Integrately Pricing Update: How much does it cost in 2024?

Integrately is a tool like Zapier that allows you to connect your favorite apps and automate task workflow.

I have written a detailed review of Integrately before, and today, I will share what happens to Integrately with its recent pricing update.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How much does Integrately cost in 2024
  • Integrately vs. Zapier pricing comparison
  • Integrately past pricing, lifetime deals, special promotion details, and more!

Current Integrately Pricing

Integrately updated their pricing plan for the first time since the start of the subscription-based model on June 10, 2021. Take a look at the screenshot below for the most current Integrately plans and pricing.

Integrately Monthly Pricing
Integrately subscription packages in 2024

Starter vs Professional comparison

Starter and Professional are two of the most popular plans in Integrately. Many small businesses and marketers who want to try the Integrately app before moving from Zapier, Integromat, etc., mostly start with Starter or Professional plans. Here are the major differences between those two.

Allowed tasks12,00010,000
Automations (Zaps)20Unlimited
Polling time (Update time in Minutes)52
Premium Apps3Unlimited
Auto replayNoYes
Monthly charges$29.99$49

The distinctions are apparent as the Pro plan provides higher tasks (almost three times), more automation (Zaps), features like Iterator and AutoRetry, and quicker polling time. At the same time, the price is increased just below two times the Starter plan.

Professional vs Growth

Integrately’s Professional and Growth plans provide more features and higher limits. Check out the comparison table below.

Allowed tasks10,00030,000
Automations (Zaps)UnlimitedUnlimited
Polling time (Update time in Minutes)22
Folder permissionsNoYes
Shared connectionsNoYes
Monthly Price$49$124

Growth Plan would be the best choice if you are an agency owner or want to add your team members.

Integrately vs Zapier

Both are competent tools feature-wise. is a newcomer, while has already established a name in the marketing space, has a $5.0 billion market cap, and has raised $1.3 million in venture capital.

  • Integrately’s and Zapier’s free plans include 100 tasks
  • You must subscribe to the Professional plan in Zapier to start using connections via Webhooks. But Integrately provides these features from the free plan.
  • The basic paid plan of Integrately, which costs $29.99 a month, includes 2,000 tasks and 5 minutes of update time. But Zapier’s starting plan costs $29.99 monthly, providing 750 tasks/month,1 user, single-step, and a 15-minute update time.

Also, to get features such as unlimited users and shared folders in Zapier, you will have to upgrade to the Team plan, which starts its pricing from $598.50 (50,000 tasks/mo)!

However, Zapier dominates when it comes to app integrations. Even though Integrately has an Automation Store where you can find thousands of one-click integration recipes, it still lacks far behind Zapier in terms of native integrations.

But, if your app, service, tool, or software has webhooks/callback or API features, you can now easily connect it with Integrately manually and use it without issues.

Create pwn automation by using API and Webhooks
You can use Integrately even if your apps, services, tools, or software are not directly integrated with Integrately. Use API and Webhooks to operate tasks and automate them effortlessly.

Past Integrately Pricing

Integrately was started in 2020 by the people behind CompanyHub. I have personal experience with Integrately’s journey because I was an early adopter. I was able to buy an Integrately Lifetime deal (Agency Lifetime) when it was offered.

June 9, 2021

This screenshot shows the very first subscription fees of Integrately services.

The introductory pricing of Integrately
The introductory pricing of Integrately

Special Notes:

  • Introductory offer. Integrately’s first pricing plan with highly discounted offers.
  • At this time, Integrately had 475 – 500 apps integrated.
  • Was running a monthly referral program where people can win prizes, including an Integrately Business Lifetime account (Value: $3,000/year)
  • The free plan included 200 tasks and 15 minutes of update time. Webhooks are supported.
  • Early subscribers got four to seven times more tasks than usual. Furthermore, monthly pricing was cheaper compared with Zapier’s.
  • Early subscribers got their pricing fees and task limits locked forever. Grandfathered into new features in corresponding plans they subscribed to.

Integrately Lifetime Deals

Refer and win Integrately Lifetime accounts

For several months, Integrately has been running a referral program where people can refer friends and become a winners.


Note: Zapier was on the Appsumo marketplace several years ago when it was a small startup. Appsumo is an LTD (Lifetime deal) marketplace where you can buy marketing tools. If you missed that opportunity, do not miss this one! They are still running the refer and earn program where you can win a subscription account for life with this Integrately Lifetime deal.

Early adopter program

Integrately ran a promotional early adopter offer to get the buzz, and people talked about the product. I bought the Reseller (100,000 monthly tasks plan). It includes ten sub-accounts and several other features.

Integrately Lifetime plans
The Integrately Lifetime deal plans

Conclusion on Integrately Pricing

Integrately is a fast-growing task workflow management tool that allows more features and cheaper rates compared with competitors.

Also, its features, such as History and custom logic, make it more powerful. Webhooks and API let you seamlessly connect apps that are not natively integrated with Integrately yet. Read my review on Integrately to learn how to use it for your business.

So, which Integrately plan would you consider cheaper and value for money? Have you ever found a more affordable alternative to Integrately? Share your opinions below comments.

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