7 Best Free Event Calendar Widgets for Websites in 2023

One of the best ways to emphasize upcoming events or any agenda of your organization is to display an event calendar widget on your website with digestible content. But, if you are not a coder, it can be challenging to design one that is responsive and looks great on your site.

That is why in this article, you will find the seven best free event widgets with calendars and many more functions for your site.

6 Tips to consider when using HTML event calendar widgets

Here are several tips to consider when using an event calendar on website.

  1. Update content – These free event calendar widgets are not automatically synced with your event management software. So, you will have to update content, so website visitors will get the most up-to-date content.
  2. Use timers – Using an event countdown timer such as Elfsight will boost engagement.
  3. Make event registration easy and friction-free – If you are registering participants via your website, make sure you have set up a proper event registration form and link it to the event calendar widget on your site through a clear and subtle call-to-action button.
  4. Display map – Most event widget tools allow adding a Google Map so people can clearly see where the event will happen along with the address. If they do not, use one of these free Google Map widget generators.
  5. Allow adding event dates and details to their calendar software – Most services have an option where potential event participants can add event details to their Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Hotmail Calendar.
  6. A/B test different calendar widget formats – Split test your event calendar widget by using different forms such as Grid, Slider, and List. You will never know which one performs better unless you have experimented.

7 Best Event Calendars to Use for Free

Elfsight Event Calendar widget

Elfsight event calendar widget

Elfsight is one of the most popular online widget generators with over 80 unique applications. Google Reviews widget, pricing tables maker and audio player are some of them.

Event Calendar is another app provided by Elfsight. Like all of the Elfsight widgets, the Events widget is filled with many features and customization options.

Elfsight event calendar widget editor

Key features

  • Showcase any type of event – Elfsight includes several pre-made templates focusing on main themes. Basically, you can start with a template or scratch so you can create embeddable calendars for events, schedules, timetables, and agendas.
  • Management – Easily manage multiple event widgets under one interface and configure each easily by adding locations, hosts and messages. Also, you can monitor widget views on each domain from your dashboard and block any domain from using your Event Calendar HTML widget – A perfect option for agencies.
  • Embed on any platform – Whether you are using WordPress or another website builder platform such as Clickfunnels, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Brizy, Blogger, or a static HTML website, with Elfsight’s script, you can showcase the event calendar widget to anyone.
  • Popup – Get more potential visitors to your event by providing more details in the events popup. Plus, there is an “event share” section so people can invite other users to your event.
  • Customization – From three layout types (Grid, List, Slider) to event grouping, Elfsight lets you design beautiful event widgets.
  • Unlimited events – Add any amount of events on a calendar and organize each through groups. Plus, you can enable “Filters” so that people can filter specific events.
  • Display past events – Build trust among new visitors by showcasing past event details.
  • Change event date – Have your plans changed? Elfsight’s Event Calendar lets you change event start and end dates later.
  • Custom CSS – Use the custom CSS field to customize the Event Calendar HTML widget according to your needs.

Use the free event calendar widget builder below. Select a preferred template, add your events & messages, and customize the widget to resonate with your website theme.

Check out the video below to see how Elfsight’s Event Calendar widget designer works:



Elfsight has got two pricing plans. Single app pricing and All App pricing. Like most apps, the Elfsight Event Calendar app has a free plan and three paid plans.

Elfsight event calendar widget pricing
  1. Lite – Free – 1 website, 200 views per month
  2. Basic – $5/month – Unlimited websites, 5,000 views per month, 1 widget
  3. Pro – $10/month – Unlimited websites, 50,000 views per widget per month, 3 widgets
  4. Premium – $20/month – Unlimited websites, Unlimited views, 9 widgets

If you choose to go with an ‘All Apps package,’ you will be given access to 80+ apps, including Google Maps, Before and After Slider, and Team Showcase. To learn more, check the article on Elfsight pricing.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

Click here to try Elfsight Event Calendar.

Powr Event Gallery App

Powr event gallery app

Powr.io is another online service that offers HTML widgets to power a website. Its email countdown timer, ECommerce, and Multi Slider, which can be used to create testimonial auto sliders with thumbnails, rotating images, and social feed widgets, are some notable ones. Powr provides several widgets for ‘events.’ Its Event Gallery app lets you showcase events on your website professionally.

Powr event gallery widget editor
Powr Event Gallery widget editor

Key features

  • Showcase unlimited events – Use images, video, or plain text to highlight key details of events.
  • Call-to-action buttons – Direct people to the web address you want to with customizable buttons
  • Image filters and image hover effects – Beautify images and your event widget.
  • Highlight event date and time – Powr will use the local time. So, you might want to use a time converter such as time.is to convert to a specific time.
  • Add a search bar – Let people search specific events with the search tool
  • Enable social sharing – Show social share buttons so people can share the specific event on social networks
  • Customize – Change text appearance, colors, and more with selective options.

Here’s a video demo on creating an events gallery widget in Powr.



Like Elfsight, Powr has two pricing methods for a single app and all apps (complete package). Check out the screenshot below for more details on the pricing of Powr Event Gallery.

Powr event gallery  app pricing

Click here to try Powr Event Gallery.

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TheEventsCalendar is a dedicated event marketing service that provides various event management tools. Some of its products are:

  1. The Events Calendar
  2. Event Tickets
  3. Event Aggregator
  4. Community Events
  5. Community Tickets
  6. Virtual Events
  7. Promoter
  8. Eventbrite Tickets

Its free event calendar plugin for WordPress is filled with many features, and over 800,000 active businesses use the plugin overall.

Mini calendar block WordPress theeventscalendar
Configuring the Events Calendar block of TheEventsCalendar in WordPress’s Gutenberg editor

Key features

  • Multiple views – There are seven ways you can highlight your events: Month, List, Day, Week, Photo, Map, Summary
  • Featured events – Highlight specific events to increase engagement with them.
  • Recurring events – Monthly, weekly, and custom recurring events take the busywork out of calendar management.
  • Import events – Import all occasions from a CSV file and reduce repetitive work.
  • Calendar integrations – Let users subscribe to events on iCalendar or Google Calendar.
  • Time zone support – Set time zones for events and keep everyone on the same schedule.
  • Shortcodes and blocks – Embed a calendar or event anywhere on your WordPress site, display event countdowns, or highlight featured venues.

Here’s a video tutorial on using The Events Calendar plugin with Elementor, a famous WordPress page builder.


TheEventCalendar has a free plan, and many free plan features are limited or unavailable. Its paid plans start from $99/month.

Click here to try The Event Calendar.

Event Calendar App


Event Calendar App (ECA) is another service that lets you create a stunning, responsive event calendar widget for your site. Its in-built ticketing system will be helpful, especially if you are a full-time event organizer or hold paid events as a long-term income stream.

Event Calendar App connections

Key features

  • Event calendar themes – Currently, there are five different themes to match your brand. Each one is fully functional and responsive.
  • Sell tickets – A great way to hold a premium event and collect payments from your site.
  • RSVPs – Collect RSVPs from your website – No need to use additional tools.
  • Filters – Add filters and let users filter events.
  • Google maps integration – Showcase event location or venue

Here is a video on using the ECA widget editor.


EventCalendarApp is a premium service with a 7-Day free trial. Brand removal from the embedded event calendar widget is only possible in the highest tier, which costs $99.99 per month.

EventCalendarApp pricing

Click here to try EventCalendarApp.



Tockify is another free online event calendar creator with many customization options. It allows syncing with your Google Calendar, importing events through CSV, and fascinatingly provide an opportunity to let users submit events.

Tockify add event

Key features

  • Three calendar styles – Pinboard, Agenda, and Monthly.
  • Themes – Use one of the built-in themes or create your own.
  • Rich website events calendar editor – Customize title, use your own fonts, images, Youtube & Vimeo videos, and more with a rich and powerful editor.
  • Create repeating events – Make any event recurring. Perfect for online periodical events such as webinars and virtual summits.
  • Mini calendar – Use an embeddable minimalistic calendar widget on your site’s sidebar.
  • Change event status – Not all events can go as planned. Tockify allows changing the event’s standing so that users will know the current situation.
  • WordPress plugin – Tockify Events Calendar plugin on WordPress lets you seamlessly design and embed event calendars on any place on your site.
  • Ticket buttons – Place a promotion button to any event and use it to send visitors to your tickets or booking page.
  • RSVP – Let visitors reserve spots online through Tockify forms.
  • Event’s priority – When events co-occur, those with the highest priority are listed first on the website event calendar widget.
Tockify change event status website calendar widget


Here’s an example view of Tockify’s event calendar widget.


Tockify offers a free plan and two main paid plans. The free plan includes Agenda style calendar. You must subscribe to a paid plan starting from $8 per month for more features and limits.

Tockify plans

Click here to try Tockify.

Events Calendar


EventsCalendar.co is a simple website that lets you generate a simple event calendar widget for your website. Although it is not as feature-rich as others, if you are looking for a simple tool to embed a calendar with events on your site, EventsCalendar would be an excellent option to consider.

Eventscalendar add event

Key features

  • Three calendar views: Monthly, Weekly, Agenda
  • Link with external calendars – Sync your Google Calendar, Outlook 365 Calendar, Eventbrite, and Zoom Schedule
  • Customize widget appearance



EventsCalendar.co offers a free plan and two main paid plans. The free plan allows up to 5 events in a calendar, and for unlimited events, you have to upgrade to the Business plan, which costs $15/per month.

Eventscalendar.co pricing

Click here to try EventCalendar.co.

Google Calendar widget

Google Calendar for Business

You can embed Google Calendar on your website. So, if you are looking for a basic method of letting visitors know about events, Google Calendar widgets could be an excellent method.

Google Calendar embed code
Google Calendar and embed code

Key features

  • Let users subscribe to events in your Google Calendar
  • Sync with Eventbrite, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and other apps directly or via an automation workflows tool such as Zapier, Integrately, or Pabbly Connect and automate the event creation and editing process.

You can embed your Google Calendar on any website by generating a unique iframe embed snippet. Here’s a video on installing Google Calendar on a Google Sites page.

Resource: Add a Google Calendar to your website


Google Calendar is free to use. But, if you manage an organization, you can use your Google Workspace’s Google Calendar tool to share access to event management and more.

Click here to try Google Calendar.

Final words on HTML event calendar for websites

One of the best ways to list all the upcoming (and past) events and boost participants is by using a quality event calendar widget on a prominent place on your site. You can have a dedicated space for events on your site and link to it in other areas. Or you can install a mini timetable calendar widget on the sidebar.

Most of the services listed here are feature-rich and allow you to customize the appearance to resonate with your branding. Check out a few Event Calendar widgets providers and find a suitable one for your requirements.

Use a quality form builder such as Aidaform, Outgrow and Involve.me to convert more people into event registrants. Using conversion boosters such as timers, introduction videos to events agendas, and listing top speakers and their professionalism will surely help.

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