easier than getting his credit card and pay for a product.

That’s why promoting a simple CPA offer is easier when you get started making money on BlogSpot blog through affiliate marketing.

Finding affiliate programs is easy. But, maintaining each account, tracking conversions, and auditing commissions are not easy in the long run.

That’s why since a decade ago, a few affiliate networks started to fill this gap between advertisers (product owners) and affiliates (bloggers, YouTubers, and email marketers).

Affiliate networks:

  • List only quality products.
  • Minimize fraudulent activities.
  • Track conversions.
  • Pay your payments.
  • Work as a middleman between you and the advertising company.

Top Affiliate Networks for Bloggers

As a small businessman, you should choose an affiliate network carefully. Because promoting a product from a bad affiliate network can,

  • Close your affiliate account when you are near to get the payout.
  • Ban you from the network without giving ANY reasons.
  • Throw your messages into the trash by NOT responding you when you have an issue with an advertiser. (ex: you found you have lost some sales)

That’s why you should select one of these top affiliate networks. They are reliable and newbie-friendly.

Recommended Affiliate Programs for Bloggers
shareasale affiliate sign up page

One of the most popular affiliate programs among bloggers. You can sign up easily filling the registration form. The ShareASale team will review your application and decide whether you are eligible for being a ShareASale affiliate.

shareasale icon


  • Hundreds of affiliate programs to select from different verticals
  • Use Cookies ( the first referrer receives the credit)
  • High-quality sales tracking system (can see referral page, IP etc.)
  • Details about the performance of each product in last 7 and 30 days. (ex: EPC, Conversion rates)
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Monthly payouts
  • Different payout options
  • Custom landing pages
  • Creatives
  • Custom creatives
  • Black Friday special deals & Discounts


  • Lack of Offers on some verticles
  • Not handy if you're looking for promoting offers by using custom tracking tools.
  • Can't add pixels, postback URLs etc.
  • Made for Bloggers

FAQ About Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Click the term to reveal its definition...

How much traffic will it be sufficient to make $100+ per month?

PayPal withdrawal isn't available for my county. How would I receive payments?

Paid Reviews

When your blog started getting exposure from search engines, social media, and forums, you will be received a few requests from companies and product owners to write reviews about their products and services.

Paid reviews is a good method to earn quick cash from your blog.

How it works...

  • 1
    You negotiated a price with the advertiser.
  • 2
    You get paid.
  • 3
    You write the article and publish in your site.
  • 4
    You notify the advertiser.

Always remember to,

  • Negotiate a good price: Explain to the advertiser how they will benefit in the long run. Be descriptive when discussing. Don’t be afraid to get started at a higher price.
  • Ask whether they have an affiliate program: If they have, register. If they have not, increase the price.
  • Discuss article length and getting free access to the product or service for a few days to grab information for the review article.
  • Receive payment first.
  • Follow them up for getting more advertorial offers such as a banner ad.


Some advertisers will reach you like listing their product on your blog. But, they actually reach to get a text link from your blog. Be aware of those people and have strict terms.

Think about the long run. Not a few bucks here and there.

Direct Banner Advertising

Another profitable money making scheme. Advertisers and online marketers buy direct banner ads on large scale.

It is one stage of their scaling. So, you should be aware of what’s going on.

How it works...

  • 1
    You send your media kit to your advertiser. Also, you may have to grant the access to your tracking system. For example, you will have to make the advertiser a moderator (not an administrator) on Google Analytics.
  • 2
    Advertiser analyzes your blog and traffic stats.
  • 3
    You and advertiser negotiate the price, ad type, placement, and size.
  • 4
    Advertiser sends you creatives.
  • 5
    Advertiser sends you payment.
  • 6
    Set a time frame. In most cases, a month.
  • 7
    Display the advertisement till the end.

Most direct media buyers prefer 350*250 (large rectangle) and 728*90 (leaderboard) ad types and show the banner ad on above the fold.

Tips to make money with direct banner advertising for bloggers

  • Have a good friendship with your client.
  • Be speed with responses. No one needs to do business with who take days to respond to messages.
  • Provide them a test period.
  • Entice them to buy banner placements on your site again by offering discounts.
  • Reach other competitors and ask them to advertise on your site.

Do you know?

One banner ad helped me to migrate from Blogger to WordPress!

Partner with Media Buying Networks

ad spaces website buysellads

Earn money from BlogSpot by placing paid ad banners on your site using BuySellAds

Another popular method among BlogSpot bloggers to make money online is partnering with media buying networks.

You would have seen some websites (including Blogger blogs) make 4-5 figure income per month simply by selling ad spaces on their blogs with the help of a middleman.

This middle man is the media buying network.

How it works...

  • 1
    You register on a media buying network.
  • 2
    List your BlogSpot blog.Add the description, provide traffic information and provide the URL to blog.
  • 3
    Set pricing model, the rotating number of ads, accepting banner ad types, sizes etc.
  • 4
    You place the JavaScript code in places where you want to display ads.
  • 5
    Media buyers find your site on the media buying network. (or from the ad spaces on your site.)
  • 6
    Media buyer buys ad space(s).
  • 7
    Media buyer uploads creatives and the tracking link to the landing pages.
  • 8
    You accept or reject the offer.
  • 9
    If you accepted the offer, media buying network will show up the ad immediately.
  • 10
    Media buying network will cut off their portion and you will own another portion. (ex: 20/80, 25/75, 30/70)
  • 11
    You make money according to the conditions.

In media buying, there are essentially two pricing models.

  • 1
    CPM: Advertiser pays for every 1,000 impressions.
  • 2
    Fixed: Advertiser pays for a specific period. For example, 30 days.

Key Factors to Earn More Money Blogging with Media Buying Networks

The key factors to make money with media buying networks for bloggers.

  • Traffic quantity: Especially for CPM based advertising, your site need to have a significant amount of impressions to make money. For example: if CPM rate is $1.5, to make $15 per day, the banner ad should expose 10,000 times. In other words, your site must be able to generate 10,000 impressions to make $15 per day.
  • Traffic Quality: Especially in fixed pricing model, advertisers are very careful about clicks, conversion rate, and revenue, plus ROI. Some traffic sources (websites) have millions of impressions, but the traffic quality is very low.
  • The authority: How authoritative your blog is? Advertisers preferably try to advertise on already-established sites such as Forbes due to the authority.
  • Social Proof: The number of comments and social followers is also key factors advertisers search before buying ad spaces on your site.
  • Description: Add as many as possible information about your blog’s performance, authority. A very good description could obviously change the panic mode into the buying mode.
  • Transparency: Honesty and the transparency are the new marketing. Be transparent with your statistics. If your site is barely new to the Internet, it could probably not generate a million impressions per month.

Top Media Buying Networks for Bloggers

The key to making money with media buying networks is through having a lot of page views. Offer discounts and bonus for your retaining customers. So, you could make more money fo a long time and also increase CPM rates.

Become a Publisher of Native Ad Networks

Native ad networks arose a few years ago. Unlike Adsense, most Native ad networks are affiliate friendly. So, many advertisers spend 3-4 figures per day on native ad networks. So, there are huge opportunities for you as a blogger to make steady through Native Ad networks.

Look at these images.

forbes related revcontent
Forbes’s Related Content (Revcontent)
revcontent forbes
Forbes’s Related Content with Thumbnails
cnn related content-outbrain
CNN’s Native Ads
cnn outbrain paid ads
CNN’s related content

Now you see how native ads look like.

They are placed on your site as internal links.

People don’t see them as Advertisements.

Therefore, Native ads get higher CTR.

So, ultimately you make more money.

How it works...

  • 1
    You sign up with a Native Advertising network
  • 2
    You place the JavaScript code to display advertisements. In most cases sidebar and the bottom of post pages.
  • 3
    Native advertising networks show ads according to content your site.
  • 4
    People click on the ads.
  • 5
    Advertising network cut off their portion.You get paid the other portion.

Top Native Advertising Networks to Make money for Bloggers

Like media buying, to make a significant income through native advertising, your blog should receive a significant amount traffic.

Provide Services

Providing services such as coaching are absolutely a perfect way to get into Internet marketing. In fact, if you provide such services, you are a few steps ahead than other bloggers.

Yes, getting customers for your services are harder. But, the experience you collect on the way and the outcomes of being a service provider is immense.

How it works...

  • 1
    You select one aspect you are very knowledgeable and experienced.
  • 2
    Find opportunities in the market. My suggestion is looking in forums to understand problems your potential customers are facing.
  • 3
    Plan your service. Is it a coaching service? Or a one-time service?
  • 4
    Design landing page.
  • 5
    Promote your service on the blog.

You can use forum marketing and write more tutorials related to your coaching on your BlogSpot blog to get more attention and customers.

Providing services seems like difficult to earn money online. However, if you find right angles and use your marketing abilities, it would be easier to get more clients.

Sell Your Own Products

To promote your own products, you must not have to buy expensive tools. If you’re on a small budget, you can use your BlogSpot blog to host selling pages.

How it works...

  • 1
    You create your digital product.
  • 2
    Hire a designer to design your product selling page. Or buy an HTML template from Themeforest.
  • 3
    Upload your selling page to your BlogSpot blog.
  • 4
    Drive traffic. Make money.

If you want to sell an eBook or something like that use Gumroad. They are cost effective and you don’t even have to worry about the payment processing side.

Build Your Email List

List building is a perfect way to build an audience that listens to you. So, no matter you are using BlogSpot, you can reach them out and build a business anytime.

I procrastinated list building when I was first starting my blogging career. However, I finally understood that I must begin to build an audience because 90+% of visitors won’t ever come to my site.

The best way to building an audience is through email marketing.

How it works...

  • 1
    You register with an email marketing service such as GetResponse. They offer a free 30 day trial for beginners. So, create your free GetResponse account to get started on email marketing. (Read the ultimate GetResponse review to know more about GetResponse ESP and its benefits etc.)
  • 2
    You create a campaign for your blog.
  • 3
    You set up the autoresponder for your campaign. So, you can send emails automatically on every week or so to build the relationship with your readers.
  • 4
    You collect people’s email addresses and names to get them on your list.
  • 5
    After a few informative emails, you send an offer as a treatment for an issue.
  • 6
    People purchase offers.You make money.

Even your Blogger blog is a barely new, I still recommend you to start building your email list. It will certainly help in future.


BlogSpot is a good blogging platform for people who want to make money online without a huge investment.

You can certainly make money from your BlogSpot blog. If someone says you can’t make money blogging with Blogger, it means either he failed in making money online with Blogger, or he tries to sell another money-making product for you.

Don’t listen to those and start building your blog. Put your every possible effort to grow the blog. If you are struggling to optimize your blog for search engines, I strongly recommend you to read my complete guide to BlogSpot SEO.

If you are getting started, you can try Google Adsense. However, my recommendation is Affiliate Marketing.

Once you are making a nice income every month, you can migrate your blog from BlogSpot to WordPress.

Be patience. Work hard.

One day your hard works will pay off certainly.

I could bet on that.

So, what is your favorite blog monetization method? Mine was direct banner advertising and affiliate marketing. So, what are yours?


About the author 

Chamal Rathnayaka

A blogger, Growth Hacker, and Internet Marketer since 2012. Chamal Rathnayaka is the founder of this very site and he's sharing his experience and knowledge on Internet marketing through Pitiya blog. Send him a message on

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