Tiers of Traffic in Solo Advertising: Why Top Tier Solo Ads?

If you are in the Solo Advertising space, I bet you’ve already heard of ‘Top Tier Solo Ads’. Many solo ad vendors claim to sell traffic from tier 1 countries.

But, what are the tiers of traffic?

Is it only specific to Solo ads marketing?

Why should you really care about traffic tiers in your campaigns?

You are going to learn all about tiers of traffic in solo advertising in today’s article.

tiers of traffic in Solo advertising

Where is Tiers of Traffic Used?

There are over 200 countries on this earth. Some have a higher population but are less wealthy, and some have higher GDP per capita but less population.

Also, there are a vast majority of different ethnicities, languages, and cultures around the world. For instance, if your marketing campaign is all about English, you need people who understand English with good spending power.

That is why many ads networks use tiers of traffic in their Geo-targeting. It helps and benefits all participants: 1) Publishers 2) Ad network 3) Advertisers.

Here are several main ad sectors where the tiers of traffic structuration are widely used:

  1. CPA marketing
  2. Pop advertising
  3. Push advertising
  4. Zero Traffic/Domain traffic advertising
  5. Solo advertising

Depending on which platform and which ad sector you use, the definition of tiers of traffic could vary. However, the rule of thumb is that all those tiers of traffic in advertising involve the quality of each visitor, ROAs (Return on AdSpends), Conversion Rate (CVR), opportunities to make money, market value, and customer lifetime value (LTV). Some may include factors like legal regulations, Geopolitics, technological advancements, society and ethnicity, and languages, especially to some extent.

However, in this article, I will particularly focus on the tiers of traffic in Solo Advertising. Since I have already published several guides to solo advertising on buying solos, selling solo ads, Solo ads arbitrage, and more, you might’ve seen I talked about top-tier Solo ads in many of those guides.

<Landing Pages Collection for Solo Ads>

What are Traffic Tiers in Solo Advertising?

Solo advertising is an amazing business model. It is built upon email marketing which is, according to many studies has known as the highest profitable marketing channel. With a whopping 4,100% ROI (Yep, that is right!), if someone can crack the code to email marketing, he or she can make passive income day and night!

return on investment of different channels
Return on Investment for different channels – Email marketing has got $40+ return for every $1

One way to build a list fast is through Solo Advertising. If you want to build a list of 10,000 people this month, solo ads are an excellent place to get started.

Create a high converting solo ads squeeze page with a tool like Clickfunnels and integrate your email autoresponder software like GetResponse or Aweber and drive traffic through solo ads! Optimize everything. You will get what you want.

But, it is not all. Is it?

When buying traffic in solo advertising, every visitor matters, or in other words, every click matters.

Unlike pop ads, in solo ads, every detail of every visitor matters. Did they use mobile? If so, which OS is it? Which broadband service did they use? Which country or State is the visitor’s geolocation? These are the questions every solo ad buyer should know of.

This figure shows a traffic report of a solo ad campaign which shows details of each unique visitor

That is why you should consider the traffic geography in your solo ads campaigns.

Traffic Geography in Solo ads

When you buy ads from a marketplace like Udimi, you would see the traffic geography of the seller.


Also, you would see the traffic geography in reports of Udimi.


Top Tier Countries in Solo Ads

Primarily, Solo Advertising is considerably dominated by English-speaking audiences. If you want to buy a solo, your ad text, the landing page must be in English — Proper English without grammar errors. That is the first condition.

The second one is the traffic should be high in quality. “Quality” is exactly a broad term. However, generally speaking, quality traffic is responsive, high in demand, and has a higher EPC or drive sales to your business.

Normally, that high-quality traffic is originated from Top tier countries, which are the following:

Top Tier Countries of Solo ads

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore *

Singapore wasn’t considered a top-tier country in the solo advertising space. However, due to its emerging economic status & BRI integration, the financial status of the average citizen, and the commodity of English speaking among the society, it has become a top-tier country. Unsurprisingly, Singapore has got a $57,797 GDP per capita. That makes it is richer than most European countries.

Top Tier Solo ads

Top-tier solo ads are email clicks from Top tier countries or Tier 1 countries. Many buyers prefer most traffic from the United States specifically due to various reasons, which are not limited to digital literacy, adaptiveness to new opportunities and technologies, etc., and free-market capitalism (i.e., less regulation).

How to buy Top tier Solo ads

Predifining the geo-location of solo ads traffic can be challenging if you buy traffic directly from solo ads providers. However, with marketplaces like Udimi, it makes so easier to filter sellers whose main traffic source is top tier countries or, even better, from a specific country.

Head over to Udimi Solo Ads Marketplace and click on the ‘Find Sellers‘ tab. If you have not already signed up, register for free and get your $5 discount. Learn the pros and cons of Udimi from Udimi reviews and get its pricing details over here.


Click on the “down arrow” button and select the “Top tier countries” option under the Main Traffic Source label.


Here is a seller’s solo ad traffic geo-location statistics. Udimi calculates these. So, the data cannot be manipulated by sellers.


Want 100% traffic from the United States? No problem, select the country “United States” under the “Main Traffic Source.”

A solo ad seller whose traffic is 100% from the USA

What about Tier 2, Tier 3 of Traffic in Solo advertising?

Yes, they do exist. However, since most engaged in Solo advertising are interested in traffic from wealthy English-speaking countries, top-tier traffic is the most popular.

Although you can definitely give other tiers of traffic in Solo advertising a try, you will have to come up with good offers for the targeted audience to make money.

Best tools to get the most from traffic

If you learned something from buying solo ads traffic, it should be every click matters. Since the visitor is already warmed up, solo ads traffic might be a perfect match for your offer. But, if you used the tools below, your workflow would be so much easier than before.

  1. Landing page softwareClickfunnels is used by many pro solo ad marketers. But, you can use an alternative like Brizy. Learn more about Brizy Cloud from this article and its pricing details over here.
  2. Solo ad tracker — Although there are many link shortening tools with a custom domain, not many of them have features for solo advertising. Use an advanced URL rotator and affiliate click tracking tool like ClickMagick. Learn more about ClickMagick pricing.
  3. Email subscription and notification widget creating tool — Among many solutions, ConvertBox and Convertful are my favorites. Currently, ConvertBox has a lifetime offer and it’s equipped with many features like the drag-and-drop visual builder, advanced 2-way integrations, and targeting options. But, you can give Convertful a try if you want a cheap solution. Here is a complete overview of Convertful.
  4. Task workflow automation toolIntegrately is my best task automation tool. it is similar to Zapier but with a simpler user interface and 1-click automation recipes. Learn more in this review of Integrately and pricing plans from this article.
  5. Powr — This tool provides over fifty different tools to help grow your business. Ex: Live Chat widget, survey forms, PayPal buy button, pricing table generator, social feed widget, testimonials, count up timers, reviews widgets, custom email countdown timer generator, Contact Us widget, etc.,
  6. ThriveCart — If you want to sell something, you need to have just more than a PayPal Business or a Stripe account. ThriveCart is one of the best online cart builders with tons of features.
  7. UpViralUpViral.com is a giveaway platform that lets you create viral giveaways and contests to boost leads strategically. Although there are many UpViral alternatives and giveaway platforms, UpViral’s features like drag-and-drop page builder, integration methods, post-giveaway actions, and UpViral costs stand it out from others.

Alternatively, you can use an AI copywriting tool like Anyword to empower your solo ad campaigns by optimizing from email subject lines to landing page copies. Learn more in this in-depth Anyword review.

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So, which tiers of the traffic of solo ads do you use in your campaigns?

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