ConvertBox Pricing: Lifetime Deal & Pro Addon Cost in 2024

How much does ConvertBox cost in 2024?

What is the forecast of ConvertBox price estimations for the future, and when will the ConvertBox Lifetime deal end?

You will find answers to those questions.

What is ConvertBox?


ConvertBox is an on-site lead generation and conversion rate optimization toolkit equipped with many features. In my previous article on ConvertBox review, I talked in-depth about the tool. But, in this article, I will focus on ConvertBox pricing since it looks like ConvertBox will end its lifetime deal (LTD) soon!

ConvertBox Pricing in 2024

The current pricing of ConvertBox follows this.

  • Lifetime deal – Buy ConvertBox once and never pay again
  • Pro addon available – Increase limits

ConvertBox Normal Price

Current Convertbox lifetime deal price

ConvertBox lifetime deal costs $495. It consists following limits and features.

  • 250,000 views per month
  • Use ConvertBox on 10 websites
  • Create unlimited ConvertBox widgets
  • No branding on ConvertBox widgets
  • Access to all ConvertBox features, including advanced targeting options
  • Lifetime updates
  • Free support via email (

ConvertBox Pro

The Pro plan comes as an add-on that you can purchase for just a $95 one-time fee.

Pro account upgrade
  • 500,000 views/month
  • Use on 50 sites
  • Manage logins 5 Sub-users
  • Use ConvertBox for Clients

The total cost of the ConvertBox lifetime deal in 2024 is $590.

ConvertBox Billing page – Lifetime subscription

How to buy the ConvertBox Lifetime deal?

Head over to this page and click on the orange ‘GET YOUR LIFETIME ACCOUNT‘ button. Once done, you will be redirected to the checkout page.

Tick the ‘YES, I want the PRO Account Upgrade‘ box if you need the above features.

ConvertBox Elite

ConvertBox was acquired by Josh Bartlett, the founder (and previous owner) of ThriveCart, and then sold to another company. Once done, he and the team offered an exclusive upgrade option for all previous buyers.

ConvertBox Elite lifetime account details

ConvertBox Elite plan offer was run for a very limited time. The notable features were:

  • Monthly views increased from 250K to 1M
  • Increased the usage of the number of websites from 10 to unlimited

ConvertBox Elite Plus

The Plus addon for the ConvertBox Elite lifetime account was offered as an upgrade option. It basically increased upgrade limits from 1M website monthly views to 1.5M for a $95 one-time fee.

So, the total cost of the ConvertBox Elite Plus lifetime account was $590.

Therefore, the real cost of a ConvertBox Lifetime account is $1,180.

But ConvertBox started a while ago. Its first version, called ConvertBar, was offered under many conditions and pricing options. So, I will discuss the past ConvertBox prices a bit.

ConvertBox Unlimited

Yes, at one time, ConvertBox offered an exclusive deal where buyers received unlimited monthly views (under a fair usage policy).

ConvertBox Unlimited deal pricing and details

The base price was $295. However, with the Pro add-on, users can upgrade their websites from 10 to unlimited. Hence, the ConvertBox Unlimited lifetime account’s cost was $390.

ConvertBox Elite Plus Unlimited

ConvertBox offered a free upgrade to all existing customers. I was one of those people who got a ConvertBox Elite Plus Unlimited upgrade.

ConvertBox Elite Plus Unlimited

Is ConvertBox worth it?

In my previous articles, I discussed a lot of on-site conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools. Convertful is one of those prime examples. However, according to my experience, you cannot get a better deal than ConvertBox’s current offers. Here are the specialties of the ConvertBox lifetime deal.

  • Get lifetime access to one of the best CRO tools
  • Pay once and never pay any subscription fees
  • ConvertBox team releases upgrades frequently. You will get lifetime updates for free.
  • ConvertBox support is fantastic. You get support for free forever
  • Use ConvertBox on your clients’ websites
  • Replace other tools such as survey forms, quiz builders, contact forms, and notification bars and use ConvertBox instead

You have come to know some CRO tools that offer lifetime deal pricing. But, I do not think many of those have the capacity to knock out the ConvertBox and at least maintain the service several years after (speaking from experience).

ConvertBox Lifetime vs Subscription tools

Is ConvertBox LTD cheap? No.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

If you are tempted to use a lead generation tool that is currently offered under a recurring pricing model like OptiMonk, Convertful, OptinMonster, or Convertflow, the monthly pricing would be cheap compared with the ConvertBox Lifetime deal cost.

Convertful Pricing

For example, if you have a small niche blog that receives under 10,000 page views per month, you can pay 31 months straight to Convertful instead of buying a ConvertBox Pro lifetime account.

However, it is worth buying a ConvertBox lifetime account in many cases instead of saving money by subscribing to a recurring product. After all, ConvertBox LTD offers a crazy deal — 500,000 views/month, 50 websites, free lifetime updates, and support!

When will the ConvertBox Lifetime deal end?

That is a million-dollar question. In my experience, ConvertBox and ThriveCart used the scarcity tactic to boost sales but never closed the lifetime deal model and moved to subscription payments.

So, I do not think the ConvertBox lifetime deal will end in the foreseeable future.

Future pricing of ConvertBox

However, I do think ConvertBox’s LTD price will change over time. Once they reach a milestone, such as adding significant features and tools and revamping the ConvertBox app, there will be a new pricing structure.

Should you buy ConvertBox now?

It depends on your business plans. If lead generation is a big part of your business, now is the best time to buy ConvertBox. It already integrates with many popular tools, and you can always use Zapier or Integrately to connect to other apps. I personally use the latter because Integrately has some specific features, and I got the Integrately lifetime deal as well!

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Final Words on ConvertBox Pricing

I have been using ConvertBox since its beginning. All I have to say is I got my money back, and I am glad I bought it because my account was upgraded to the ConvertBox Elite Plus for free.

In my experience and opinion, ConvertBox should move away from lifetime deal pricing and go to the subscription-based model. It is such a good tool, and the deal you will currently be able to buy is absolutely great and worth your investment.

So, if you are in any doubt about ConvertBox Pricing, I hope this article helps you. Let me know your questions (if you have any) in the comments below.

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