5 Best Free Accordion FAQ Widgets for Your Website in 2024

Like using countdown timer widgets in websites helps increase your funnels’ conversion rates, so do FAQ widgets.

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions are commonly used by many businesses (small to enterprise-level) in prominent parts of the site (mostly on the pricing page and places where a decision is made) because it works.

In this article, you will find our top five free FAQ widget generators to make a FAQ widget to use on any site.

Why should you use HTML FAQ widgets?

  • Eliminate any obstacles on clients’ way to purchase: Not all your potential customers will contact you and ask a particular question, even if you have a live chat widget installed. Instead, they might most likely visit your competitor sites and search for solutions. Give your customers the answers they are looking for before they ask for them, and boost sales.
  • Help your clients understand your business better: Emphasize key features, USP (User Selling Proposition), and benefits of your service better to take readers on the same page. Also, a FAQ widget section can be used to reveal all the details about your business terms and conditions to reduce churn and increase the quality of prospects.
  • Reduce support service time and cost: Display common questions asked by your customers and answers to them on your sales page and reduce service time by answering repetitive queries.
  • Recruit business partners and affiliates: Use the FAQs widget section to inform about your affiliate program and turn it into an affiliate recruitment site.
  • FAQ section takes people’s attention: FAQs are regarded as an important part of a web page. Place an FAQ widget on an important place on a web page and get readers’ attention.

6 tips to consider when using FAQ widgets

  1. Answer anticipating questions: Your potential customers can have a variety of questions, from about pricing and refunds to obligations and limitations. Answer as many frequently asked questions precisely without the fluff.
  2. Customize widgets to resonate with your brand: All these FAQ HTML widget generators let you change colors, fonts, etc.
  3. FAQ widgets are dynamic: It means you can place one widget on numerous placements and change the content later.
  4. Page speed matters: Some of these HTML FAQ widgets utilize external JavaScript and CSS scripts. So, you will have to take measures such as loading those scripts asynchronously and using a script manager service such as Google Tag Manager or Zaraz to reduce the impact on page loading time.
  5. A/B test: Using a set of questions on one FAQ box widget is not a one-way ticket to success. You will have to split test to find optimal question combination, placement, widget style, etc.,
  6. Fetch the most popular questions from the helpdesk: You might be using help desk software such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Gist. Order questions by popularity and add them to a FAQ widget on your website.

5 Best FAQ Widgets for Websites to Use Free

Elfsight Website Accordion FAQ Widget

Elfsight FAQ widget

Elfsight is one of the best services that provide cool HTML widgets for websites to upgrade their sites. YouTube Gallery, Events Calendar, HTML announcement bar, Tiktok feed, and Google Reviews widgets are some of them.

Elfsight FAQ widget for website is a powerful tool to generate a customized FAQ widget that works great on any site.

Elfsight FAQ Widget Editor
Elfsight’s FAQ widget editor

Key features

  • Interactive editor – Even if you do not know anything about HTML or coding, essentially, you can design a beautiful Q&A widget.
  • Seven templates – Elfsight’s FAQ widget generator comes with seven templates to start with. They are Search in FAQ, Accordion FAQ, Categories, Simple FAQ, Multicolumn FAQ, FAQ Dropdown, and Custom Colors
  • Question Categories – Group your questions and answers by categorizing them to make them digestible.
  • Three Layout styles – 1) Accordion, 2) List, 3) Multicolumn
  • Utilize images and videos in answers – Easily embed videos and insert images in your FAQs.
  • Customizable options – Enable/disable the search bar, Open the first question by default, multiple active questions, custom colors, and more.
  • Custom CSS – Customize the HTML FAQs widget further (e.g., add a border, drop shadow, etc.) with CSS.

How to create a FAQ widget on Elfsight

Choose a template, click on the “Continue with this template” button, add your questions and answers, change the layout, and customize the appearance. Click on the “Add to website” button to get the HTML embed code.

Or create your free FAQ widget by signing up on Elfsight from here.

Watch the short video below to see how to make a questions and answers widget for website in Elfsight.



Elfsight has two pricing plan setups. Single app pricing and All apps pricing.

Elfsight’s Accordion FAQ widget is free to use.

Elfsight FAQ Widget Pricing

However, the free plan is limited to 200 views per month, and the Elfsight branding is apparent on the widget. Therefore, you might have to upgrade to a paid plan to increase the views per month limit and remove the branding from the widget.

All App packages start at $15 per month. Those plans include all apps Elfsight provides, such as Instagram feed widget and background music player.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

Click here to try the Elfsight FAQ widget on your website.

CommonNinja FAQ Maker plugin

Common Ninja's FAQ Widget

The CommonNinja FAQ Maker plugin lets you embed a widget for frequently asked questions on your site. Like Powr and Elfsight, CommonNinja is a website widget provider with 170+ widget types.

Its FAQ plugin is equipped with dozens of customizable options as well.

Key features

  • Live editor – Design your common questions widget on the live visual editor. Change colors, fonts, and more with its customization options.
  • Templates – Common Ninja provides several templates to get you started quickly. They are based on several industries and designs, and you can change them later.
  • Categories – Organize your questions according to the widget with sections by having categories for each subject.
  • Up to five Q&As – The free plan allows up to five questions and answers.
  • RTL support – CommonNinja’s FAQ plugin is compatible with Right-to-Left languages.
  • Customize widget – Change layout and column structure, choose a color skin, and/or use advanced customization to customize the widget’s look and feel. There are custom styling options and a custom CSS field to add your own preferences to the widget.
  • Functionalities – These include controlling open questions (i.e., one at a time or allowing multiple open), search bar, search placeholder, and enabling auto-FAQ Schema markups.
  • Device-specific editing tools – Common Ninja’s editor has tools to create different widgets based on a visitor’s device type.

Building an accordion widget for FAQs

Sign up on the Common Ninja website, search for the “FAQ” widget, choose a template, add your questions & answers, and customize the widget’s style. Here’s a video tutorial that demonstrates the process:



CommonNinja FAQ Maker plugin’s prices start at free.

CommonNinja Pricing

The free plan allows up to five questions, one category, and 300 impressions per month.

Click here to try the CommonNinja FAQ plugin.

Powr FAQ plugin

Powr FAQ plugin

Powr is another website widget provider with over 50 powerful apps to upgrade your site. Some of them are the Pricing Table generator, Google Maps widget, and Counting up timer widget.

Powr FAQ plugin is equipped with tons of features, and it’s easily customizable with a visual editor that does not require coding skills.

Powr FAQ plugin editor

Key features

  • Live editing – One of the things about Powr apps as a whole is that you can customize them live on your site. This lets you adjust colors, fonts, etc., to resonate with the theme of your site.
  • Layouts – Accordion layout or Single answer
  • Enrich answers – Add images, videos, and links to answers
  • Search bar – Let users find the answer they are looking for
  • Upvote/Downvote answers – Get to know whether your readers think the answers provided are helpful or not. It’s like embedding helpdesk questions on a website.
  • Customizable – Backgrounds, border styles, colors, fonts, sizing, spacing, customizable icons, half-width sections, adjustable transition speed, and more customizable options let you make your plugin precisely the way you’d like it
  • Custom HTML – Customize answers by embedding files, etc.
  • Invite collaborators – Add your developer or VA as the team member, let them edit the plugin, and install it on your sites or apps.
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript – Design custom FAQ widgets for sites and execute JavaScript when the widget loads on a page.

Watch the video below to see how to design an embeddable FAQ widget for a website in Powr.

Embedding Powr FAQ widget on a site

Copy and paste the HTML code where you want to display the questions and answers widget.

Powr FAQ html code snippet



Powr’s FAQ plugin is free to use.

Powr FAQ plugin pricing
  • Free – $0 – 5 entries, custom HTML
  • Starter – $5.49/month – 10 entries, custom HTML, Search bar, Half-width sections
  • Pro – $13.49/month – 15 entries, custom HTML, Search bar, Half-width sections, Custom CSS & JS, Upvote & downvote answers feature
  • Business – $89.99/month – Unlimited entries, custom HTML, Search bar, Half-width sections, Custom CSS & JS, Upvote & downvote answers feature, Business upgrade for all 50+ Powr apps.

The free plan allows up to five Q&As and Powr’s branding is apparent on the widget. Paid plans unlock certain features and increase entry limits. The business plan allows unlimited entries and upgrades to all 50+ apps in the business plan.

Click here to try the Powr FAQ plugin.

Widgio FAQ widget

Widgio frequently asked questions plugin

Widgio is another plugin provider for websites. Its Frequently Asked Questions widget for website lets you design a simple FAQ widget and embed it on your site.

Widgio FAQs widget editor

Key features

  • Four templates – Coloured FAQs, Accordion FAQs, List FAQs, and Multi-Column FAQs
  • Categories – Group Q&A to different sections
  • Customizations – Enable/disable the search bar (and customize search placeholder text), design the questions and replies widget’s appearance, open the first question by default, activate multiple answers, and more.


Widgio provides a free FAQ widget for your website. However, certain features and capacities are limited.

Widgio single widgets pricing

Click here to try the Widg.io FAQ widget.

Easy Accordion by ShapedPlugin

Easy Accordion FAQ plugin WordPress page

Easy Accordion plugin by ShapedPlugin LLC is a free FAQ plugin for WordPress. The free version comes with several templates and customization options and lets you easily design, manage, and embed a FAQ widget anywhere on a WordPress site.

Key features

  • Display multiple accordions on the same page
  • 3 accordion modes on page load – First Open, All Open, and All Folded
  • Unique settings for each accordion
  • Expand & collapse icon color, size & position
  • Custom CSS, SEO-friendliness, RTL support, and customization options

Easy Accordion plugin would be an excellent contender to consider if you are looking for a WordPress-specific solution to design an FAQ widget without depending on external services.

Click here to download the Easy Accordion plugin.

Final words on best FAQ widgets for websites

One of the better ways to provide users with a better understanding of your products and services is by adding a FAQ section to your site. It is not limited to online stores, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products, or online services. You can use a FAQ widget on these circumstances as well:

  • Online giveaways – Display FAQ widgets on signup and thank you pages. Share key details about the giveaway, such as what can be won, how winners are chosen, who can participate on the signup page, and ways to increase the chance of winning on the share page. Top giveaway software such as UpViral (review) lets you embed custom HTML widgets on giveaway pages.
  • Events – Address key metrics such as speakers, time zones, ticket prizes, etc.
  • Webinar signup pages – Showcase topics that will be covered, how to attend on mobile, and if the recording will be available.
  • Articles – Particularly useful if you write a review on a product or service. Search engines such as Google display people frequently asked questions on search results when optimized correctly using Schema markups.

Which is the best FAQ HTML widget generator?

It depends on your requirements. You can use a WordPress FAQ widget plugin if you do not want to use a third-party FAQ widget generator. Using a WordPress plugin gives you the possibility to load all the scripts from your server. And it allows you to increase page speed by catching all items using a plugin such as WP Rocket, disabling loading scripts on certain pages by using a plugin such as perfmatters (i.e., Script Manager tool of perfmatters), lazy loading images, and deferring nonimportant scripts.

Also, there are FAQ “elements” or “blocks” on WordPress page builders such as Elementor, Brizy, Thrive Architect, and Beaver Builder. The downside is you cannot use the FAQ widget on widget sections in some cases.

However, tools like Elfsight and Common Ninja not only provide high-quality designs but also support and continuous app development. Also, you can use an FAQ widget in many places that are not limited to a particular page builder, such as Wix, Squarespace, or CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress, Brizy Cloud CMS, and Drupal.

So, which Accordion widget generator do you use?

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