6 Best Product Comparison Table Generators for Websites in 2024

Among many conversion rate optimization tactics such as using HTML countdown clocks (to imply urgency), limited-sales number counter (to imply scarcity), embedding Amazon reviews (to rent credibility), adding an HTML announcement banner widget (to drive more exposure to your sales, discounts), and link rotator (to split test offers and traffic sources), utilizing product comparison tables or product versus widgets is highly effective for featuring key features, price differences, and images.

Placing a product comparison table in the right place will improve conversions by removing potential customer obstacles and allowing them to choose the right choice (reducing churn and refunds afterward).

But how do you add a comparison table to your website?

That is why, in this article, you will find out the top six product comparison table creators who can make beautiful, responsive, and high-converting comparison widgets for websites.

What is a product comparison widget?

A product comparison widget is a section on a web page that includes comparing details on different products and services. Here’s an example use-case of a comparison table widget on an article.

Product comparison table example
This affiliate product comparison table was used to compare a few outdoor TV enclosures.

Product comparison vs price comparison tables

In our previous article on best pricing table builders, we listed some of the top services. Here are the key differences between the two:

  • Pricing tables are used to feature packages and payment plans, while comparison tables are used to compare items or features.
  • The comparison table generator allows you to add your opinions, experiences, and expectations about each product/service.
  • Marketers who want to promote one or multiple products can use comparison tables on more than one occasion, while a pricing table is shown on the pricing page as a standard.

Who can use comparison table widgets?

  • Amazon affiliates – Some comparison table creators listed below allow fetching product details such as product title, key features, total average rating, product images, and embedding correct country-specific Amazon affiliate links automatically.
  • Affiliate marketers – If you promote any kind of product or service in your blog, you can utilize affiliate product comparisons to boost sales.
  • Product owners – Highlight key features of your product/service against competitors.

Top 5 Product Comparison Table Widget Generators to Use to Boost Sales

Affiliatable Comparison Tables

Affiliatable Website

Affiliatable is an online tool that allows you to create high-converting comparison tables & product boxes to increase affiliate revenue. The platform consists of different box types such as Product Box, Pros & Cons Box, Product Roundup, Rating Box, Versus Box, and Comparison Table. Learn more in the Affiliatable review.

Its Comparison Tables generator allows you to make embeddable comparison tables with its visual editor.

Affiliatable Dashboard


  • Templates – Affiliatable provides different comparison table templates to get started. The best part is you can change the theme of multiple affiliate product comparison tables later if you wish with the “Global Template Change” feature.
  • Advanced visual editor – Customize difference table widget to resonate with your brand and website theme and maximize conversions with color schemes, fonts, and CTA (Call-to-action) buttons. Additionally, you can preview a widget’s appearance on mobile, tablet, and desktop before displaying them on your site to ensure everything fits perfectly well.
  • Geotargeting – If you are looking for a good comparison table for your Amazon niche affiliate website, Affiliatable would be one of the best choices because it has a Geotargeting feature that automatically redirects users to the correct Amazon website.
  • WordPress plugin – With the Affiliatable WordPress plugin, you can get shortcodes for each comparison table and track clicks on the ‘Statistics’ panel.
  • Schema optimization – Want to add those star ratings on Google SERPs (search engine result pages)? Affiliatable makes it easy by adding Schema.org markups for star ratings, pros & cons, and so on.
  • Replace tracking ID – If you are into website flipping or hope to sell your niche affiliate website one day, Affiliatable possesses a handy feature: Tracking ID replacement. The new website owner does not have to go back and forth between all the posts to replace their affiliate ID – Only just need to replace their tracking ID.
  • Add a disclaimer to disclose your affiliations, add Nofollow attribute to links, force links to open in a new tab, copy function, duplicate widgets, team members, and more.

How to create a comparison table on Affiliatable

First, sign up on Affiliatable from here and navigate to the “Comparison Tables” section from the vertical menu on the left side.

Affiliatable Dashboard

Click on the “Add” button. A popup will open. Select the domain in which you wish to embed the comparison table widget. Give it a memorable title, and choose a template. You can change all those later.

Affiliatable Comparison Table Settings

Now you will see the Comparison tables creator.

Edit existing example product items or delete those and click on the “Add” button to add a new product to the comparison table.

Here’s a video tutorial that showcases how to create a comparison table on Affiliatable.


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Affiliatable is free to use. But, the free plan consists of many limits, such as being limited to 100 tables and the inability to enable Schema markups. Affiliatable’s paid plans start from $9/website per month.

Affiliatable Monthly Plans

Click here to try Affiliatable.

CommonNinja Comparison Tables

Common Ninja comparison tables

CommonNinja is a service that provides coding-free widgets for websites with over 170 different plugins in its widgets catalog. We featured several on Pitiya. Some are the Testimonial slider, PDF Gallery, Logo Showcase, Brackets and Tournaments, Number counter, and Image Comparison Slider (Before and After).

Its Comparison Tables maker app consists of many features, customization options, and responsive skins.

Common Ninja Comparison Table Builder
The comparison table maker of CommonNinja


  • Templates – Choose one out of eight pre-made comparison table templates.
  • Multiple input types – CommonNinja supports these content types for cells: Empty, Text, Button, Feature (Yes, No, Partial options), Rating (5-star), and PayPal button.
  • Manage rows and columns – Add new columns & rows and duplicate existing ones and change the background of cells or sections (i.e., rowspan and colspan), and drag and drop rows efficiently.
  • Sections – Categorize rows in your table.
  • Search and sort options – CommonNinja’s Comparison Table widget generator allows you to enable Search and column sorting functionalities to improve user experience.
  • Floating elements – Make headers of comparison tables fixed and floating so that readers will not get lost when reading long tables.
  • Pagination – Want to embed a lengthier comparison table in a narrow space? Utilize the ‘Pagination’ feature to allow readers to read all the information comfortably.
  • CSV-to-Table Conversion – Adding data is one of the biggest headaches when using a feature differences table maker. You can easily convert any CSV file into an interactive compare table. All your data will be transferred exactly as it is, including tags, images, buttons, and other supported elements.
  • Customization options – One reason CommonNinja’s Comparison Tables plugin is one of the best comparison table generators is its wide variety of customization abilities. You can change colors and icons, add a background image and fonts, use custom fonts, and personalize your widget with many more functions. In addition, you can use custom styles and CSS to change the outlook of the comparison table plugin as you want.
  • Right-to-left & left-to-right language support, device-specific customization tools, widgets management, sharing comparison tables to others to view publicly, and many more features.

How to create a table of comparison widget on CommonNinja

Sign up on the CommonNinja website for free from here and create your comparison table. Check out the video tutorial below to find out how to use the CommonNinja widget editor.



CommonNinja’s Comparison Tables plugin is free of charge. However, the free plan consists of many limits and CommonNinja’s branding on the widget. Its paid plans start at $10 per month for 5 widgets.

CommonNinja Pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja.

Elfsight Comparison Tables

The comparison table widget generator comes on the Pricing Table app of Elfsight

Elfsight is a service that provides 80+ different website widget generators to upgrade your website. It consists of many applications ranging from collecting data to converting visitors into leads. Some of the popular Elfsight widgets are Facebook Feed, All-in-one Reviews, All-in-one Chat, Popup Creator, Cookie Consent, and the Age Verification widget.

Elfsight’s Comparison Tables Creator comes under the Pricing Tables app.

Elfsight's comparison table widget builder
Elfsight’s visual comparison table builder lets you drag and drop columns and rows and fine-tune the widget without handling a single line of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code.


  • Unlimited columns – Use unlimited table columns to add more product comparisons and unlimited head columns for additional features. You can easily edit existing columns, duplicate them, and re-order without cluttering the design or ruining data inputs.
  • Feature settings – Add hints to features and explain briefly what they are about. (Check out the demo below, for instance)
  • Price settings – Easily change currency and add prefixes and postfixes.
  • Featured column – Highlight a specific item and add a ribbon text to make it stand out.
  • Multiple Tables mode – Create multiple tables and toggle between them.
  • Customize appearance – One of the reasons why the Elfsight comparison table is an excellent comparison table generator is because of its comprehensive customization options. Choose one of five available skins, change the color scheme, and edit the appearance of specific elements to resonate with your website theme and brand color palette.
  • Custom CSS, widgets preview & duplication, widgets and domain management, and more.

How to create a table of comparisons on Elfsight

Use the following widget builder. Choose the “Comparison Table” template and edit the content.

Or make your comparison table using the builder on the official website or by registering your account from here and start designing.

Watch the video below to find out how to use Elfsight to generate a comparison table.

Embed comparison table HTML Code

Once you generated the HTML code for the comparison table, copy it and paste it where you want to display it.

Elfsight Comparison Table widget's embed code
Embed code for comparison table widget

You only need to place the JavaScript once (bolded below), even if your website has multiple Elfsight widgets installed already.

<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-8e9407e4-422e-4fe1-96a1-5a75fb8a2fe4" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>



Elfsight’s Pricing Table (aka comparison tables generator) is free to use. However, the free plan, also known as the Lite plan, consists of many limits: 200 views cap, Elfsight logo on the comparison table.

Its paid plans start at $5 per month. All paid subscriptions come with a free installation service and allow the removal of the Elfsight logo from comparison table widgets.

Elfsight's Pricing Table widget's pricing plans

Also, Elfsight includes an “All Apps Pack” pricing plan that offers access to 80+ applications, including comparison table maker. Check this Elfsight prices guide to learn more.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

Click here to try Elfsight.

Fouita’s Comparison Tables

Fouita Comparison Tables Templates

Fouita is another platform similar to Elfsight and Common Ninja that allows you to create various widgets for your websites. It provides two comparison table widgets for pricing comparison and product comparison for affiliate marketing.

Fouita Comparison Table Widget Editor


  • Templates – There are currently five comparison table templates based on distinctive designs and layouts. Each template has its own outlook, and you can customize it.
  • Cell types – The widget builder provides several input types for cells: Empty, Image, Checkmark, Text, Button, and Review.
  • Customization – Compared to other options in this article, Fouita’s Comparison tables creator has fewer options. However, you can change colors, icons, sizes, etc.
  • Display conditions, triggers, and scheduling – This section lets you specify where and when to display your widget.

Find a demo on this page.


Fouita’s pricing plans are flexible, so costs depend on your usage.

Fouita Pricing

Click here to try Fouita.

Lasso Comparison Tables


Lasso is an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress. In fact, Lasso is a competitor to Affiliatable, which we listed above. It includes several affiliate marketing tools:

  • Product Displays – Highlight affiliate products on articles with featured boxes, which include comparison tables.
  • Click Tracking – Lasso provides built-in link tracking and cloaking capabilities inside WordPress, so you do not have to use a link tracking tool such as ClickMagick.
  • Opportunities – Find unmonetized keywords across your site — an excellent option for Amazon niche affiliate sites.

Lasso’s Comparison Tables builder allows you to add comparison tables to your WordPress sites.

Lasso comparison tables WordPress plugin


  • Themes – Lasso includes 7+ themes to create different comparison product tables. Plus, there are two display styles (vertical & horizontal) to order products.
  • WordPress plugin – Lasso might be the best product comparison table for WordPress. All static content is hosted on your server; you can use a cache plugin such as WP Rocket and a speed optimizer such as Perfmatters to lazy load static content, defer scripts, etc., to minimize the impact of WordPress comparison tables on page loading time.
  • Drag-and-drop visual editor – Design the widget according to your requirements. Want to display badges such as “Top Pick,” “Most Popular,” and “Best Value for Money” on product comparisons and star ratings at the top? Lasso covered it by letting you easily add them by dragging and dropping elements.
  • Add fields – Lasso provides multiple fields to add as many details as possible. Product Name, Pros, Cons, Description, Best for, Dimensions, Price, Badge, Star rating, and Product Image are some of them.
  • Responsive design, custom fields, grouping, disclosure message, appearance settings, secondary button, and more.


Lasso is a subscription-based affiliate marketing tools provider. Plans start at $24 per month.

Lasso Pricing

Click here to try Lasso.

AAWP Comparison Tables


AAWP (Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin) provides several features and tools to help affiliates increase revenue from their sites. Comparison Tables are one of those. The plugin is widely used by Amazon affiliates to make product comparisons on WordPress sites.


  • Add products easily – Search products, select items, or add products via ASIN.
  • Highlight important details – AAWP comparison table builder provides these product information fields: Title, Product Image, Price, Prime Status (logo), Star-rating, Amount of reviews, and Buy-button.
  • Custom content output – Want to add extra information? Use one of these content output types: Button, Text, or HTML.
  • Templates, styling and templating, and more.


AAWP plugin is a premium plugin, and packages start from ₤29 per year

AAWP pricing

Click here to check out AAWP.

Affiliatable vs Lasso vs Commonninja

Below comparison table is made on Affiliatable.

Best Value


  • Cross-platform integration
  • Amazon integration
  • Global Template change
  • Schema markups
  • Analytics
Check AffiliatableRead Review
All-in-one tool


  • WordPress plugin
  • Amazon integration
  • Multiple data fields
  • Customization options
Check Lasso
Many Options!


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Search, sorting, and pagination
  • CSV-to-Table Conversion
  • Customization options
  • Add multiple rows and columns, sections, data input types, mobile behavior and more.
Check CommonNinja
We might earn commission when you buy from us without extra costs to you.

Final words on Best HTML Comparison Table Makers

Human attention span is getting lower and lower due to various reasons such as content abundance, heavy advertising campaigns, and content structures of websites. So, as an online marketer, you have to take extra measures to improve not only CTR (Click through rates) but also sales conversion in an age where competition in many arenas, SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media marketing is fierce, an unbearable for many small businesses.

Strategies such as Launch Jacking work so well for pre-launches. But, if you are a niche affiliate or want to promote a popular affiliate product, using a quality comparison table generator will help in many ways:

  1. Compare a product against a popular product and highlight savings and key differences of the product you promote
  2. Compare a product against a peer competitor and highlight USP (Unique Selling Propositions)
  3. Compare a product against a weaker competitor and showcase why your product is the best choice for users

Among the comparison table generators listed above, Affiliatable and CommonNinja are cross-platform compatible, while Affiliatable and Lasso allow fetching Amazon product details directly.

So, which comparison table maker will you use?

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